Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Charming PEEPS

I was driving to work yesterday. I often meditate while I drive, it's hard to explain, and I think you should know I've been saying some form of meditative prayer (starting with the Rosary) since I was twenty three while I drive. What I am about to share is the result of thirty years of this kind of meditation.

In other words, it is better for you to attempt this kind of connection with Spirit while you are NOT in a moving vehicle!

For me, somehow, it just works.

That is the disclaimer.

Today I am talking about my Council. And this is for you to be prepared for when you are conscious and begin to experience your own similar 'sessions'.

This is not what is looks like. It's too clear, and there are too many people.

This is not what it looks like too.  This is too much color, it's too much like here.

So yesterday, when I was told I was going to be in Council, I instantly was 'THERE'.

I thought to myself, 'how do I look? do I look my best?'

At that, I was zapped OUT from Council to another space. There was a mirror. I checked. Ross came too, and kissed me and told me I looked good.

Another blink and I was standing in front of something that looked like this:

You can't see the legs or the feet. Only above the table.

There's about this many.

They aren't clear. I sense their vibrations more than their faces, although I get hints of facial expression more by sensing them than by seeing them with my mind's eye.

When the questions start, I don't actually see them any more. I know they are there.

'What are your favorite things to do?'

Instantly I answer--it makes sense while I answer, and I'm clear headed and in control. Unfortunately, the memory of this doesn't 'stick'. All I remember was my second answer, 'going snorkeling in Hawaii'.

The feeling as I'm answering is that Earth is a really cool place to be, and I am lucky to have experienced it.

'What was the hardest thing you have done?'

It's funny for this one. Your day to day misery just fades away. And the really tough challenges stand out.

I pause.

The hardest thing was reporting my own father for pedophile behavior towards my son.

It was hard. I was faced with a tough choice. There was evidence of it in both my home and in his father's home pointing toward the same person doing this to the child. Three adults heard the child say horrible things, as if they were normal,  at the dinner table much to the adults dismay.  Then there was what I both saw and heard in the bathtub while giving him a bath. I knew that dad's best friend, the janitor at school, was arrested for pedophilia. I knew that the one professor I had who 'felt like dad' and made me calm, when I was in his office for help on a homework question, was arrested for pedophile against two neighbor girls, the youngest was nine. Ed Grens was his name.   The father and I decided together to blame him and his family if my family ever found out. So I called social services. They came, they said it wasn't clear, but to be safe. Since dad was sick and dying, to keep the relationship with the grandparent as it's important to the child's development, but to NEVER LET THEM BE ALONE.  So I was like glue, a shadow, never away from my son at any family functions. Fortunately the babysitting had stopped and there wasn't any other access to the child.

I said this simply, in one sentence, calmly, to my Council. The paragraph after was for you, the reader. I could see the problem clearly, and my choices I made in the challenge. And that I had done well.

I volunteered that going to court for custody with my son was really hard too. (Fortunately that was before the other hard thing to do, and resolved!)

Then we started talking about something else. I forget exactly.

I do remember telling them that I enjoy working with them, I'm grateful for their loving support. I explained that this 'popping in' and 'popping out' and not being able to see them regularly makes me wonder if they forget about me. Even though I know they are always with me, and in answer to questions like this I am shown how they watch and monitor and intervene and they care.

I asked them how I can know they are thinking of me?

Each one gave me a pendant on a chain in spirit and put it around my neck.

Except for Ross.

He's always there, both as guide and as Council.

He put the most beautiful diamond necklace I have ever seen, glowing from heaven diamonds EVERYWHERE, it wasn't heavy, but it was thick and absolutely stunning! Nicer than what most actresses wear on the red carpet that they borrow!

I was floored. Absolutely overwhelmed.

Not only am I starting to realize that life isn't meant to be horrible and filled with pain, I am starting to realize how much I am loved and cared for back home in Heaven.

The role of the Council is to help us as we go through our educational experiences in Earth School -- but really, I can see everywhere, everything is a form of School, even off-planet. And making new experiences is what we do. It just IS.

And it's GOOD.

I also, upon realizing the extent this 'School' or 'University' is across the Universe, asked my guides, 'well if this is school, when is recess? where is the janitor? where are the desks?'

My guides smiled.

They showed me how schools here are meant to indoctrinate, and gave examples how the 'Earth School' and 'Universe-ity' are to improve and give freedom and joy.

I understood.

This is why I was asked to share.

They want you to understand how everything works with your Councils too, so you won't be surprised when you start interacting with them.

All my love,

Reiki Doc