Monday, April 30, 2018

It Goes Both Ways

We are at a crossroads.  This isn't going to be easy one for me to write. And it isn't going to be easy for you to read.

This is going to be a stretch for all of us!

So lets begin.

Last night as I was reading Psychic Development For Prosperity, Self-Defense & Political Influence by Kerth Barker, I came across something wonderful.

The Baron (Kerth doesn't say it, but I infer it by his use of the word mansion) was on his death bed.

The Baron was a very rich man, who had a wife and family and went to church, but was a secret, high-ranking, intergenerational leader in SRA. He owned a separate mansion his wife and family never knew about. This had a basement with a room for rituals in it. And there were also many bedrooms upstairs for sex parties.

The Baron was someone who was actively involved in Kerth/Kathy's indoctrination into SRA.

The two both knew and liked each other. And the Baron saved him from his grandfather's abuse, as well as the nanny--I forget her name--Shotzy? The Baron switched Bob in her place.

The Baron didn't like the ritual sacrifices or cannibalism. Even for one where Kerth was supposed to do a human sacrifice and drive the knife in at the end (there were plans for Kerth to become a high-rank, possibly to succeed the Baron, but Kerth didn't know), the Baron bought a chimpanzee for ten thousand dollars. The poor thing was tortured in Ritual, and it was driving Kerth deeply upset to witness it, and with his hand on the knife and the Barons making it go, it went into the heart of the poor chimp and put it out of its misery.

If you have read the Kerth books you would understand the characters.

Well on the his deathbed, according to the ways of SRA, the demon who had possessed the Baron was taken out--it was an Arch Demon--and it was put into the next person he was supposed to inhabit, minutes before the actual death.

Upon the demon leaving, most of the group went to be with the new person and celebrate, and left the Baron to die. Only a few remained with him. As he felt the relief from being possessed, the Baron said, ''s finally OUT!' and he pledged his soul to Jesus, making an apology to the Lord for all of his sins. And he died.

Someone who was present and witnessed it, found Kerth, and told him of the miracle.

And it WAS a miracle!

I'm sure this is an easy one for you to hear, as it represents a lost soul coming back to our team.

This is one of the 'way' in the title, it goes both ways.

It's you've ever seen the places where all the trains come together, you would know that there can be a lot of switching tracks as well as switching directions going on.

It's just the nature of the railroad.  Trains can and do go anywhere!

Which brings us to our next example:  Roseanne Barr.

This video says it all. I want you to watch it closely. Especially around 1:09 where they ask how she feels to be working and she says basically, 'it's fun!'.

I saw some baseball players--Mike T. and another 'Angel' talking about why they play baseball. Same answer, 'it's fun!'. There's no long story. Justin U. said to elementary school kids, 'have fun and do what you love' as advice for their futures.


It kind of looks like for her, she went the other way, doesn't it?

Same thing for Kanye W. Not the same person. Glassy eyes, not much 'spark' in the soul, and what they say isn't anything like what they used to say before they changed. 


Aren't we all supposed to be going in the same direction?  This Message from The Council raises the same point

Let's take a break from all this.

Remember, where we are heading has nothing to do with Duality.

The reason this talk is going to be difficult because Duality is all you've every how can you imagine someone being bad and turning good, someone outspoken about brainwashing behaving like they are brainwashed, or YouTubers selling out like RFB? Hmmm?

Doesn't it make your blood boil that our 'team' isn't 'winning' in super obvious ways--everywhere you look?


Well it is if you are looking at the big picture with Spirit Eyes and not human ones. 

We are racing towards the end zone and there's no defensive players in sight, and Touchdown is imminent!

I'm serious.

My dad used to say the only way to catch a fish was to outsmart the fish, and that wasn't an easy thing to do! <3

I love my daddy. I still love him to this day. Problems and all. He was always good to us, his family, and I felt close to him as  he didn't have a boy, and I was the tom-boy to keep him company with his hobbies around the house and camping. He had a good side to him, gentle, kind, not oppositional, and wanting to bring out the best in others.

Remember the part about the people on the screen, how there is the real person who is off the screen, who can be very different from the one who we see while they are working as entertainers?

It is okay to love the whole person, and to despise the sin that they do.

Everyone is worthy of Love. Everyone is a child of Divine Mother and Divine Father. The Baron. Kerth/Kathy. Shotzy. Roseanne Barr. Mike T. Jason U. RFB. All the other Tubers...


But just because you love them doesn't mean you need to put a poster of them up on your wall in your bedroom, right?

Because when you do that, it's not really 'love'. It's something else.

Remember The Drake?

Remember the Positive Military who had a plan for a coup since 1975, and were due to enact it in 2012 or 2013?  I listened to hours of his radio interviews.  I bought survival gear. And nothing happened.

Well, I'll give you a hint. It turns out that the origins of the positive military are explained in Kerth Barker's Psychic Development book.

And they never stopped fighting for our team to win. They are using everything, including psychic gifts, to win it.

Kerth's book trains you how to be like them.

So on the one hand, every team is doing everything in their power to win. However, there is an overwhelming force field of LOVE overriding everything in Duality, including this battle...

Here is just a supposition. Having read enough of the books on SRA/MK Ultra...I get a taste for the blackmail and infiltration that makes the world 'tick'.

What if, Rihanna went to Kim Jong Un as a messenger of a top secret message she didn't even know she was delivering because she's under Monarch?

What if, Rihanna was there to 'service' Kim Jong Un sexually? To get him into 'compromising positions' that would be naturally caught on film--this is something Kerth used to do all the time with people in power, so they could be controlled. The Baron would make him do that.

What if, perhaps, Dennis Rodman went to North Korea, for more of the same?

What if, in 'negotiations', these 'compromising films' were presented in a way that forced the hand of Kim Jong Un?

Well if it creates 'peace', does the end justify the means? Or is this 'peace' another stepping stone closer to NWO and one world government?

Does it matter?

Does it matter that MK Ultra and Monarch victims are monitored, and given many reminders to automatically make them come back, some so sneaky as for the access codes to be flashed at the bottom of the screen for Billy Graham television shows?  Things that make people go where they are programmed to go and do what they are programmed to do?

It could happen to anybody.

So if RFB was given an offer he can't refuse, and switched to be a shill, we aren't Richie. So we don't know the whole story.

Is it a bad thing if we thought he was legit?

No. Illusionists are very good at tricking people.

Once you know, just move on.

Here's an example of discernment I applied just today--this is pure crap and I'll show you:

  • Michael's first incarnation is Ashtar and he has never been on the planet. He has one second incarnation who is on the planet now. And a third one was briefly here and died. 
  • It is said that the energy of St Germain was in Joseph. And Merlin.
  • I'm very certain the theosophical society and the OTO are linked in tight with SRA. 
  • Archangels ARE always present and willing to help. This is truth. 
  • Archangels are more than 'floating consciousness'. They are just as conscious as me and you--have their own look and personality--and are certainly not 'projections' of humanity.
It's mishmash.

Here's all you need to know. And there's pictures too.

This IS science! Metaphysical Science! This is baby steps to what happens AFTER 'duality'--multidimensionality. And the message is given with LOVE. Can't you feel it? are not in the other person's shoes. Not Kanye's (Yeezies are so expensive ! LOL). Not Roseanne's. Not even the Baron. 

People can change.

They can change in all different directions, and back again.

But not for long. The overwhelming energies of the Divine will overcome all obstacles. Truly.

You have a front row seat, and hopefully, this blog post is going to help you to appreciate the impending multidimensionality...and to use both discernment and unconditional help you find the way as we draw closer and closer to our eternal Home. Together!

clap! clap! 

(Ross is letting me get some rest, he will write later)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki