Monday, April 30, 2018

It Goes Both Ways

We are at a crossroads.  This isn't going to be easy one for me to write. And it isn't going to be easy for you to read.

This is going to be a stretch for all of us!

So lets begin.

Last night as I was reading Psychic Development For Prosperity, Self-Defense & Political Influence by Kerth Barker, I came across something wonderful.

The Baron (Kerth doesn't say it, but I infer it by his use of the word mansion) was on his death bed.

The Baron was a very rich man, who had a wife and family and went to church, but was a secret, high-ranking, intergenerational leader in SRA. He owned a separate mansion his wife and family never knew about. This had a basement with a room for rituals in it. And there were also many bedrooms upstairs for sex parties.

The Baron was someone who was actively involved in Kerth/Kathy's indoctrination into SRA.

The two both knew and liked each other. And the Baron saved him from his grandfather's abuse, as well as the nanny--I forget her name--Shotzy? The Baron switched Bob in her place.

The Baron didn't like the ritual sacrifices or cannibalism. Even for one where Kerth was supposed to do a human sacrifice and drive the knife in at the end (there were plans for Kerth to become a high-rank, possibly to succeed the Baron, but Kerth didn't know), the Baron bought a chimpanzee for ten thousand dollars. The poor thing was tortured in Ritual, and it was driving Kerth deeply upset to witness it, and with his hand on the knife and the Barons making it go, it went into the heart of the poor chimp and put it out of its misery.

If you have read the Kerth books you would understand the characters.

Well on the his deathbed, according to the ways of SRA, the demon who had possessed the Baron was taken out--it was an Arch Demon--and it was put into the next person he was supposed to inhabit, minutes before the actual death.

Upon the demon leaving, most of the group went to be with the new person and celebrate, and left the Baron to die. Only a few remained with him. As he felt the relief from being possessed, the Baron said, ''s finally OUT!' and he pledged his soul to Jesus, making an apology to the Lord for all of his sins. And he died.

Someone who was present and witnessed it, found Kerth, and told him of the miracle.

And it WAS a miracle!

I'm sure this is an easy one for you to hear, as it represents a lost soul coming back to our team.

This is one of the 'way' in the title, it goes both ways.

It's you've ever seen the places where all the trains come together, you would know that there can be a lot of switching tracks as well as switching directions going on.

It's just the nature of the railroad.  Trains can and do go anywhere!

Which brings us to our next example:  Roseanne Barr.

This video says it all. I want you to watch it closely. Especially around 1:09 where they ask how she feels to be working and she says basically, 'it's fun!'.

I saw some baseball players--Mike T. and another 'Angel' talking about why they play baseball. Same answer, 'it's fun!'. There's no long story. Justin U. said to elementary school kids, 'have fun and do what you love' as advice for their futures.


It kind of looks like for her, she went the other way, doesn't it?

Same thing for Kanye W. Not the same person. Glassy eyes, not much 'spark' in the soul, and what they say isn't anything like what they used to say before they changed. 


Aren't we all supposed to be going in the same direction?  This Message from The Council raises the same point

Let's take a break from all this.

Remember, where we are heading has nothing to do with Duality.

The reason this talk is going to be difficult because Duality is all you've every how can you imagine someone being bad and turning good, someone outspoken about brainwashing behaving like they are brainwashed, or YouTubers selling out like RFB? Hmmm?

Doesn't it make your blood boil that our 'team' isn't 'winning' in super obvious ways--everywhere you look?


Well it is if you are looking at the big picture with Spirit Eyes and not human ones. 

We are racing towards the end zone and there's no defensive players in sight, and Touchdown is imminent!

I'm serious.

My dad used to say the only way to catch a fish was to outsmart the fish, and that wasn't an easy thing to do! <3

I love my daddy. I still love him to this day. Problems and all. He was always good to us, his family, and I felt close to him as  he didn't have a boy, and I was the tom-boy to keep him company with his hobbies around the house and camping. He had a good side to him, gentle, kind, not oppositional, and wanting to bring out the best in others.

Remember the part about the people on the screen, how there is the real person who is off the screen, who can be very different from the one who we see while they are working as entertainers?

It is okay to love the whole person, and to despise the sin that they do.

Everyone is worthy of Love. Everyone is a child of Divine Mother and Divine Father. The Baron. Kerth/Kathy. Shotzy. Roseanne Barr. Mike T. Jason U. RFB. All the other Tubers...


But just because you love them doesn't mean you need to put a poster of them up on your wall in your bedroom, right?

Because when you do that, it's not really 'love'. It's something else.

Remember The Drake?

Remember the Positive Military who had a plan for a coup since 1975, and were due to enact it in 2012 or 2013?  I listened to hours of his radio interviews.  I bought survival gear. And nothing happened.

Well, I'll give you a hint. It turns out that the origins of the positive military are explained in Kerth Barker's Psychic Development book.

And they never stopped fighting for our team to win. They are using everything, including psychic gifts, to win it.

Kerth's book trains you how to be like them.

So on the one hand, every team is doing everything in their power to win. However, there is an overwhelming force field of LOVE overriding everything in Duality, including this battle...

Here is just a supposition. Having read enough of the books on SRA/MK Ultra...I get a taste for the blackmail and infiltration that makes the world 'tick'.

What if, Rihanna went to Kim Jong Un as a messenger of a top secret message she didn't even know she was delivering because she's under Monarch?

What if, Rihanna was there to 'service' Kim Jong Un sexually? To get him into 'compromising positions' that would be naturally caught on film--this is something Kerth used to do all the time with people in power, so they could be controlled. The Baron would make him do that.

What if, perhaps, Dennis Rodman went to North Korea, for more of the same?

What if, in 'negotiations', these 'compromising films' were presented in a way that forced the hand of Kim Jong Un?

Well if it creates 'peace', does the end justify the means? Or is this 'peace' another stepping stone closer to NWO and one world government?

Does it matter?

Does it matter that MK Ultra and Monarch victims are monitored, and given many reminders to automatically make them come back, some so sneaky as for the access codes to be flashed at the bottom of the screen for Billy Graham television shows?  Things that make people go where they are programmed to go and do what they are programmed to do?

It could happen to anybody.

So if RFB was given an offer he can't refuse, and switched to be a shill, we aren't Richie. So we don't know the whole story.

Is it a bad thing if we thought he was legit?

No. Illusionists are very good at tricking people.

Once you know, just move on.

Here's an example of discernment I applied just today--this is pure crap and I'll show you:

  • Michael's first incarnation is Ashtar and he has never been on the planet. He has one second incarnation who is on the planet now. And a third one was briefly here and died. 
  • It is said that the energy of St Germain was in Joseph. And Merlin.
  • I'm very certain the theosophical society and the OTO are linked in tight with SRA. 
  • Archangels ARE always present and willing to help. This is truth. 
  • Archangels are more than 'floating consciousness'. They are just as conscious as me and you--have their own look and personality--and are certainly not 'projections' of humanity.
It's mishmash.

Here's all you need to know. And there's pictures too.

This IS science! Metaphysical Science! This is baby steps to what happens AFTER 'duality'--multidimensionality. And the message is given with LOVE. Can't you feel it? are not in the other person's shoes. Not Kanye's (Yeezies are so expensive ! LOL). Not Roseanne's. Not even the Baron. 

People can change.

They can change in all different directions, and back again.

But not for long. The overwhelming energies of the Divine will overcome all obstacles. Truly.

You have a front row seat, and hopefully, this blog post is going to help you to appreciate the impending multidimensionality...and to use both discernment and unconditional help you find the way as we draw closer and closer to our eternal Home. Together!

clap! clap! 

(Ross is letting me get some rest, he will write later)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Sunday, April 29, 2018

What Goes UP Must Come Down

Today's post is going to have lots of little examples for you. Ross showed me the title in my lessons yesterday.  It has taken a great deal of faith to get through the last few days. Why is this?  It's because my default 'stance' in life, is to focus on something I can control, and CONTROL IT!  This makes me calm.  This makes me confident. I LIKE STRUCTURE. If every day was exactly the same for me, more or less, it would soothe me and make me calm, calm, calm. 

But Spirit hasn't wanted that for me.

Spirit likes me adaptable.

And basically to me, being one who likes things predictable, it kind of keeps me on edge. 

I had a big lesson yesterday where things are going to happen when they are meant to happen, and even if it doesn't look like it at the time, if you trust what your guides are saying, it's going to come true. 

In other words, the world of Spirit isn't like the world of material substance.  So, in their being 'insistent' and 'firm' with me, they are guiding me UP to the realm where the Big Picture and Working With Universal Laws makes things happen. If the focus is on 'the little things' then you LOSE the ability to really use the full potential of your ability to manifest.  All of the energy collapses when you get bogged down on any one 'thing'. 

And as a reward, yesterday, I got a day of 'play'. 

It's not easy to get that lesson into a single mom, physician's head. Every waking moment is 'I gotta do THIS' and 'I gotta do THAT'. 

I figured it out my 'day' by afternoon, but even then, while 'playing' I got through over one thousand emails that had piled up. Deleting takes time, huge batches of one hundred are as big as the mail server can handle and it chews on them for a while before they are gone. 

So I had a simple meal in, I watched the Angels lose to the Yankees, and I spent a little time watering my yard and enjoying the garden. 

I notice I sleep in until about seven when I let myself rest without an alarm. I've done this for two days. I'm grateful for this.

In Healthcare, there has been silent revolution. This has not been an accidental revolution. I'm sure it's been planned for generations before how to take this industry down from within.

I recall old school--paper charts, doctor had autonomy, and only one governing board, the Joint Commission, would come around the hospital every few years.

Then came the paper about mistakes in medicine killing people. Some article by the government.

Then we got all of the healthcare administrators, a whole layer of people who siphon funds off the system but do not actually provide care--nor are they trained to--and 'manage care'.

There are 'magnet' hospitals with 'excellent nursing' now--a big deal for administrators to get that designation for the facility.

There's malpractice and yelp reviews and even the internet's 'Dr. Google'...

This has led to skyrocketing costs with less and less actually being done for the patient.  Authorization from insurance really runs the show now. As well as exorbitant co-pays from patients.

One of the outcroppings of this has been 'Corporate Medicine'. Everyone is trying to be 'like Kaiser' and dominate the market. Some companies have been hiring doctors as employees, taking over entire emergency rooms and operating rooms with 'their' employee doctors to 'provide services' . They outbid the existing groups of physicians who are at the hospital by going directly to management and administration. So the folks who had worked at the hospital, the groups who had been with the hospital for thirty or more years, are out in the cold.

The group that did it to the anesthesia team at a local hospital even stole the old physician's money.

They collected all the funds that came in from cases the anesthesiologists had done before the switch, but the payment came in after. This would be about twenty thousand dollars or more per anesthesiologist of earned income, STOLEN!

Well, guess what?

They can't deliver.  These mega-doctor corporations run by MBA's and not medical people are going under.

What goes up must come down--it's not only a law of gravity--it's a Universal Law.

Isn't this a MIRACLE?  When I was in Hiroshima, I did a lot of learning. There was a funny building I could see right outside our hotel window. I felt something about it. Like, PAY ATTENTION.

We walked to the memorial from the hotel, along Peace Boulevard.

There are many smaller memorials to people lost, especially the girls who worked at a clean up from a local high school and all died.

There were trees still alive who had survived the blast and the radiation!

I saw videos of eye witnesses, with little dots on the map showing how many kilometers they were from the hypocenter...explaining how their friends had their feet burned off, how people were dazed, and so many were they worried for their loved people were not told it was an atomic weapon for three days after the tragedy.  So people who weren't in the blast zone, but came in to look for their loved ones, were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and died too.

But these Jesuits, survived!

Just by saying the Rosary.

I'm sure OTHER people in Japan in the area said the Rosary too? But they died.

It must have been that they were Jesuits.

And the priest in the article--or one of them in another article I read--bragged how he never got a single radiation sickness symptom, and lived a good long life, much to the dismay of his doctors! sounds almost superhuman...doesn't it?

Paragraph six, line two  'the survivors of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Catholic Religious'.

And ironically Nagasaki had the highest concentration of Christians in Japan, along with Hiroshima.

What my point is, is that YES, there is Blessed Mother. She is real. I believe in Fatima. And Medjugorje. I know a visionary of her Barbara Matthias in Santa Maria, California, and I am one too. I've known Blessed Mother for over twenty years, and even done the thing that every Wednesday and Friday you fast and eat only bread and water--I did that in Medical School--to save souls.

There is a Spiritual war out there--and Mary and her Son are doing everything they can to assist us.

However, the layer of this, along with the Jesuits....and their skeletons in their closets, from what I have since learned...this is why I label it propaganda. You can't take everything as it is told to you. You must be careful.

Here is Fatima...

So, long story short, on this one, there are things going on that you can't see, from the realm of Spirit, and people are doing their best to explain it. 

Note how the children aren't welcomed and embraced for their visions. Their families beat them for 'making it up'. (I've read the books). The priests didn't believe them and kept questioning them. They were kidnapped by the mayor. And also, thrown in jail. 

You also see the masses of people, who are donating/supporting local industry--and around THAT time 'Fatima was officially okayed' by the church. 

Yet, this church is the same church that led to the abuses of Sister Charlotte. You can look her up, her story. It's horrible and sad.

Here's how I can best explain it.

Back in ancient times, there were people who worshiped Baal and did all the Egyptian Left Hand mystery schools.

Supposedly these religions were even older, back to the times of Atlantis.

They believed in the power of blood, and magick.

Jesus called them on it. As an official ambassador from Divine Creator of All That Is.

That's why they hate him, the dark ones.

So after Jesus, they went 'underground' but never stopped. And they also infiltrated all the highest levels of society with their sexual perversion, blood rituals, and magick.

The Jesuits are a big part of it too.

Carolyn Limaco does an excellent job exposing this Cult of Saturn in our modern day social media as shown here:

We will come back to this later. Let's move on to other things.

Bread and Circus is a term used to describe how to handle the masses. You feed them and entertain them, so they are easier to control.

I've stumbled across something here which may be important.  This article on Eskimo behavior (First Nations) may explain why there was such an effort to take away their culture and decrease their numbers.

Humans are nomadic by nature.

They draw their strength from the tribe.

Even to the point of 'sharing their wives with their brothers'.

This kind of group is not as easy to control--because as shown in the next attachment--sexuality can be a way to draw closer in spiritual growth and find Truth, Universal Truth. 

Furthermore when a man and a woman are in sexual union, the Veil disappears on a quantum level, just for that moment, they are as they were back in Heaven. (I wish I knew about homosexual sex, my source for this one says it's male/female. I'm sure if there is deep love relationship it's most likely breaking the veil too in homosexual lovemaking).

What makes the dark systems go is the secrecy, and their sex magick. It's the opposite of Spiritual Design by Creator of All That Is for all of Creation.

It appears the institution of marriage takes a being that was nomadic and more 'open' and turns them to a wolf or an eagle lifestyle that 'mates for life'. As you can see by the astounding divorce rates--many people fall out of love because they lack the ability to be a wolf or an eagle when they are in fact, humans.

This is not to say that family is not important. Family--nomadic or nuclear--is still the backbone of society and has been attacked from all angles.

But something is funny in that area of Eskimos/First nation.

Here are eleven 'weird facts' about Eskimo/First nations sexuality

Here is an article on the crown, and Canada's missing First Nations children

It appears that something unspoken is known and driving this whole tragedy. To silence something or make something stop?

Here is what Diana knew:

Here is more on Diana's untimely end (you can watch from the beginning if you like too, but the main part is at 29:00

This one takes the cake! It was in the 1960's, not the 1980's the picnickers disappeared. And also, there's actually a layer unseen who commands the royalty in this whole Dark Secret Society Rules The World thing too.

But it has things that are very fresh and I've never seen, but it appears to be correct.

Guess I'm going to stop making the thumbs up gesture any more after watching this! LOL!

Ew!!! Yuck!

With the Alfie Evans story you see it all again. Power. Royalty. Church. Death of a child. Sorrow and sadness in the public.  (which creates LOOSH).

I want to share something very important here.

Stories like this in the public eye/media are MORE than 'art' or 'news'. They can be magick.

Marina Abramovich writes here--'In spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not.'  (not art = magick for reals in this context)

Therefore, you may be unwittingly participating the the dark magick of the very decendants of those who Jesus and Divine Creator were against--by participating in an unseen 'spiritual circle' or 'watching TV'.

When you watch, you become part of the ceremony. Attention is what they want from you, and they divert it for their 'intentions'.

And the dark ones feed off fear. They can manifest things out of it.

It's time to chill.

We are in good hands.

This blog post has gone on long enough about doom and gloom.

Here is an article Researchers create a protein 'mat' that can clean up air pollution

Here is a totally fun cruise where you can watch things that glow in the ocean at night:

Isn't that cool?

And edible flowers--they are a wonderful addition to salads!

Remember we are in this together and everything is going to be all right.

All of us!


I don't want you to get bogged down. The truth has got to come out.

About everything.

About me.

About what is hidden.

About moving beyond it.

Carla and I have done a lot of work on this.

She has come to realize that all the happy memories we had, in all of our incarnations, outweigh the terrible bad things she witnessed happening to me with her own eyes at the end of the three she remembers.

We have been together more than that!

This morning, when I held her, Carla said to me, 'handsome face! drink!'

She didn't want to wake up in the morning. She wanted to gaze upon my visage more.

And when Carla gazes, she tells me how adorable I am to her, and she holds me close, plays with my hair...and although she doesn't let on, she is always checking to make sure there are no wounds in my head.  That everything is there, and in it's proper place and healthy.

Sometimes out of the blue, Carla will challenge me and ask, bluntly, 'no boo boos?'

And I have to show her, with my arms and my legs and my chest, that yes, everything is FINE. And I am healthy! And in good spirits.

Carla and I have been working on this for five years we have been together. Five long years.

And it still troubles her. To this day.

Not as it used to.

These things take time!

I don't want you to be hard on yourself for 'being fooled' by the Dark ones. They are excellent at it! They are magicians! That is what magicians do. Trick people by slight of hand, or  in this case, spiritual manipulation and control.

Do not be hard on yourself for having bought what they 'sold you' hook, line, and sinker.

Do not cry or be disappointed when like Bill Cosby, the loving father of the Huxtables is sent to prison for terrible abuse, drugging women and raping them!

This is because there are always two sides to the person, the one you see 'on stage' in some form, and with the media, there are a great many people who are in that position 'on stage'...and then there is the real person when the camera is not pointed at them.

The dark ones wanted you to believe that the face you see on the little screen is the same when it is OFF the screen!

Every normal person would be led to that assumption. But it's not true!

So don't get bogged down, be sad, and then shift the focus on YOU and how YOU were traumatized so you can heal from the trauma...for example, by the little baby Alfie story that tore at your heart, as it did Carla's, and the powerlessness you felt to change it.

Those scars from all the hundreds of similar stories ADD UP.

Toss in to that your onscreen heartthrob or hottie or hero being--'exposed' for what they are? That one's going to hurt you. Terribly. Inside.

So don't let yourself get bogged down in the shock and in the amazement at what could be hidden in plain sight.

They are masters at Illusion.

That's what they are.

And the party is over.

For them.

Focus on your healing and the Divine will take care of the rest.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple and Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Charming PEEPS

I was driving to work yesterday. I often meditate while I drive, it's hard to explain, and I think you should know I've been saying some form of meditative prayer (starting with the Rosary) since I was twenty three while I drive. What I am about to share is the result of thirty years of this kind of meditation.

In other words, it is better for you to attempt this kind of connection with Spirit while you are NOT in a moving vehicle!

For me, somehow, it just works.

That is the disclaimer.

Today I am talking about my Council. And this is for you to be prepared for when you are conscious and begin to experience your own similar 'sessions'.

This is not what is looks like. It's too clear, and there are too many people.

This is not what it looks like too.  This is too much color, it's too much like here.

So yesterday, when I was told I was going to be in Council, I instantly was 'THERE'.

I thought to myself, 'how do I look? do I look my best?'

At that, I was zapped OUT from Council to another space. There was a mirror. I checked. Ross came too, and kissed me and told me I looked good.

Another blink and I was standing in front of something that looked like this:

You can't see the legs or the feet. Only above the table.

There's about this many.

They aren't clear. I sense their vibrations more than their faces, although I get hints of facial expression more by sensing them than by seeing them with my mind's eye.

When the questions start, I don't actually see them any more. I know they are there.

'What are your favorite things to do?'

Instantly I answer--it makes sense while I answer, and I'm clear headed and in control. Unfortunately, the memory of this doesn't 'stick'. All I remember was my second answer, 'going snorkeling in Hawaii'.

The feeling as I'm answering is that Earth is a really cool place to be, and I am lucky to have experienced it.

'What was the hardest thing you have done?'

It's funny for this one. Your day to day misery just fades away. And the really tough challenges stand out.

I pause.

The hardest thing was reporting my own father for pedophile behavior towards my son.

It was hard. I was faced with a tough choice. There was evidence of it in both my home and in his father's home pointing toward the same person doing this to the child. Three adults heard the child say horrible things, as if they were normal,  at the dinner table much to the adults dismay.  Then there was what I both saw and heard in the bathtub while giving him a bath. I knew that dad's best friend, the janitor at school, was arrested for pedophilia. I knew that the one professor I had who 'felt like dad' and made me calm, when I was in his office for help on a homework question, was arrested for pedophile against two neighbor girls, the youngest was nine. Ed Grens was his name.   The father and I decided together to blame him and his family if my family ever found out. So I called social services. They came, they said it wasn't clear, but to be safe. Since dad was sick and dying, to keep the relationship with the grandparent as it's important to the child's development, but to NEVER LET THEM BE ALONE.  So I was like glue, a shadow, never away from my son at any family functions. Fortunately the babysitting had stopped and there wasn't any other access to the child.

I said this simply, in one sentence, calmly, to my Council. The paragraph after was for you, the reader. I could see the problem clearly, and my choices I made in the challenge. And that I had done well.

I volunteered that going to court for custody with my son was really hard too. (Fortunately that was before the other hard thing to do, and resolved!)

Then we started talking about something else. I forget exactly.

I do remember telling them that I enjoy working with them, I'm grateful for their loving support. I explained that this 'popping in' and 'popping out' and not being able to see them regularly makes me wonder if they forget about me. Even though I know they are always with me, and in answer to questions like this I am shown how they watch and monitor and intervene and they care.

I asked them how I can know they are thinking of me?

Each one gave me a pendant on a chain in spirit and put it around my neck.

Except for Ross.

He's always there, both as guide and as Council.

He put the most beautiful diamond necklace I have ever seen, glowing from heaven diamonds EVERYWHERE, it wasn't heavy, but it was thick and absolutely stunning! Nicer than what most actresses wear on the red carpet that they borrow!

I was floored. Absolutely overwhelmed.

Not only am I starting to realize that life isn't meant to be horrible and filled with pain, I am starting to realize how much I am loved and cared for back home in Heaven.

The role of the Council is to help us as we go through our educational experiences in Earth School -- but really, I can see everywhere, everything is a form of School, even off-planet. And making new experiences is what we do. It just IS.

And it's GOOD.

I also, upon realizing the extent this 'School' or 'University' is across the Universe, asked my guides, 'well if this is school, when is recess? where is the janitor? where are the desks?'

My guides smiled.

They showed me how schools here are meant to indoctrinate, and gave examples how the 'Earth School' and 'Universe-ity' are to improve and give freedom and joy.

I understood.

This is why I was asked to share.

They want you to understand how everything works with your Councils too, so you won't be surprised when you start interacting with them.

All my love,

Reiki Doc

Friday, April 27, 2018

Don't Forget To Close The Door On Your Way Out

We would like to make a formal announcement.

The powers the once have been, have reached an agreement about the transfer of power with the Guides of Compassionate Healing.

This agreement has a schedule, a timetable, which has been set in place with the mutual agreement of both parties.

Therefore free will has both been honored and maintained with utmost delicacy.

This schedule has been set in motion.

All events to follow are contained as part of the plan.

This information was given to me from Ross yesterday, and pertains to a certain someone whose function as public or common understanding (which is not all of this entity's 'functions' on the planet, most of which are hidden)--is the job description which the French word sounds a lot like the English word for this weather shown in the window below:

At this moment we would like to pause and reflect on everyone who has sacrificed for this significant transfer of rights from a party who exploits the weak and the powerless to the rightful balance as the birth right of every incarnate being on Earth...there have been many losses both of body and soul across many incarnations.

And for this we give thanks for the victory of justice from the Divine.

This photo contains the sentiments of our love and respect for our fallen brothers and sisters who have borne the burden of rescuing Gaia and her people. And her animals and plants and mineral kingdoms too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

P.S.  You will be able to watch with your own eyes, and to understand as things progress, what is happening on a larger scale than what might appear in the news. There is a bigger picture.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Attacks Against The Divine Feminine

Gaia is a feminine planet. The predominant energy here on her surface is Feminine. 

In a healthy, balanced relationship between male and female--of any species for that matter!--the male shows an interest, and the female accepts or rejects his 'offer'.

This is how it is supposed to work.

Some schools in the Nederlands teach sex education as early as kindergarten, to ensure that the children understand they have a right to say 'no' any time they do not want to be touched--their whole lives--and especially as adults. The foundation is set for all kinds of sexuality to be healthy, never forced, never imbalanced.

Here is a quick movie about how natural the setting is when children learn:

Here is an excellent article on how sex education in America differs from the Nederlands by someone who was raised in Holland and moved here.

Here is a quote from this article:

Dutch sex education classes teach children to respect others’ boundaries, stressing the importance of sex in the context of a respectful, loving relationship . One of the earliest lessons revolves around consent. Children are taught skills on how to say “no” until they feel they are ready for sex, to decide what and how much they want, to tell their partner what feels good to them, and to act responsibly in terms of both contraception and respect for their partner.

Here is an article which shows the impact Elizabeth Smart has had on change within her church;  It's a short article.

Here is the original article from Broadly which led to the change in the church. She goes over the pain she felt as she was growing up, putting her life together, and being told that 'girls who give up their purity are unwanted like chewed gum' her religious education classes. Hers wasn't chewed up by choice. She had been kidnapped. But nobody thought about the impact their ideology would have on her.

When I read, I always read the hyperlinks, and in the Broadly article was a link to the now famous letter where some Stanford swimmer named Brock was assaulting an unconscious woman next to a dumpster...

To quote the now famous letter:  One night in January 2015, two Stanford University graduate students biking across campus spotted a freshman thrusting his body on top of an unconscious, half-naked woman behind a dumpster. 

She says, 'He said he didn’t know why we were behind a dumpster. He got up to leave because he wasn’t feeling well when he was suddenly chased and attacked.'

If you go further into the article, you see that the bicyclists were from Sweden which is not far from the Nederlands, and much closer to their sex education philosophy than in the United States where Stanford is.

As the victim/survivor describes them to her attacker in court: Next in the story, two Swedes on bicycles approached you and you ran. When they tackled you why didn’t say, “Stop! Everything’s okay, go ask her, she’s right over there, she’ll tell you.” I mean you had just asked for my consent, right? I was awake, right? When the policeman arrived and interviewed the evil Swede who tackled you, he was crying so hard he couldn’t speak because of what he’d seen.

My further thoughts on the story were:  1) she may have been drugged, something like rohypnol may have been slipped into her drink--she said she was drinking 'fireball' but it might have been altered.  2) even though in court they call it 'digital rape', he wouldn't have been on top of her and thrusting. He had entered her--but hadn't finished so there was no evidence left to call it officially 'rape' rape.  3) He's done this before and he knew what he was doing, and was thinking he would get away with it (intuition)  and lastly, 4) she wouldn't have lived through this if it weren't for the bicyclists.   5) there is karma involved--not sure how far back it goes--but the letter and the situation fit into some bigger context (to save people who have experienced similar? to raise the consciousness?).

Why do I bring this up?  Because of what is communicated here at 22:39 and 22:40. Be sure to pause it there so you get it. (The rest of the video is good, too, if you are interested.)

Tim Bergling had been taught since an early age--like you saw in the first video--that sex involves respecting other's boundaries.

Tim was Swedish, just like the two bicyclists at Stanford.

(Here is a video with more on his medical situation--note it has 660,033 views --  therefore this is an 'official' story TWDNWOBIAH to 'accept')

And yes, pancreatitis kills. Sometimes they can't stop the infection. I've had patients who needed drains and wound care, for months, but eventually died. Pancreatic pain is one of the worst pains that exists.

And for the record, Avicii is the name of the lowest level of hell in Buddhist theology.

What is the point? With the reupload video, IF Tim Bergling came across a pedophile 'in the act', especially one who abuses the child bride option to the point of having back-dated divorce papers--and he's raised in Sweden like he was--he is going to FREAK OUT.  

Is that what got him killed?

I don't know.

Was he raised with SRA? Was it a front personality that didn't know about the back personality 'alters' that were SRA--many of the front ones tend to be 'religious'?

I don't know.

Was he a planned 'gift' as the Black Child implies? 

The only other thing about that video is that William and Harry don't look happy, they seem to know something has gone 'wrong' in some way. Perhaps in time we shall find out whatever it is they are keeping to themselves but is making them very upset?

The disease needs to heal.

The Divine Feminine needs to be protected and restored to the original pristine state.

The Truth needs to come out about SRA, and about how that is NOT part of the Divine Plan for all of us. 

Please remember this intention--to set the Divine Feminine back to it's original pristine state of balance with the Divine Masculine--along the original plans for this planet Gaia.

Thank you.

Ross is quiet today, I must get ready for work. Thank you.  He mentions his relationship to me is a wonderful example of how the balance can be regained in all of our earthly and close relationships.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dolly Wink ;)

On the way home from basketball practice we stopped off at a little Asian strip mall for sushi. The place is very good according to a friend who eats there four times a week. Next to the restaurant was Yogurtland--I had pear-hibiscus...and next to Yogurtland was a totally Japanese Japanese Japanese cosmetics store. We walked in the door, and heard an Irasshai! (spelling?) and looked around, because it wasn't the sales clerks saying it! It was an electronic device that triggers when you walk in.

As I walked through the store, I saw a brand of liquid was English...'Dolly Wink'.

The Guides of Compassionate Healing liked the name, and decided to call this blog post which describes them and what they do--'Dolly Wink'--after the Japanese liquid eyeliner that costs sixteen dollars at that store.

And no, I didn't buy any!


Please don't read into which eye is open. I know there are left hand paths and right hand paths in the mystery schools, and I forget which one is the good one or not. I'm too tired to look it up.

I just need to write.

I learned about the Guides of Compassionate Healing from Margaret. I learned a little when she would lecture us in Anne's classes as a guest speaker, to discuss her services in removals of attachments and installing the golden mesh shield.

Basically she doesn't work alone. She works in partnership with them.

I started to work with them myself a little by accident. I was practicing my Reiki on patients while they were on the operating table while in surgery, and stumbled across some Dark Entity attachments in a patient's auras.

The rules are, if you see one of those, they need to come out right away.

And you don't 'remove' them without knowing what you are doing--never alone by yourself. The reason is that we live in a soup--a literal soup-- of actively seeking souls who wish to attach to human auras and can only do so in times when the aura is weak.

They wish to attach because only the incarnate have active energy chakras. At death, they disconnect from the body and the Consciousness/Soul. So a soul will die without energy. This is how the parasites happen. Most are innocent but need sustenance. But some enjoy sucking the energy and causing pain in the host.

These are the Dark Entities (the innocent ones are the Negative Entities because they consume energy, they deplete but do not torture the host)...and they have to go.

So I called in the Guides when I came across them. HELP! I asked! I said, 'Dear Guides of Compassionate Healing, I don't know what to do. These awful things are here. Please if I had time to call in Margaret I would, but I can't, this is surgery. Make this things go, and I will help you as if Margaret was involved so I don't cut in on her assignment.'

I asked for help and had to give energy exchange for it. They asked! At the time Margaret's service was one hundred fifty dollars. So I gave that much as charity--I ordered Margaret's services but for free--the first time they helped me out. I figured they work with her, not me, it's not my job to remove these things...

The next few times, it was the same thing, I gave one hundred fifty dollars in charity to other causes as the Guides of Compassionate Healing sort of nudged me to help. Every time.

You see, if you wish to successfully remove an attachment you must do so in a way that hurts not the host and hurts not the attachment. This is what the Guides of Compassionate Healing do that others can't. They negotiate with the attachment, get their agreement to be removed, and when.

This is why it's delicate.

And it's important they are transported elsewhere where they can't cause harm.

Over time, they trained me too how to remove Dark Entities. They were my backup and were present when I went in, and they healed me after (they bite, these things, they are nasty).

Think of them as a special team who are the experts in removals, with the highest success rate...super special training and delicate work which affects many lives.

So when do you work with them and how?

If there is need, they say.  And they are free to help, there is no charge, and no energy exchange is involved like there was with me and Margaret at the beginning. (I actually had emergency removals done on every single reader of our work for all time, and emergency mesh installed, and I did the energy exchange with them by publishing but not selling my e-book, 'Messages From My Patients' see tab, above to read it--anyone who has ever even looked at our blog or FB or YouTube or Twitter will have received it. )When after the fact you go to officially buy one as part of your spiritual journey and growth--you get to know exactly what is going on with you--the reports--from Margaret or Isabel's diamond shield--and the Guides of Compassionate Healing say that then our temporary emergency shield and removals revert back officially to the work of Margaret or Isabel. And official is the best way to do it. I was concerned that not everyone could afford or even know to contact Margaret or Isabel, and I wanted help for our readers! This happened years ago, this deal with the Guides...

I know one reader who is wanting to heal from what appears to be multiple personalty of some type, possibly ritual abuse, we don't know for sure.

What I have learned from my studies of SRA is that healing is much faster when the spiritual aspect is addressed. Certain Spiritual things are factored in to the abuse. And there's no better way to undo it than with Spiritual experts from Creator of All That Is, as in All Divine Assistance. So in a perfect world, the Fabians method counselors would have lived, would have trained more therapists besides Kerth Barker's description--but they died. So I helped this person who wants to heal by guiding as best as I know from Kerth and other books I've studied. And recently I recommended to them to consider asking the Guides of Compassionate Healing to help. And they did. The effect was noticeable to them, too, and a request was made for me to blog about them.

They say they are ready and no job is too small--or too big!--and they would enjoy to help.

If there is to be an energy exchange, it will be for you to help another who is in need of material assistance--and you will feel very strong resonance in your heart from the Guides who to help and how much to give. You won't be able to shake it.

I'm going to share a little of Ross and my personal life with you.

This morning, it was hard. I had to drop off Anthony extra early. I was sleepy. I had a seven a.m. start instead of my usual seven thirty.

On the road, I just wanted comfort.

I had a lot of trouble verbalizing and communicating it to Ross.  I felt tired, sleepy, I've been working since I was twenty-three, that's thirty years now of early mornings, and I just was overwhelmed.

Finally, I asked Ross for a teddy bear.

The pressures of being incarnate, doing what I do--in so many ways!--I just wanted a teddy bear to hold.

Ross bent in to me, gently, and showed me an image and told me something.

Here is the image:

He touched his head to mine and said, 'I am your dancing bear!' and he wore the silly costume and danced for me to make me smile. 

I was thrilled, just thrilled like a preschooler gets thrilled, to know he reached me and knows me on such a level, as to the very shows I watched as a child that made me happy.

Off and on through my day, Ross was just dancing, wearing the Dancing Bear costume. 

When I saw a post from Ron Head about his 'prayer circle' (Reiki share changed names apparently)--he asked for names. I wrote Ross. He's the hardest working person I have ever met. Yes, I pray for Ross. All the time. I never stop praying for him. For his job to go well, for him to grow, to keep learning his lessons and to ace them, for good things for him. And for our family <3 from all of our incarnations.

Later, on the drive home, I realized how Ross wants me to have a good life too.

This one was hard to sink in. I know I've been asking for better days, for help with my work, and the help has been coming so I can get to work on time, and also, to get home in time for taking Anthony to his sports practices.

But I realized, this help is deliberate from Ross because he loves me.

I realized further, that this Earth school isn't meant to be a rock you have to push uphill indefinitely. 

It's meant to be whatever it is meant to be...something good. Something that brings out the best in us all. On both sides of the veil.

I title this one 'Blow Them Away'.

At my work, recently--I will combine the people together to keep patient/coworker privacy--there's been a recent concert series in the palm desert area. And some individuals who have crossed paths with me, have been literally gushing over a certain queen beieieie.  I mean, one even stayed at a hotel and noticed some of her entourage was there too, right?

These individuals are going on and on and on...praising her.

I know how much these event tickets cost, as well as the hotels and food and drinks.

They put their money where their mouth is, or perhaps, put there mouth were their money WENT, right?

I know who I am.

I say nothing.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Nothing about SRA.

Nothing about Ascension.

Not a PEEP about Ross and his team.


I smile.

I turn up my professional skills one notch.

I engage them with our interaction, making sure it is meaningful to THEM.

In other words, I listen.

I heal, and I demonstrate my healing skills, for example, telling one patient to 'listen to your body' as you recover from anesthesia and advance your diet as your digestion comes back online after surgery.

That phrase was given to me by Spirit. And it totally resonated with that individual. Enough for this soul to think that they had thought of it in the first place...'listen to your body'...

I knew what chakra is involved with the constellation of illness, and I knew the types of validation which would reinforce the imbalance chakras back towards balance and healing. And I said these validations! With my heart open, and a smile. me...have had a chance to discover your inborn 'angel' gifts, qualities, is the time to flex these 'spiritual muscles' and put them to work. In plain sight...without calling attention to it.

Because one day, these people are going to find out the whole truth.

They will go on an on how they were in the presence of angels unawares!

And they will speak YOUR praise to people who need to hear of your gifts the most,  even more people, who would have loved to have their healing directly from you...and are going to get it second-hand.

Blow them away.

Blow all of them away.

In the cosmic dust!

There is a new healing available.

It's from Archangel Raphael.

He's told me what he wants me to offer people with him.

It is sort of like the Ross Bondo Healing session.

Raphael hasn't even given this a name yet.

He did pick this photo.

It's like a shield in that a protective layer of energy is applied to you, that stays in place...but the energy is for healing...he says 'all of the bodies'--physical, mental, astral, emotional, etc.

The healing will saturate you like soaking gauze in tea or aloe vera, and applying it to a burn to heal it. There is no equivalent words to describe what I see, and he's not able to come up with better examples than these words he just gave me with tea and aloe vera.

Stay tuned.

I also know the first person to offer the healing to, it is free to this person. The energy exchange for others who are interested he will decide and we will post on the services offered page in the tabs above.

clap! clap!

Ross says it's after midnight, it's time for my bed.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki.

Monday, April 23, 2018

The Upside-Down Avalanche

In parts of Africa where ancient religious beliefs are practiced, some forms of worship include the practice of ritual killing to enhance the luck of the business venture. The 'medicine men' or 'chiefs' sell their 'magic' to help their business clients.

For example, when a new building is going to be constructed, in the very bottom as they are building it, the severed hands and feet of a young child would be buried underneath the building for 'good luck'.

Not all religions in Africa belief this.

Only a select few whom I have seen interviewed are the ones I can speak about. The rest? I don't know. It could be.

I won't put the link here, but it's in Truthseeking folder on our YouTube channel, from some time ago, if you want proof and you are interested.

The interview with the little boy who was kidnapped for such purposes, and escaped, is evidence enough for me.

Why do I bring this horrible subject up?

Because this type of practice isn't just by people who believe in an ancient religion in Africa.

There are those throughout the world who practice and believe in ancient religions which have been practiced since biblical times, and ritual sacrifice is furthermore a part of it.

There is belief that the 'life force' of the one sacrificed can be 'bound' to promote the success of an earthly project--a hit song, a movie, so much more than a simple building like in Africa. It's all that plus's just that people don't talk about it...except survivors, deprogrammers, and those who are involved and have a working knowledge.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of souls, 'trapped' one way or another, in the Time-Space continuum, both by their suffering...and also...through these rituals.

A whole lot of souls.

Which brings us to the avalanche.

Some time ago, in Spirit--I can't say or pinpoint if it was last week, or the weekend--since it happened in the realm of Spirit I saw it with my spiritual eyes...but I commented to a close friend about it--all of these trapped souls started going UP.  Up to The Other Side. Up to Heaven. Going HOME.

And it looks very similar to an avalanche where there is a little bit of snow, then it build up, and soon it's a whole lot of snow falling down the mountain in a big cloud of 'smoke' of snow particles.

Only it's souls finding their way back to Heaven!

It has been the 'whole lot of snow' going up for several days now. And it's still thunderously going as strong as ever.

Let's pause and take a moment to reflect on this phenomenon.

What if these souls are the 'glue' that ties the entire system of TWDNHOBIAH together? If these souls are the cement for the building blocks of Worldly Success...

What do you think is going to happen?


Perhaps the 'success' isn't going to appear quite as 'successful', isn't it?

How long will it take? I don't know. How fast will it happen once it does? I don't know. Will it happened everywhere across the globe all at the same time?  I don't know.

I can only imagine.

Today in the break room where I was hungry and ate my lunch at ten-thirty a.m., I had a wonderful conversation with a female podiatry resident.

She's halfway 'woke'.

She pointed out a picture of Kanye and his new stuff coming out, and I just couldn't stay silent any more. I said he has twenty-six personalities, before his outburst in Sacramento. After that he was sent to a near death programming center, and isn't the same person any more.

She had so many questions. Well, who's the upper level? Who does this?

What is their end point? What is their motivation? Why can they do this and be this way? (how do you explain this type of insanity? hungry for power, I suppose?)

She can tell there's 'something fishy' in certain news stories. One is about (Amanda Mack?) I don't watch news, so I don't know, but it's someone who seems innocent who was recruiting girls into a sex cult.

She's starting to make connections.

I was very careful what to say, and what not to say. I answered her questions. 'Is so and so in it?' type of thing. Yes. No.

She was the first I've met who told me what she needed to know--she likes evidence, she likes proof. She wants to make her own decision, not on emotions.

I told her to go by what resonates, for sure, and to seek good sources. Carolyn Limaco (on Youtube, and more, on BitChute, and Twitter) is excellent at showing the proof. She goes over things so it is unmistakeable. This would be a good match for her.

She also asked me, 'how long have you been knowing all this stuff and how did it begin?'

In July 2012. There was an article--the blue pill and the little red pill. I read it. I read everything, every hyper link, everything.And the end was the Nazi prisoner, the Jew, who served the Jesuits as their servant, who saw things, and told what his conclusion was about the whole scenario.

Once I learned the secrets of what goes on behind appearances in the church, I stopped going and giving them money. If you didn't like the pedophilia priests and the lawsuits that hit the news, wait until you discover what wasn't reported!

It's bad.

I'm so glad she listened and didn't laugh me out of town.

I also told her she is almost all the way awake, and the truth can't be hidden indefinitely. Once it comes out, there are going to be people much less awake then she is. And she will need to be strong for them. To reassure them that everything is okay. Life is very strange, stranger than fiction. And the truth, once it's out, will clear the way for new and better things.  To know that people's favorites are going to be exposed for what they are, and this is going to be very painful for many people who aren't awake. It will be hard for them to witness the truth as it comes out. So to be there for them. Solid. Unshaken. And of good hope. To give encouragement.

It was a good day.


Things are moving along at Light Speed--just as they always have been (he teases those who have complained over the years about it taking FOR-EV-ER!)--only now we are reaching the point where people are going to start to notice.

(he rubs his hands with excitement--ed)

And now I officially say, 'All Hands On Deck!'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki