Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Wonder of Home!

My favorite time of day is right before I awaken. I am lying in bed, and that is when I have the clearest ability to see both worlds. At night, our souls go up to Heaven to do work. For example, I am certain that the souls of our friends and the girls and Anthony all met together to create the lesson we just got over. Everything that happens on Earth in our waking time is a lesson. And we are teachers for one another here on Earth. Our souls, our Higher Selves, our Councils--all of us have them!--I can see and remember them this is the only difference...together we decide what we are going to experience. And there is always mutual consent before anything will happen.

Sometimes, if you ask me, when horrible things happen, there are typically two main reasons:  1) burning off karma  2) being an example to awaken the empathy of others.  A little child with a terrible disease is an example of a class of soul called an Awakener. People near the child or who hear of the child are filled with love and compassion for its plight. People who otherwise wouldn't feel these things in their day to day.

The day before yesterday, I saw Ross walking towards me in a tunnel. He had a cloak of sorts on, but I know his build and his walk. He wasn't making eye contact. But he had a lot on his mind, and he was walking through the tunnel towards me!

I was elated!!!

Everything up until that point, related to Ascension (the awakening of a people and their planet together--here is a Saul message related to it just from today-- has been about US raising our frequencies to be able to go UP.

This was was not up. It was even, flat, no hill, nothing. Side to side.

This isn't like where I do the Walk. That one does go up, and it's more open and bright. Where I saw Ross was different.

Have you ever seen Plinko? It's a game played on a popular TV show, The Price Is Right.

The branching pattern of the roots is close, it's similar, but in Plinko there's nails and someone drops a flat disc and it travels down the branches.

I was shown a diagram of Ascension that looks like the branching, but more flat and organized like the Plinko. Part of my job is to anchor the new frequencies that haven't been experienced on earth. So I and some others are the top layer, a few, but enough.

As Ascension proceeds, the energy wave hits each successive layer. In the last few weeks it went from about the lower third, to the next part down, and last week, it touched. All of Hue-manity is the upper layers, and the ground layer is humanity (or perhaps the last two layers I don't know).

It's complete.

And in meditation, I have seen the layer of the Illusion (here and now) falling off in big chunks like in the movie the Matrix, and the bright whiter than white of Heaven has been showing through.

Now Heaven is just as visible, with no chunks, when I meditate.

When my father was passing, I told him not to worry because I can see The Other Side and Here, and I can always talk to him.

What he did seemed a mystery at this point, it was the last thing I ever saw him do. He turned his head from left to right slowly, as if he was looking at something, and he blinked his eyes a lot to let me know he was seeing something.

I couldn't see.

But when his chaplain anointed him later, some time later, I saw what he saw--the gates of Heaven with their shining bricks, and angelic guards with big spears and military stuff on like helmets and shields, and I saw Daddy walking up being escorted to Heaven. It was like a castle and he walked up the drawbridge with them.

When you get a good look at Heaven, it's astounding. It is something you will never forget.

I don't know how it's going to proceed. Jenny Schlitz says there is a huge energy wave coming. She's seen it. I can't see that kind of thing. Each of us can see what we can to help the whole. So I am sharing my part.

Ross wants me to answer a question Jared asked Anthony yesterday. 'Does your mom have any friends?'

I do.

I have many friends of the heart who are online, and we are separated by physical distance. These are people with whom I would trust my life and Anthony's. We are close.

I have friends from all my training, friends from work, friends from my old neighborhood. And new friends from this one. I also have two moms who are veterinarians who are my friend, and some teachers who are friends, and another mom who goes back to preschool who is my friend.

I don't 'hang out'. My work hours are crazy long. If I am going to socialize, it will be with someone I know from school or work. It's a luxury. Most of the time I am tired and mindful of my energy.

In Italy, and also in my father's family, family are more your friends than friends--at least that's how it was. Both of my sisters have lifelong friendships. But also, both of my sisters didn't move in the ninth grade!

Do I have a boyfriend? No. I've been married twice, and also been in relationship with Jared, and everything ended in disaster. Ross is my guardian angel, and soul Twin, and we actually have a better relationship than I've ever had. Mostly due to the vibrational match between us. Last night, we were thrilled, Anthony and me, to have him home early on his father's weekend. We drove to the store to get cayenne pepper for the shrimp creole I was planning to make. And on the way back home, Ross asked, 'hey, what dish are you making for me?'  I heard him loud and clear and I cracked up. For him I made a salad. I call it my cheater salad because it's zero points--golden beet slices, scallions, black beans, and cilantro, all topped with a little lemon juice. There's no oil. It tasted fresh and lovely. The beets were cooked too, and peeled. So, no matter where he is, Ross' warmth and love and humor come through, and we appreciate him very much. I miss him, and wish I could be aware of him all the time.

If I went to a bar, I would be overwhelmed by the low vibration. If I went to a movie, I would read the hidden messages in the plot. If I watched TV, I'd be bored by it and reading the symbolism (look up Simpson Golden Gate Bridge 8/11 on YouTube to get my drift).  If I was in a crowd as an empath I'd feel it. I like nature, the beach, the forest, and my yard.  So it all works out!

That's enough.

There's work for me today. Lots of it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

The Couple

P.S. I survived the liver flush day one. It's nasty. I can't wait for it to end. I felt sluggish all day. This morning I have more energy. I'm not a big one on toxins and flushing things and cleanses. It's my first one. Let's see how things go!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Walking With Spirit

Yesterday I went to the mailbox, like I do every day after work. I got my copy of the Epoch Times. I'm behind in reading it, but I still support their efforts. It was folded and in the middle was a small envelope with a Papyrus sticker on the back.

I looked at the front and the address was from the family of the girl, the one who is the daughter. I was surprised.

I opened it. It was very sparkly and pastel, and said, Thank You!

Inside was a note from the daughter, thanking me for the gift card for graduation. The writing I think was in pink ink, and very even, beautiful print letters like my friends were able to do back in the day. (Mine always looked not so elegant, because I'm left handed, and the ink would smear).

I was glad to receive it. Perhaps there was more meaning behind it than a simple thank you, but I accepted it as such. And I smiled inwardly to myself, for ever since the text from the mom was sent, I have been praying the prayer of Aunt Ellie nonstop in my heart--dear God, please make her be so full of love and respect for me that nothing can come out but love and respect for me, and please have me be so filled with love and respect for her, that nothing can come out but love and respect for her.

It worked.

I knew not to show it to Anthony. He is moving forward and it would only cause him pain. But it was an important lesson. So I decided to put it in my bible.

When I got to my Bible, I was surprised to see a card with Mark's handwriting next to the letter I was putting inside from the girl. I opened it and re-read it.

Here is what it said:

May 11, 1993

Dear Carla,

Jeff's memorial service is today at five at the First Congregational Church at Durant, Channing and Dana. I'm doing a reading:  Romans 8:31-39. Dan is taking care of the sound and recording the service. Last Saturday we went to dinner over at Setsuko's. We brought some chicken dinners from the Hickory Pit. it was a good dinner. We talked a lot and Dan and I reminisced about the times we spent with Jeff. Setsuko has been taking this very well. The pain she must feel she does not let show. She acts more concerned about Jeff's friends and how they are doing than I would expect for a woman who has just lost her husband. She told Dan and I something of which Jeff never could. She told us that Jeff was gay and that he had felt different since he was five. Some of his friends that knew left him. He was so afraid to tell us for fear of having us desert him too.

Sometime before he died (I do not remember if Setsuko said he was in the hospital or at home) he had an experience where a woman dressed in white, whose face contained the beauty of all women, took him by the hand and led him to a place of waterfalls, flowers, complete beauty and peace. when he came back he said that he wasn't sure if God wasn't a woman. As I heard this I filled with a warm-peaceful joy and excitement as I realized that our Heavenly Mother had shown Jeff a glimpse of Heaven. We have another friend in Heaven Carla.

With love,


I have been looking through my old journals, looking to see if I could find the other half of Jeff's experience.

Let's go back in time to December 15, 1992.

I had felt off the whole morning, while I was out roller blading with my friends the retired doctors over at Scripps Lake in San Diego. I was in my first year of medical school.

I couldn't put my finger on it but something was terribly wrong.

When I got home I got the call that Nannu Filippo had passed of a massive heart attack early that morning. My brother in law and father were coming to get me so I didn't have to drive home upset. I called a friend, Kai-Yu Wang, another student, and told her what happened. She came and sat with me until my family arrived.

In the car on the way back, I was saying a rosary for him. I have said daily rosaries for many years, and I know they help. I knew Barbara Matthias, the visionary. And as of June 19,1992, 8:15 a.m. Blessed Mother was communicating with me too, with automatic writing.  In March I had heard her speak too, every now and then. During the rosary, I saw my Nannu. He was in a place that was stuck between worlds. It had nothing to describe--no trees or angels--it was just a place. And Nannu was very angry and upset to have died. He was so angry and upset at my uncle's girlfriend he couldn't complete the journey up to Heaven. How I knew this, I don't know, but if you can read faces for emotions and know what they mean, it's like that only there's no face. You just KNOW. The technical name for it is 'claircognizance'.

So I talked with him. He was surprised to see me. I can't remember the conversation. But I explained the basics of his situation to him, and told him I was doing everything I could to get him unstuck. I handed him a daisy. I remember that. And then he let me take his hand. I knew to get him to take my hand. Then I walked him up 'the walk' to Blessed Mother. And I knew once I put his hand in hers, he would be okay.

I helped many souls like that.

Arthur Zilberstein's father died before he could get a heart transplant. So I lay on the floor, found him, and knew I needed to get him to take my hand. He saw me as an angel, and wouldn't talk to me. I had to think quick. So I switched how I looked to a big fat rabbi with the little curls by the ears and a full beard. THEN he said, 'I knew you would come for me!' and he took my hand, we did the walk. I put his hand in Blessed Mother's, but she didn't look like herself either, and he was okay.

Well, Mark's friend Jeff was dying of AIDS.  I knew it was bad, and I paid him a visit. I lay on the floor, right on my back, and was able to find Jeff. I spoke with him. And I got him to take my hand...I walked him to Blessed Mother, so he would be okay.

I had been taking many souls Home without knowing exactly what I was doing or why I could do it. I didn't have any training. But intuitively I knew what to do, and that it needed to be done.

There has never been any fanfare from anyone for the work I do. Heaven doesn't talk about it. Blessed Mother, Ross, nobody has ever even had a discussion with me. I know when my turtle died and I was crying, they comforted ME. They comforted me on my grandfather Nannu Filippo too.

So I didn't talk about it with anybody. People on earth would think I was crazy. And people in Heaven already knew, but didn't choose to have discussions. They were teaching me other things and preparing me and supporting me for my work, as a physician--that's all I thought at first--and ultimately, for this. I never heard of Reiki until Anthony was a baby. But the course was set a long time ago.

I smiled when I found that letter.

Also last night, I found The Covenant of Love (look to the bottom for the message from Mary through Barbara for us, and everyone in the world), and also Barbara Matthias Vision 3/29/1992 from Blessed Mother, and another message typed up from the pencil notes Barbara makes of her visions, from the vision on the day when she visited their family home around the same time frame. I'll write it perhaps tomorrow, or one moment please--

A visit to Maria's House 5 June 1992

I am a Mother of Joyful Hearts and I come to you today in great Love and Hope.

My main theme today is to thank My children all over the world for the praise of their joyful hearts.

I am a Mother who delights when you are happy and I have noticed how you, My Faithful Remnant are faithful to inner joy even amid trials and sorrows.

Therefore, I resolve to give you My intercession before the Throne of Divine Grace and Mercy for you to receive a deep inner Peace--God's Peace to accompany that Joy.

Peace is so direly needed in this world and, peace can only come when hearts completely turn to My Son Jesus.

The deep inner Peace which you will receive if your heart is opened and your accept that Peace will bring great Glory to My Son.

Each time you give Glory to My Son you make me so delighted.

Continue in Courage and Joy to serve My Son and Our Love and Mercy will always be with you. 

There also was a private message to the group at Maria's home:

Thank you all for your kind Loving presence. How much you all mean to Me and to My Son. 

Each of you has been Commissioned for special work for My Son. The Holy Spirit will reveal to you what is  to be. 

Be constant and faithful to the work that God has for you. Do not do it grudgingly but with much Love.

Life for you must be one of great Faith, Hope and Charity. You live in times that are hard but, the three Theological Virtues will be weapons for you against evil. Live in my Peace and Love.


When Carla came in Blessed Mother said, 'Here comes my girl!' (I was delayed at work and traffic--CMS)

About little Brian (Barner -- CMS) she said, 'He is stubborn about being still, but I love him so.'

She blessed Anne-Marie Maagdenberg's rosary.

Well, now they are complete!

As an aside, Throne is a classification of angel. There are Seraphim, Thrones, Wheels (I think I'm not sure), Archangels, Angels, Cherubim...many classes of angel. So when she said she would intercede, she was going to one of them, a Throne of Divine Grace and Mercy.

Ross doesn't have anything to say.

I have the day off, I'm most grateful and I'm starting a five-day liver detox with Dr. Shulze. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who love YOU very much and also love everybody <3 And every thing!

Friday, June 28, 2019

How We Are At The Moment

Ross invites me to share how Anthony and I are doing with our relationship after the sudden loss of all of our friends.

It is delicate.

We realize us both that all we have is one another. He has his father too, but for us here in our home, the buck stops here.

We go through the motions of each day without speaking about what there is no more to discuss, although the energy of it lingers through everything we do.

We are both acutely aware of the need to continue our activities to move forward to what is waiting for us on the road ahead.

At first he had nightmares and trouble sleeping. I was very tearful and distraught. Now we stay up late watching movies so we both fall asleep exhausted. Movies are healing for us. We do something we have never done before. In the past, at our old house, we had two recliners where the television was. Now we have our couch. He likes to lay down and put his head on me like a pillow. So the proximity and rest is very soothing to us. While everything is changing, at least, our family is the same as it always was, with the exception of being wiser from this lesson recently learned.

We are both glad to have the old house finished, and for it to be someone else's home now. I for one am grateful to have a home where no one can steal my parking space. Even when we went last night, there was someone in our spot. I am tired of having to fight for trees to live, for them taking the grass away and putting in hideous drought-resistant bushes, and paying almost four hundred dollars a month to the association.

I am also thankful I understand at last the old home, all it's working systems--electrical, plumbing,  heating--because before the renovations I didn't understand why things were the way they were. It's only settling. But settling can do a lot that is difficult to understand as a new homeowner. That was a huge source of stress.

It is also good there is room and safe places for Anthony to play at the new house. Before on the street it was a cul de sac, and children were not permitted by the association to play on the streets. This is another less stress too.

Long story short, Anthony and I have grown in ways perhaps we might not have grown.

And we both have appreciation and happy memories of our times spent with our dearest and closest friends. It was a wonderful gift for two years, and for this we are most grateful. The love always remains. It always, always, always remains.

In the first of the last three blog posts, I spoke about the energy of betrayal. How the stars are aligned in ways that unpleasant truths are coming into the open. And they are explosive. In the general society at large, the people who are controlling it follow a philosophy that 'black is white'.  Take a moment to think of the most safe, and trustworthy institutions that are around. Chances are good that these 'white' organizations are actually hotbeds of TWDNHOBIAH, hiding behind a beautiful facade no one would ever believe could be so filled with darkness. A simple example would be the business of an art dealer. What better front for art thievery, than a normal art dealer's business, right? So, there is the legitimate business, working hand in hand with the illegal one, so that together the maximum possible profit can be made.

Take a look around you at what is black--reviled by the media especially--and perhaps there is something good that is being covered up. For example, housewives and stay at home mothers get in the way of the government agenda to educate the children. So now, society has moved so most mothers work outside the home, and children are exposed to daycare, which makes lots of money and also in some cases are fronts for active religious activity of TWDNHOBIAH, such as in the Mc Martin case many years ago. The beautiful and priceless institution of motherhood, has been maligned so people presume a mother who chooses to stay at home to raise her own children has some other reason to stay home...the movies and TV shows and everything else change the thinking. Now people want the woman to pay her way for the housing, etc and the men do not wish to support them. It's night and day compared to my own childhood.

So pause and reflect on what you take for granted as 'black' and 'white'.

This will help you prepare for the inevitable feelings of betrayal and loss once the unpleasant truths come out in general. It will affect everyone to their very core, very strong feelings will come up. Ones of powerlessness and sorrow for having been tricked.

Forgive yourselves as these tricksters are masters of Illusion. No one could have picked up on it unless they were meant to discover and help others awaken a little bit ahead of time.

For where we are heading, the eventual discovery of Heaven on Earth, our final destination, is that everywhere, black is black, white is white, and your ability to read an energy signature is unimpaired by being incarnate.

When I meet you, either face to face, or in snail mail, or electronically, your aura makes like a sound I can hear with my ability to feel. There is a vibration that is YOU. And whether you are incarnate or not, I recognize your vibrations first and that is what I remember, not your face, your clothes, your hair or any of the external things.

In an instant, I get a 'hit' of your general level or 'grade' as a soul. If you are an old soul you will sound different from a new soul, and there is no judgement of a good soul or that an old soul is better. I just pick up on it.

Sometimes I get visions. A coworker of mine, I saw a dark figure filled with anger yelling at him when he was a child. I sensed the child had courageously overcome this and has not become what he hated in this figure. But the damage was there. Sometimes I see auras. One day, his was darker than usual. There was a layer of black next to him along with an outer rim of muddy green. When he came back from his fifteen minute massage session, the aura had changed to light seafoam green throughout. A burden had been lifted. I made a mental note of it but said nothing because, again, it's really not any of my business. I just see and pick up on information, the same as you would notice the color of a tee shirt someone is wearing.

In general, around, the energies are lightening up. People are reacquainting themselves with their spiritual nature. They are respecting the environment the best they can. They are making wiser choices with recycling and things like that. People are opening up and becoming friendlier and loving. This is due to outside energies being directed at earth, and from Starseeds anchoring them, as well as being loving in every situation.

So I can talk about the truths coming out, and the betrayal, because I read the energies like we are climbing up a hill in a roller coaster. There is going to be an exciting ride, the kind that really excites the Galactics--with the energies--as everyone on Earth awakens. And the end result, is for the highest good and everyone will benefit immensely.

Even some of the most spiritual people I have looked up to during my college and medical school years--are fake. The real them behind the camera no one sees is a vastly different person, and perhaps even their souls are not from Heaven, not from Earth, but from some hostile place very far away where kindness is scoffed at and betrayal reigns supreme.  These souls are not welcome on Earth, and certainly not welcome to run any society or influence large numbers of people. Because Earth wants everything to be in its original pristine state, the original blueprint for a wonderful paradise for people to learn accelerated soul lessons and truly advance their consciousness! No party poopers allowed! LOL

Ross says this is enough. He's helping me as I write. He also wants you to know Anthony can see him. They are close. And Anthony tells me often that Ross is a keeper. That's why we are family. We all share the same gifts.

clap ! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Keeping It Real

There is a surgical tech at work who has a custom pair of Nike running shoes he wears to work. There is no other pair like it in the world. On one foot, it says, 'Keeping' and the other, 'It Real'.

That is his truth.

Your truth is yours.

My son has his truth, which we will get back to later.

And I have my own.

No two truths are ever the same.

This is a screenshot of Twitter, where the Universal Truth is discussed.

There is one Truth.

This Truth is Heaven and the Hereafter.

I am one of the few lucky individuals who are walking on the earth at this time who can see both worlds, that is, the world of Spirit just as readily as I can the world where I live, sleep, breathe, work and eat.  It's not as easy, or as clear, but with training and practice I understand this gift and how to use it.

That being said, I signed up for my lessons too.  This is a useful thing to apply whenever you are experiencing conflict and the resulting growth:

What I have learned is that although I have a life here in the physical, in my own life, Spirit overrides when I am getting comfortable.

For example, when I did my Reiki training with Anne, I was quite content going to her classes, and I was prepared to just stay affiliated with her like Margaret did. 

Spirit had other things in mind. 

How do I know?

Because every time I tried to find my schedule to open up so I could go to my classes and the practicum and the advanced practice like I had, my schedule slammed shut and there was no way I could make any of the classes and events.

Spirit had kicked me out of the nest.

I felt that same feeling of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, the joy of friendship and support, the last time I went to Taco Tuesday. I was happy, content, thankful, and I felt like I was Home.

Now that is gone too. 

At the same time, the push away from that--which is painful, sad, and swift--is being accompanied by an even greater pull towards the people at work. It is like family. And after I got the worst text in my life, one of anger from a mom, this one came through from Shamila:  'You're such a hard worker Carla. I truly admire you, as a colleague & as a friend.'  

This is my truth. It is everybody's truth, but some don't realize it. I didn't. The first time it came up was in the early1990's when I visited my friend Michelle on the east coast. It was before I even knew I had a strong psychic gift.

She had a new boyfriend. He was generous to her. He bought her suits from Victoria's Secret and mailed them to her. She was very happy.

Then she showed me his gift, a little stuffed animal that said, 'Not the mama'--with a little lizard like character from the T.V. show I don't even remember what.

And it hit me.  All of a sudden I knew this man she was in relationship with, had anger management issues. I was overwhelmed with a need to warn her, to caution her, to protect her.

So I told her.

She got angry with me. She said that it's his sister who has the anger problems, not him! And how come nobody was being supportive to her in her happiness?

That was it. Friendship over. For about seven years.

Until the lesson of the relationship played out its course, and she thanked me.

What I experienced, without realizing it, was psychometry....the ability to pick up energy of a person when being near an object that was dear to them and had their energy in it. Now I can explain it. But then I couldn't.

Psychic information is real.

Heaven is real.

There are many souls who are angelic who are walking the earth at this time. They are called Hue-manity. Or 'star seeds'.  Their assignment is to help awaken the humans and to help bring calm and love when the Truth, the Universal Truth, comes out.

The energies out there are very strong, and what we think can become real in almost an instant.  Yesterday to my horror there was a case, a three hour case, along with the likely one hour recovery time, that would cancel my hair appointment at one p.m.!  I had pushed the appointment back to two but I wasn't sure I could make it. I accepted and told my friend I might not be able to come.

My roots are very grey, it's been three months, and I've felt hideous over it.

The patient went to sleep, the head was turned one hundred eighty degrees away, and before prepping the surgeon had a hunch to check something with the instruments. The right length drill bit was missing.

We asked a nearby O.R. if we could borrow theirs. This is common. But they were using their system and couldn't give any parts of it to us.

The surgeon cancelled the case, I woke the patient up, and off I went to my appointment.

It's not me, it's the Universe. And when you work with the Universe, in alignment with it, results are quick.

My best friend in the world, lives in Germany, and she is having her broken water heater come back to life just enough to help them find a solution/replacement, by working with the Universe.

Angels are real.

They also have their lessons.

Humans, and Humanity, are souls that are from the Earth, and are learning their lessons. When these souls die they go to Heaven too, but they are earth-based, and come back here next time around. Earth is like a school for souls. Third dimension school. But it is currently upgrading to a fifth dimension school, and all the 'students' if you will, are going to move up, and the forgetting of their natural psychic abilities is going to go away. They will have the skills that are their birthright, and be able to use them.

Anthony is my grandfather Filippo come back. Nannu was my godfather and grandfather. Anthony's dad is also the soul of his dad in his previous life. They have to pick up where they left off, and resolve their relationship. My mom and I noticed how even as a baby Anthony had uncanny similarities to her dad. The sounds he would make, the way he walked, things like that. I made sure that he could swim well because in his past life he couldn't and was embarrassed about that.

His soul is angelic. But he is a boy at the moment, a boy learning some most important lessons. I asked at work with a friend who is like a brother, about the situation and punishments. I made him work all day around the house. I made him watch movies to understand how awful it was, and how sad it makes everyone, what those words really mean.  My friend said that Anthony understood he had screwed up, and that the punishment was appropriate.

Another friend, a nurse, said that the girl must have said something to hurt him.

I know as a mom, for many years, he had a crush on the girl. Enough that others teased him that he was like the Police song, 'Every Breath You Take'--as if he was a stalker. He didn't like that. I knew for years and years he would come home and his moods were dependent on how he had been treated by her. Some days he was like the movie Elf, 'I am in love! I am in love! I am in love!'  And others, quiet.

Then things started to change. He found a different friend, who was a girl. He understood where he stood with her from the start. They talked, texted, and were close friends. I liked the change in him. I encouraged him to be with people who brought out the best in him, and made him a better person.

Well, the other day, he told an adult -- a mom -- about an argument on a group chat his new friend had with someone who is exploring her gender/sexuality. It was 'shouting'--all capital letters. So this mom told the girl's mom. And the girl's mom, being open-minded, wanted to know what was said, and asked to be shown a copy of the conversation. The girl herself had deleted it.

I felt a chill, a change in energy, at the graduation party. I knew the two girls talking the whole party long up in a swing set treehouse and not playing with the other kids wasn't good. I didn't know it would break my heart and make me feel like I didn't even want to claim my son as my own. It's poignant when your kid screws up, and it affects you in a big way. He saw me crying as if I had deaths in the family, and he said, 'mom, you don't deserve this, you are innocent' but what is, is.

What is my truth about this girl?

I was in gifted classes all the way through. I know I had the same classmates even though we were in a big high school, it was like a school within a school. I knew the teachers looked forward to us, I sensed it. Even with that, I was somewhat bored and brought a sketch book or my knitting project to class to keep myself occupied during lecture. I knew that this exists, and after the heavy-duty academics from the middle school, I wanted this for my son. This school within a school community.

The girl is like my friend Jackie, my first friend. Able to read people accurately and well. Able to get people to do what she wants. Popular. Jackie didn't go to college, she went into sales. She has been an incredible success at her career. She was selling pagers even after cell phones became popular. When that job ended, she left early retirement to work for DHL. She is still winning awards and is leading a sales team. She has two children, a happy marriage to her high school sweetheart, and now, three grandchildren. Jackie had to go to night school to get something to help advance her work, I'm not sure exactly what it was, but when she took math, she complained bitterly about it and had to work hard.

Jackie was good for me because our brains complemented each other. Mine can't read faces. Although, when Anthony learned of what came down, his face I was able to read--stunned and pale. Jackie helped me. And I was a different kind of smart, and I helped Jackie.

I feel bad for what my brain can't do. And I am cautious with people who are good like Jackie. Just like I am sure many people are cautious with me, because I can sense energies and talk with people who have made the Transition, and all that stuff.

Do I forgive everyone? Yes. There is only LOVE. Everything else is not important. Life, death, forever, that's what counts. I love all of my friends and I am very sad to see them go, even the one who read this and is the only person on earth who could have forwarded it to the mom.  I understand, I accept, I don't blame, and I love. I give thanks for good times shared. And I have no expectations.

Anthony and I learned to play the Glad Game. We looked for the good in this situation (the glad game is where you look for the good in any given situation). We are glad it happened now, instead of later. We are glad we have each other, and are working it through here. And we are glad to move forward.


This is a lesson that is very painful for Carla. It goes back to her soul and its memories of her being incarnate with me.

'We are going to have to move' I would tell her, some days, out of the blue.

It was from my work. I was a teacher of sorts, and at times I feared for my life and that of my students and my wife and later, my children.

It was a common pattern. I know Carla very much enjoyed in that life her time in India, where we had the longest to put down our roots.

The move here has been very painful for her, both physically and emotionally, because at the old house Carla thought she was going to stay in her forever home.

Carla's forever home is with me.

And I wait for her where I am, and assist her to the best of my ability from 'where I sit' (he taps his chair, I see him, and he's smiling).

I adore her.

(He interlaces his fingers) and I can't wait for us to reunite.

Carla has learned her lessons well, and is always willing to share them, both the good and the bad, for better or for worse, for her readers who are looking for guidance, support, nurturing, warmth, love, and compassion, as they find their own way through their lessons too.

I thank you, Hue-man star seeds, for anchoring the frequency of Heaven on Earth, and for using your heart as well as your minds, to accomplish your assignments.

I thank Creator for you. And I thank Creator too, and for Isabel for always being there for my Carla.  Thank you Ann/Biramel too for your loving support, for Lisa W. and for everyone else who has helped her find her way.

And I thank those teachers who have taught Carla her painful lessons too. She will remember.

Have faith, dear readers, have faith. Help is coming soon.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple where one is on Earth and the other is in Heaven <3

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Whistle While I Work (heart)

My health is better. I am feeling more like myself every day.

I have paid back the call I traded, and also, been working every day. Getting to work now is a challenge to be punctual. There is no daycare. So I must leave long notes of things to do and suggestions of foods to eat, as well as getting myself ready. It is an adjustment.

Fortunately, the current situation is preferred by Anthony over the old summer program he used to attend at his school.

I have done my utmost to make peace at work with those I have experienced conflict. It appears to be successful. There have been no strange cases where I pull an all-nighter over non-emergent conditions. And the surgeon I spoke up against thanked me for my music choices in the last case we did together.

Baseball tryouts are coming along nicely. And I have spent much time taking my son to the batting cages for extra practice.

As you know, the astrological state of the planets at this time is one of explosive truths. And we have had a complete upheaval of our social lives due to Anthony's indiscretion and poor word choice in describing the future he perceives for the daughter of a close friend to a different girl.

The different girl told everything to the daughter, and now we are out of the small group that was closer to us than family.

What makes it worse is that he used much stronger words to the other girl, than he did in private conversations with me about how he was going to protect the daughter at school. For example, he has told this student to her face several times at school when, for another example, she has spoken of her desire to 'do gems' (vaping, apparently) in her future. He told her he would step on her vaping equipment and go straight and tell her parents, to her face. Three times.

Well, this popular girl isn't an angel.

But she's not a druggie and loose sexual person yet and not likely to become one.

I asked Anthony what his motivation was.

He said he wanted others to see the truth about this popular girl.

It backfired.

People DO see the truth, she is innocent of what he said. And it's exquisitely painful to the family because the girl's uncle is a drug abuser who lives with his mom.

The truth is out about the different girl, and about him. And about the parents because the girl told the daughter that 'all the parents hate her'. So the girl's mom, the daughter's mom, and I have all been in tears.

The daughter's mom was right when she told me I should double-check and rethink that Anthony was capable of using those words and he probably did. He didn't tell me until the last second before bedtime, he had been denying it the whole time.

The mother has said we will have to work this through, she hasn't cut me off forever. But our social life is not the same, as our mutual close friend can and does shut other's out. And the silence of our usual group texts to social invitations is deafening and painful to me.

What have I done with Anthony?

I wanted to make sure he learned from this lesson. I had seen it coming. And I had been warning him to be careful. This isn't the first time he's done things outside of his character to 'be popular'. He had a while in the fifth or sixth grade like this too.

He was absolutely stunned by the betrayal of his new 'girlfriend'.  Completely blindsided.

He was stunned at my intuition. I had told him after the party on Saturday where the girls had been up in a playhouse and up to no good, that if he wanted me to take the new interest to Disney resort he was absolutely insane. She was up to no good and had thrown him under the bus with the daughter, I wasn't sure exactly what but the dynamics had changed.

I did end up taking them, spending all of my gift card money on meals for us three (we have annual passes).

I told him with the energies being as volatile as they are, he better become a Pollyanna. And he didn't know what that meant. So I had him watch the movie. He liked it.

I also told him when I came home, he was going to watch the movie Thirteen with me, to see what a real one of those types of girls is like. To learn why what he said was so painful to everyone involved.

The movie shocked him too. It was painful. And the cutting scenes he couldn't even watch. When we discussed it he felt so horrible for the pain of the girl as she descended, and also for the mom who was working hard to support her family.

After this, we watched the original movie Heidi. I had wanted to sandwich two good role models around the not so good one. But, like my doctor's eyes (ability to examine and read medical insights on people) which never turn off, my eyes that see were able to discern even the plot line of the movie Heidi had it's 'third side'--the agenda that women are monsters and not to be trusted. The aunt and the governess did not have Heidi's best interest at heart. And the grandpa was the hero. The world of men. Even back then in a totally sweet, feel-good movie.

Last night we watched Born Free. It's fun to see the old movies since it's summer. And I feel a new bounce in my step to have done something fun.

He also has had hours and hours of housework to complete. Hard work. And it's helped.

What is the lesson?

I've had two for myself through this. The first is the gut-wrenching sense of betrayal where I want to throw up. This is the state that most of the population is going to be in when the truth comes out. It's not pleasant. It takes time to recover.   The second is the importance of forgiveness.

There is a woman who once hated me at work. She was a nurse, the wife of a different nurse I had worked with at the university hospital since I started my training. She worked at my new one.

I told her I didn't know how we got off on the wrong foot, but I'd like to have at least a better working relationship with her. And her parents were counselors, so she had the skills to 'work things through'. We did. We became close friends. She and her husband drove me home from the hospital when I had surgery. My mom was watching Anthony who was small then. And when she needed her gallbladder out, I did her anesthesia, by her request. She just came to visit from Arizona. She had upped and moved, sold the house, and sought a better life. Now she works one day a week as a personal trainer, and one day a week at a surgical center. She is turning sixty, this summer, and she is enjoying life being semi-retired.

It gave me hope.  Perhaps in the next five years I can create a good plan for me as well.

In the meantime, please send Reiki to the house, the old house, as the plumbing needs to be completed before we can put it on the market. It's been taking longer than expected. Three new toilets to set, reconstructing the shower valves, changing all the trim, and all the faucets too. The realtor is pushing to put it on the market this weekend. I don't know it if will happen.

I am calm and know things will work out.

No more terror and fear that led to the pneumonia.

I must go to my routine.

The only other thing to add is there's a new Gaia Portal. It's cryptic but the way the new Reiki Healing has been sent out was radial, and now, it's been rotational for a few days. Ross changed it.

There's a new message from The Council too. It's on the Oracles and Healers or website.

I saw Robert Sepehers thing on Youtube on the Holy Grail. It's presumed to be 'Sang Real'--the royal bloodline with the liaison in pronunciation sounds like g-real or grail.

And now I'm watching the video in this link, so far five minutes. I really think that the truth isn't in either of those videos. They both have partial truths which are slanted by the philosophy of ancient Egypt/Babylon which is essentially the religious beliefs of TWDNHOBIAH. I want you to get the ability to watch anything, and to have eyes that see, and to be able to pick out the gems without the slant. It's like you wade through the information and pick out what half-truths are thrown in there to make it palatable to the layperson and casual spiritual seeker. This is a vital skill.

It's real.

That's the one that stuck with me.

The woman who had died for twenty seven minutes. She had a massive MI and was coded six times. When she first came back she was in cardiac ICU, intubated, but she wrote a note saying, 'it's real'--she saw Heaven.

Take great comfort in this as Heaven is coming to earth, it's here, and the Illusion is overlapping with it. I see the Illusion falling apart and thinning. I see what is behind it, the True home of us all.

Yesterday I had a rock musician for a patient. Fascinating. This was a career rocker. He was a nice guy. I liked him.

I know, from my studies, that people like Bob Dylan made a promise to The Boss (not Bruce Springsteen!) and 'keep up their half of the bargain'. I saw that the toenails were all painted black. I saw the tattoos. I knew when this individual knew what class of drugs the 'margarita' I gave in pre-op was, just by the effect, that the rumors were true. 'Is this valium you gave me?' It's close. Very close lol. So it's the real thing.  I also suspected that because this person was so likable, it could have been a high adept. They have an ability to put a glamour (a way to make you seem more likable and charismatic) on themselves as a spiritual mask. I can't sense the energy of the super low vibration of an adept. Kerth couldn't either.

Did Ross and I do a healing? Yes we did. And Ross was very pleased. The patient woke up well and smiling too.

Everyone needs a healing. And if you ever meet anyone like this, call in Ross and his teams, don't go in on it alone. It's like for the graduate students! I'm not even there yet!

Ross is well.

He sent me a beautiful necklace.

It's odd as he has given me three presents in advance, about two weeks ahead.

For this I am grateful and it is helping.

It's time now to prepare for work.

Thank you everyone for the love, prayers, and healing you have sent. My lungs feel very good and my energy level is good too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Friday, June 21, 2019

Thinking Together

Part of the joy of being literate is you discover new thoughts with things you once took for granted every day.

Here is an excellent video which sparked off the latest train of thought:

It is a jewel.

This morning I was the first in line for pho in the Doctor's Dining Room for lunch. The chef was there, and he told me, that the CEO of two hospitals in the system told him his job is important. Why? Because the doctors make all the money for the hospital. They bring in the business. Without doctors, there is no hospital.

English isn't his second language. He knows I enjoy Vietnamese food, and we are on friendly terms. He doesn't even know what kind of doctor I am, and what I do. 

I tried to explain to him how even more importantly, physician suicides are skyrocketing (so are nurse ones) and surgeons and anesthesiologists top the list. So this simple joy of a good meal, helps doctors in the long run very much. And also, in many ways, food is medicine. Look at the many vegetables in the broth with the soup...he shared that the noodles have no more sugar, he drains them, and also there is no fat in the broth and that it's lower in sodium too.

Here is an article about the hospital that pretty much explains how things are from the inside...

The strangest thing happened when I got sick.

The steroid didn't make me feel bad. It actually made me feel normal. I'm probably severely deficient in my adrenal glands, because I'm pretty much on stress overdrive every day.

Even today in the O.R. things were very stressful. Equipment. Patient acuity. The electronic medical record (I had to go back and chart because I didn't have time to during the case). Colleagues trying to steal my cases in my good lineup. Lots of switches. Not much time for a breather between cases.

Add to the stress, this  I've had mis-dialed FAX machines ringing the in OR every five minutes during cases. I've learned to unplug the phone.  We get interruptions from nurses in pre-op or recovery room, and they keep calling back more frequently than a FAX machine to get their order. It never crosses their mind that the patient could need my attention more than the phone and that's why I am not answering it.

Add to this, that there's clocking devices on things like PerfectSRve, a 'confidential' HIPAA compliant platform so if a doctor isn't answering their pages it's all documented. 

Then the colleagues wanting you to switch call, the charge nurse switching cases and notifying's crazy. Absolutely maddening and yet we have grown accustomed to it. Emails? Those are to be addressed in a timely manner too.

I say it's all the fault of the microwave oven. In the past children had to wait for their bottles to be warmed up or their food to be cooked. It taught patience. Now with everything ready in a minute no one has the patience to wait for anything any more. 

There's a mom at the baseball camp who works from home. She has to check her email every ten minutes. 

My meeting went well, it was with my tax man. And he confided to me. He's working now harder than ever. He was up until midnight the night before, and it's not even tax season. He has no time for anything. Not for fun, or for vacation, or for relaxing.

Remember the video?

Remember what I said about Anton La Vey's quote--there's more than two sides to everything, there's always the satanic side to consider. 


Look here at these two articles:  and  It appears all is not well in the single payer health system, is it?  Who is in charge of it? People who decide life and death for the public, as well as the same trend as the first article (nytimes ones about burnout) just a little further down the road. 


This isn't growing for anyone, is it?

How about this?

Or this, which is even more intrusive than Robocalls--if you can't read the whole article just skim to find out how many times these alarms go off under routine use:

Here is a letter to the editor which basically says, 'drug shortages are so prevalent, what does our patient under our care need to know when we are giving anesthesia under drug shortage conditions?'

It's a good question.

Here is a horrifying one. One doctor in California is allowed only FIVE medical exemptions for vaccines to give to all of the many patients under their care who ask for them. Everyone else must be told NO. Only five can skip vaccines. And since my sister (and likely me too) have the MTHFR defective gene...and are at risk, who is going to listen?


Stress, in the eyes of an Anton La Vey is a good thing.

Stress, in addition to making people sick, makes them less likely to question what is happening to stress them, and also, more likely to accept a solution offered. For the public. And for the individual, stress is used to create mind-splitting, and programming.

How it works, in the programming, is that anything besides what the programmer wants--will cause pain. Excruciating, pain beyond all imagination, pain much much worse than childbirth and kidney stones. It's psychological and physical pain where there is no escape. Drugs are used to enhance the suffering, for example, muscle paralysis drugs on awake people who cannot breathe, and are helped just enough to keep them alive but to make them fear dying. 

This is the satanic side.

On the radio the other day, there was an announcer who was reading from her script, talking about a 'cool new TV show' with an angel and a demon who have to work together to prevent the apocalypse. Twenty thousand Christians signed a petition against it because it makes satanism a plausible religion and presents is as openly accepted by the viewer. They wanted Netflix to take it off the air.

Well, the announcer laughed, 'the show is also on Amazon Prime!'

Stupid Christians was the message. 

And Netflix said, in their official response, 'we won't make any more like that.'

That's it. 


From what I understood from the conference I went to with Cobra, long time ago, he described something as the squeezing of everything--right before the Event. I'm trying to remember the name. But in it, everything goes faster and there's lots of pressure. Ah yes, that's it:  the compression breakthrough.

I feel somewhat squeezed. 

I sense how something is squeezing on society, on the world, and clearly, entertainment is spewing satanism and communism at us 24/7 Tiffany Fitzhenry says on Twitter. She's good. I like her.

Remember, Romans 8, God is working for the good in EVERYTHING, for those that love him.  Chin-up.  God is with you.  

And remember, things that make you angry and upset sometimes are things you don't like about yourself and project onto others. 

Everyone stood by and was hoodwinked by those who have that hidden agenda, the satanic side. 

People will wake up before it's too late.  I know it. I feel it in my heart.

This morning, Raphael added healing to my bath. It was electric green, kelly green hue. I was completely immersed in it. 

Remember too, that the energy soup is good for us, and not so good for lower vibration agendas. As our vibrations rise, the dark ones of TWDNHOBIAH are going to have to work harder and harder to achieve the same results that were seemingly effortless in decades past for them.

And most important--this is truly the law that both Light and Dark understand--those who work with energies:  STRONGEST VIBRATION WINS.

Every time.

So, be good to yourself.

Seek joy. Your health depends on it.


Spend time in Nature.

Be giving but not to depletion of yourself. Restore your energy.

Know there's lots more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. If you've studied it, you can see it, like I share here to help you see too. 

If you don't want to study it, just know that everyone has let this happen. All of us are complicit, some more than others, and we just need a whole fresh start. Everyone. Do what you can to raise your vibration. 

There was a photo I saw, a cartoon really, of two people sitting and it had their auras drawn in. They practically touch, and certainly influence each other.


Win with your love, your open heart, your vulnerability, and your wisdom. Know what is going on, and be wise--and raise your vibration to meet the situation.

We've got this.

Every time.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, June 20, 2019

We Are Literate

Yesterday Anthony wanted a friend to go to Disneyland with him, and I took him. I had an 'accidental day off'. I hadn't remembered okaying it, I had never written it down, but someone asked me a favor months ago when I was healthy, so there it was.

(By the way, today is another day off, important meeting)

I have studied and I can read the 'hidden messages' from the other team. For example, I realized two huge new insights to the ride Splish Hill (names are under the radar). I've always noticed the drug-type reference in the Happy Place and also, the mock sacrifice right before the drop.  What I read into it this time is the brotherhood within a brotherhood, the lower levels, and also, right there in your face--the rush of adrenochrome with the mock sacrifice and the drop. How there are no women and children until the end, they are all clueless. (there were widows and orphans right before the drop but they are a special category). And the world goes on terrific in their eyes as everyone sings. With the little owl with a candle at the end.

Another one that jumped out at me, was at the end of the 'scary house' was the arm, the skeletal arm, sealing itself into its own crypt with brick and mortar.

It's a may son.

It's that simple, that direct, and that obvious.

The 'bones' to the you know what and bones club shhhhh society.


How come the great moments with Mr. President who is on a penny is in the Opera House, the same location where he was assassinated? Apparently he didn't mind the may sons, but he did decline to join them.

What good does it do to be 'literate'?

It gives you a reality check. You see it everywhere, even the 6 6 6 you drive over to get into the parking lot. It's right in the cement. You drive over it to get out, too. It's not accidental.

Nothing compares to the wonder and glory and beauty of Heaven. And also, Nature holds its own at the park--the birds and trees and flowers--helping to keep things on the right vibration.

All the Illusion in the world and off of the world can never compare to the beauty and natural wonder of Heaven and Earth.

The people are what really made me sad. The vibration, overall, is much lower than in the days of my youth. I can sense the energy of the crowds. Everyone is buying what is fed/told to them, and finding their contentment within the system without fighting it or rejecting it. They have taken the path of least resistance and the path of comfort and security.

The 'image' is one of family, happiness, and cleanliness in every way. It is a very desirable image to keep, and for families to support. Who wouldn't support children and families and acceptance of 'rainbows' and being welcoming to 'special needs' and a utopia of sorts?

It's just what is hidden that is disturbing. In every way.

What is to be done?

I don't know.

I'm just glad we can read, we can see the signs, and we are not tricked or fooled as we once were.

I ask Ross daily, what to expect? What is going to happen? Where are we going? How long is the road ahead of us?

He doesn't talk much about those things.

When he asks me to assist him, instantly, I do. And I trust there is a plan to this but I just can't see.

Yesterday I mentioned out loud in the car how I like to go into the park. And lo and behold, it manifested! In the best possible way! Front seat with the driver of the mono rail. All four of us were totally thrilled!

So the energy soup--it takes some getting used to. To see how it works. When the conditions are right, the results are near instant. So I like you work on thinking good thoughts, etc. etc.

Ross is as near as he can be, and I can tell he is working. I have presence but not lots of conversation when he's busy.

Now its time to ready myself for my meeting. Wish me luck!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

About A Face

I have been overcome with deep homesickness as of late, homesickness for Ross. And also, as I read in this John Smallman I was concerned because if all eternity exists without form, then, how was I ever going to see Ross' face again?

I miss it!

In my meditations at once I realize what a gift is it to look upon the faces of your loved ones, your colleagues, your patients, people in a crowd, and see FACES. Faces you know and who know you back. And faces that come from people who are in form.

I ached to see Ross' face.

He asked me what is it you want, anything, anything? And I said, 'I want to see your face! I love it so!'

Just at this same time, a few moments afterwards, someone sent me a text. Ross had told her to create something for me, something meaningful, and it was from him.

I explained to her how the homesickness was really strong, and how I couldn't stand it.

And she understood.

Spirit does that.

Spirit talks to those who listen.

And Spirit will help people through those who listen.

The more one avoids the habit of negative thinking, the more the ears open. The Spiritual Ears. Actually, all of the clairs--clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, and clairolfaction.  These are the ways Spirit communicates with us.

So, just for today, listen for Spirit. And enjoy faces. Especially smiles.


Ross tells me to give an update on my health.  I require a new morning routine. At first I loved it, then I bucked against it (I don't like anyone or anything telling me what to do). But my coughing was worse so now I accept it. First thing in the morning, breathing treatment, then rinsing everything that could get infected from the steroid. And a moment of rest. In my 'tub' I rested in Ross' arms. He told me to rest. And he filled me with good energy, right down my throat, like a goose for foie gras (it's the fastest way for it to get it). I don't mind it.  He said many are taking energy off of me, not to worry, this will keep me full.

I'm a continuous source of Reiki to everyone around me. It's okay. I can handle it. Only my frequency is a little higher than Reiki, that's why I need Ross' extra 'feedings' to keep me strong.

I also forgot to mention that Ross had me take off my healing crystals and jewelry from the pneumonia two days ago. And now, a new batch has come in--a wonderful apatite the same length as the psilomane (which was strong). Then the new necklace.

I've had two days off work. One yesterday I had been asked by a friend. She was covering for someone who backed out on her. So when I was healthy I said yes, for a fun day. But she took my highest paying day of the month! She did! Wow. And today, I didn't remember agreeing to someone taking my day. It all works out. I must rest because two weekends of call back to back are heading my way.

I cough up nasty things once in a while. It's good to get rid of it. But otherwise I breathe well. If the air is dry or I talk too much I get coughing spells which are my equivalent of wheezing for asthma attacks.

Ross reminds me to share one more thing. He insisted I buy weighted blankets for Anthony and me. Anthony was having trouble sleeping.  These ones were at big lots and were fifty dollars each--a fortune--but I was buying the mirrors and they were cheaper , half the price than the budget. These weighted blankets are fifteen pounds each. They are filled with glass beads.

They are incredible. Not only do they make you feel 'right' with the weight on you, but also, it's like being in a bubble of five d with the energies. It's like the other stuff EMF etc I can't feel it.

You can't put these in the washer, and they aren't full size for a big bed, it's like a large throw.

But we both enthusiastically recommend them!

clap'! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Monday, June 17, 2019

There You Go!

Today is the day.

If you look outside the window, what do you see?

Most likely, it is the same view as you saw yesterday and the day before that, isn't it?

If you look within, what do you see?

Are you different?  How do you think? How do you feel? Has anything changed in you, compared to one year ago?

And if you look with your third eye, to the energies, you will find that things are vastly different! The 'soup' is right for co-creation and people with strong minds and wills are picking up the skills at co-creation and manifestation as we speak.

Galactics have very strong minds, and very strong wills. They exercise them every day.

For example, someone with authority to request it, has demanded that all seedy, dark, not for the team of us (in essence, TWDNHOBIAH) be escorted off the planet, pronto.

THIS triggered red alerts from a certain 'snake man' who is a schill.  All of the alerts are always, always, always, to his team, not ours.

Further, the one who has authority to set the tone on the surface of the earth, has requested, in tandem, that not only do these influences leave at once and for all, but that the predominant energy of the life experience on earth be one of Peace, Joy, Happiness and Fulfillment. That even the experience of a mosquito bite be too unpleasant and not happen here any more. That all tummies may be filled, all who need rest may be rested, for illnesses to improve so there is less suffering, and for people to work together to heal the planet and the souls of everyone who is left here.

Strong minds are thinking these thoughts.

Strong minds are thinking these thoughts in an energy milieu that is as rich in energy as dynamite.

It's going to happen.

Here is what is going on with the stars--is it a very powerful full moon and once Neptune goes retrograde we can see without the fog and learn some startling truths.

Here is the Gaia Portal:

Will you join us?

Will you join us with your very strong minds and strong wills for the Highest Possible Good Outcome from here on out?

First part of the training is to routinely weed out any thoughts you are thinking of fear, doubt, and lack. Because in an energy soup like this, such thoughts are counter productive.

Second, you think strongly and with conviction of Very Good Things. For you. For your loved ones. For society. For all the problems we face, as individuals and as a collective, to be remedied.

Third, you roll up your sleeves and you work together with Spirit. Keep a tablet for notes near you bed, and carry paper like this with you through your day. When you get nudges to do something--you will feel it like little bells going off inside of you, and you will find these nudges can be very persistent! When you do the thing, it stops. For example, I had been nudged to bring an angel food cake to my ballet class years ago. I thought it was crazy, and I didn't. It turned out to be my teacher's birthday THAT SAME DAY. We were close and I wished I had listened. I have listened to my nudges ever since. As long as these nudges do not hurt anyone, follow them.

Last, give thanks for all that is good. This reinforces the forward progress. And if you are of very strong mind and will, you will give thanks for the good things that have not happened yet too, exactly the same as if they have happened. This empowers the energies of co-creation to align in the direction you are giving thanks for, and for it to happen.

And watch for signs.

Yesterday Anthony wanted to play catch, and I was tired. I wanted to go for a walk. We did. On the walk we found a sunglasses case for Oakley sunglasses. We hoped perhaps we had found a new pair of nice shades.

It was our shock that inside were needles and aluminum foil that appeared burnt. There were five insulin syringes, some filled with fluid and some more, some less.

We were horrified!

Seeing this on the path where Anthony is to walk to school was not what we wanted to see! Immediately we called the police so we could dispose of these drugs. But the polices even though we waited, didn't come for a long time. So we drove to the nearest police station which turns out not to be a station like it once was. We couldn't get in the door, it was locked on Sunday. But we called, and dispatch sent vehicles.

Two patrol cars came. They said it wasn't drugs, it was paraphernalia. We were surprised. I know what fentanyl looks like. This wasn't clear, it was clear with a cast of color to it that was kind of yellowish.  They said it would be disposed of, and we thanked them.  I didn't argue that is was drugs and not just paraphernalia.

This changed our whole day, to do the right thing.  But there were Poke stops nearby. And we took over a gym together in the game Pokemon Go. Then we went to dinner for sushi, much to Anthony's delight. It was our one and only nice dinner out--the all you can eat for twenty-five dollars for dinner place. We watch our budget. I give thanks for the new owners of our old house. I had to buy shower curtains and bathroom mirrors yesterday to stage it. Hopefully by the end of this week everything will be done. It's cost a fortune. We are down to the wire. And Ross keeps telling us everything will work out.

Yesterday was the first time I learned Ross likes sushi. I think we are going to be even more compatible now. I love sushi!

So, welcome to the Higher Realms, here on Earth.  Remember you have been sent here, by your own application and the acceptance out of all the candidates you got the position you have, to be here now and to REMEMBER how to do the things you once did with grace and ease back when you were home as a soul without a physical body.

Do great things!

Starting from within.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Conversation

Yesterday I had a small break between cases. I had a surgeon who was late. So I took a nice warm blanket and rested in a large patient cardiac armchair.

As I rested, my thoughts drifted to my friend Khiem, who had the advanced lung cancer. Last time I saw him he couldn't talk. And in our private messages, he confided how he was upset he could do less and less than he normally was able to do.  (for those of you new to Khiem, he is the orthopedic surgeon who was always available for Anthony every time he got hurt, and I would contact him within moments of the injury, and send photos. We would go into the office when needed. Never once did he charge us for his expertise. Ever. For ten years.)

In our texts, I shared with him how the Buddha is guiding him, and what the Buddha advised in this situation, is to look for the newer things in Spirit he is now able to do as the physical is able to do less. It is a give and take, and to look for the new, to console him.

Several weeks ago, I got a loud and clear message from him, 'testing, 1,2,3....testing'.  We have an arrangement where if he needs to get a message from the Other Side to his family, I will deliver it, so do not worry about losing contact with your loved ones. He knows I am a medium and my full services are offered to him.

I've also known his father is the one designated to help him cross over. His father is very protective of him on that.

Khiem isn't doing well, my friend in the O.R. said. He is in ICU at a neighboring hospital. Khiem hasn't operated since that last day he was too breathless to talk and walk at the same time, and used gestures to explain to me what he was going to do on that case. I had known it was the last time I would see him, that death would soon follow.

The only problem is that when I answered the text to the 'testing, 1,2,3...testing' nobody texted back. Not Khiem. Not his family. Not anyone.

So as my thoughts drifted, Khiem popped into my mind's eye. He had a gentle look on his face, but he had something to confront me about, which he did, very gently, as friends do.

'How come you didn't tell me?' he asked.  Instantly I knew it was the whole thing, the Ross, my being Mrs. Ross and all that it entails, everything.

I paused. I waited for my heart to tell me what to say. And I replied, 'Because you like Buddha.'

Then he paused. He knew it was true. He DID like Buddha, he was Buddhist, and didn't want to think of Spirit in any other terms. He knew I wanted to support him in his beliefs, and to connect in a positive way for both of us.

He handed me a yellow rose.

I sensed this was to be his sign to me, and also, it was his way of honoring me for who I really am.  I had let him know the truth in its most basic form. In Heaven I don't look like me, and I am very glowing and bright. But it's still ME. And I will still be friends with him once he transitions.

Again, very, VERY basic.

He offered me an armful of roses, much to my surprise!

I looked at him, with full knowing, and he wisely looked back. I thanked him.  We both knew the truth truth now.

Next he gave me a roomful of yellow roses.

I saw him starting to make the walk.

That's what I call the Transition from my perspective. It's the walk. The soul goes up an incline--no stairs--for a short walk between the worlds. I can see it.

There he was, with his father, arm in arm, his right arm in his father's left, his father older and serious and totally concentrating on his duty.

I looked to Ross, and asked him, is this true? Is this now? And Ross gestured for me to go closer.

The father and son had paused. They were waiting for me. And Khiem offered me his left arm!

So I did what I always do.

Arm in arm, I accompanied him on the walk.

Every soul is different. Khiem just walked. He was taking everything in, but also, due to his military training, keeping step and not looking around like a country bumpkin. He was reserved and in awe.

At the end, standing there to greet us, was the group. That's always how the walk ends. And everyone has a different group.

I was surprised to see Ross smiling, and gently Khiem gave me to Ross. I took Ross' arm.

There was a motherly figure in the middle I couldn't see clearly. It could have been Kuan Yin, it could have been his earthly mom, it could have been Mother Mary, I don't know who it was.

But Buddha, extremely handsome and charming, now stepped forward to receive them both. And both were calm, present, and in reverent awe without losing their composure.

And off the three went.

I asked Ross again, is this now? What am I to do? Should I go visit the ICU? Is this a sneak peek at the future?

And I felt Khiem. I told his soul that I had pneumonia recently, and not only did I want to protect him from my germs, but also to avoid my catching anything.  He told me to write a letter to him and his family to his office, explaining our mutual agreement, and to let everyone know that I will send all future communications to the office until told another place to contact them.  I felt good with that.

So that was our conversation. It's similar to the one I had with Aunt Edna (WHY didn't you tell me? I would have kept it a secret too. You could have trusted me.) and just about everyone else I know who has made the Transition.

Since technically everything happens in the Now, it did happen, even if on Earth it may be off. The time was a little after one p.m., I'd say eight minutes past one.

You may be asking yourself, 'why doesn't she tell us?'

The answer is, I do.

I say it in little ways, in everything I do, and even with this blog.

The question I ask in return, is, 'are you listening?' and 'can you hear me when I let you know who I am? and who Ross is?'

Some of those closest to me, actual relatives, took the news badly when I said it with my mouth. I was hurt, deeply hurt, that their belief system was rigid. They have since changed heart, and are extremely supportive. But this is a human tendency, and I don't fault anyone for having it. I just wish to avoid it again, this kind of pain, forever!

So, with all gentleness, and love, Ross and I communicate here, and let you know who we are. Two souls you can trust, who are present to guide you Home in the best and quickest way possible, with open hearts and smiles.

Our souls happen to be Twins--each one complements the other and together we make one complete soul. And we are the youngest of the Archangels.

I adore him. And he adores me. I can't wait until we are Home together!

These are the fireworks the Gaia Portal alludes to.  When everyone will know the Truth.

Until then, there's lots of sick to comfort, lots of poor to feed and clothe, and lots of hungry souls to encourage and support. It never ends, our work.

We wish you the best both with the weekend, with Father's Day (Ross is an excellent father), and with the countdown.

Remember the energies are here for you, and there are no limits, only the ones you may have in your mind. Concentrate on what you would like to have and experience--simply skip the money part of it. Think of the ends and not the means. And you will remember your birthright, your power to co-create.

Use it well.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple