Sunday, April 8, 2018

Invest in You

Invest in you.

This is the wisest investment you can make.

Given that times are changing rapidly, both in an energetic sense as well as impending social ones over which it appears we have little to no control (while in fact we do)...investment in ourselves...our happiness and well-being and the only option for which we have control.

Therefore it is the path we recommend one to take at this time.

If you have something which needs to be healed, make this your priority:  healing takes time. This is not a 'one and done' kind of experience, like a meal you heat up in the microwave. True healing, takes time, effort, sometimes a few detours, and even help from others. Healing is the natural process for our souls to take, and are often self-directed in this goal. Here is an example...when I was twenty-six, I had a repressed memory of abuse as a child come had been buried for twenty-two years from my awareness. Once it came up, I began to make connections, and I could see how some of my 'quirks' were in fact 'not-so-well buried' aspects of the 'buried abuse' in my subconscious.  I knew this was my number one priority--that in fact if unhealed it would have profound affects on my future. So I gave myself permission to do whatever it takes and to use whatever resources I needed in this goal. Looking back, the amount of time spent was perhaps five years, with complete resolution many years later. My resources I used ranged from formal counseling with a mental health expert, art, letting my 'inner child' know I appreciated what she did to help me grow up--and now as an adult I would in return do my best to help  her heal and take care of her. Pharmacies and drug stores--just wandering around and not buying anything (in the states we have small gifts there as well as health items)--were very healing. So was getting massage therapy, when at times I felt to 'dirty' that I wanted to jump out of my own skin...helping the skin to realize it's okay to stay connected to the body. Spirit helped too, going to stores with Spiritual items, and buying them as I worked my spiritual growth. Tarot cards, protective items...nothing expensive but things I intuitively sensed would 'help'. I journaled every day. I didn't like the part of me that wanted to talk about the abuse to practically anyone who would be kind enough to listen--but I did that too because after having been told 'never to tell'--part of me had to tell. I was glad when that part healed.

If you want the world to change, you have to change yourself and how you react to your life lessons.

You have to change yourself in the direction these life lessons encourage you to grow.

Then you are in alignment with everything else in the Universe...and there is peace.

If you have something which brings you joy, make it a daily practice:  Life is hard enough as it is! Why not bring yourself a little happiness?  This is a form of self-love which is very important to the energy you add to the total of all Consciousness which is incarnate at this time.  Yesterday I bought myself flowers and arranged them. I bought irises, and also, two tiny sprigs of lilac. I had seen a lovely peony and lilac bouquet, and wanted to bring this combination into the home. The home is a mess--we have been traveling--but the flowers set the tone, both for the visual and the energy in the home.   I also adore the sense of being in Nature where everything is as it should be. So this morning, before blogging, I went to the garden, enjoying the morning air and the birds singing. I picked dandelion fresh for the rabbit, who enjoys them. And I watered the plants. The seeds are starting to grow.

If you have been saving something 'for later' why not rethink it?:  Not all of my seeds are sprouting. I had waited too long with the packets. I am grateful I planted them, because I gave them a chance to declare themselves viable. Now there is no need to store useless seeds in the cupboards.

Invest in your clarity and sense of well-being: A nurse I know just spent eight hours a day for the whole spring break deep cleaning her home with her husband and two pre-school age kids. The clutter had been getting to her. The kids didn't know any better. And the results are fantastic. She was wise to invest in her environment, to organize, and to reap the benefits with easier living through the rest of the year.

Invest in your dreams: That 'bucket list' is there for a reason. And it's not to keep everything INSIDE that bucket. Pick a difficult dream, and make it happen. The energies are ripe for it. I've climbed Nevada Falls this year. I also just got back from seeing the sakura. It's taken a LOT of time and energy and resources to see the cherry blossoms in Japan. It was a wonderful Spring break, a beautiful bonding time for me with my son before he gets 'too big', and an adventure!

Invest in your health:  I'm keeping track of how long I write today. I used to put everything aside, just for this. I can't tell you how many breakfasts I've eaten in the car because of the time it took to work with Spirit and Ross and write this information. I've done this for eight years now! I need to exercise. My weight is unmanageable. I need to walk, to go to the gym, and I decided to start putting in time--one hour exercise, one hour serenity, one hour chores, one hour writing...a little discipline in my day...instead of letting the writing 'steer the boat'.  I will also make time for creativity, and continue the healings such as readings and this is important to me too.


I get ten minutes!

Carla has set a timer on me for my talk.

What is there that I can say?

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes, with Carla's involvement.

A very lot.

(holds one finger up, then makes a button the lip gesture).

There have been important healings taking place in Japan. A lot of them. Some things involved the contribution of others.

Some has been as simple as a smile and a willingness to engage with the people of Japan.

Others have been--'at gunpoint' from the dark forces of the spirit world--according to Anthony's keen perception--'where they were shooting at our heads and nothing was getting through the shields'--as the trapped souls who died in the horrific bombing at Hiroshima were set free.  A lot of healing work was accomplished at Hiroshima, with healing from our side and from those who are incarnate.

There was a surprise redirected flight to Anchorage, with an overnight stay, to allow for intense, highly top-secret healing to begin.

As well as my 'secret weapon'...which I detonated as a tremendous outpouring of love to the masses...yesterday too.

And although Carla keeps it to herself, there was a special mission to the top of Mount Kurama-yama, to the temples at Kurama-dera, the very place where Reiki was born.

The sakura were beautiful there.

Yes, both Carla and Anthony stood in the very waterfall as Usui-sensei himself!

But that is another story.

My minutes are almost up.

I want to emphasize to you the importance of self-care, wellness and well-being, both in your mind and thoughts, and in your soul, in your heart-of-hearts. We have a long road ahead of us, with the reconstruction of the new society which is about to be.

I want all of my team, my workers, to not chastise themselves for having 'taken a few hits' in the process of getting us to this point. All of it, like the child in Carla who did whatever it takes to get her to an adult with relative safety--had a purpose once.

That purpose is needed no more.

It's time to heal. So for all the trauma, bumps and cuts along the way, to get from your point of birth to this moment here in history, it's time for self-care. For healing.

I and my teams support you.

And we are not going to beam down in ships and pour your into light boxes.

We don't work that way.

We make the conditions right for you, when you send the signal you want to heal and to heal it well through.

We make it possible for you to heal yourself.

We don't do 'the work' for you, or 'rescue' anyone.

We encourage and uplift. And also help to create the situations where optimum healing can begin!

clap! clap!

I've taken eleven minutes!  (he smiles and laughs at his newly-assertive Twin, with appreciation and love)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are the Founders of Doctors With Reiki