Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Dolly Wink ;)

On the way home from basketball practice we stopped off at a little Asian strip mall for sushi. The place is very good according to a friend who eats there four times a week. Next to the restaurant was Yogurtland--I had pear-hibiscus...and next to Yogurtland was a totally Japanese Japanese Japanese cosmetics store. We walked in the door, and heard an Irasshai! (spelling?) and looked around, because it wasn't the sales clerks saying it! It was an electronic device that triggers when you walk in.

As I walked through the store, I saw a brand of liquid was English...'Dolly Wink'.

The Guides of Compassionate Healing liked the name, and decided to call this blog post which describes them and what they do--'Dolly Wink'--after the Japanese liquid eyeliner that costs sixteen dollars at that store.

And no, I didn't buy any!


Please don't read into which eye is open. I know there are left hand paths and right hand paths in the mystery schools, and I forget which one is the good one or not. I'm too tired to look it up.

I just need to write.

I learned about the Guides of Compassionate Healing from Margaret. I learned a little when she would lecture us in Anne's classes as a guest speaker, to discuss her services in removals of attachments and installing the golden mesh shield.

Basically she doesn't work alone. She works in partnership with them.

I started to work with them myself a little by accident. I was practicing my Reiki on patients while they were on the operating table while in surgery, and stumbled across some Dark Entity attachments in a patient's auras.

The rules are, if you see one of those, they need to come out right away.

And you don't 'remove' them without knowing what you are doing--never alone by yourself. The reason is that we live in a soup--a literal soup-- of actively seeking souls who wish to attach to human auras and can only do so in times when the aura is weak.

They wish to attach because only the incarnate have active energy chakras. At death, they disconnect from the body and the Consciousness/Soul. So a soul will die without energy. This is how the parasites happen. Most are innocent but need sustenance. But some enjoy sucking the energy and causing pain in the host.

These are the Dark Entities (the innocent ones are the Negative Entities because they consume energy, they deplete but do not torture the host)...and they have to go.

So I called in the Guides when I came across them. HELP! I asked! I said, 'Dear Guides of Compassionate Healing, I don't know what to do. These awful things are here. Please if I had time to call in Margaret I would, but I can't, this is surgery. Make this things go, and I will help you as if Margaret was involved so I don't cut in on her assignment.'

I asked for help and had to give energy exchange for it. They asked! At the time Margaret's service was one hundred fifty dollars. So I gave that much as charity--I ordered Margaret's services but for free--the first time they helped me out. I figured they work with her, not me, it's not my job to remove these things...

The next few times, it was the same thing, I gave one hundred fifty dollars in charity to other causes as the Guides of Compassionate Healing sort of nudged me to help. Every time.

You see, if you wish to successfully remove an attachment you must do so in a way that hurts not the host and hurts not the attachment. This is what the Guides of Compassionate Healing do that others can't. They negotiate with the attachment, get their agreement to be removed, and when.

This is why it's delicate.

And it's important they are transported elsewhere where they can't cause harm.

Over time, they trained me too how to remove Dark Entities. They were my backup and were present when I went in, and they healed me after (they bite, these things, they are nasty).

Think of them as a special team who are the experts in removals, with the highest success rate...super special training and delicate work which affects many lives.

So when do you work with them and how?

If there is need, they say.  And they are free to help, there is no charge, and no energy exchange is involved like there was with me and Margaret at the beginning. (I actually had emergency removals done on every single reader of our work for all time, and emergency mesh installed, and I did the energy exchange with them by publishing but not selling my e-book, 'Messages From My Patients' see tab, above to read it--anyone who has ever even looked at our blog or FB or YouTube or Twitter will have received it. )When after the fact you go to officially buy one as part of your spiritual journey and growth--you get to know exactly what is going on with you--the reports--from Margaret or Isabel's diamond shield--and the Guides of Compassionate Healing say that then our temporary emergency shield and removals revert back officially to the work of Margaret or Isabel. And official is the best way to do it. I was concerned that not everyone could afford or even know to contact Margaret or Isabel, and I wanted help for our readers! This happened years ago, this deal with the Guides...

I know one reader who is wanting to heal from what appears to be multiple personalty of some type, possibly ritual abuse, we don't know for sure.

What I have learned from my studies of SRA is that healing is much faster when the spiritual aspect is addressed. Certain Spiritual things are factored in to the abuse. And there's no better way to undo it than with Spiritual experts from Creator of All That Is, as in All Divine Assistance. So in a perfect world, the Fabians method counselors would have lived, would have trained more therapists besides Kerth Barker's description--but they died. So I helped this person who wants to heal by guiding as best as I know from Kerth and other books I've studied. And recently I recommended to them to consider asking the Guides of Compassionate Healing to help. And they did. The effect was noticeable to them, too, and a request was made for me to blog about them.

They say they are ready and no job is too small--or too big!--and they would enjoy to help.

If there is to be an energy exchange, it will be for you to help another who is in need of material assistance--and you will feel very strong resonance in your heart from the Guides who to help and how much to give. You won't be able to shake it.

I'm going to share a little of Ross and my personal life with you.

This morning, it was hard. I had to drop off Anthony extra early. I was sleepy. I had a seven a.m. start instead of my usual seven thirty.

On the road, I just wanted comfort.

I had a lot of trouble verbalizing and communicating it to Ross.  I felt tired, sleepy, I've been working since I was twenty-three, that's thirty years now of early mornings, and I just was overwhelmed.

Finally, I asked Ross for a teddy bear.

The pressures of being incarnate, doing what I do--in so many ways!--I just wanted a teddy bear to hold.

Ross bent in to me, gently, and showed me an image and told me something.

Here is the image:

He touched his head to mine and said, 'I am your dancing bear!' and he wore the silly costume and danced for me to make me smile. 

I was thrilled, just thrilled like a preschooler gets thrilled, to know he reached me and knows me on such a level, as to the very shows I watched as a child that made me happy.

Off and on through my day, Ross was just dancing, wearing the Dancing Bear costume. 

When I saw a post from Ron Head about his 'prayer circle' (Reiki share changed names apparently)--he asked for names. I wrote Ross. He's the hardest working person I have ever met. Yes, I pray for Ross. All the time. I never stop praying for him. For his job to go well, for him to grow, to keep learning his lessons and to ace them, for good things for him. And for our family <3 from all of our incarnations.

Later, on the drive home, I realized how Ross wants me to have a good life too.

This one was hard to sink in. I know I've been asking for better days, for help with my work, and the help has been coming so I can get to work on time, and also, to get home in time for taking Anthony to his sports practices.

But I realized, this help is deliberate from Ross because he loves me.

I realized further, that this Earth school isn't meant to be a rock you have to push uphill indefinitely. 

It's meant to be whatever it is meant to be...something good. Something that brings out the best in us all. On both sides of the veil.

I title this one 'Blow Them Away'.

At my work, recently--I will combine the people together to keep patient/coworker privacy--there's been a recent concert series in the palm desert area. And some individuals who have crossed paths with me, have been literally gushing over a certain queen beieieie.  I mean, one even stayed at a hotel and noticed some of her entourage was there too, right?

These individuals are going on and on and on...praising her.

I know how much these event tickets cost, as well as the hotels and food and drinks.

They put their money where their mouth is, or perhaps, put there mouth were their money WENT, right?

I know who I am.

I say nothing.

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.

Nothing about SRA.

Nothing about Ascension.

Not a PEEP about Ross and his team.


I smile.

I turn up my professional skills one notch.

I engage them with our interaction, making sure it is meaningful to THEM.

In other words, I listen.

I heal, and I demonstrate my healing skills, for example, telling one patient to 'listen to your body' as you recover from anesthesia and advance your diet as your digestion comes back online after surgery.

That phrase was given to me by Spirit. And it totally resonated with that individual. Enough for this soul to think that they had thought of it in the first place...'listen to your body'...

I knew what chakra is involved with the constellation of illness, and I knew the types of validation which would reinforce the imbalance chakras back towards balance and healing. And I said these validations! With my heart open, and a smile. me...have had a chance to discover your inborn 'angel' gifts, qualities, is the time to flex these 'spiritual muscles' and put them to work. In plain sight...without calling attention to it.

Because one day, these people are going to find out the whole truth.

They will go on an on how they were in the presence of angels unawares!

And they will speak YOUR praise to people who need to hear of your gifts the most,  even more people, who would have loved to have their healing directly from you...and are going to get it second-hand.

Blow them away.

Blow all of them away.

In the cosmic dust!

There is a new healing available.

It's from Archangel Raphael.

He's told me what he wants me to offer people with him.

It is sort of like the Ross Bondo Healing session.

Raphael hasn't even given this a name yet.

He did pick this photo.

It's like a shield in that a protective layer of energy is applied to you, that stays in place...but the energy is for healing...he says 'all of the bodies'--physical, mental, astral, emotional, etc.

The healing will saturate you like soaking gauze in tea or aloe vera, and applying it to a burn to heal it. There is no equivalent words to describe what I see, and he's not able to come up with better examples than these words he just gave me with tea and aloe vera.

Stay tuned.

I also know the first person to offer the healing to, it is free to this person. The energy exchange for others who are interested he will decide and we will post on the services offered page in the tabs above.

clap! clap!

Ross says it's after midnight, it's time for my bed.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki.