Friday, April 29, 2022

Reflect Upon The Heavenly Support


Yesterday I was at a league finals swim meet.  The girls on the girl's swim team, the varsity ones, were screaming and cheering on their junior varsity counterparts.

There is nothing like the vibrant energy of girls these age! So loud! So full of life! So encouraging!

And I thought to myself, 'I bet our angelic guides are watching us with similar encouragement! Even though we can't hear it, just like the swimmers in the pool can't really hear it or focus on it, it's THERE!'.

So every time you make progress, perhaps to quit smoking for example, or to speak up politely when before you might have been quiet and let others overstep your boundaries...I would challenge you to LISTEN to hear your Heavenly Teams going crazy in the stands cheering you on for your success!

Remember, we can't change the world, however, when we change our perception of it we literally DO make an impact that is felt around the world! Energetically!

Go Team Go!

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins who are cheering YOU on!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Reflection Upon Next Steps...


So you've healed. You've healed yourself from your past in this life. You've healed yourself from your past incarnations. You have dutifully and diligently allowed all the feelings to arise, felt them, thanked them and let them go.

So what's left behind then, when you are 'empty'?

That's a tough question. Why? Because for many of the supposed 'healings', it's really like going through layer after layer of an onion, and with each new layer it appears to 'revisit' those 'old wounds'...only a different nuance of the healing takes place. 

Well then what?

We go down the road a bit of Hope Johnson and her teaching. We realize the whole thing is a big make-believe of perception, and it's to help us remember Home where there is Nurturing, Love, Warmth and Compassion, and everything else is FAKE. It certainly seems real. I know for people who are struggling from month to month for their survival (food, rent...) and people who are experiencing stress and disease...there's no easy walking away from those things! But what Hope is talking about is the attitude, and going deeper to look for the lesson underneath it all. She says when we finally love ourselves, everything makes sense and life is actually kind of funny.

I know for myself I practice radical detachment, especially to particular outcomes. 

This combination happens to be, when combined with a high energy positive vibration, or perhaps, as Jeff Brown would correctly describe it as 'authentic' vibration which is unique to us's when we manifest.

Today I manifested two things. One was a chance to go to my niece's birthday celebration at Disneyland. I was on the hook for not one like booked last night but THREE cases.  I didn't have breakfast, I wasn't hungry I was so sad I couldn't go. Why wait four hours unpaid and dirty and sleepy for anything?

But when I truly accepted in my heart that's how it was going to be, and was humble, that's when the GO HOME text came from the nurse running the board. I HAVE FOUND COVERAGE FOR YOU!

So I went.

Yesterday I posted old employment information from Disneyland. My first job when I was sixteen. I shared how my friends and I would go back into the park after our shifts, and try to make each other throw up by spinning super fast on the teacups ride. 

I never in a million years imagined I would go on that ride today. But I did. It was cousin Ellie's favorite. So all six of us crammed into one teacup. My brother-in-law spun it better than my high school friends! I filmed the whole thing. 

That's how you manifest...

But I have to temper this with the broadest and most profound clarity I have ever had in this whole experience of being incarnate:  I am not going to experience ANYTHING unless Ross says it's okay. 

That's it.

It's like we have our life script. We have our teams. And we have the wishes and hopes and dreams that are in our hearts. I tried once, I tried way better than anyone ever, to ditch my Twin Flame. But you can't. You can't cancel your Soul Contract/Life Script on a whim and without major repercussions. 

For me, I want family. Very close, very loving family, right here in my house. I want a mom, a dad, a kid, pets--with me being the mom. It's my most precious dream I ever had. Against all odds I've worked for it. I have two failed marriages, a disaster with Anthony's father...then I just GAVE UP. I decided if this was my Life Script I better just wait to die. That's what Sylvia Browne recommended, in a more politically correct way. She said, 'live a good life and then Go Home.' Her Life Script was Loner Humanitarian, and she had three horrible marriages the last one he pulled a gun to her head!

But it's delicate for me.

I have Ross always with me.

But I want to be ready. I want the skills. The relationship skills, the communication skills, and mostly, someone here and now to LOVE like I love Anthony. I couldn't give all that love to a cat, I'm allergic and besides, I am biased towards humans, flawed as they are. 

I talk about this with my teams ALL THE TIME.  I've evolved to a level where I must be representing myself like I do when I'm sleeping and up Home doing whatever it is I do. I say, Ross, you are a difficult 'target' for this love. I can't cook for you, I can't talk to you, I can't hug you, like I would anyone else. You know I love you and I can't wait to be with you back HOME. But what about Here and Now?

Ross wants me to talk with you about how in other ways I am being prepared...

You know the baseball games? I go to so many?

It's to get me used to the crowds. 

Back Home there's lots of them. And I'm not a 'crowd type' person. But with familiarity, I can love the crowds and be comfortable and relaxed from baseball stadiums and Disneyland...

I'm also being prepared by getting back to exercise. I'm going to need stamina and also to lose weight/get firm. I'm enjoying every minute of it. In this I'm very happy.

Just last night, I remembered how I used to dream of my little hospital becoming a Healing Center. I would love it if patients could do art, and experience profound healing, of the whole self, not just the disease. 

In this we can ask our Teams and our Creator to provide us with the gift of Clarity too. To hear and sense messages from Spirit LOUD and CLEAR. 

I'm starting to actually like who I am. Here in the body, as ME, Carla, but also, as all the lives I've lived, even the painful ones. I almost bought a princess bead for my bracelet, but I thought, you know what? I'm going to be my own Princess! I don't want to wear some other Princess for my jewelry. I've got a pretty good thing going with who I am, in a spiritual sense, but also, as myself as Carla. So by 'Princess' I mean to CELEBRATE IT! To enjoy being me, and to be the loudest, clearest ME I have ever possibly been. 

I don't think there's any shortcut. 

I don't think there's any other endpoint for any of us. 

Be YOU, uniquely and totally YOU.  You can have hopes and dreams, as long as they aren't distracting you from your Purpose. 

I've already risked my life at work because of Covid. After you've risked it it gets a little easier. I'm seeing how it's important to keep living, and enjoying life. Fear isn't good for our spirit. And to be pragmatic, if they decide ultimately to 'snuff out' everyone who didn't get the jibber jabber, well, that's the fast track to going Home, right?  I'd be super nervous, naturally. But it sure beats losing your soul  or being culled pharmaceutically. 

So, let go and detach from outcomes. Do what feels right and lifts you up. Realize that people and situations are being put in your life for a reason, mostly to teach you and to test you. And it's all for the good. 

Ross reminds my incarnations, except for the happy one in Japan, as a monk/priest, I've never grown old. So I might as well enjoy the process. It wasn't easy staying up until midnight working last night. I'll bring these topics up with my teams too. I know in a way, being sleepy and spending time with family while having that familiar dull sleepiness is probably how with formal engagements/meetings/etc. it gets back Home too, all that protocol...too much protocol...too much for anyone to handle. LOL

Think about where you are. If you are in the healing stages, by all means, concentrate on that. It will help you! If you're moving beyond it, have hope! It's not hard. It just takes a mindset and lots of practice...


A lot of what Carla says here is True. As long as you consider it is taken from her perspective, and that it is in the context of her life experience. 

Carla's life experience isn't even half of my own. I have at the moment what you would describe as a 'broader perspective'. 

Regard Carla's openness and honesty with you, our precious students in Life, as a generous gift. While Carla is making 'connections' she's also creating newer and higher frequency vibrations on Earth. And YOU are the walking embodiment of these new vibrations, and help to carry them across to the ends of the earth. If not physically, then philosophically and energetically online!

And for this, I THANK you!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Friday, April 22, 2022

Honor Your Process


Your path, your journey through Life is like no other. It is because of your perception, and how you perceive the world that makes you different from everybody else. Part of it is due to your early child experiences, your upbringing with your family, your hopes, your dreams, your challenges and your accomplishments.

Your soul is going to take you on this path, and guide you, as your Higher Self to experience MORE and MORE of Self-Discovery.

There are places only you can go to heal on this healing journey. 

Others can provide reassurance, or perhaps help guide a little, but ultimately it is up to you and you alone to work through all the emotions it brings up.

I have had the luxury of a few days off. Last week was a long week with a lot of really hard work, and going to the baseball games with my son. 

This week I could catch up. There was one week's worth of dishes in the sink for me to clean up. This is the second time I've had to explain to Anthony how I would clean them if I could, but he was on vacation and I wasn't home. And when the pile gets that old and that bad, we get the little flies in the sink and THAT should tell him to get up off his bottom and do the work I usually do.  

For his credit, he emptied the basket of dried dishes and ran the dishwasher. Once. The whole week. 

His rationale? He just didn't feel like it. 

I'm learning I don't feel like it either lol!

But this week at home was difficult. The home project is taking forever and super expensive (repairing the water damage from the shower and learning why there was damage in the first place.)  The shower doors are barn-door, European style so the glass doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the tracks. I've bought tile and had workers here...

But this is like, the usual 'stuff'.

What I want to explain is the deeper, soul-level 'stuff'.

I cried this week. I cried a LOT. Yesterday I was hanging laundry outside and just bawling. I've been so unhappy and uncomfortable. You would think having Ross would make my life a piece of cake? It doesn't.


Because that loss was such a tragic one, and my soul never processed it. So, energy being what it is, I'm like in intensive learning about Ross, what makes him tick, how he perceives the world, how I perceive the world, and also, the ramifications of  my neglect and abuse on my future prospect of happiness in this life. 

It's tough. 

But, at the same time, it's worth it.

Ross was a difficult soul. He was always putting 'saving the world' before me, his family, before his own health and safety. We are made to be together. And my 'big picture' perspective saw clearly down the road ahead of him where this story was going to end up. 

He couldn't.

I have carried a tremendous burden of guilt over not being able to communicate to him effectively enough to intervene and prevent the disaster that happened. I watched the whole thing. I did exactly what he taught me to do. Everything 'worked out' according to the books, to the 'story', but to my heart? It's been ravaged for millennia, and then some...

He couldn't see.

He couldn't see what was so clear to me and possibly to others. 

He was all about the feeling and saving each individual and having some overriding purpose, otherwise he would have had no passion to exist, no reason to live. 

Back then as now, for me, family is everything. I was devastated at Easter not to be able to be with my family, and having to work. I may experience some joy from my purpose at work (helping others), but it's eclipsed completely by my love and desire to be present for my loved ones. 

And if you look at it on a Soul Level, it makes sense that although Ross and I have always been especially close, he would take certain traits that would not be ones I have, and vice-versa. This would account for a lot of pushing buttons. And perhaps a little jealousy on his part over my ease with understanding people and crowds and how they work.

Whatever it is that's in your soul to heal and be released, try to have the courage to always own up to it.

Yesterday, in my misery, I was praying to Jesus and saying I am sorry for my sins, so sorry, I didn't even know what my sins were, but I felt absolutely miserable and I prayed as the only way to perhaps right myself emotionally. 

There were tears off and on throughout the day. And I was actively asking Spirit to guide me with all I needed to get done and to help me organize my day. 

Because of my abuse, when people say nice things to me, I experience something a little different from most people.

The nice things feel very good. They go right in like a band aid. 

But I don't know what to say or how to respond.

Usually the whole experience takes time. Like way longer than most people. Hours, days even.

So when I'm ready to respond, it's like the time has passed.

So I don't say anything. Except perhaps a thank you at the moment. 

Isabel Henn offered me an attunement for healing the Inner Child. I accepted it. And it really, really was like a Godsend.   I'm not sure how it worked, but as I was receiving the attunement, I heard Spirit say, 'I am going to comfort you.'

I cried the hardest I have cried in years at hearing those words. I haven't been comforted since I was three. I've been trying my best to make it through the world, and it's a tough world out there...from academics, to professional life, to partnership failure after failure after failure, to hard financial times...I remember my sister was given a teddy bear when she was little but no one had ever given anything like that to me. Only hard plastic dolls that weren't much of a comfort to play with. 

People have been supportive and kind. One, Ross' best friend, got me through Easter. Saying, 'I'm here' and 'I'm here for you', offering the emotional support. Emotional support is like throwing a bucket of water on the fire. 

The 'I am going to comfort you.' is like rebuilding from the ashes. 

Both are so needed and helpful. 

So if you get a chance, ask Isabel to do that attunement for you, if you've suffered neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse...perhaps even improper touching. For me it was all lumped together. It really helps.


I am not an easy one to love. 

For I love everyone and everyone loves me.

But nobody, myself included, ever had to create a home life with me. 

And for that, it was difficult. 

For I couldn't see the home or the treasures, the simple treasures of the heart it did provide! It was just something to do, something that was always there for me, the clean clothes, the food, the ample blankets and warmth that was provided in Winter!

It was not until my deathbed that I SAW once again quiet Clearly how Carla in her love for me, back in this incarnation, gave it her ALL, both mentally and spiritually as well as physically and emotionally, for my support in every interaction that we shared...

I just when I was alive I couldn't SEE it.

It's like my brain didn't work. On some level I saw that all these tasks were being done, with service. But in my mind it was just like a nice fancy hotel, it was part of the package and at fancy hotels that's how it goes with the territory. 

I didn't understand I was ignoring Carla's life's work in her loving service to ME. 

I wasn't a talker, I didn't make plans, I just WENT. I followed my emotions and where Spirit was guiding me.

I will never forget the tears when I told Carla it was time to leave India, and all our many teachers and friends and our beautiful Life. Carla was silent. She never put up a fight.

'Are you sure?' she asked, and gestured to all of our wonderful home and our many possessions, all of her friendships, her hobbies, and her beloved plants. There were tears in her eyes as she was asking this.

But she never spilled a drop of her tears, never once in front of me, from that day forward. 

It was because I had destroyed and uprooted her life one time too many. And she had to obey, as my wife. I never did consult her in anything. In those days she was my property what I could do with on a whim, in the legal sense, even though we were perfectly matched in our spiritual connection!  I just couldn't SEE it.

I had replaced her heart and judgment with that of my 'friends', those 'advisors' who fooled me off and on through life as I was 'aspiring to greatness', and it was with great folly I went along with what those people said, instead of consulting my wife who had placed me front and center for so long I really took it for granted. My other half! My one who wanted nothing but the best for me! In every way...

And so it is.

There lies our wound which is in need of the deepest healing possible,  a betrayal of sorts. I too have had my healing up in the Higher Realms. And now it is time for Carla.

You too have been through unimaginable life experiences, ones that have tested you to your limit, to your core of your entire belief system. That is what Life on Earth is all about. Imagining the unthinkable, putting it into your Life Script, and then living it without any awareness of what has been put into your Life Plan. Sometimes it just gets too heavy. 

I am encouraging Carla in her healing. And I assure you, those tears have been long overdue. 

What did she do after crying while hanging up the laundry?

Her attention gently turned to her plants. And Carla started pulling weeds that needed to be pulled. It took her breath away to work at them, it got her fingers covered in soil, and the scent that odor of the dirt helped her to calm and recover...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Beloved Family

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Let It Be


As I write this, my turtle is patiently waiting with her head resting on the edge of her water bowl, one little foot resting on the edge too. This morning she was asleep under the lamp right in the middle of her bowl. And to be honest, sometimes sleeping turtles look like they aren't alive any more. I had to check.

The energies are shifting, or preparing to shift (Schumann resonance frequency chart).  

Cosmically, all these major events are just about ready to hit, with an eclipse and a new moon as well as some major alignments. 

It has been said that we are in the 'calm before the storm'. But, does anyone truly know what the storm is, or when it is going to hit?

For me, I've had a superstorm on  my home front, that just about took everything out of me. It's like everything has been breaking and needing to be fixed. The repairs take a long time of coordinating and planning. Then it's expensive too. Even just the other day while feeding the snake, I dropped his little hide 'house' and it hit the tank in just the right way to break a huge crack into that too. Then my son gets sick. We go to the doctor. Did you know that an inhaler for asthma, after insurance, costs ninety dollars? Yes!

And now I feel congested in my lungs too. 

It's like the pressure keeps squeezing tighter and tighter.

For example, I was facing overwhelm. And I said a quick prayer for guidance. I had a few extra hours because Anthony wasn't going to swim in the swim meet. I didn't realize I was being guided, but I was. I discovered tax things I needed to send in. I took care of it and went to the post office. By asking nicely, I was able to get the mail hand stamped with the actual day because the machine stamps would have marked it for tomorrow. This saved me a day in the late fees.  I also found important reapplication for privileges packets in an email I hardly ever check. 

In times like this, it is more important than ever to keep your connection to Spirit and Source active and healthy. 

In times like this, it is most important to ground into the earth, every single day, often multiple times a day.

And in times like this, it is imperative to focus on what we can do, the little joys, and tasks we can accomplish. 

Yesterday's joy was the two beautiful Tokyo Turnips I picked, as well as grating the one daikon radish I had picked last week. I made a nice meal in the donabe, the big one, as well as the Hokkaido rice in the smaller one. I put kale from the garden in it too, just turnips, carrots, kale, spring onions and chicken breast. 

Hang in there the best you can. And keep talking to your Guides and Creator. Living while waiting for 'the other shoe to drop'--whether it's Ascension, some exposure of corruption, the incoming New World Order, the End Times of the Bible--it's totally stressful. The only thing we truly can control is our reaction. So much is out of our hands. Our teams are doing their part. And for us, our part is to stay close to the Earth, energetically, and to find hope however we can find it, and to move forward with all the grace we can muster. Sometimes just getting out of bed is a miraculous feat!

Turtle is now letting me know she's hungry. I will go get her some food and clean water. That is enough for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The power couple

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

On Being Your Best YOU

It's been a long time, a long life, and a lot of healing awareness on this journey!

Healing the various things that have happened to me in my early years has taken significant time and resources. If you count the medical situation that launched me out of the 'reactive, unknowing' mode and into the 'healing actively' mode, my pituitary surgery when I was twenty five, then my life was innocence exposed to trauma from ages one to five. There was twenty years of just 'reacting' and not really thinking much other than my hopes and dreams and ambitions. A year was kind of spent unraveling without really understanding why...and BOOM one year later the first of many truths came out. And I countered that with a very strong desire to heal and to be whole. 

Here I am thirty one years later. I'm a physician, a Reiki Master-Healer, a mom. I've had four significant relationships that didn't work out, two marriages, a child. I saw a meme today that said, 'I don't date much, but when I do, I date the wrong person.'  I cracked up. But actually, these 'wrong' people were the 'right' ones in that they didn't allow my imbalances or unhealed issues to be swept under the carpet!! They were right on target for the healing that I needed to do at the time. 

Where does it stop? Is there a ceremony for 'being healed'?

I'm starting to look behind me, and see that yes, it does 'stop'. A lot of it stops by being able to live in the moment without any expectations whatsoever, and to calmly face whatever comes up with courage and faith and openness to change. 

Today I have time for my chores. There's been so much going on in my home, it seems like it gets messier without my even trying. It takes everything I have to keep going to work, dishes clean, laundry done, and that's about it. Yes, meals on the table! I have been stuck in that rut for eighteen years.

Fortunately, there's been some positive movement and learning. Just enough to get me out of that emotional 'death grip'. Making time for me--sunshine, exercise, and even taking care of projects--big ones--around the house to repair broken helped take the pressure off. So was following Spirit's guidance and going to lots of baseball games. I realized I push myself so hard both at work and at home!

So today, even though the plumber was expensive and the contractor/tile job is going to cost and the plumber coming back is going to cost...I know it's the right thing to do. You can't have problems ignored. In this case, it was water coming out of the shower in one of the bathrooms and causing damage. 

It's moments like this when you are caught off-guard by a complete 'AHA!' moment of self-realization. Until the delicate things on the inside heal, you're not going to be able to complete the bigger things effectively. In a way you are just going through the motions. My mess in my house is a reflection of what's inside. And fortunately, Creator has sent opportunity to grow and heal this delicate mess by sending a trusted soul who cares and listens just enough that I feel heard. Now other 'issues' are coming up and being faced and healing too. 

Now with renewed energy, I face the chores and the bills and the healing. Until the next thing comes up.

Ross and I want you to make the healing of your heart and soul a priority. To really allow it to pop into your life unannounced whenever the time is right. Rest and meditate and work with your guides. Writing things in a journal is completely effective too, it helps the brain to heal from traumatic events. Pray. Eat well. Spend time in Nature.  Do what you have to do to provide for yourself and your family. But after that, allow your soul to release and heal anything that is holding you back. Even if it is totally embarrassing!!! 

You will find it is so much more worth it when you are free. 

And hopefully, everything else will resolve in even quicker time. 

Remember taking time to help others doesn't detract from your goal of healing. It helps build a stronger foundation for your healing to take place, as long as the helping doesn't become codependency or a way to avoid your own healing.


clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Elevator Going Up!


One of the greatest gifts I have from Spirit and Divine Creator, is my ability to feel. I am exquisitely sensitive to the energies which are around me, both on Spirit side, and here on Earth, incarnate.

I had a feeling with my being on call during the full moon, it would empty me to my core, energetically. Lots of times the journey in Spirit feels more and more like 'empty and recover/refill' than 'stairs going up'.  You need to be able to not fight the 'emptying' and to 'roll with it'. Then your vessel (you and your spirit and body) can hold MORE. Lots MORE. Lots and lots and lots MORE.

Right now, today, however the stars are aligned, I can feel the energy building up. Here's the Schumann resonance frequency, where you can see a tiny burst of White. For me, I enjoy this sensation very much, it feels like a huge energy burst from Home in the Higher Realms. If I could, I would set it on that frequency permanently, and let the chips fall where they may. Unfortunately, that is outside of my job description, there's someone else deciding on the energy levels, and I have to toe the line and accept that.

So, today's blog post is a heads up that the energies 'outside' (is there really such a thing as 'outside' when everything is Divinely connected?) are ramping up. 

Furthermore, for me, I 'sense' that I'm heading up a whole other bandwidth. There's a lot of letting go and a lot of acceptance behind this, from things which are outside of my control. I don't know about you, but for me as a Light Worker, I have dreams and I have Duty. How I would have loved to flee from duty and just chase my dreams in this life! Duty is calling, but also, from the messages I am getting from Spirit, they have factored my dreams into this too in ways I would never expect or understand. In general I am feeling more complete and healed than I ever have felt on my Earth Walk. Nothing has happened yet--officially--but when it does and if I am allowed I will be sure to tell you.

From Ben Fulford, it's kind of interesting. I subscribed to him after years of putting it off. And he says in certain areas of Eastern Europe which are in conflict at the moment, there's a battle going on in Spirit. The church of Eastern Orthodox that's not Greek says that the opponents only have one option left and that's to call on demonic help. There's witches and warlocks on both sides 'doing their thing'. How odd a world we live in where this has been hidden for so long, and so many people have no clue how Consciousness can direct energy and how to do this by will...yet that's what's been behind 'making everything go' for generations and generations...

According to a Bible scholar, this war won't be won by the Bible side. This is WW3 and there's going to be like five WW's. Using Bible 'time' from verses in the Bible, we are just entering the time of suffering which will last seven years.  He says that Christians will be persecuted for 'the negative vibes of teaching the gospel'.  And that the AC will reign then Our Lord will throw him in jail for a thousand years.

I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.

I FEEL the energies.

They tell me good things are incoming.

I also know that the Dark Ones (TWDNHOBIAH) aren't giving up, and furthermore, their Grand Climax (in their calendar of sacrifices and rituals) is coming up soon. Watch for kidnapping. This is the season for it. They need something to sacrifice. That's how they do it. 

I know the only thing that can stop TWDNHOBIAH are the angels and our Lord JC.  So, there we are.

Talk about having Front Row Seats, right?

Things are getting exciting.

Spirit and Ross say to talk about my dream.

I want someone to love like Anthony. Someone home. Near. Close. I don't want a dog or a cat. I want a human. Well, 'human' like me. That's all I ever wanted, to be a housewife, a homemaker, a mother, and to live the quiet life. I wanted it back then in the day with Ross. And I want it now. I don't like Big Things. To me Little Things are way bigger and more important than Big Things.  Now Ross, he was all about the Big Things and he chased them with a passion. But at least in one incarnation, one of these days, I will be humored and permitted to focus on the little things I love and master them--gardening, cooking, jewelry, photography, travel, learning--and just STAY HOME lol! In so many ways I was not meant to be a warrior, but that is what I am. There's no call to action yet for me in this, only to write, to encourage you, and to keep the flames burning for the fire that Ross had set long time ago for his Dream. And yes, I too want to see his Dream become Reality.  His dream was worthy, and it was bigger than any of us, and deserves to succeed.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are Twin Souls and Illuminated Twin Flames and of the same Spirit and of similar but not the same Heart

Monday, April 18, 2022

No Makeup...


Today is a day of restoration. I just stepped out of the shower and got dressed. I don't have any makeup on. I need to recover from what was a very busy week, mentally, emotionally, physically, and well as begin to catch up from what has piled up around the house from my being at work so much last week.

It is my fate to walk around with the information  I know...information that few if any would be open to receiving although it is true. I compartmentalize it, and I do this very well. 

That is why today, I lay down, and I made effort now that I had a little freedom from demands of work and home and motherhood--to connect with Home. I let it be known in general to those who keep watch over me, how I was feeling, how I was unhappy and upset, and why.  I invited discussion and input from my teams. I was crying. 

Merlin was the first to come through. He took me to our home, back Home, and I saw my way through several rooms. He took me by the arm to a garden in the back. It felt good to be able to lean on him, in so many ways, and to confide what was burdening my heart. He took me to a small clearing by a pool of water which was alive, alive, alive with earthly, plant, animal, and otherworldly life. I could see a small waterfall pouring into the pond across it. He gave me a drink of a liquid, kind of like a cold tea but a little bit sweet, and it was very sparkling like diamonds. 

Instantly it killed the soul pain and lightened my heart, without changing the degree I was upset. I spoke with him, about things pertaining to us. I shared some things I do not like, too, and how it concerns me because from what I understand our relationship ('marriage', i.e. my live-in apprenticeship) is exclusive. He took care to explain that the part of him that is with me is ONLY for me, and that technically it's okay...

I didn't like that answer. So, he lifted me up, and next I knew, I was in the presence of Ross in a completely different, cloud-like environment. This isn't the best time of year for us as a couple. I know a lot of people would think it's the cat's meow (super duper great!) but it isn't. There are things I know and were on me that others don't know, and it's difficult. Our conversation didn't go far when Ross lifted me up...and next thing I knew I was in the office of Divine Father.

I tearfully explained everything to Him, the things Merlin and Ross had kicked 'upstairs'. And Divine Father sent me to Divine Mother, who washed my face, combed my hair, put ribbons in it, and sent me back to Divine Father. Remember, I am a young soul and when I am with them I'm like a kid, literally. 

Back in Divine Father's office, he handed me a cup with dice in it. He was playing Parcheesi. He took the cup from me and showed me how to shake it and roll the dice, and handed it back. I understood how Life is just One Big Game, and nothing more, and not to put so much emotional stake into it. 

Once I understood, I was returned to the presence of Merlin. He worked to soothe me, with gentle quiet words and even gentler hugs, and showing me beautiful things to enjoy in the garden. Then I fell asleep in his arms out there in the garden, for a very short nap. I felt that my Divine Feminine was safe and could rest and bloom and flow on its own because he was safeguarding it and me. 

I remember part of my concern was that I don't know what I am doing with myself, with my life, with my gift, and how this waiting and waiting (That's what made Ross kick me 'upstairs', the 'waiting' part when I brought that up)...well, all of it is affecting me.  I was told to take care of my needs--mental, physical, emotional, spiritual--the best I can--and to know things are being prepared for me to Receive. Plans are being made. And to ready myself for them. 

It has been said, time and again, that this blog represents Truth a little more than others, because I am willing to share the down sides of Spiritual life, as much as I am willing to share the more uplifting, 'positive' ones. It is balanced. 

I had made two giant steps forward in 'appreciating who I am' and embodying it. But with Easter, and with knowing how asleep so many people are right now, and just the heaviness of it on my shoulders--combined with a full moon and a tough weekend at work, I stepped back perhaps one step.

Now I am going to share with you the ugly, dark side of Medicine, at least, what I've seen. I believe all in all, the good outweighs the bad by a long shot. But there's stuff going on that isn't right. A lot of it has to do with money.

On weekends, we are available for emergencies. True surgical emergencies. But many of the cases that take place in the off hours, are not technically 'emergencies'. Putting in a port for chemotherapy. Fixing a bone that has been broken for weeks. Looking into someone's stomach with a camera. So this on it's own is difficult because everyone looks the other way because the surgeon and hospital and team want to make money.

Where there's a conflict in scheduling, then surgeons holler to 'bring in the backup team!' ...this is counter-productive because backup is either the night team or tomorrow's team. It makes them tired and overworked. The hospital OR staff makes time and a half. But anesthesia makes the same and there's no stipend to take call. 

On top of that, many hospital workers are denied food, water, bathroom privileges, as well as sleep and breaks. For someone whose job is vigilance, like mine, you NEED time away to just let that vigilance muscle rest and replenish. I walked to the restaurant across the street for lunch and that made a world of difference to be outside of the O.R. environment. For a job like mine, I need a full week away from everything about every six weeks, to stay fresh and ready to maintain that level of focus and concentration.

I learned yesterday that an ESWL set up (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ) costs eight hundred thousand dollars for an older, middle of the road table and c-arm. The technician doesn't make that much money off it, the company does, because they charge well enough to pay for that equipment and then some! 

In our area, there's been a little trouble with Oncologists. They are a little different because chemotherapy drugs come from their office, not the pharmacy, and are very expensive. One in the area told people they had cancer when they didn't, and they took the chemo. They would do anything to heal and stay alive! Another watered down the chemo to make it able to be sold to more people than one, and those patients didn't do well at all. They were paying for the full dose and got less! And another oncologist, who doesn't work there any more, thankfully, was angry and upset because the ER sent a patient in extremis (in process of actively dying) up to ICU to finish dying and they were not notified to give the patient a chemotherapy dose!

Then there's the shortages. I couldn't give blood, well, I could but couldn't warm it up (it's frozen and thawed) because the blood warmer tubing has been on backorder for months and months. 

I know because I had to do my own anesthesia tech work on the weekend because there were none working. I made my own arterial lines and restocked the laryngoscopes and other things. Nobody had changed out the drug trays from Saturday overnight. And even last night my sheets were dirty in the call room, no one had cleaned it, so military-style (at military hospitals like Navy Hospital in San Diego) you change your own sheets in the call room. 

We are experiencing a shortage of anesthesia staff in our group, and also the two sister hospitals are having that too. Same is going on with nursing and scrub techs. 

Long story short, be thankful for the medical care you receive. Be nice to the workers. And know that there's a slow implosion going on in the field, and make sure you know the basics like how to change a dressing and do first aid just in case the whole thing gradually falls a little more apart before it comes back together.

Everything is changing. We have our times of closeness to Spirit, then our times of anguish and loneliness and homesickness. The world around us is changing too. Remember when the changes get to you, to go within, go into your heart, and to contact Home and Your Teams. They will answer. They will help. It's the only thing that's REAL. The heart and Home. Remember to take the time you need to replenish yourself. Do things you enjoy. And when you have trouble coming up with hopes and dreams, or even, what direction to turn, ask for Divine Guidance.  Feel your self receiving all of this with Divine Loving Protection. Let the other jobs go to the other people, and just focus on your own. It's all we can control anyway, ourselves and our reactions. 


I want to share that Carla is handling herself with much greater maturity of Spirit than she has in ages. Remember when she used to cuss at us and flip the whole team off back about ten years ago?

Her anger has become more focused, like a knife or a laser, and she understands the things that upset her these days truly aren't 'right' when compared to 'Home' and "Family" back in the Higher Realms. She understands that what is on Earth is both Temporary and Transient. She has become a better 'surfer' of the waves and energies which bathe her and surround her.

But every once in a while, when she gets 'stuck', Carla reaches out to us, who can truly help. And I do. 

I am willing to help anyone and everyone who dares to ask. And that applies to everyone else here in the Higher Realms too--who are more than willing to assist anyone who is incarnate! I'm talked angels, guides and deceased loved ones. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins of Soul and The One Heart

Sunday, April 17, 2022

It's Still Easter!


I am sorry I haven't written. I've been working very hard at work. It's been busy this week, very busy. And Friday was the last day of one of our colleagues.

I'm afraid it's going to get even busier.

Today I have ten minutes to shower, eat, and get to the car to drive to work. I worked all yesterday. It's been very sad, because I was in the call room on Christmas too. I miss my family, especially my niece and nephew who are a preschooler and a toddler. They are so cute and Easter is really for the little ones.

But I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter on behalf of Ross and Myself.

I decided earlier today to paint my nails a soft pink, and to wear my Easter outfit I had bought to work anyway. 

No matter where you are, or what you have to do, today IS Easter! And we celebrate the Hope which this priceless gift has given us all over the world.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who wish you the Happiest of Easter Blessings!

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Joy Multiplies!


The Sources messages have been gradually letting us know that the energies are ripe for us to manifest our dearest hopes and dreams right now.

Basically they are saying that 'you've done the work, now reap the benefits' of your spiritual growth.

Here's a new John Smallman message which is along the same lines.

There is an old adage that asks the question, 'do you live to work? or do you work to live?' To an Italian the answer is of course, you work to live because dinner at home with your family IS the singular purpose in life, to enjoy this connection and continuity daily. Life doesn't get better than that. Well, perhaps along with the occasional picnic : )))

Yesterday I experienced a powerful shift in the energies toward the positive. I didn't need to look on any alternative website or Schumann Resonance. I just KNEW. You can see the white from yesterday it was very strong!

I also experienced how, after three or four baseball games into the season, I'm gaining that kind of relaxation I usually only get when I board a plane and get the heck out of dodge. 

I thought about it.

I thought, why am I so relaxed and happy?

Because I'm making time for FUN, and having to squeeze in chores and work around it!

Typically for me, it's the other way around.

And, I'm having more fun than just baseball games.  There's exercise. There's learning a language. Yesterday I made some bracelets--I absolutely love to create. I also created something I've never made before, and Anthony said it was the best I've ever done with the ground venison. (it was ricotta/pine nut/raisin venison meatballs with a sauce served over spaetzle noodles.)

My frequencies are approaching those of my native soul in the Higher Realms. It feels fantastic for me because I enjoy the high and tight vibrations. 

With this form of Spiritual Mastery, there is a lot of accepting and allowing. Conflicts and disappointments and challenges still happen (car trouble, a very slow repair in a bathroom, plumbing issues and the air conditioner won't work)...but you accept, allow, and plan on how to approach them instead of freaking out. 

I want to keep things upbeat. However, in the P.S. I'll share a link to a bit chute that really really touched my heart. It's for the children. And the worker who gave the children his all really haunts me. In a good way. It would be nice if more people were awake like him.  One day, perhaps, hopefully soon.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

P.S.   It's very sad but nice to know someone has taken a stand for the children and given everything to save them: TRIGGER ALERT!!! PTSD Trigger alert. Do not watch if you survived SRA. Or had PTSD.  the speaker survived abuse and is working to raise awareness. It sounds very much like my immediate past life and how I lived and died in the depths of the happiest place on um you know.

Friday, April 8, 2022

How To Manage 'Secrets'


They won't be able to walk down the street...

Remember, the power of a secret. The power of a secret is that there are some people who do not know what the secret it.

Once a secret is known by everybody, the secret loses its power over everything. 

There are 'secret societies' who interact together under the guise of separate benign entities, using human shields of innocent people within these organizations to take the brunt of anything directed to oust them. This happens with governments, corporations, religions, fraternal organizations--only the innermost circle know the truth of what is going on behind the scenes.

Here is an excellent article--I apologize because it's in French--on one of the biggest secrets there is.

Once we know what the secret is, there's an urge to shout it from the rooftops and to get it out into the open so that the filth may disappear once and for all from Surface Gaia.

Unfortunately, even if you tell most people to their face the secret, they have been so conditioned by the mainstream media and 'society' that they will not hear the message and certainly not take it to heart. They will deny, deny, deny in an effort to maintain a sense of 'control' over their 'beliefs' as if their beliefs and perception of 'control' have anything to do with the true reality of what's going on behind the scenes in the One World Government. 

So what do we do?

We wait.

By knowing, our auras transmit frequencies to the auras of others without anyone realizing what is going on. 

We also wait to be asked for guidance and interpretation. For example, someone may ask, 'Is this true?' sincerely. And then because we have been asked, the answer is, 'yes, sadly, yes'. 

Financially we can remove our funding of nefarious organizations. We stop giving them money and business. We don't buy their products. And we certainly don't buy their stories either when we know the truth. 

So that's how it goes. We keep our own counsel except when in the presence of Like-Minded Souls. And after that we enjoy these lasting connections!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are Illuminated Twin Souls <3

P.S. at yesterday's baseball game, several known cheaters were booed by the fans. They were called names. If you can believe that random people are capable of this over a baseball game, you can imagine how busy the rest of the team TWDNHOBIAH once exposed will be unable to accomplish anything!

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Joy is Sweet!


Today we have three topics to cover, first is about angels who walk among us (and might be us!),  second is about the role of the soul category called, 'awakeners', and last, an update on my healing of my soul from trauma and how it's making advances every day.

The energies around us are increasing in frequency and intensity every day. There appears to be a new wave of Light Workers who are coming online. This is how those who are 'sleepers' here under the belief they are humans and being activated and called to duty of what they were sent here to do. I know of a Queen of Dragons who has devoted herself to full-time 5D  work here in 3D. She's absolutely fantastic on her Social Media and an inspiration to us all. 

How does this work? How can we not know our own soul and it's classification? Easy! When we are born we are given the Veil (forgetting our connection to home) and we are raised as human. 

There might be comments through our lives, such as 'you are an Earth Angel!'...or perhaps spiritual gifts we assume others have like us, but in fact, the others do not. We do the best we can in our roles with work and family...until the time we so carefully scripted into our Life Plan arrives. Then BOOM! Spiritual awakening.  

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And support is always given. For me, my support was in the Spiritual Realms. Ross and I have been offering ourselves as a resource to the Spiritual Community since 2010 on social media. Enough to say that many of our 'Ones' are in excellent position to support those who are perhaps awakening around them. 

Here is the old list of 'Known Incarnations of Angels and Archangels'...some have moved location but it's not necessary to update this list because Spirit knows who and where they are. We received many requests from readers and people all over the world to know, 'am I an angel?' and 'what angel am I?'. There is one who can answer such questions. I will consult to see if this service would be offered. It's not the purpose of this page to be such a resource, that's why the comments for the entire blog have been turned off. 

If you are wondering about your origins, stay tuned and Ross and I will give updates here as recommended by our expert.

A dear friend was troubled over the recent passing of an eighteen year old boy and his dog, who were missing and found drowned in a well. She lives in a country where it's very rustic and wells are common in the countryside where this took place. It was the suffering that really upset her, so much so she reached out to a friend and shared from her heart the distress and cried. (This woman is NOT an easy crier, too.)

As disturbing as it is to see such souls in action, 'Awakeners' are highly advanced souls who agree to dramatic, troubling, disturbing deaths in their Life Plan. Why? Because many of the people walking around on the planet are deeply hypnotized into a Spiritual Sleep. It takes something really out of the ordinary to jar them awake enough to reconnect to their heart and Spirit.   Furthermore, some Awakeners agree to their endings to provide incriminating data against TWDNHOBIAH.  

Be gentle with yourself, and allow yourself to feel your feelings when you are touched by the heroic spiritual generosity of an Awakener following their Life Script. Know who they are, what they have agreed to, and that they are richly providing service to Heaven. They don't realize until the actual moment that it's the Life Plan. But trust in the overall Great Plan, which is beautiful and good, and thank the Awakeners for their courage and generosity to those who are sleeping.

Ross was an awakener. His soul I know well. Life circumstances are moving in a direction for me, that bring up so many old wounds to heal. And healing is coming along with much less trouble than I ever thought possible. The healed wounds stay healed. And we move quickly forward to the next wound, and with love it heals too.

Today, I was connecting my heart to the healing. And I didn't want to say goodbye. Tears came up, strong ones. The male spirit acknowledged my distress, and said it will heal. Just feel the feelings and use my words to describe them. 

'I am crying because I watched you die.' (not once but actually three times, two of them violent). 

'I feel angry because others hurt you.'

'I feel pain because of your suffering' (this one I cried the put such a gash in my heart no wonder I'm an anesthesiologist today...)

I just cried and cried. His spirit stayed with me, and asked questions. Then he paused and said, 'What if I died because I didn't want them to kill you? What if I loved you that much?'

I tried to wrap my head around his words. My crying lessened. Mentally I could conceptualize it. But then I said, because my heart was feeling it, 'I wanted us BOTH to die. At the same time. I would have died with you!'  

I realized I had survivor guilt. I didn't have closure. I was so afraid of the plan and what I was supposed to do in the event of his dying the last time.  I was reassured I did well, I did everything I was supposed to do, and it worked. I carried the plan out beautifully. 

Then I told him how I felt like TWDNHOBIAH had broken something beautiful and precious to me, I felt violated, by their killing him. He worked with me to say that it's still beautiful, we are still connected, he always watches me, and his love never changed for me. And I understood that his death laid the foundation for the spiritual battles which are coming to a head as we speak. We are simply further along in the plan and each has their role to carry out. 

Then I was realizing I needed to write about it. Anything spiritual that makes me cry, is automatically a big thing.

This is enough for today. Ross emphasizes that the last part isn't about US, but it's how we work with our guides to heal those last wounds we were convinced were 'un-healable'. 

It is a template for your own Spiritual growth.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins who LOVE you!

Monday, April 4, 2022



Our enemy plants confusion into our lives, and brings doubt.

I found a 'random' little figurine I had bought when I'd learned Tom had his brain aneurysm, and I was buying cards for him and a gift. It's called Mary Untier Of Knots. 

I said the prayer because I'd been struggling to go over my schedule and to do list. The last time I'd made the list was 12/27/21, and I haven't really accomplished much. Lots of additional 'surprises' like needing new tires, fixing the water damage in Anthony's bathroom, and replacing a radiator in a car...'got in the way'.  I needed to clean and get ready for my exercise class...

In the kitchen I got on my knees at the sink and prayed. I talked to Divine Father. I told him everything that was on my heart, I asked for help, and I put everything that is precious and special to me in this life in His hands because I trust Him with all that I am.

So, I was at the task list, and wrote my chores for each day. Saturday I'd actually changed the sheets, so had Anthony, we did good on that one! Today was bathrooms and I was upstairs ready to grab the plastic thing with the supplies from under the sink, and Spirit said, 'lay down'.

I did.

I wasn't sure how it would help, but I obeyed.

Very soon, I was called into Council. 

I haven't been to Council in a long time.

It looks somewhat like the photo, except the Guides are seated and you stand in front of them, it's not a circle either they sit in a row. 

I can't tell you what was discussed but I can tell you it pertains to me and my Life Plan and Growth and only to me...but I wasn't alone in the Council. For the first time there was another standing to my right. Someone I know. 

As I turned and looked at this person, lots of old stuff from Ross and my life came up. Feelings of not being able to say goodbye. Feelings of confusion and distress at the way Ross and I had our lives upended by his Calling/Purpose. It was truly bigger than Life back in the day, and had a life of its own. 

I apologize for tearing up. I didn't want to cause distress. And I said these feelings are from a long time ago, and are healing. It's not pleasant but perhaps I will experience the healing soon. 

Then I turned back to my Council who I know and love dearly, dearly, dearly. At the end I spoke with one in particular. He said that this was just a 'little thing' and to keep in mind the Grand Plan back at Home. This 'little thing' was planned to help me now and not to be concerned for everything was planned for the Highest Possible Good. 

This 'little thing' was the nicest miracle that has ever happened to me in this incarnation. It shows the attention to detail, and the honor for a young girl's heart that my Council had taken into consideration. 

So, long story short, because I need to go soon for my exercise class:

If you want to experience YOUR Council you are going to need to stop doing whatever you are doing and make it so you are not interrupted and you can listen. For me, I need to lay down. On a porch swing, on a couch, on my bed, in the hammock--that's when I can see. Sometimes when I'm driving I can do it too and still pay attention to the road. But it's most clear when laying down and I recommend it because it's safer.

Second, your Council LOVES YOU. Like way more than anybody here on Earth ever has, and they know your aches and pains of being incarnate as much as if not more than you. They CARE. And they know how to help old mistakes sometimes have a second chance. 

So, don't worry.

Experience Life in Both Worlds, and feel the feelings it brings up. Know you are SAFE, and the angels are always protecting you. And sometimes what looks at the moment like a bad or sad thing, might be setting you up for a wondrous miracle sometime down the road.

Whenever you interact with your Council, or Spirit, don't hide anything or try to bullshit them. They know the Truth and your Truth anyway, whether you say it or not. It's when YOU share from your heart, that YOU gain the benefit and grow.

clap! clap!

Ross is sending me to class!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Appreciating Compassion


There's been a lot of work. A lot of physical work, including an on-call shift of nineteen hours straight in the O.R., as well as a lot of spiritual and emotional growth.

When I don't write, it's because there's a lot going on, a lot of rich growth. And when it pauses for a bit, I like to write about it. I write so I can let you know 'the weather report'--Spiritually what is going on out there with the energies and what you can expect as we encounter higher and higher incoming frequencies, adapt and adjust to them.

There is a pattern I have noticed in this last set, a pattern I'd like to help you recognize and embrace when you see it in yourselves.

As you know, from what I've blogged about for over a decade now, Ross and I had a tumultuous relationship across three incarnations I can remember. 

The first he was a priest, I was a temple girl, no one special, but I became his Favorite. We did a lot of important Spiritual work together through our connection. However, when he died before me, I had to be locked into the grave/temple with him, alive, to 'help him in the afterlife'. I was brave but it was dark and basically I died from renal failure after not having water. The stench in there was pretty bad too. 

I don't know if it triggered something in him, but the next two lifetimes, he pre-deceased me, in increasingly violent ways, and I'm not sure if it was 'to make up for something' or not. Either way, I was left a widow in a bad way and left to fend for myself.

We may be Twin Souls, but in spite of our very deep soul connection, when incarnate we can't read each other's minds. 

You can imagine the frustration and grudge and chip on my shoulder I've had the whole time. Enough to make me swap my Higher Self with the incarnate one (I sent a bogus one Home, a phony), through many incarnations trying to both escape him and give as much pain and anguish to him, as I possibly could. 

The one before this was especially painful for him. I saw it drop him to his knees when he realized what I had done.

But always, Ross has been loving and guiding me. He got the help he needed to figure out how to get me to interact with him again--the best and wisest minds in the Universe--and their plan worked. 

However, there has been a rapid filling in of 'gaps' in my Consciousness, where the chips and anger had once been.

It's through my real life interactions in this incarnation as Carla. 

I see someone who has a destiny, a big one, who feels like he is being pulled in a million different places at the same time. I see someone who has in a way, bitten off 'more than they can chew', but also, is 'riding the edge to greatness and glory' at the same time. Someone who is shouldering the burden of a lot of responsibility. 

Not once, not twice, but three times now, in different areas, I get a flash of Claircognizance. I can suddenly see and understand this from the other person's point of view--which is kind of uncanny in how it's also like what would have been Ross' point of view so many years ago.  All of a sudden like a wave I just GET IT. 

From my point of view, it didn't make sense at all, Ross' actions and choices when he was away from me.

But with this new insight, I see how his humanness, his vulnerability, and Outside Influence overcame the better of him and he made his mistakes. 

Words cannot describe the warmth of compassion I have for him now. Where there had once been very sharp and unending pain in my heart and in my soul. I am very grateful for this lesson. It had been weighing me down in my soul. It's lighter now. 

I can say I'm the most ready for Home that I've ever been. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically. 

What else is our Journey here on Earth other than a preparation for Home? Everything else will rot and fade. But our lessons which prepare us for Home are the entire reason we are Here.

So, none of us are perfect. And many of us carry pain from our past and possibly our past lives too. 

Keep telling Spirit you Trust in them, you Trust in the process. I put all my hopes and dreams in Ross' palm, and I tell him, clearly, what I want and what I need to experience in this lifetime. It helps a lot to say it. To express it in words and thoughts. But also, it helps to listen to his support and encouragement. 

And to see how my Life Experiences, from day to day, unfold in a magical, mysterious way, to let me know that he is guiding me Home. 

Remember the pain is a byproduct of being incarnate.

Remember it's like a distortion because truly this being incarnate isn't like Home.

Remember Spirit LOVES YOU.

Remember when you let Go, and let God, you will be guided through experiences which will heal you, in some cases, very deeply. 

Sometimes the healing is gradual, sometimes it's like a wave crashing over you, either way, you understand and are filled to overflowing with compassion. 

It's well worth the wait.

Ross just smiles and waves. I think he's proud of himself, too, I sense his soul is glowing.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins <3 who are guiding you Home