Saturday, April 14, 2018

Welcoming The Visitors

This is called the Gaia News Brief because the energy changes around us are reported in real time.

There is a new frequency of vibration which totally surrounds us, and all of the earth, everywhere at this time.

It is the same exact identical frequency as the Higher Realms.

Your task is to accustom yourself to it.


Then get to work at your 'new assignment' which in all reality was the assignment all of us signed up for before we were ever born.

I have been doing this work for about a week.


The vast majority of the Universe is inhabited by powerful spiritual beings for whom these frequencies and energies seen in the Higher Realms are NORMAL.

Some great spiritual leaders, for example, the Buddha, were able to successfully anchor and maintain and build upon these frequencies on Earth.   To help guide others.

All of the work you have done so far to 'hold the space', to 'accept and allow', and to 'acknowledge and release' has been incredibly successful!  We have reached the goal, the end point, the desired frequency which is an equal match to everything which surrounds us.

The heart of hearts of every being who is presently alive on the planet, animal, vegetable, and mineral--have greatly longed for this frequency to come.

You are acclimated to Both Worlds.

The lower, denser energies.

As well as the higher ones.

This is why you are Ground Crew. To be able to acknowledge and function in both realms very well. You are the best of the best of the best.

And although these frequencies might be familiar and inspiring to you, they aren't for everyone, even though this frequency has been longed for by all living beings for a length of time.

Remember one of these?

These are the old fashioned elevators which require an Elevator Operator.

Remember how I just mentioned the two frequencies you are accustomed to and function well?

Mmmm hmmmm.

Guess who is most qualified to be this energetic Elevator Operator?


Guess who is going to be your guest in the Elevator?


People who think people like me and you might as well be...

You will find yourself in the presence, in very close proximity, such as me with my patients for example, in the Operating Room, with people who have acquired the energy of 'The World', as in 'Be In the World but not Of It'.

We are getting the people 'Of The World'.  They weren't exactly the 'movers and shakers' of The World (and please, please, don't worry about what's on the broadcast commercial media, everything has a plan, we are talking energy here--there's some very sophisticated psychological stuff in the world of news, weather, and sports--like, military-grade operative psychology--and you can't control any of it anyways.)...So they are here, these souls, unsavory energy and all, and are in your 'elevator'.

You do you thing.

You take them UP.

In VIBRATION while they are in your presence.

I do that in the O.R.

Once they are asleep I just crank it up.

Yesterday I cranked the energy vibration up so much I broke a pulse oximeter probe. It wouldn't work. And with the spare monitor they brought into the room, THAT one wouldn't work either.

The pre-op nurse Karen knows me and my healing energy work, and she said, 'it was working in pre-op it must be Carla's energy'...I had no clue at the time but she was correct.

Anyhow, THAT'S how high the frequencies were. My job is to anchor in and hold those frequencies on the highest end of the spectrum for Gaia, and make then 'normal' for everyone around me.  I've brought in Reiki symbols which are really, super powerful...for long time now...and these most recent ones are truly the frequency vibration of Home.

Do my 'elevator passengers' have any sense of what I am doing?

Nope. No way at all. Mine are unconscious.

Sort of.  I did bring my Keurig cups from home I'd bought before I knew the plastic wasn't so good for us--my 'private reserve' of Peet's and Kona Blend. And at the request of Spirit I brought them and offered them to each of the workers in my O.R. and in recovery room at the end of the day. They were THRILLED at my kindness.

So there's it's raising the energy too, just a little 'differently'.

These souls have 'picked up by osmosis' the predominant frequencies of Earth in the past.

They didn't realize it was happening.

We 'Elevator Operators' are energetically, in effect, 'Reverse Osmosis'.

And in the presence of our frequencies, the old acquired frequencies--which felt 'normal' to them, as did to us perhaps some time before our awakening--slough off. They fall off. They weaken. They dissipate.

And the true frequency, the one they had from Back Home...can emerge.

Good thoughts of high frequency help.

An open heart which is thoroughly sustained by daily self-reiki and spiritual practice will help too.

A strong will and commitment to your duty-assignment as the Elevator Operator--helps too. You realize your 'job description'.

And know that these 'encounters' are just as brief as an elevator ride.


Not hours, not lifetimes.

Just a 'hit' of the oh-so-sweet vibration of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.

clap! clap!

(Ross is here but he wants this 'out there' without his 'mark' on it, for reasons I'm certain you can understand. He said he had a reputation for doing this in the past, and this time it's all on us.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders of Doctors With Reiki