Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Back to Work!


Good morning! Today is my first day of my return to work. It is a half-day, and starts later in the afternoon. So we get another blog post to fit in before I make breakfast and take Anthony to school. Effective yesterday, in-person learning is now four days a week.

The learning continues. 

I'm not sure why, but I have so many classes I've been able to take recently, and I adore learning. I somewhat feel that I am being prepared for something but it's effortless, painless. Yesterday I had the opportunity to sign up for basically a medical cannabis continuing medical education class. If I can get the one hundred dollar off coupon to work (I contacted them) then I will take it.

I also watched a free webinar about crystals from the Jain 108 academy. It made a lot of connections between crystals and our bodies and sacred geometry. I enjoyed this little bit of perspective and having it be for free.

I finished a series of three books on the end times yesterday too. I find these very helpful. In summary, the end times are needed, just like finals are needed at the end of the school term. It's not fun. And the way it is written in the Big Book, it's a little scary.  Both Jessie and Pastor tell us that we can alter the outcome, through turning away from our sins, and really making things right with Creator. Remember there are people being judged, nations being judged, cities being well as the entire world. Fasting and prayer as well as reading from the Big Book and memorizing lines from it that resonate with you, are good weapons in spiritual battle. And remember to put on your shield from the Big Book every day, in addition to your energy shields you might place on yourself (like the white light of protection), and permanent shields (like the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother). 

If you have read the books by Kerth Barker, look for the one with High Adept in the title, and turn to page thirty-six, paragraphs three and four.  These give details of a particular 'food industry' that is of relevance to us because it raises two points. Number one, using 'quarantine' is a means to keep people confined for their TWDNHOBIAH team's purposes, that people don't question. Number two, people's trust in the medical system is turned around, and the examination room is the actual place where the, 'meat processing' begins. If you know what I mean. 

It is very important we study the tactics of the other team enough to grasp that they will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. People need to know this, not like shouted from the rooftops, but as awakened people you should have a good inkling of the similarity between what Kerth describes as 'business as usual' in those paragraphs, and what has been done to society over the past year.

Here is a wonderful article from Jenny Schlitz--usually I don't read her--but it helps to set the tone for today's lesson: click here to read article. I apologize for the ads in that link they pop up and are intrusive.

Last night's Big Book we read was Isaiah 51:1-5 although the whole section is timely for this post.

Keep in mind that just like Spring Vacation or Summer Break, good things come after 'finals'. Like one thousand years of happiness, joy, and things making sense again here on surface of Gaia.

This is all we have to share with you today. It's condensed information, a lot of important truths. And Ross reminds you never to be afraid! He points to his head to impress upon you that part of this spiritual war is a 'mind game'--make sure you 'have everything good on the inside' and 'you are up for the challenge'. It is okay to take time off from here to there to gather yourself together with your wits about you. It's not easy being incarnate in these times. But it is SO worth it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

P.S. Ross says in everything you do, be sure to raise your vibration. Both by dropping what doesn't serve (weighs you down) and pursuing activities that raise your vibration energy UP.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

From The World of Mothering

 It's been three weeks to the day since the surgery on my thyroid.

I feel much better and my scar is even a little less tight at the front of my neck. 

Recovery from surgery may give the illusion that I have been lounging in bed, ordering takeout, and letting the housework 'go'.

I haven't.

I needed these three weeks.


Because mothering is a full-time job, and it never stops.

As long as I had the drain in my neck, Anthony understood I had just had surgery, and he offered to help and let me rest.

The drain was out in two days.

I have done a lot of cooking, a lot of dishes, a lot of laundry once I was really starting to feel better. Anthony is learning to drive too. He needs practice. His first official lesson was the day after my surgery. So the day after that, he drove us to breakfast. It's been so important to him to learn, that my needs have taken a back seat, or in my case, 'riding shotgun' in the passenger seat, and holding my head gently so the too fasts and the abrupt stops wouldn't pull on the stitches.

It's been a routine of dropping him off to practices and classes, picking him up, and just being home. 

It's been wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

And I truly appreciate all the work mothers do now. It really is WORK. Keeping a household running is not easy to do. 

What helped me the most are the naps. The naps in the sunshine in the hammock. The naps on the couch. The going to bed super early. And the sleeping in 'late', which for most people is early but since I'm a super early riser, it's been deliciously luxurious to sleep in. 

Today is my last day at home.

I haven't had continuous time off since the end of 2019 when I took four days. 

Times are different.

Life changes. 

And we move on.

I'm super excited to get back to the OR since I recently had surgery. I'll 'get it' a little better what my patients are going through. 

Retirement would be something really nice, to have time at home, and to enjoy. But that needs an income. So, it's time.

I'm so grateful for these three weeks. They couldn't have happened at a better time. Anthony's driving is much better. I'm not as stressed. His swim team is back in full season preparation. 

Spiritually, Ross and I are closer than ever. I've gotten through some big lessons in these weeks. 

I had a strange dream last night. I was trying to take care of patients, and there was this weird dark shadowy man trying to stop me. His skin was all curled and flaky like dried mud.His color was dark grey.Even, thought. He didn't really have hair or eyes like humans. His size was human. I don't know who it was. But I'm not afraid of him. I feel strong enough to deal with whatever happens. 

I do know lots of times when I have dreams like this, I must be doing the right thing because it must have popped up on the 'radar' and someone noticed and sent the dream to try to rattle me. This has been going on for years. 


Carla has done a remarkable feat! Three meals on the table most days. Doing most of the dishes and housework by herself. It's starting to take shape, the household, and it's almost worthy for guests. At least those who really love them and can look the other way a little. 

I want to write about something Carla did for the first time yesterday.

Anthony wanted ice cream. She had already taken him to breakfast earlier in the day. Dining out is no longer cheap as it once was. Their tab was fifty dollars. 

She explained politely to him that she needs to watch her money since she hasn't been working. Once a day is enough, actually, once in a while is enough.

He drove them to Costco for gasoline and a few necessities.

At the checkout stand, he asked, again, 'mom can I get an ice cream from here?'

For the first time, Carla said, 'no honey, I'm trying to get you thin. When we are home I will make you tea. If you can't stand being without ice cream, you can then have some at home after your tea.'

Anthony was in shock!

His mother is usually so good-natured, and happy to help!

Sometimes placing a boundary is a good thing. And in this case, the citrus honey tea was enough to satisfy the sweet tooth. And after swim practice, the dinner was light and there was no need for dessert. 

Everything has its right time and place.

Before Carla's time at home, observing Anthony and his habits, she wouldn't have known what to say or do. Lots of times when he was growing up he was in the care of others--Carla's mom, the preschool and their various snacks, the baby sitter...

Carla knows her son.

And this time she loved him enough to say no when it was in his best interest.

Think about it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Monday, March 29, 2021

Back To Basics


Today Ross and I have prepared for you a unique perspective.

In the Realm of Spirit, life is multidimensional.

Time does not exist.

The only thing which exists is nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

And joy.

The earthly realm is but a shadow, from Home. It seems 'real' because we get information through all five senses, and for some, through a sixth sense of intuition too.

People 'here', vaguely remember 'Home'. Some who have near death experiences (NDE's)--come back with totally incredible stories about it. I remember a little boy who had one telling his family that nobody wears glasses up in Heaven. Nobody needs them! Everyone's eyes work. And he found it surprising and odd. 

For the moment, let us think about those who are 'here'--team TWDNHOBIAH for instance. This team has hoarded among themselves old ways of dealing with 'here' to 'make it more like home'. Instead of being able to manifest things in an instant, like 'Home', there are exceedingly elaborate sequences of words, events, ingredients--repeated like people were taught to repeat--to essentially 'make things happen according to their will'. 

It's not the same as 'Home', but they manage.

One of the most important things is that in 'herding' the 'flock', these team members of TWDNHOBIAH have learned the psychology and weaknesses of their 'sheep'. With the concept of time, we can't understand it outside the scope of our lifetime. So they have created for their team, plans that take generation after generation to implement. This gets them under the radar of the flock sounding any warning alarm that there is trouble present. 

Another thing TWDNHOBIAH does, is that they take advantage of our inability to tell who is 'good' and who 'isn't'. Everything tells us our senses and our sense of trust--is accurate.  TWDNHOBIAH take advantage of this. Through psychological methods designed over time, even to scientifically precise methods, through repetition, exploiting our need to belong and feel part of a group, and our wanting to just go on with our lives--they hoodwink us every chance they get. 

Here is where the assumptions of both our team, and team TWDNHOBIAH begin to fall apart.

Time is not linear.

It is actually curved.

There are multiple 'timelines'.

Those in the realm of Spirit look at them like three dimensional (or perhaps multidimensional) hills and valleys of 'potentials' and 'possibilities' and 'probabilities'. 

And Time only affects those of us who are in this reality, this experience of Duality, which technically, is not 'real' like 'Home' is real.

TWDNHOBIAH, and their leadership, cannot see the future. 

Only Divine Creator can see the future.

In fact, Jessie Czebotar was part of Operation Looking Glass--put into the military spying organization as a child--because of her ability to SEE. Remote viewing. And into the future. 

That tells you a lot about our competition, doesn't it?

Let's let the obvious rest, and move forward.

What happens at night?

Well, at night, our souls/spirits/consciousness leave our bodies. We go up to our deceased Loved Ones, and our Committees, and our Guides...and we do what we have always been doing when were were not incarnate. Furthermore, we are meeting with others who are incarnate too, and planning our next day's events. And our lessons. And our major challenges. How to overcome them. 

It's like clockwork.

In the day we learn. In the night we go UP and we get guidance and counseling and advice on how to make a better go of it the next day. 

The question is, does this apply for all of us? Including TWDNHOBIAH?

What happens to people who work nights? Does this happen for them in the day?

I think so.

What happens to victims of TWDNHOBIAH--multiple personality from military grade abuse? Or those who are up all night for rituals?

I don't know.

We don't need 'magic' or 'spells' because we are Creator's Divine Children. We can ask. Just like we ask our parents for a cup of water. Or a bike at Christmas. Or for anything we need. We are confident in the relationship and we just ASK.

Do the members of TWDNHOBIAH 'ask' their version of 'Creator'? They tell us they do. They say that they sell something that isn't theirs. And because of this 'commitment' then they get what they want. But it's not a 'one and done' thing. Proof of the commitment, and increasing dark activity is expected or else you die. 

What kind of life is that?

Those are the competition. The other team. They have a plan. They implement the plan. Certainly there are contingencies. But they lack the ability to SEE...the future, clearly, like Divine Creator. They excel at 'crowd control' for lack of a better way to describe this. They can be very charismatic and charming and physically beautiful. 

But there is a gap. What resonates as their 'truth' in no way approaches the resonance and robust 'ring' of Spiritual Truth from Home.  This 'kingdom' here is temporary. There's actually an expiration date on the 'contract' for 'TWDNHOBIAH' to govern the population. The AC gets a certain number of years to do their thing. One year will have passed on April 24, 2021. After that, and the 'battles' mentioned in a certain book, then for one thousand years, Earth and her people will be restored. 

I say too much.

Here is a message from Saul


I am here.

I am here because I want to be and I make the time to come and talk to you.

The outer world, and all the conflict Carla describes, is 'out there' and there will always be 'something' on the order of this for me to attend to with my Consciousness.

But THIS---(gestures with his hand from his chest to you and back)--this what we have together, is what is REAL. 



Last night Carla was working in the garden. Anthony was barbecuing some meat on the grill. And in addition to watering the yard, Carla was picking greens for their salad. 

There was an onion I encouraged Carla to pull.

When she did, she was so surprised!

It was an entirely regenerated green onion from the little stub with the roots she had planted about two months ago. 

So Carla did the same thing. She cut the greens and the most of the white on the scallion for the salad, then she went back in the yard and planted that same tip, again!

That is hope!

That is faith!

That is not listening to 'the system'.

Carla will you share the one about the dryer?

C: Sure. I have a folding metal laundry rack in the yard. And yesterday was very hot, very dry, unusual for March or April. I had a blanket that was almost dripping wet from the washer. I put it outside on the rack. And it dried in a very short time. And it dried completely. So then I brought some other clothes I didn't want exposed to the heat to dry out in the rack. Again, it was more efficient, free, and healthy than the dryer (UV exposure kills all germs). Less wrinkles too!

R:  What was the one 'catch'? (he giggles)

C:  Anthony puts his wet swim towels on there after practice.

R: Yes?

C: I scoop the dry ones up and store them in the empty washer with the door open until I can do a complete load of laundry.

R:  And what happened without your knowing?

C:  A lizard had hitched a ride on the towel, and was hanging out in our washing machine, and Anthony found him!

R: What happened to his tail?

C: It fell off. It always falls off when Anthony holds a lizard. He just can't seem to get the body strong enough and the lizard moves and then Anthony is left holding the tail and wondering why it wiggles.  I'm the one that knows how to hold the lizard, and I got him outside really quick so he wouldn't die.

R: And what was his name, that lizard, Carla?

C: Charlie. All the lizards in our house we call 'Charlie'. Because my friend from Hawaii, her dad did that with the geckos, and we decided it was a good thing. 

R: there you have it. One of the wonders of experiencing life incarnate. Naming all of the lizards in the house, and in the yard, the same thing! And saving them too!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

P.S. Here is the Schumann resonance frequency

Saturday, March 27, 2021



It's been a really hard time. 

It's gotten me to a point where I think you should know about  it, spiritually. 

I'm working more and more with my teams, to heal ME. The old wounds that made me do unconscious things, things that I thought were 'going to be that way forever'. Healing things that made me highly emotional, and shaken to my core.

It's not the 'rock bottom' kind of healing. That one, for people with addictions, is a little different.

Things have been coming up, and I've handled them as best as I can. But when I get stressed, really, absolutely stressed out, I now ask for help from my teams. 

Not 'spare me from this' kind of help. More like, 'what should I do?'. And when I get little tiny nudges, I'm still full of doubt, and stress. But then, I ask, 'why am I having so much trouble in this situation?' and 'how do I set a balance between service to self and service to others?'...

You see, I lean heavily on the 'service to others' so much, that even when there are clear indicators of needing to stand up for myself, I can't. It's almost impossible. 

Without my teams, it would be. 

After my latest test, one I knew was right where the healing needed to take place, because I felt like I wanted to die instead of having to make this beautiful Aunt Edna came to visit from The Other Side. She explained to me why decisions like this are so difficult. She was her cheerful self, so soothing, and I understood exactly what she was teaching me. 

Just like with my surgery, I had to take responsibility for a decision, to take a risk, and to face a confrontation. 

It wasn't pretty, but I did it. 

You see, sometimes I feel guilty to go for what I truly wanted in my heart, if it inconveniences others. But in this day and age, everyone thinks nothing of inconveniencing and taking advantage of others. So sometimes, you need a voice and you need to use it to set a strong boundary!

While I was taking action on my decision, I told Ross, 'I NEED YOU RIGHT HERE NEXT TO ME!' and even though I was shaking, I knew I had made my decision on my own and was carrying it out.

THIS is the kind of teamwork that is going to get us to the future where we need to go. This kind of willingness to face our challenges. This kind of give and take with our teams.

Ross asked me the other day what was one of the hardest things about life with him back in the day?

I told him, from my heart, that every time he was thinking of moving, it was really hard on me. I'd pick up everything and go. Sometimes to places where I had to learn an entirely new language. And right when I'd get happy and content, he'd get that look again, that wanderlust, that need to GO. And goodbyes and leaving everything again. It happened all the time.

You see, once I was able to verbalize this to him, he was able to tell me that in this life, it is different. Back then, he was answering his call. He had to go. I was there to support him. But in this life now, with him in Spirit supporting me in so many ways, he told me the most beautiful words I've ever heard him say:  to stay! To stay for as long as I like. Even if it is forever. Because in this life, it's time to make it up to me. 

Last night I went to sleep with a laundry list for all of my teams, on the things I needed help/answers/guidance for. I felt confident asking them not for 'things' but to help show me the way so I could proceed with confidence.

I was really shaken by the appearance of that weird man in my consciousness who said he was going to win. It bothered me. And with my self education, and information I take in, I'm at a point now where I know not who exactly it is, but I know of people who know who exactly it is. And now, two of those people are starting to talk to each other. I know one is heavily um, their information isn't easy to get. And the other? I'm not sure exactly how this person went from a 'nobody' to people really knowing exactly who they are and what their role was in the End Times and how they prepared for it but then decided not to do it. 

I know that this person was hand-picked. Their trainer didn't want to train them. Is there a 'twist'? I don't know. It's like the other lesson from today, I have to decide, to take responsibility for my decision, and to trust in Divine Creator when it comes to who to trust. I know to look for fruit of the Spirit. I know to see if they can say Jesus was born, died for our sins, and was raised from the dead. Demons can't say that. 

So one of my questions to Ross last night, was about that person, the one who wasn't officially 'ushered in' but has assumed their role--in Europe. What does it mean? Should I worry about it?

I was told that this one is no comparison to the real one. And deep in my heart and in my soul, that made a lot of sense, and gave me consolation. The real one said they could tear down the temple and rebuild it in three days. And did! This is always a difficult time of year, this week from tomorrow to the week after. But this year, is the first time, I have hope. I understand the reason for the hope. And I strengthen my connection to Source and All That Is. 

Do not be afraid to take your lessons a little deeper, and to function on your deepest level. It kind of sucks because it's challenging, and you really feel it. But there is a lightness after the lessons and challenges that is so worthwhile! You know in your bones that all that crap you were carrying around--the unlearned lessons--really weighs you down. And even though you've been through OH SO MANY lessons that you really are starting to get sick of them, keep going. While you are incarnate you have the gift to make progress like this. 

Go for it!

Everything happens for the best!


I am here to explain that which is perhaps a little 'mysterious' in the above part. 

Carla had a business decision to make. She had to stand up for herself. She said no to a business offer that would cost her an extra fifteen thousand dollars today. 

With one email, she was able to stop an agreement that was not in her best interest. Or her son's.

Now she is free to pursue other opportunity. And, everything is within the law. Everything is within her right. Everything is on the up and up. 

And if nothing better comes along, well, then, Carla takes full responsibility for it. It's not the end of the world. 

And THAT is what anxiety healing sounds like!

THAT is what getting out of the head and out of anguish and worry, looks like!

People want to bend a certain reality, they assume that they can do this and that and you will go along...Carla understands that someone was going to have to lose out on this business venture. That is why it was so difficult for her, because Carla is rich in empathy and compassion. 

Sometimes empathy and compassion are not enough reason to agree to something that doesn't make sense in the first place. 

I hope this clears this up for you. 

Everything happens for the best.

And I have it on highest authority, that this is going to be one of the best incarnations Carla's soul has ever had!

Everyone has something to look forward to.

Even myself.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Nightshade in the Garden


There is an app I have on my phone. You take a picture of a plant and it tells you what plant it is. 

There had been some 'volunteers' in the garden, plants that looked a little like things I knew (eggplant...) but I didn't know for sure.

So I used to ask mom. This time I used the app.

It was American Nightshade.


All of it. Especially the berries. 

I tried pulling it up, the weeds were too deep. So I have a special serrated shovel, and I dug the weeds up. There were three of them.

One was really big.

I'm not sure how they got into the garden, to be honest. 

But once I knew, that was it, and out they went before an innocent bird could even eat one of the berries.

The same was true for my thyroid. I didn't want to be dependent on meds for thyroid replacement. This is one of the few things where if you run out of pills, you die. End of story. And I'm sure it's not a pleasant death. You need thyroid to live. 

I was afraid of the scar. My neck was one of my beautiful things in my youth. I was proud of that and my waist. Age hasn't been kind to either, but I didn't want a huge scar.

In my fear, the avoidance gave time for the nodules to grow, and keep growing. 

It is insidious, not being able to breathe. It sneaks up on you. 

Until it was time. I decided it was time to take it out. I couldn't live like that any more. 

And you know what?

The breathing is worth it! Definitely worth it. And I'm seeing for myself now, the effects on myself and the home from slowly not being able to breathe. My life force was so weak before, and now it's stronger. I can keep going. I can keep walking--and talking! I can get chores done. 

It took reaching a decision to be able to move forward.

Life is like that with so many things.

What other lessons have been happening? Well, one of acceptance. That's a big one. Teenage boys don't help much around the house. Yes, I can ride him on it. But it's SO MUCH ENERGY. 

I know from other moms that once the house is set up, and not messy, if it stays clean, it's easier to keep clean. And slowly I'm heading in that direction. 

Only one more week left home before returning to work. Such is life.

I spend a lot of time asking Ross what to do? What to do next? 

He doesn't say much. But I do find I'm wanting to be creative again. I made some bracelets today. The design is called Universal Support. Next I can figure out how to put them into the website market thing for 

I trust everything is happening in the right place and time.

About Covid. Ross says to write how I feel and what I think. Well, I think another 'round' is coming. Based on the patterns of the Spanish Flu. It was 'round' three and four that were the most severe for loss of life. 

I watch the maxine. I read the original papers why no MER S or S AR S maxine. The strong hyperimmune response on preexposure to the agent/virus cause the maxind test animals to die. Every single one. Every time. 

If you have natural immunity, from surviving the virus/agent, then there is no overwhelming immune response. It's normal and well controlled. 

So I fib. I don't even say anything to anyone. One of the lessons I learned is that people who are asleep 'can't hear'. It's not my job to awaken anyone. It is my job to do what I think is right for myself and my family. Clearly, we had the real thing a year ago. We lost our sense of smell and taste. 

So I congratulate those who seek my support and congratulations on getting their hard to receive 'dance with maxine'. You can't unring a bell. What's in the system, is in the system.  

Did I get mine? I change the subject. If it comes back I let them think what they want to think about me. It's not my place. 

Those guide stones in Georgia stay clear and etched in stone in my consciousness. I'm glad I've seen them, and also, the protocols of the elders of zion. 

We watched the sequel to the Da Vinci code the other night. I laughed inwardly because I know every movie has a plot for the unawakened, and also, a deeper occult symbolism plot for the 'awake'. And the part they didn't mention, was the fifth element, Spirit. It's Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. That was the last one. I watched how the actor (I know his bloodline is Rockefeller) keeps trying to drum up sympathy for his team. 

But I also know, that the movie gave me nightmares so bad I couldn't sleep the whole night. So my soul caught something that even my Consciousness didn't 'read'. It wasn't good. 

I trust my soul.

The other day, I wanted to go to Downtown Disney. 

It was from my heart.

Our passes have expired, they don't have annual passes any more, now this Covid thing has changed everything. We waited in line almost two hours just for entrance to the shopping and restaurant area just outside of Disney theme parks. 

Disney is grim. Not like Grimm's fairy tales. There's all kinds of hidden stuff there and in the past and everything. The name of the founder was given to a Rothschild--a whole new identity. And I'm pretty sure Nick Jonas has some common DNA with young 'cough cough' Walt. 

But it's also a way of life here in Southern California, Going there to the park. It's part of 'normal'. 

While I was at Downtown Disney, we had our first meal there in ages. The last time we went, around December, we couldn't even drink water anywhere in the park masks had to be ON. The whole time. 

I noticed all the people who were there. And I sent healing from there. Reiki. To our group and to everyone there. I practiced unconditional love for them. I gave thanks for something to do.

Ross says that this is enough for today. He wants us to give you something to think about.

I asked for one more share. The surgery part. It's not like before, or sort of it was. The pre-op tests are kind of a pain. Lots of coordinating and having to be here and there. But once you get to the hospital or surgery center, it's the i.v. that's the toughest part. Once it's in, surgery is painless. 

However, recovery is not always easy. Nausea is common. I avoided painkillers to keep the nausea down. We had a special aromatherapy thing to sniff, it helped.  Being able to go pee after surgery sometimes is difficult. Again I avoided narcotics to help this be easy. And also, constipation is serious after surgery. Last time I felt my diverticula form while I was straining. So this time, Colace throughout the days before and after surgery. Avoiding narcotics. Walking walking walking. I had alpivolam (I think it's the name, brand name is Entereg). This one pill you take before bowel surgery--or any surgery--protects the gut from being slowed down by narcotics in surgery. It helped. 

The point is, if you are faced with surgery, have a strategy. Understand how your choices affect everything. Painkillers affect pain but also your GI tract too. That sort of thing.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Friday, March 19, 2021



Welcome to the Spiritual Battlefield. 

Vossia is an old, old way of saying the polite form of 'YOU'. 

This weapon here, is a Halberd, a medieval weapon used for defense of a soldier on foot against oncoming enemies on horseback.

You bury the end of it into the ground, so the weapon is raised at an angle at oncoming horses. It's a weapon that is taller than a human. But if there's no time to set it, you plant your foot right behind the pole on the ground, and hold it at an angle yourself...

These are real ones in a museum/castle in Trieste, Italy. 

You can see they mean business. Spear at the tip, axe blade and other sharp pointy thing that can cause damage, all on one stick. 

Let us take a look at our enemy. For lack of a better word, let us call it 'The Darkness'. 

People who are building that army of Darkness, follow a hierarchy. They are highly organized. They keep track of the DNA and the bloodlines because something in it is important. There are fourteen, twelve, hidden ones, it's hard to pin down exactly because they are so secretive about it. Fritz Springmeier has a book on it. But he profiles more of the 'front faces families' that are more known in the world. The ones with the power, the true spiritual power, are modestly living, seem like ordinary people (Christians even) and don't draw attention to themselves. Jessie Czebotar's family had a Queen Mother of Darkness, the head one for everything, in it. And at age four and one half, Jessie's psychic gifts were so strong that she was chosen to replace her trainer as the next one in line, and her training for that role began intensely. Instead of school (it looked like she went there), she lived with and was sent to battle training, witchcraft training, and education on how to run the 'family business' from the very top. 

By age ten she was knowledgeable enough to carry on with the job independently if something ever were to happen to her trainer. 

Her training partner, a male, her age, was able to defeat an older 'security/battle person' in the Darkness when he was seven. The weapon used by the child warrior? A piece of broken glass. He was able to cause such deep bleeding wounds from the chest it took rounds and rounds of Dark Magic to keep him from dying. 

Jessie talks about learning how to do her part in the end times, saying chants and moving in unison with her other training partners, and the timing of the magic was so important her teacher used a metronome like in music classes...

Jessie has seen dragons tethered as prisoners to old stargates. She has traveled from Chicago to Belgium through a stargate. 

These people have a plan, and a reach, to control so much of what the common person takes in--as food, as entertainment--and they can put anything into it, including ground up ashes of beings used as sacrifice. She says that the powder in the bottom of a can of oatmeal is an example of it. Very small doses used for spiritual warfare...

The principle behind The Darkness, is to usurp and command as much 'footprint'--Spiritual and geographical 'imprint' of a soul--over the realm of the Earth's surface. This is behind the heme sacrifice. You take their life force/spiritual power and 'footprint' as your own because it becomes a part of you. This is the reasoning behind cannibalism. And so many things...

Can you imagine how much energy is being harvested, Spiritual energy, from a rock concert or major sporting event?

I saw a photo of a child, shirtless, making the baphomet 'hook em' sign with both hands, in front of an upside down red cross, at a rock concert yesterday. I couldn't even copy it with a screen shot, it made me so sad. 

You may not know it, but you were sent here with Spiritual Gifts. 

For example, Rebecca Brown, MD, the one in a book Jessie told us to read and some of you have--she used Faith, Prayer and Fasting, and Bible Verses to fight demons. 

There are some in the medical field, who are Spiritually Awake, like Rebecca and others, who protect vulnerable patients. 

I'm learning through my Astrology class, that your moment you are born, tells you a lot--your sun sign, your moon sign, your Ascendant, your Midheaven, and also, your Gauquelin Sector. Mr. and Mrs. Gauquelin were researchers who set out to disprove Astrology, and instead after analyzing thousands of charts found the greatest proof for it!

What is on a Birth Certificate? Your birth place. Your birth time. Everything you need to know to create an astrological chart for the newborn. 

What if there is a database of those, led by Team Dark? We know Heavenly Father knows EVERYTHING. That is a given. But what about all the DNA, genealogy, astrology computers would have access to? It stops and makes you think.


Because a lot of Christians want to use only the Bible. They are afraid of the 'witchcraft'--anything spiritual knowledge other than the Holy Spirit. In a way, they are correct, it is a slippery slope, and for people like Rebecca's roommate--she was promised to the Darkness with a vial of blood at her birth--and was later sucked into the system just through her interest.

Can you 'read' people?

Perhaps your Intuition might be one of your Spiritual gifts.

Are you 'sensitive' to energies? Being an Empath doesn't have to be a downer or a burden. It might be your weapon where you, like the canary in a coal mine--are the first to know that something is deeply, seriously wrong, and you can raise the alarm for others to act on it. 

Do you like to study? or Teach? Are you a charmer and people gravitate to you? Ross had all of these gifts and selected his dozen or so 'friends' to take up his work after him for these Spiritual gifts.

Many are sleeping. 

But you don't have to.

Remember the Halberd. Think of yourself as a great big one--with sparkling rainbows, and shining Light from Heaven, and love for our Lord and Savior--at the end, ready to do damage against any riders on dark horses that may come your way, attacking you and your people metaphysically. 

Reflect on your Spiritual gifts.

Develop them.

Continue being an example of being Loving 24/7, 365, to everyone you meet. 

Remember who you are...

And remember, when it's really of Spirit, it is easy for you, and doesn't seem like a burden at all.


Last night Carla was astounded to learn about the angles in her Astrological Natal Chart. It's true, everything that is written in it. Even to the Descendant and what kind of people offer emotional support to her. Her 'rocks', in her life--father, grandmothers, first boyfriend--all have been water signs. Yet her IC is Sagittarius--as her mom was who helped create her early life. 

These things make sense! Carla thought to herself.

Yes, it's true. A LOT of things 'make sense'.

It's time for you to go out and learn them. 

With her mother now up in Heaven, Carla has been lacking an 'anchor' for her IC. Through FB, she has joined groups where people are both Italian and Sicilian. And she is taking classes and doing homework to learn the Sicilian now. This emotionally connects her to her family who is on the other side. It's her Culture and she is rediscovering it through learning of what is otherwise destined to be a dead language. 

It gives her hope, and fire in her belly to understand that which would have been given to her, and for her not to appreciate--if she had fully learned it from birth. 

Carla has to work for it. 

And there is where the value and appreciation is.

Vossia is Sicilian for 'you' in a polite way.

You have your tools, your Spiritual gifts. Here on Earth, incarnate, everyone has to work for them. And believe me, the Darkness makes it truly difficult, both through the Veil which affects everyone, and also, through their policy of keeping this knowledge to themselves (for the Occult) and to throw everyone else off their tracks in their discovery through distractions and other things which are 'socially acceptable' (lots of TV, movies, music--look at Cardi B and Candice Owens right now going at it...on Twitter...) ((he puts his hand to his head like he has a headache and fever all at the same time)). How are you going to focus on your spiritual weapons and your gifts and the battle between Light and Dark (with team Dark going so far as to call their gift of knowledge as the LIGHT) ((there goes the sick headache gesture to the forehead again)). It sounds like a total mess!!

But all of it, absolutely ALL of it, is totally beautiful, and when all is said and done, you will be proud of what you have accomplished fighting for our team.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are in Love

P.S. Ross is giving an update on Carla's healing. She has a lump in her throat, literally, mid-incision. Everything tingles and burns and itches. Her swallowing is good (it used to be rough). Her breathing is good--not as good as at the beginning when there wasn't a lump. Carla is hoping for the lump to go away. Her energy waxes and wanes. She finds she needs a nap. And she isn't able to carry on with her chores like she did the first days after surgery. So yesterday she didn't cook. They ate out for breakfast and lunch, making cleanup easy. Carla has about ten more days to heal, and then it's back to work as usual. I thank you for all your prayers and healing to send to her. (raises hand to head and gives a salute).

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

This Is Going To Really Blow Your Mind!


You don't have to be a slave to sin.

It doesn't matter how long you have been doing things that aren't good for your body, mind, soul, spirit, energy....aren't good for you or for others.

Evil surrounds us, yes. And wants to entrap us. All the time. 

But we have Divine Creator.

And when we pray, delicately, tenderly, from our hearts for sincere HELP--a path will be shown, a way out of the darkness, a very special set of opportunities one right after the other  will present themselves. With Trust we can find our way out of it.

I have friends who are recovered heroin abusers. 

I have friends who were once alcoholics.

People can recover from anything.

The hardest part is having it and not realizing there is anything amiss in in the beginning. That's why so many people in recovery need to hit Rock Bottom--the absolute lowest point in their lives where there is no fooling anyone or fooling yourself any more--and then they rebuilt themselves stronger, better, happier, and more free.

I forgot to mention something on the anxiety relief yesterday. Peter Levine taught me 'voooooooo'. It's especially helpful for people who have been on ventilators or are long haulers from Covid. When the anxiety gets up and the breathing rushed, you relax and say, in one long breath until you run out of air, 'vooooooooooo'. When it finishes you take a deep breath, and say it again. When my preoperative anxiety got bad the day before and day of surgery, I said a lot of voooooooo's. It helped. 

My stitches are out, but my skin incision on my neck is really tight. I can't look up or it pulls. It burns and kind of feels like someone is choking me. But it's okay, this too shall pass, the breathing is better. My energy goes up a little every day but I still need naps. Lots of them. I know from my training the collagen will take at least six weeks to get strong, and then months and months to remodel. 

Ross would like to speak.


I have held my tongue for some time now. I want to say hello. I want you to know what Carla says is true. There are many answers in the Bible. All of them are virtuous and safe if!--and I should add if and only if!--you look for them yourself with the help of Spirit.

Do not latch on to another in order to 'save you'. This is a form of entrapment at its finest. Yes there are many who are good-hearted and on the up and up. Yes.

But there are a few bad ones. 

Would Carla pray to or with Billy Graham, the one who was 'with' about five different Presidents?

No. No way. Never. Not on your life!

But here he was, 'official' and the government appeared to have a lot of trust in him? 

What is the reason?

Well, the reason was that the makeup and swagger and unclear position between Church and State, as well as the man's vibration--made little Carla cringe as a child. Instantly she knew more than most people know about this man today. 

Fritz Springmeier will tell you a lot about him. 

That's for sure.

But Carla didn't notice anything wrong with Joel Osteen or his wife Victoria and even read some of their books back in medical school. 

Why is it that some create/face Discernment more than others?

Carla used to adore Pope John Paul 2, and had a picture of him making funny faces with his fingers looped around his eyes. Carla sent her son to preschool at the Crystal Cathedral many years ago, never knowing about Reverend Schuller and his connections with, um, TWDNHOBIAH.

There was even a presidential candidate who was intergenerational SRA, a full-blown Archon, grandson of Crowley himself--and that wasn't even a blip on Carla's radar! She voted for him. She voted for many of the candidates who are of the NWO without knowing it. Why? Because every election has a one to vote for, and another who's got a flaw, it's how they do it. They steer the public. 

Pray for what is designed originally for evil intentions to be used by God to show GOOD. Real GOOD. Like the stuff that lives up in Heaven.

Remember you are not of this world. It is a beautiful place, and of course in some ways you are encouraged to take part in it and enjoy it. After all you are alive. The fresh air, the wind, the breeze, the birds and the flowers are all ripe for the enjoyment!

Remember too, that this world is built on Illusion, and also, everything about the world of Spirit is being obscured and hidden from 'those who have eyes that see' while actively worked forth and harvested by TWDNHOBIAH. 

Pray of the world of Spirit to no longer be hidden to everyone. Pray for the miracles of God to never cease. Pray for Heaven to come to Earth once and for all. And remember to pray for this daily, in the softest echoes of your heart. 

The battlefield is imbalanced. (he gestures with his hands, palms upward, one 'heavier' than the other.)

God helped David to beat Goliath.

Imbalances are nothing to Him!

Have faith!

Do your part.

Enjoy your world and do what you can to make it a better place.

And turn off the Television!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The St. Patrick's Day Celebrating' Twins!

P.S. I have unleashed 'the leprechauns' in the home. I've taken Anthony's toilet water and put green food coloring into it. His toothbrush is hidden inside the roll of paper towels. There's other 'changes' to greet him. Every pillow of furniture is stacked in one chair, and there's chocolate packaged for St. Patrick's day there under it. There's a candy 'potato' under a hat. Another box of Scotch mallows in the dishwasher (it's clean and needs to be unloaded). Anthony's favorite green chocolate shamrocks are in the dish rack. Whenever there is 'order'--the 'Leprechauns' cause confusion and dismay. Even our milk and cream are dyed green! You are never too old to be a kid on this day.

Breakfast is Irish soda bread, warm with butter, chicken or pork link sausage, and mint cappuccino's made at home. Perhaps eggs too. 

Then the corned beef (we only eat beef this one thing this one time of year)--into the crock pot. With cabbage from the garden. 

I'm one eighth Irish. My maternal grandfather's mom was full-blooded Irish. <3 Even all the way in Sicily. 

Two days ago we had lamb stew in the crock pot, cooked in Guinness stout, and a loaf of beer bread also made with Guinness. 

It's been a good week. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Synthesis of Spiritual Learning in Life


Last night as I was falling asleep, I gave thanks, because one week ago was my surgery. Falling asleep the night before was very difficult, not only because of the difficulty breathing, but in facing the unknown.

I suffer from anxiety. And last week I really put to the test the lessons learned. I kept telling myself, 'I am okay now', because I was. Nothing was there actually hurting me. I knew the hurting time would be the i.v. placement. Then after that, medications would take me through the surgery, and afterwards to deal with the unknown. 

If you suffer from anxiety, practice this. Stay in the here and now. Have a plan A and plan B for 'what is the worst thing that could happen' but don't dwell on those thoughts. Put into use Somatic Experiencing taught by Peter Levine--your body is strong and it's with you. Tap on it when you get nervous--it will reassure you. 

One week later, I have a little trouble coughing (it pulls on the stitches), and eating (I get full really fast, I eat less than half of what I used to eat). There is a spot of pain in one leg, in a calf muscle, hopefully it's not a clot. The stitches come out today.

I've had time to rest, which I've needed so much. And remarkably, I've been having dreams--many--including some high tech ones where Vladimir Putin was in it, and I was some sort of spy, then I flipped to being an anesthesiologist having to do surgery in a white van, but the equipment was old, and the oxygen tanks weren't right or full, and I almost lost a patient...

But yesterday morning, I woke up with Spirit telling me to wear Blue Zircon, blue zircon, blue zircon....

These were the earrings that I bought to commemorate my mother's passing. It's her birthstone and they bring me closer to her. So I put them on. And they make things feel better! Remember I am very sensitive to subtle energies, and also, to the energies in crystals and healing. I looked up zircon. Usually it's not blue. It's heat treated to make it that color. But it has birefringence so it's very shiny when it's cut well. It throws back lots of light that hits it. 

I looked it up in my book. I love my updated edition by Melody. I have bought other books on crystals, but none of them resonate with me. Only what she says really touches my soul. And zircon is a stone of 'putting everything together' in the spirit, in physical, mental, emotional realms. And making great progress in one's spiritual growth.

Here is an example of the synthesis in my own self as an example. 

My mom's cousin buried her son yesterday. He had died on Valentine's day. He was only fifty. 

The florist messed up, and I ended up sending flowers to the home from all three of my mom's girls--and she was overwhelmed by the kindness. 

Eric had died of testicular cancer. 

For those of you in medical circles, this is the number one most successfully treated cancer in the world.

Why did he die?

First of all, he was late to present to the hospital and medical system for healing. And second, he didn't have insurance or money to pay. He was basically homeless, his mother said. He lived in a house he inherited, but had no regular job or family. 

By the time he got the surgery, his testicle was as big as a melon!

And it spread.

He needed nephrostomy tubes because of local advancement of the disease blocking urine flow. 

He went first to his parents, but felt better and went back to his house, and when he got worse, his father came and picked him up and drove him home to be with them (four hours drive away).  But his insurance was with Los Angeles county. It wasn't honored far away. And there was nobody to fill out the forms. 

So they let him die. His mother tried everything, calling, writing, to get him the care he needed. But it was too late. Tearfully, she told me that she saw him 'turn into a bone' (six feet, ninety seven pounds). She said whatever he ate seemed to fuel whatever was eating him...

Eric did some kind of icky things online and was famous for it. The money from it was long gone. He loved his family, he was a good son. Just, um, 'different'.

I remembered that there had been incest in that family, grandpa (father) to mom (daughter). Lots of it.  It hit me like a ton of bricks--what if it had happened grandpa to grandson? That would explain a lot of things, wouldn't it?


I remember being a little mixed up myself. How can I explain it? One of my best friends in medical school was an intern. She was so pretty that you would just 'stare at her' another intern said. Beautiful, fun, full of life--she had been a hospice nurse and went back to medical school. Spirit had told her, BE A DOCTOR! and she said, 'I can't!' and it kept repeating until she realized that was what she needed to do.

We went to lots of Renaissance Faires together. It was fun.

I kind of learned later she was also not only 'kink aware' but a dominatrix too. She had wanted to invite me to parties. I couldn't 'play' with her, I just couldn't. She had someone who wanted to 'play' with me too, a male, but he was kind of creepy on the vibe. So I never once went to any of those events. 

It was self-preservation. I knew my professional reputation was important. And that I could get hurt by weird people.

She gave me a book to read on my honeymoon, when I got married to Frank. We married in January, but the honeymoon was delayed until May. It was all about 'chocolate' instead of 'vanilla'. I found the book interesting, and encouraged Frank to experiment with me. 

Frank said, 'no, absolutely not, not way, nada'. 

In a way, my marriage was over.

But also, in a way, my marriage to Ross had just begun. It was setting the stage for healing to take place for things I had no idea had ever happened.

I remember during the marriage, having a ballet friend take me to a sex shop with her as her 'wing man' because she was bored and in menopause--and I remembered an eerie familiarity with the bondage equipment. It felt so natural, like coming home...

In THIS lifetime, there's no history. Not like that. But in the immediate past lifetime...

If I had been able to do those things, again, I would have been just as lost as in that past lifetime. We do what we are taught, we do what we do, and we don't think about it. Not when we are in the control of TWDNHOBIAH. 

But Spirit cares about us enough, to gently, ever so gently, show us our flaws, our shortcomings, our sins--yes I dare to use that word--because it means simply--our distances from our most divine selves--so we can HEAL.  We can make a choice. We don't have to be like that any more. We are FREE. Our Freedom was bought and paid for by you-know-who a long time ago. We just have to accept it.

Remember, TWDNHOBIAH have certain ways, and they operate just below our ability to sense danger--they are slow and make lots of little changes. Someone posted a photo today, that said if God doesn't intervene soon he is going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Well, in our study last night, it was Ezekiel, very short, but helpful, God was telling Ezekiel that he was sending him to live 'among scorpions' because, 'his people were rebellious'--but to 'eat what God gives him'.  God wanted a prophet to go to his people to wake them up. 

How timely is this for all of us here, right? the fallen rebellious ones are running the show, just like the inpatients running the insane asylum, and it's not fun at all just like living in a scorpion patch!

Be mindful of what you 'eat'--not just food, but what you watch, read, listen to, and think about. Remember Nature is very healing and high vibration. Things of this world are, um, under the planning committee of TWDNHOBIAH. 

If you along the way, discover your own sin, remember God loves us so much more, and wants us close in heart to Divine Creator. It's better to know than to not know. And it's always better to heal when the chance is given.   It's been eight years now almost with Ross. I didn't exactly make the connections I did until just last night and this morning. Perversion isn't normal. Look at how Nature operates for guidance on what is normal. 

Be careful what you eat. Protect your families as best as you can. Your friends too. And learn every lesson possible while you are incarnate. They are priceless!

Ross is smiling big! And nodding in agreement.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple

Monday, March 15, 2021

Beware? Or Be Weary?


We are well into the thick of things.

On a positive note, I wish to thank all the individuals and readers who are sending out daily healings. This has been the goal of this work, to empower you into helping everyone around you, to inspire them and send blessings and healings daily. It truly warms our hearts, especially mine, as I'm still healing from the surgery.

I find I need my rest. The drain is out. But the stitches and steri-strips are tight. The whole incision stings and itches and burns.

Either way, it's worth it, as I have freedom to breathe again. The little adjustments, like getting used to thyroid supplement (yesterday I was freezing and couldn't warm up)--are simply that--adjustments.

Today is 'the ides of March', and for those of you who know your Shakespeare, this was when Julias Caesar was betrayed, even by Brutus, who was his close associate.  Fifteen March is the 'Ides'--the midpoint of the month.

I had sensed that the funeral for my cousin was coming soon. I checked with my sister, and on Saturday she confirmed that it was today. It's actually right this minute now, but it's three hours away, and I'm still pretty fresh from surgery.

I couldn't drive it, especially now in the rain. 

The flower company messed up. Our family, Italian side, was to be represented at the services. 

But, I was able to find a way to get my money back, and to have it delivered to the home. With florist service I know and trust. 

So, do not be weary of the ways of the world!

Even when things totally mess up, and your heart breaks because of it--there are ways to make things better. 

There is always a way!

Have hope.

Ross has been present, very quiet, very supportive, as I heal and go through my recovery. He's not making any demands. 

So, the purpose of this post, is reassure you that together, all of us make a team--Ross says, 'there is no 'I' in TEAM'--and together with those above and us below on terra firma--we will find our way to the awakening. 

Keep in perspective that the awakening is highly contested by those who wish to keep control over the masses. Here's an example of how the news is really getting kind of wacky--who knows what's true any more--Ben Fulford taken with a grain of salt.

So, even though it would be nice to have news that was honest, and told of the bigger picture--that's not going to happen. And as long as we continue our efforts to be loving and supportive to ourselves and each other and those who are around us--we can be confident that all of this has been factored in to the original plan, and that everything is proceeding well according to schedule for the Grand Awakening. It must be a good thing, and we must have decided long ago that it would be worth the wait.

Try not to get bogged down by the lies, and how evil the evil in the world really is. Know that everything is Illusion. And from where we are from, there is nothing like this anywhere. There is only Good. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Virtual Couple in 'REALITY' <3 where we are One <3

Friday, March 12, 2021

The State Of Affairs


Good morning! Ross and I thank you for all of the healing you have been sending on my behalf. I continue to heal and avoid pain medications. 

Ross had told me weeks and weeks ago that 'I would be having a miracle' and I totally didn't understand what on earth he was talking about. At the time...

But now I see how insidious it was, the choking off of my trachea, how the compression kept getting worse and worse. So that when I was in the mountains and later, at sea level I was struggling to get enough air!

So I can breathe!

The pressure is gone from my neck.

This is good.

The price I pay in exchange, is needing thyroid supplement, which is a very odd medicine. The pill is very tiny. And my body aches for it right before it's time to take my daily dose again. 

Right now the incision is stinging and itching. Remember Reiki isn't always 'painless'. Sometimes when it is working the wounds/areas hurt a little bit more, but then they heal faster. This is very commonly observed with Reiki healing.

The drain comes out later today. I'm pretty excited about that. I haven't changed my shirt/jacket since coming home because I didn't want to pull on it. It will be nice to be able to wear fresh clean clothes again. And taking a shower too! 

The weather here changes between sunshine, wind--not too strong, and rain. Being outside, and getting sun and fresh air has been a huge component of my healing. As well as taking naps, and having help with the household things. Anthony has been cooking and ordering food for us. It's nice to give the incision time to heal on its own.

How much time did I waste in fear of thyroid surgery, and needing to take the medication? At least six or seven years. 

The surgery itself wasn't bad because I was asleep for it. 

The recovery is three weeks. 

How does that compare to seven YEARS???

It's like nothing!

So why did I allow myself to suffer? What made me take action?

If I don't get thyroid medicine daily, I will pass. That's after a total thyroidectomy. So It's fear of Death--that old one. But remember, 'fear of Death' often blocks our ability to 'live our life' too. 

I think part of it was just not wanting to know what was going on in my neck. To act like it was going to go away. 

Part of me was waiting for a healing chamber in the physical to take care of it, too.

But it was a comment. A coworker made, and she said it with conviction. Someone asked her in the break room why she had her thyroid out, and she said, 'that was easy--I couldn't BREATHE!'

That's what started me realizing that I too, couldn't breathe, and nighttime was a struggle. I'd sit on the couch next to Anthony and he could hear me and would comment why I sounded like I had just run a big race?

So I realized I need to make a decision!

And I DID.

It needs to come out. Anything is better than where I was at and where I was heading. 

The biggest miracle is that there was a cancellation in the surgeon's schedule, which opened up something for me in less than a week. Otherwise I would have had to wait for April. 

The next biggest miracle is there was a coupon for my other medicine to prevent a DVT/PE. 

The biggest miracle of all is the support I got from my colleagues, my coworkers, my neighbors, and my family--my star family, my earth family, everyone.  I got a beautiful healing video made for me too. In every way I have felt loved and supported.


Carla is 'coming home', both to herself and others, first of all, by accepting what I have 'put on her plate' insofar as her earthly and spiritual lessons go (he touches his neck). This is a big one with the thyroid. 

The thyroid energy center has to do with communication. 

In what way is this 'off balance' that could have led to this imbalance and DIS-ease for her?

Doesn't the thyroid, in and of itself, have to do with also Carla's personal power? Her ability to fend for her self, and to throw off her enemies?

How does all of this have to do with Carla's ability to manifest?

The answer is it is multidimensional. 

What you are seeing and hearing from her, resonates with Carla's truths on The Other Side, for all of her past lives, and everything she has ever experienced with me, along with her own ones from here and now with her at this time.

It was written into her Life Contract if you will, this one, and by her dread there was no avoiding it. 

Carla had to accept that her vocal cords could have been paralyzed (a real but unlikely occurrence due to standard neuromonitoring.), she could be choking and swallowing even worse than she was before (due to her uvula being resected to 'correct her snoring'), or she could have profound neurological injury or die and be unable to support both herself and Anthony. 

And so it is. 

Nothing was more telling of the behind the scenes visual of Carla talking with her lawyer over zoom yesterday, with the drains and steristrips covering the large incision across the base of her neck. 

That in itself is connected in ways only the psychologists and the healers and those who guide the souls like myself could understand. 

Carla's patient had a tracheostomy. I'm not saying which one or how or when. Just saying. 

He looks poignant and nods.

Justice has been done, in the realm of spirit, which always leads us in the physical. 

That is enough for today.

clap! clap!

P.S. here is the Schumann

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Happy Couple

Monday, March 8, 2021

What Is Why?


These devices shown in the photo are called 'finger traps'. Just like the Chinese toy where you place your fingers inside a woven tube and pull, and they get stuck, the metal mesh here similarly tightens when it gets pulled. In orthopedic surgery it is used sometimes to hold the limb up--one finger at a time or all of them shown here.

I want you to look at the pattern of the mesh, and to understand the concept--when pulled, it gets 'tighter'. And it can 'trap' something.

Earth has it's own unique energetic system. And there have been old Gates--major ones and minor ones--which allow hyper dimensional transportation between others Realms and here.

Yes, Earth technically IS a 'quarantine planet'. And yes, the average person doesn't have knowledge of these 'Gates' or 'Portals'. 

But someone like Jessie (Aquarius Rising episode 27 with her, Jessie Czebotar), does have knowledge. There are three kinds of magic. Spoken magic. Movement magic. And a combination of the two. 

There is a minor Gate in Tibet. And a certain figurehead (a real estate mogul and certainly one of TWDNHOBIAH, in my opinion, and that is mine alone. This person is very kindly looking, highly spiritual. But I know that to sit near this person at a function here to bless the opening of a new building costs three hundred thousand dollars--just for the one chair!) and that position is 'eternal guardian' of that minor gate. 

Being able to open and close them takes a lot of skill in Dark Magic. 

Imagine many years ago, before the 'fall', and you are like Nessie here. You are traveling on your equivalent of the freeway, doing your thing, here on Earth. It's like Earth is a 'town' and there are many 'offramps'.

Imagine with the 'fall', you were traveling on the 'freeway' and instantly it was as if it was flooded with glue. You are immobilized. You can breathe, you don't need to 'eat' because you are a spiritual being. And you are STUCK. There is no communication with your home or family. You are lost.

This is a benefit to TWDNHOBIAH.

They AREN'T 'magic', even though they think they are! And just like the certain culture where they kill rhinoceroses to grind up the horn and get 'horny' in the physical sense, taking the animal's energy and gifts for their own selfish purpose...TWDNHOBIAH chains these 'Nessies' up to these gates (and other places). They take scales, claws, and use them for nefarious purposes.

There is a 'Living Book' where Jessie shows you the photo of a 'Nessie eye'...very advanced dark magic. Sad.

Ping is free. 

Ping was the one by Tibet.

He is yellow.

There is a ring of 'Nessies', head to tail, all over the earth. A red one was freed years ago. Some under a theme park were freed, as well as female ones taken hostage and abused for their eggs. A blue one was freed months ago. I know their names.

Head to head they meet in the Middle east. There's the master gate there. 

All are free.

This was done with teams.

And it was dangerous.

Let's see what the other team does next. TWDNHOBIAH. They can't generate their own magic. They 'borrow' it. 

If you get a chance to watch that episode on YouTube, it's very eye-opening. 

One day we shall travel through all the portals--which look just like the finger traps--and with a great flash of light the energies shall reverse. We shall be free to travel, and TWDNHOBIAH will be 'stuck' inside as the energies will be unfavorable to them. 

In the meantime, we are wise as serpents, and gentle as doves, and send unconditional healing to ALL. Just like Divine Mother and Divine Father.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Friday, March 5, 2021

And So It Is

 Ross wanted me to write.

I didn't want to write. I thought I did. But I looked through my email for a class I'm excited to take tomorrow. It's beginning Sicilian. It runs twelve weeks, and I'm good to wake up at seven in the morning to take it. 

Classes have been very important to me lately. I'm in Beginning Astrology with my Reiki teacher Anne Reith, PhD.  Just now I watched the galette and ravioli segments of my Alice Waters Master Class, a gift from Ross to me for Christmas two years ago that I've never finished. 

I absolutely love listening to Alice and watching her cook. 

Tomorrow I signed up for yet another class! It's by Peter Levine, and it's about emotional healing over Covid. For caregivers and patients. He's an excellent teacher. 

So I can look forward to Sicilian, Astrology (I have to make it up because I missed the lecture), and Covid tomorrow. 

If you look at the photo above, at the base of my neck, you will see how large my thyroid is. I had been checking it, as it was large, maybe six years ago. I was terrified.  If it was removed, then I'd need medicine all my life, and when the SHTF, I could die if I didn't have my thyroid replacement. 

Besides, I had to think of Anthony. And my work didn't want me to take time off for surgery.

Now I can't breathe.

My trachea is displaced to the right. Every breath I take tugs on the thyroid. My trachea is partially compressed. I can't get a good deep breath, and I haven't been able to do that for months. Now, when I sleep, I work so hard to get the air in and out...there's no little pause between breaths like I'm used to taking.

I've tested my sats in the OR, they are good. But I'm tired.

So, with this full moon, the balance was between Spirit and Health (Pisces and Virgo). It was powerful. I decided two weeks ago to get rid of the problem. It's okay for the thyroid to go. And I sought treatment.

It's possible to take pills and the thyroid to shrink. But I have trouble breathing and swallowing. I hold my head funny. So I found the courage to take care of my health.

I told both my works I have to do what I have to do and I'll be back.

The new one said, 'health comes first, you shouldn't have to apologize!' (I had promised four days and possibly more). Hearing that was so healing!

Why? I told my boss and my scheduler I can't breathe, and they talked about the coverage. Plus my boss took the weekend off, a four day weekend, and I had to work post-call because of it! And in my room, the case before mine, was a special cash procedure, so the next in line boss took THAT and made me do the less lucrative cases.

I never went home last night. I just stayed at the hospital. Exhausted by eleven p.m. (my bedtime is eight thirty). I 'slept' in the call room which isn't restful, until seven a.m.

I was so glad to come home.

Today, after classes, I took Anthony to a fancy grocery store, where we got hot meals, and took them to the beach for a  picnic. It was such a nice meal, I didn't need dinner. I had turkey, stuffing, potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce. Even a small slice of pumpkin cheesecake. 

We just lay on the beach after we ate. No walking. And the water was too cold to even walk in it. But I came back so rested, so peaceful, it made a world of difference to us both. 

Surgery is in a few days. 

I'm not exactly looking forward to it.

But I know I can't keep on like this. The nights are the worst of all. As long as I'm sitting up its better. 

Ross wants me to explain how I feel. 

I feel detached. Like I'm in both worlds.

With my pituitary surgery years ago, I realized there are two kinds of things in this world--life, death and forever type of things--and everything else. I didn't want to be bothered by everything else. That's the lesson of the pituitary, energetically--finding your purpose. And the courage to live it. 

I had surgery on a large fibroid that was pushing on my colon in 2012. Immediately I felt better after the removal. But then, I couldn't have any more kids. My fertility stopped--even though I tried to save it. So many emotions too process. The reality was harsh. Yet, in the month off, I had some special times, and also got Doctors With Reiki on Facebook and Twitter and stuff really off to a good start. Over time my feelings are more accepting of What Is, and fortunately the next year I truly 'met' Ross and our renewed relationship began.

He's been quiet. He promises me more joy than I could ever imagine. He speaks of good things. For myself all I want is to be able to breathe again. 

But with this detachment, I see what a lie everything is, how it's like a big movie. At the hospital we are all playing our roles to help people, but it's part of a 'show' that has been organized by TWDNHOBIAH. We think it's 'real', but it isn't. And when I went to the pharmacy, it's next to the Maxine Central. I saw lines and lines of elderly 'taking it for the team' when it's really to 'save themselves'. People are trading their sovereignty from her, for the promise that 'they won't die if they catch it'. Never mind that this has just come up out of the blue, with such a fast convenient 'offering' to fix the problem. 

It felt like a bad movie.

So, in a way, I'm taking in what I see and hear, and experience, like a movie, and I'm appreciating the good. 

When I take opioid pain medicine, I itch. Bad. I itched bad when I was pregnant too, because that melanin thing that makes that line on your tummy has a byproduct metabolized that is like opioid. When I took Tramadol I couldn't stop itching. I scratched everywhere, all the time, like a monkey. 

Last surgery I needed the opioids for the pain. But this time, I'll do my best to hold back on it. Because of the itching. 

Will you please send Reiki and Healing and prayers, to help me through this? For our whole family to work through this? Until it is needed no more. I appreciate it. 

Ross says I have said enough. 

If you don't hear from Ross and me for a while, you'll know why. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins