Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Gift of Fievel

My sister's dog Fievel passed unexpectedly yesterday. It was April 11, 2018. The time of transition was 11:00 a.m.  And he recently had turned eleven years old, days ago.

Vanessa's mother-in-law noticed the repeating sequence of 11.

I looked it up on Doreen Virtue's angel numbers.  One is about what you think and how it manifests. Be careful what you think for, something positive or something negative! Thoughts are things. And they become real, especially in the energies on the planet in these times!

I realized Fievel was Vanessa's childhood dream come true. She manifested him. Her heart drew him to her, to her world.

He may have been the first of her dreams...but his parting message to her through the angel numbers won't be your last of your dreams to come true.

Fievel saved Vanessa's life.


Vanessa is a very giving and caring person, the baby in our family of three girls. I was fourteen when she arrived, and my other sister Christi was ten. So basically, Vanessa had the luxury of THREE moms!

Through no fault of her own, and like it happens to many people who mean well, Vanessa found herself in a relationship that wasn't exactly good for her. 

As all things come in balance, this horrible situation also brought her Fievel, the puppy she's wanted since she was a preschooler. They had pomeranians at the neighborhood pet store, and mom used to take her there just to see them.

When it was time to go, Vanessa, understandably, was confused because she loved this person she was in relationship with, and she had never experienced anything like this in our home!

But when it was Fievel who got sick, not once but twice, at the home when her ex was with his buddies and she wasn't home--sick enough to take him to the vet because it looked really bad for the puppy. I think a seizure or something equally frightening--Vanessa's mothering instinct kicked in, and changed her living situation for the safety of the dog...

Fievel saved her life.

As did my sister and brother-in-law, who welcomed her into their home.

And Fievel too!

The years passed. Fievel grew. He had his close calls, like the time he ate a pack of sugarless gum on New Year's Eve. It was a stocking stuffer in a 'safe place', but this type of dog is always hungry and looking for food...and he found it. Vanessa was out of town and being watched by our sister! I looked it up on the internet--xylitol--a potent hepatotoxin--one stick of gum is lethal to a golden retriever. Fievel was only a few pounds and had eaten eight pieces!

 Christi and I drove to the emergency room veterinarian at midnight. They put him in ICU, pumped his stomach, gave fluids, and he made it.

Years later, Fievel needed surgery on his front legs, something with the knees? To help him walk.

He's been a very much loved part of the family.

And he's given love back.

Here he is when dad was at his sickness, close to his grandpa he loved and always stayed near when he would visit or temporarily stay at the home while she was out of town.

The fidelity of Fievel was true to the end...with grandpa, as you can see here.

Fievel had his own social media pages!

Here he is on one of his many adventures, hunting for Easter eggs at a family gathering.

Eventually Fievel found himself a new daddy, a wonderful soul, who even included him in the wedding ceremony when he married my sister. The puppy walked down the aisle in a little tuxedo. And posed for photos too.

There is a little one on the way, a new sister for Fievel...due any day...and that's why his passing is so sad for us at this time.

His little heart just wore out!

Today on the drive home, I saw Fievel. On the Other Side. 

I actually saw my dad throwing a ball to him, I saw my dad's hand, it is unmistakeable. Fievel was with him, and very excited. 

Then I saw a little girl, about seven or eight years old in a simple sun dress, smiling, and joyfully embracing her new best friend. She started playing with the dog and the ball, and Dad smiled and was watching over them both. I could see lots of grass like in a park, or a spacious front lawn. I sensed Dad was on a large, old-fashioned front porch.

The little girl is 'Fiona', the spirit of a baby who was lost too soon and never made it to being born. She would have been Fievel's sister.  (This new little girl who is expected to arrive any day now, came along a few months after the loss of the baby I named 'Fiona' --sister of Fievel--, and has had a beautiful pregnancy...)

In the world of Spirit, these little ones who were a miscarriage on Earth, are real people, with real and healthy Spirit bodies, and they are part of the family too, forever. Even though we don't exactly meet them here.

She told me I was her auntie, and she loved me. She ran to me and gave me a hug and a kiss, then ran off to play with the dog. He looks just like in the photo below. And my little niece in Heaven, her energy was so bright, to healthy, so vibrant, so pure!

I was deeply touched because I never thought of myself in the situation, only as sister to support my sister who lost the pregnancy. Auntie! I like it.   I had thought I was Auntie only to Lauren and Jake, as well as to Brian my ex-husband's sister's marriage...long time ago.

I'm glad I can see these things.  It helps me know our loved ones are okay, even though we can't see them, hug them, hear their breath...or bark...or here.

I asked permission from my sister to write about Fievel. It's a beautiful story and will give others hope.

She said yes.

I hope her courage and love for her delicate canine life which was entrusted to her gives you hope too.

Spirit sent this song immediately after the mediumship/vision of Heaven:

Isn't it perfect?

The world of the Divine always is...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Founders of Doctors With Reiki

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