Monday, April 9, 2018

The Best Laid Plans...

Today's topic is how to improve our skills of 'finding the lesson' in our daily life.

As I had said before, aligning yourself with the lessons puts you in the flow stream of the Universe; it's good for you and also lots less stress.

Today's lesson was tough. I hung in there. But I didn't really 'get it' until I was brushing my teeth before bed.

The day started well, we stopped off for breakfast burritos and ate in the car. I was running just a little late, as is my norm.

I got to work in time 'enough'. Wheels rolled into the O.R. four minutes 'late', but the patient needed the extra reassurance and not to be made to feel 'rushed'. The surgeon was okay with it.

I was glad to go to work. My expenses are high, my income is down since work is slow, and frankly, I wanted to make some income.

I even was assigned to work with my close friend for the afternoon case. Just enough time for lunch, to pick up Anthony in time for basketball practice, and to get ready...for...tomorrow.

After I dropped Anthony off at school, Ross had me turn on the bluegrass. I like that station on Sirius XM.

This song caught my attention:

Somehow on this one I listened more to the words than the music, although I do love the music...and I gave a complacent nod with the sentiment that God's will basically overrides our plans randomly.

I've heard the quote, 'man makes plans and God laughs'....

But I didn't think of it much, I had to get to work.

While I was on the toilet, after my second case, I got a phone call and picked it up. It was Anthony from his school. 

He had food poisoning. No fever. Just terrible GI upset. Could I pick him up?

Talk about a monkey wrench!

By the time I was able to go I had one colleague who was mad at me for not taking an OB Call for him when his wife's mother died (I haven't taken OB call in two years, I don't know how to chart it electronically because that's new, and I didn't have a babysitter for Anthony.)--well, lets just put it this way he's probably never going to speak to me again.

But my friend the other mom pulled through and covered because the first guy was rubbing it in, and making me beg, and not ever saying YES clearly...while the clock was ticking from the school. (I have thirty minutes to get him when he's sick).

I lost half a day's work, irritated my colleagues, and by the time I got him he was 'feeling better'!


I gently explained to him that it sets us back in a couple ways, I know he's not feeling well and I want him to feel better, but to know that there are repercussions when we make a call like that. To be sure to think twice about calling when it might mean waiting an extra hour or two before I can come without all the complexity.

He understood.

I fed him boullion, tea, applesauce, banana. He wasn't hungry. He had a few Japanese cookies shaped like leaves that were basically pound cake--small cookies.

By evening he wanted dinner. So I microwaved his lunch for him, and he was good.

There is so much going on right now. I found out yesterday mom is in the hospital again. And my sister is going on a much-needed break to the mountains.  Mom, I love her, and in her old age she's sort of gotten to the point of getting in the way of her health without realizing it. Her comfort is the most important thing. She likes her chair. She doesn't understand that her legs swell up terrible and her urostomy bag doesn't drain right when she's in 'her chair'.  This time her feet got stuck in the shoes they were so swollen. She also forgot to take her pills. Apparently the caregiver lets mom say 'no', and doesn't cajole her into doing what's right for her. She takes mom at face value, she's very convincing, confident and commanding in her memory loss. She seems 'normal' but if you go by her judgement and choices--and for us kids to compare it to her old self--you know she's not functioning like she once did. 

I had a really sad thing to say. I'm not proud of it. My mom is very fearful by nature. I didn't want to tell her I was going to Japan because she would take MY confidence away. She watches the news all day and knows the horror stories. But it was Easter. I told my sister not to tell my mom. So mom, poor mom, who's dependent on me for changing her stoma calling, and calling...and wishing us Happy Easter.  I didn't mean for her to be alone like that. I didn't want to inconvenience her and I'd arranged with my sister for my brother in law to take my duty in my absence. I finally told her yesterday where we've been, and she remembered the school field trip but was totally surprised by this one. 

There's no way to explain to another the passion in your heart, about seeing sakura, and only having one chance to go for it...with work...I haven't had Spring Break off since 2012...and the cherry blossoms bloom only for one week a year!  

So my lesson there, yesterday, was that as I listened to her, I knew two things--with an elderly loved one, they have a way--a natural tendency--to be very demanding of your time and attention on the one hand...and to be totally vulnerable and needing your care on the other. So to strike a balance that is both honoring her and me in a healthy way is difficult. I know from Tim Braun Spirit says my number one priority is my family--me and Anthony. I just knew by the voicemail she left, that she has feelings, and she is my mom, and I could have handled it better than I did. I know in the future I can find ways to meet her needs without completely sacrificing my other responsibilities. 

That's why 'tomorrow is another day'! In a good way.

I think with the future, humanity is going to be raising the bar. In a lot of ways. Just like the thing I read on the 'one-upmanship' of multilingual people who understand others are trashing them in their native language they think the person they are trashing doesn't understand...A point has to come where we put the needs of others right up there with our own, in a healthy way. Telepathy is going to help a LOT with this. You will just know as easily as you can smell rotten fish when someone is trying to take advantage of you. Because of this, people will be more thoughtful in their actions. It won't be like a bull in a china shop--like me with my mom--where we make the mistake first and THEN learn the lesson. 

Anyhow, Anthony has surgery. I just got him to bed, answered his questions and calmed his fears. He needs it. It's four wisdom teeth. All of them impacted. 

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. 

I was smart and asked Jared to come. Both to support our son. And also, to help me maneuver him around the house and the car when he's coming out of anesthesia. Anthony is a big boy, taller than me, and I really need the help.

If you have spiritual business with Ross and me, please know we are caught up 'as a household'--laundry, dishes, food...and as soon as I can I will catch up with the orders. The minute you order any item, since Reiki is timeless, the benefits are already energetically connected to you. It starts working right away, even though you might not feel it. As I make the shield or the bracelet, I tap into this energy which already exists. Then I share the information or the item with you. I never forget you and am always sending love energy along with Ross through the whole process. Spirit doesn't forget!

Anyhow Ross wanted me to share with you this:

He says this is how it looks on the receiving end--when you send up your requests for 'Love on Tap' or work with your guides through your lessons...

Yup, him and his teams are at the helm--with sunglasses, rubber duckies, cheap party-favor fake leis and are as adorable as can be!

When you get to know Spirit, really, really know Spirit, you will be astounded and amazed by the exceptional sense of humor those in the Spirit world have.

It's really that funny.

And one of my favorite things I've ever heard with my spirit ears, is Blessed Mother's laugh. It's like little bells, it's so beautiful! She has a sense of humor too.

There you have it--encouragement, dedication, commitment, compassion, kindness, advanced technology, ability to see the 'Big Picture' for what it is, healing--and humor to boot!

We really are in good hands.

Be sure to practice your skills at 'finding the lesson'. It helps you move through them faster and more effectively.

For me, I know being home early and skipping basketball practice helped me to pay the bills, take a nap on my swing, and spend quality time with my son when he needed me the most.

And if you don't mind, please send healing Reiki to our family this week.

We sure could use it!


All is well.

Everything is as it should be.

I hope you liked my little joke. You should have seen Carla cringe when I helped her to pick it. It's like an old pun--you groan and still enjoy it at the same time because the person is trying to be funny! That's my sense of happy.  Just like us--I and my teams.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The founders of Doctors With Reiki