Sunday, April 29, 2018

What Goes UP Must Come Down

Today's post is going to have lots of little examples for you. Ross showed me the title in my lessons yesterday.  It has taken a great deal of faith to get through the last few days. Why is this?  It's because my default 'stance' in life, is to focus on something I can control, and CONTROL IT!  This makes me calm.  This makes me confident. I LIKE STRUCTURE. If every day was exactly the same for me, more or less, it would soothe me and make me calm, calm, calm. 

But Spirit hasn't wanted that for me.

Spirit likes me adaptable.

And basically to me, being one who likes things predictable, it kind of keeps me on edge. 

I had a big lesson yesterday where things are going to happen when they are meant to happen, and even if it doesn't look like it at the time, if you trust what your guides are saying, it's going to come true. 

In other words, the world of Spirit isn't like the world of material substance.  So, in their being 'insistent' and 'firm' with me, they are guiding me UP to the realm where the Big Picture and Working With Universal Laws makes things happen. If the focus is on 'the little things' then you LOSE the ability to really use the full potential of your ability to manifest.  All of the energy collapses when you get bogged down on any one 'thing'. 

And as a reward, yesterday, I got a day of 'play'. 

It's not easy to get that lesson into a single mom, physician's head. Every waking moment is 'I gotta do THIS' and 'I gotta do THAT'. 

I figured it out my 'day' by afternoon, but even then, while 'playing' I got through over one thousand emails that had piled up. Deleting takes time, huge batches of one hundred are as big as the mail server can handle and it chews on them for a while before they are gone. 

So I had a simple meal in, I watched the Angels lose to the Yankees, and I spent a little time watering my yard and enjoying the garden. 

I notice I sleep in until about seven when I let myself rest without an alarm. I've done this for two days. I'm grateful for this.

In Healthcare, there has been silent revolution. This has not been an accidental revolution. I'm sure it's been planned for generations before how to take this industry down from within.

I recall old school--paper charts, doctor had autonomy, and only one governing board, the Joint Commission, would come around the hospital every few years.

Then came the paper about mistakes in medicine killing people. Some article by the government.

Then we got all of the healthcare administrators, a whole layer of people who siphon funds off the system but do not actually provide care--nor are they trained to--and 'manage care'.

There are 'magnet' hospitals with 'excellent nursing' now--a big deal for administrators to get that designation for the facility.

There's malpractice and yelp reviews and even the internet's 'Dr. Google'...

This has led to skyrocketing costs with less and less actually being done for the patient.  Authorization from insurance really runs the show now. As well as exorbitant co-pays from patients.

One of the outcroppings of this has been 'Corporate Medicine'. Everyone is trying to be 'like Kaiser' and dominate the market. Some companies have been hiring doctors as employees, taking over entire emergency rooms and operating rooms with 'their' employee doctors to 'provide services' . They outbid the existing groups of physicians who are at the hospital by going directly to management and administration. So the folks who had worked at the hospital, the groups who had been with the hospital for thirty or more years, are out in the cold.

The group that did it to the anesthesia team at a local hospital even stole the old physician's money.

They collected all the funds that came in from cases the anesthesiologists had done before the switch, but the payment came in after. This would be about twenty thousand dollars or more per anesthesiologist of earned income, STOLEN!

Well, guess what?

They can't deliver.  These mega-doctor corporations run by MBA's and not medical people are going under.

What goes up must come down--it's not only a law of gravity--it's a Universal Law.

Isn't this a MIRACLE?  When I was in Hiroshima, I did a lot of learning. There was a funny building I could see right outside our hotel window. I felt something about it. Like, PAY ATTENTION.

We walked to the memorial from the hotel, along Peace Boulevard.

There are many smaller memorials to people lost, especially the girls who worked at a clean up from a local high school and all died.

There were trees still alive who had survived the blast and the radiation!

I saw videos of eye witnesses, with little dots on the map showing how many kilometers they were from the hypocenter...explaining how their friends had their feet burned off, how people were dazed, and so many were they worried for their loved people were not told it was an atomic weapon for three days after the tragedy.  So people who weren't in the blast zone, but came in to look for their loved ones, were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation and died too.

But these Jesuits, survived!

Just by saying the Rosary.

I'm sure OTHER people in Japan in the area said the Rosary too? But they died.

It must have been that they were Jesuits.

And the priest in the article--or one of them in another article I read--bragged how he never got a single radiation sickness symptom, and lived a good long life, much to the dismay of his doctors! sounds almost superhuman...doesn't it?

Paragraph six, line two  'the survivors of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki were Catholic Religious'.

And ironically Nagasaki had the highest concentration of Christians in Japan, along with Hiroshima.

What my point is, is that YES, there is Blessed Mother. She is real. I believe in Fatima. And Medjugorje. I know a visionary of her Barbara Matthias in Santa Maria, California, and I am one too. I've known Blessed Mother for over twenty years, and even done the thing that every Wednesday and Friday you fast and eat only bread and water--I did that in Medical School--to save souls.

There is a Spiritual war out there--and Mary and her Son are doing everything they can to assist us.

However, the layer of this, along with the Jesuits....and their skeletons in their closets, from what I have since learned...this is why I label it propaganda. You can't take everything as it is told to you. You must be careful.

Here is Fatima...

So, long story short, on this one, there are things going on that you can't see, from the realm of Spirit, and people are doing their best to explain it. 

Note how the children aren't welcomed and embraced for their visions. Their families beat them for 'making it up'. (I've read the books). The priests didn't believe them and kept questioning them. They were kidnapped by the mayor. And also, thrown in jail. 

You also see the masses of people, who are donating/supporting local industry--and around THAT time 'Fatima was officially okayed' by the church. 

Yet, this church is the same church that led to the abuses of Sister Charlotte. You can look her up, her story. It's horrible and sad.

Here's how I can best explain it.

Back in ancient times, there were people who worshiped Baal and did all the Egyptian Left Hand mystery schools.

Supposedly these religions were even older, back to the times of Atlantis.

They believed in the power of blood, and magick.

Jesus called them on it. As an official ambassador from Divine Creator of All That Is.

That's why they hate him, the dark ones.

So after Jesus, they went 'underground' but never stopped. And they also infiltrated all the highest levels of society with their sexual perversion, blood rituals, and magick.

The Jesuits are a big part of it too.

Carolyn Limaco does an excellent job exposing this Cult of Saturn in our modern day social media as shown here:

We will come back to this later. Let's move on to other things.

Bread and Circus is a term used to describe how to handle the masses. You feed them and entertain them, so they are easier to control.

I've stumbled across something here which may be important.  This article on Eskimo behavior (First Nations) may explain why there was such an effort to take away their culture and decrease their numbers.

Humans are nomadic by nature.

They draw their strength from the tribe.

Even to the point of 'sharing their wives with their brothers'.

This kind of group is not as easy to control--because as shown in the next attachment--sexuality can be a way to draw closer in spiritual growth and find Truth, Universal Truth. 

Furthermore when a man and a woman are in sexual union, the Veil disappears on a quantum level, just for that moment, they are as they were back in Heaven. (I wish I knew about homosexual sex, my source for this one says it's male/female. I'm sure if there is deep love relationship it's most likely breaking the veil too in homosexual lovemaking).

What makes the dark systems go is the secrecy, and their sex magick. It's the opposite of Spiritual Design by Creator of All That Is for all of Creation.

It appears the institution of marriage takes a being that was nomadic and more 'open' and turns them to a wolf or an eagle lifestyle that 'mates for life'. As you can see by the astounding divorce rates--many people fall out of love because they lack the ability to be a wolf or an eagle when they are in fact, humans.

This is not to say that family is not important. Family--nomadic or nuclear--is still the backbone of society and has been attacked from all angles.

But something is funny in that area of Eskimos/First nation.

Here are eleven 'weird facts' about Eskimo/First nations sexuality

Here is an article on the crown, and Canada's missing First Nations children

It appears that something unspoken is known and driving this whole tragedy. To silence something or make something stop?

Here is what Diana knew:

Here is more on Diana's untimely end (you can watch from the beginning if you like too, but the main part is at 29:00

This one takes the cake! It was in the 1960's, not the 1980's the picnickers disappeared. And also, there's actually a layer unseen who commands the royalty in this whole Dark Secret Society Rules The World thing too.

But it has things that are very fresh and I've never seen, but it appears to be correct.

Guess I'm going to stop making the thumbs up gesture any more after watching this! LOL!

Ew!!! Yuck!

With the Alfie Evans story you see it all again. Power. Royalty. Church. Death of a child. Sorrow and sadness in the public.  (which creates LOOSH).

I want to share something very important here.

Stories like this in the public eye/media are MORE than 'art' or 'news'. They can be magick.

Marina Abramovich writes here--'In spiritual circles or private house or on TV shows, it is not art. The intention, the context for what is made, and where it is made defines what art is or not.'  (not art = magick for reals in this context)

Therefore, you may be unwittingly participating the the dark magick of the very decendants of those who Jesus and Divine Creator were against--by participating in an unseen 'spiritual circle' or 'watching TV'.

When you watch, you become part of the ceremony. Attention is what they want from you, and they divert it for their 'intentions'.

And the dark ones feed off fear. They can manifest things out of it.

It's time to chill.

We are in good hands.

This blog post has gone on long enough about doom and gloom.

Here is an article Researchers create a protein 'mat' that can clean up air pollution

Here is a totally fun cruise where you can watch things that glow in the ocean at night:

Isn't that cool?

And edible flowers--they are a wonderful addition to salads!

Remember we are in this together and everything is going to be all right.

All of us!


I don't want you to get bogged down. The truth has got to come out.

About everything.

About me.

About what is hidden.

About moving beyond it.

Carla and I have done a lot of work on this.

She has come to realize that all the happy memories we had, in all of our incarnations, outweigh the terrible bad things she witnessed happening to me with her own eyes at the end of the three she remembers.

We have been together more than that!

This morning, when I held her, Carla said to me, 'handsome face! drink!'

She didn't want to wake up in the morning. She wanted to gaze upon my visage more.

And when Carla gazes, she tells me how adorable I am to her, and she holds me close, plays with my hair...and although she doesn't let on, she is always checking to make sure there are no wounds in my head.  That everything is there, and in it's proper place and healthy.

Sometimes out of the blue, Carla will challenge me and ask, bluntly, 'no boo boos?'

And I have to show her, with my arms and my legs and my chest, that yes, everything is FINE. And I am healthy! And in good spirits.

Carla and I have been working on this for five years we have been together. Five long years.

And it still troubles her. To this day.

Not as it used to.

These things take time!

I don't want you to be hard on yourself for 'being fooled' by the Dark ones. They are excellent at it! They are magicians! That is what magicians do. Trick people by slight of hand, or  in this case, spiritual manipulation and control.

Do not be hard on yourself for having bought what they 'sold you' hook, line, and sinker.

Do not cry or be disappointed when like Bill Cosby, the loving father of the Huxtables is sent to prison for terrible abuse, drugging women and raping them!

This is because there are always two sides to the person, the one you see 'on stage' in some form, and with the media, there are a great many people who are in that position 'on stage'...and then there is the real person when the camera is not pointed at them.

The dark ones wanted you to believe that the face you see on the little screen is the same when it is OFF the screen!

Every normal person would be led to that assumption. But it's not true!

So don't get bogged down, be sad, and then shift the focus on YOU and how YOU were traumatized so you can heal from the trauma...for example, by the little baby Alfie story that tore at your heart, as it did Carla's, and the powerlessness you felt to change it.

Those scars from all the hundreds of similar stories ADD UP.

Toss in to that your onscreen heartthrob or hottie or hero being--'exposed' for what they are? That one's going to hurt you. Terribly. Inside.

So don't let yourself get bogged down in the shock and in the amazement at what could be hidden in plain sight.

They are masters at Illusion.

That's what they are.

And the party is over.

For them.

Focus on your healing and the Divine will take care of the rest.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple and Founders of Doctors With Reiki