Monday, April 23, 2018

The Importance of Rest

Rest is important to the growth and well-being of all.  Especially now in times of rapid spiritual growth.

There are two kinds of rest I would like to discuss.

The first is sleep. There will be times where you may feel the need to take frequent naps. This is completely normal, as you are absorbing new, higher energy frequency upgrades, and it's not easy to do this 'on the go'.

So rest!

Everything can wait--usually--and you will find your energy is better able to handle the task once you come around later to complete it.

The other kind of rest is just being in the sunshine and fresh air, away from the routine and responsibilities.

This is important too because it gives us a chance to play, which is also very important for our spiritual growth.

Nature is good for us.

To clarify, some forms of 'leisure' we have been conditioned to believe are 'rest'--aren't going to give us the kind of rest we need to grow in the way Ascension has been guiding us to grow.

Electronic devices.

And alcohol or other recreational substances.

These things are in your judgement to participate in--do know that they aren't going to give you the kind of rest where the new energies assimilate faster and easier.

And be sure to make extra time for 'rest' which is outside the realm of electronic devices or recreational substances...or even  shopping...or professional sports...things which are in the domain of  TWDNHOBIAH.  

The goal is to rest in harmonious frequencies which are compatible with the Ascension. Nature, and sleep, are important for your well-being at this time.


Remember we are here.

You are not making this transition to the Higher Realms alone.

You are in your body, if you are outside your Life Script Experiences that are written in, it is not in the plan for you to leave it through the natural Transition.

You are raising the vibrations deep within you to the level of mine, where I am, in the Spirit world.

When you are 'getting close' you will notice certain things that are 'unusual' are going to happen.

You are going to get along with others! It will be like friction to try to get your own way at the expense of another. You simply won't like it and enjoy the feeling it gives.

You are going to have new tastes in what 'feels right' to you, for example, perhaps fruits and vegetables will be more appealing, as will fresh clear water which is very high vibration (Carla likes Crystal Rock water from Mount Shasta).

You might even feel drawn to learn more about yourself and your surroundings and Truth!

All of these things are both natural and expected given the process.

If you are having problems with programming or attachments from the lower vibrations, call in the Guides of Compassionate Healing who are experts at this type of thing.

If you want a shield to protect you from attachments--why not invest in a Divine Diamond Shield from Isabel Henn, or a removals/installation of gold mesh from Margaret McCormick? Carla has then both, as does our son.

If you want a shield to soothe and protect you with the energy of the Higher Realms, there is always the Loving Embrace of Gaia Shield Carla will install.

And if you would like that extra comfort, there is the Pink Rose Petal Shield Carla can install too.

If I may clarify, the Ross Bondo healing is technically not a shield. It is a healing. A very deep healing which is designed to remove the obstacles in your soul progression--the pains and soul memories--from your previous incarnations on earth. You will feel lighter and less held back as you continue on your journey. It is powerful and I apply it, with a little assistance from Carla.

All of this is very good.

How does it compare with the rest and relaxation out in the sunshine?

I wouldn't write an article only on shielding and healing options.

I would write one about the importance of getting your rest and avoiding things which are 'tricky' and look like 'soul rest' but really aren't...Like I say everything in moderation, you may partake in these things --at your own choices!--but make sure first and foremost to allot ample time for rest and the natural world of the harmony of Nature above and beyond the 'recreation'.

Do not binge watch on television and assume because you are on the sofa in your pajamas you are getting such 'spiritual rest'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki