Sunday, April 8, 2018

Love on Tap! -- Help Yourself To An Easier Life By Working With Your Angels

Most of my advice I give pertains to the past.  Today's message is something I came across only recently. I have been using it ever since and it really does help.

Before I left for my trip one week ago, more or less, I had a conversation with Ross about the different types of love I enjoy receiving from him in our relationship.

There is 'protective' love, where I feel his energy to keep me safe.

There is 'kindred' love, where I feel the harmony of someone with a vibration similar to my own.

There is 'romantic' love, where I feel honored and special in Ross' eyes.

There is 'husband' love, where I feel the sense of commitment we have for each other, that our relationship is strong and healthy.

There is 'intimate' love, where we both know things about one another that nobody else would know, and this is very comforting to me to have someone know these things about me, know me THIS well,  and like me anyway.

There is 'guiding' love, where I know Ross is in an excellent position to help me through a tough situation, with good judgement and wisdom.

I am at a point now where I can request a certain kind of love from Ross when I need it.

And with him being on Spirit side, he is able to instantly provide that for which I ask.

I used this a lot in Japan.

Ross! I'm afraid! I'm responsible for Anthony and me and I can't even read a sign! I need 'protective' and 'guiding' love right now!

Whoooosh...warm flowing energy would come, and somehow, it helped!

It's similar to when I am crying and Ross sends 'something' energetically that helps me forget why I was crying and calm down.

Ross! This sakura here is SO very beautiful! I wish to share this special moment with you. I would like to send YOU some of this 'love and gratitude for this superb scenery' love right now!

And then I would concentrate on sending it.

I would know Ross received it because he would send me a similar 'love squeeze' back.

I also confide in him.

Although dark beer is my preference, being 'in the dark' I find very frustrating at times, being human on this assignment.

I feel...blind.

I tell him how awful it is to be blind in this way, and I don't like it, and I hope it will go away--this not knowing what he is doing, where he is, or even seeing his face clear.

I say how I love his smile, it is beautiful, and I feel deprived because I am so blind I can't even look at it.

This is when Ross takes my Spirit hand, and touches his face.

He guides my hand.

I feel his beard...his even teeth and his lips in a smile...his hair...even his feet just to know they are okay and still work.

He guides me to realize there is more than one way to see.

I feel heard.

I feel understood.

I feel like I am not judged harshly for complaining.

I understand too that there are reasons I can't use my Spirit eyes like I used to back home--while I am here on this assignment. I 'get' that this is temporary, there is a reason, and it's not forever...while our love for one another, IS, 'forever'.

You may not have yet found your twin. You do, however, have a guardian angel. And your guardian angel never leaves you. Ever.

These kinds of conversations with your guardian angel--even if you feel like you are the only one talking because you can't see or hear or 'feel' like I can in Spirit as a medium--watch for the energy that comes back to you.  THAT you will feel. It's very unmistakeable. Especially if you can work with Reiki, you will feel it.

I feel so empowered by discovering this!

I know it feels like forever and a day...until our work is done and we go home.

This helps us get by through our days in the meantime.

I have one last share.

We were rushing to catch our flight, we were to board soon.

As the moving sidewalk carried us past one store, I saw something in the corner, and my heart sank. It was a lacquer jewelry box. Just like my nana Angelina's.

When I was a child, I used to listen to it every day. It was one my father had bought in Japan when he took a short leave from his deployment in Korea. It was black and had two side drawers, and a central part with a lid that opened. The compartments inside had black lacquer lids, with red tassels. On the lid was a beautiful geisha, very small, surrounded by sakura trees. The song always made me smile, the one in the music box.

When nana passed, I couldn't get everything that meant something to me. Vanessa got the music box jewelry box.

I couldn't believe my opportunity to get my own had slipped away!

No sooner were we in line, there was a forty minute delay. I asked Anthony if he would mind holding my place while I went to 'go take a look'. He said, 'sure if you buy me good chocolate'.

I did.

And I found a wonderful black lacquer jewelry box with one compartment, that plays the song, 'Sakura Sakura', and has cherry blossoms on top.

It wasn't an accident.

It was my husband and friend and twin.

I know it.

Then on the flight home, guess what I watched?


It's about life back in the realm of the immortals in Heaven <3


Carla is writing tonight instead of tomorrow because she has just a little bit of jet lag. She wants to make sure that the morning will run smoothly.

For those of you who are doubters about the 'love on tap', I say, 'don't knock it till you try it!'.

(he gestures to pull on the handle....and smiles...and puts his finger to say, 'shhhh!'--ed)

(I sense that if everyone figures this one out we are going to be Home really quick!--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who founded Doctors With Reiki