Thursday, June 20, 2019

We Are Literate

Yesterday Anthony wanted a friend to go to Disneyland with him, and I took him. I had an 'accidental day off'. I hadn't remembered okaying it, I had never written it down, but someone asked me a favor months ago when I was healthy, so there it was.

(By the way, today is another day off, important meeting)

I have studied and I can read the 'hidden messages' from the other team. For example, I realized two huge new insights to the ride Splish Hill (names are under the radar). I've always noticed the drug-type reference in the Happy Place and also, the mock sacrifice right before the drop.  What I read into it this time is the brotherhood within a brotherhood, the lower levels, and also, right there in your face--the rush of adrenochrome with the mock sacrifice and the drop. How there are no women and children until the end, they are all clueless. (there were widows and orphans right before the drop but they are a special category). And the world goes on terrific in their eyes as everyone sings. With the little owl with a candle at the end.

Another one that jumped out at me, was at the end of the 'scary house' was the arm, the skeletal arm, sealing itself into its own crypt with brick and mortar.

It's a may son.

It's that simple, that direct, and that obvious.

The 'bones' to the you know what and bones club shhhhh society.


How come the great moments with Mr. President who is on a penny is in the Opera House, the same location where he was assassinated? Apparently he didn't mind the may sons, but he did decline to join them.

What good does it do to be 'literate'?

It gives you a reality check. You see it everywhere, even the 6 6 6 you drive over to get into the parking lot. It's right in the cement. You drive over it to get out, too. It's not accidental.

Nothing compares to the wonder and glory and beauty of Heaven. And also, Nature holds its own at the park--the birds and trees and flowers--helping to keep things on the right vibration.

All the Illusion in the world and off of the world can never compare to the beauty and natural wonder of Heaven and Earth.

The people are what really made me sad. The vibration, overall, is much lower than in the days of my youth. I can sense the energy of the crowds. Everyone is buying what is fed/told to them, and finding their contentment within the system without fighting it or rejecting it. They have taken the path of least resistance and the path of comfort and security.

The 'image' is one of family, happiness, and cleanliness in every way. It is a very desirable image to keep, and for families to support. Who wouldn't support children and families and acceptance of 'rainbows' and being welcoming to 'special needs' and a utopia of sorts?

It's just what is hidden that is disturbing. In every way.

What is to be done?

I don't know.

I'm just glad we can read, we can see the signs, and we are not tricked or fooled as we once were.

I ask Ross daily, what to expect? What is going to happen? Where are we going? How long is the road ahead of us?

He doesn't talk much about those things.

When he asks me to assist him, instantly, I do. And I trust there is a plan to this but I just can't see.

Yesterday I mentioned out loud in the car how I like to go into the park. And lo and behold, it manifested! In the best possible way! Front seat with the driver of the mono rail. All four of us were totally thrilled!

So the energy soup--it takes some getting used to. To see how it works. When the conditions are right, the results are near instant. So I like you work on thinking good thoughts, etc. etc.

Ross is as near as he can be, and I can tell he is working. I have presence but not lots of conversation when he's busy.

Now its time to ready myself for my meeting. Wish me luck!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins