Thursday, April 12, 2018

Homesickness for Home In Heaven Explained

This article may sound, um, oblique or obtuse. It may take several times to read it for the concepts to make sense. And that's okay.

The core issue is why I prefer to direct my love outward, to Ross, and why his leaving me so many years ago has caused much struggle for me as a soul.

Although now I 'get it', as I was falling asleep I told him 'I might never learn this lesson!' in a way that was both teasing him and being sarcastic at the same time.

The first basic point is that in a relationship, if you are always loving, it's like a conversation where you are always talking. I've learned just yesterday, if you 'stop talking' for a minute, you would be surprised and overwhelmed at just how much loving feelings your Soul Twin has for you, and how they like to communicate it to you.

This happened to us on the way home from work yesterday.

I decided to open all my chakras, reach up, and just stretch stretch stretch to touch his energy where it is. Our energy bodies are 'stretchy' and can go great distances with little effort.

(Disclaimer:  this is something I have been trained to do, safety, and have been able to do for a long time. We don't open our chakras without making sure first there is lots of angelic protection and go through all the complete steps. We don't want to invite just anything to our delicate energy bodies when we are open like that.)

Well, as I had anticipated, when my soul met his, the energy started to move, and I called it 'dancing with joy'.  I could see his energy body--in human form--holding me and dancing like a ballroom dance--with my energy body in human form.   UP.   Up there. I was still connected to the physical body and able to drive and pay attention to the road. It's a form of meditation I somehow can do. Again, I don't recommend meditation while driving!! You can do this best while seated at home!

Then the songs on the radio started to come.

I saw the song come up, and I still didn't make the connection. I was like, 'oh yes! It's THAT SONG again!' And I kept dancing and enjoying the presence of Ross.

Then this one came up:

I realized, since my dad is a fisherman, that catching and releasing is the highest form of fishing--you love the fish, and let it go. There is a certain kind of respect for life to let things be free.

Could Ross be talking to me through the music?

I think he was!

He had something to say to me...I felt it...his emotions were coming through with the music...

I have to tell you, in all of this relationship with him, there's lots that has been unsaid. Lots of healing, loving and support, but Ross doesn't exactly 'sing me love songs' or 'write me poetry' and I sensed that he was filled with romantic love for me. He was starting to let me see just how much of this love he has for me inside...wasn't he?


Ross has something to SAY!

To me!

Oh my gosh....the energy he was sending was layered into the song....I'm a boomerang and no matter how hard you throw me, I'll be right back and better at the game...

I smiled.  <3

Lessons this way present themselves to completion.

This wasn't everything.

What else did I do?

Well, something I did, that helped a lot, was I was able to have the time between cases, to be present for my baby sister. Her dog, very beloved dog, my nephew, passed suddenly. It wasn't easy to see. Both of us were in shock, her for having been through it, and me, at the finality of it all.

I offered to help her describe what happened, so if perhaps I could offer medical opinion, it might help her.

Sure enough, by her description of the events, the dog had not suffered and was unconscious almost immediately, even though he didn't die until at the vet.

(I'm also grateful when this happened, she wasn't alone, a very close lifelong friend was there with her two small children for a visit.)

I was able to also offer spiritual assistance, both by posting the request on Team Doctors With Reiki, and offering videos of the Transition Symbol as well as the one about Grieving and Loss I posted yesterday. If my sister felt they would help, the information was there for her. 

There's more, but I've asked her permission to share, and she hasn't given it yet. 

The time of death, the date, the age of the dog, have a special number, it's all the same. And if you look up Doreen Virtue, there's a message attached to the number. Her mother in law picked up the pattern, the coincidence. I'm the one who connected the message, and with a little help, was able to interpret it for her and give it.

Please note that Ross didn't give any hint of this what was to pass. However, in the last photo I saw, the energy was 'tired' in the dog's face. It was so subtle. It was like Caysen's look I picked up in one of his last photos--'his lessons are complete and he knows it!'.

The other thing I did yesterday, was I was able to reach deep into my Spiritual strengths/training, and assist two patients who were in need of this 'extra' skill I have. One was deeply worried about nausea, and upset over the anesthesia. I was able to sit, educate, listen (did that first), offer framework of the anesthesia plan with detailed explanation over the PONV prophylaxis. Then I was also able to find out more about her career and recent travel, and connect that I was recently traveled in that part of the world too. Plus I had an in-flight medical emergency! It was a one-hundred eighty degree turn.

Another patient too, was in need of this extra compassion and care. Her husband knew what I was up to. I could tell they both appreciated it.

I must go soon.

Let me close with the last two videos/links that were the sort of summation of yesterday's lesson:

This one is more important for the spiritual framework--the pre-birth contract how it is made, and what happens when you break the contract, than for the suicide part itself. I was like, hmmmm.

And this one:

Hmmmmm! Ross, I 'get it'! But I won't give you the satisfaction of my admitting that I totally do.

My joy yesterday was going to the Japanese market on the way home. I bought many things, and I want to have Japanese breakfasts now. I can have boiled tofu in the morning (organic) Kyoto style. I even have the seven spices to add.  I had a bento box for dinner too. With my new chopsticks I bought that came in the little box. I'm still actively learning Japanese. It gives me great joy.

Since there isn't much time, I will mention here by my friends Yuko Abe and Masaki are organizing Earth Day Kyoto on April 21, 2018. I've seen the flyer--in Japanese!--and it doesn't make much sense to me as I have still yet to learn how to read it. Their 'donate' button for the event, is also in Japanese. However, rental space is going to cost them about eight hundred dollars American equivalent. So she and Masaki have asked me to mention their cause, and ask for donations through her PayPal  The money will get to the cause and every little bit will help.

Ross and I are going to sponsor it too.  As Doctors With Reiki. 

Here is the street credibility on Hans Wilhelm. Read about his father. It's important.

And that covers it.


I love her and I admire how very much she has grown.

Carla saw accurately that her 'love life has been unpleasant' to the point of Jared actually rejecting her at four months into her pregnancy--because Carla who by fault focuses on others with her love, vastly needed the opportunity to learn  there is 'self love' which is most important in this life.  It took my going away from her several times, and her reaction, to get to this point where she can 'get it'...

Or so she halfway admits, just to irritate and tease and annoy ME.

That's why I married her! With Carla there is NO predictability, NO concession of loss/defeat, and ALL one hundred percent feminine wiles when it pertains to MY interactions with HER. 

I love my Twin and am very happy and content in the relationship, because Carla 'adds a little spice' to keep our relationship from 'getting boring' in the conventional sense.

Just wait and see up here in Heaven what I have prepared for her.

I want to touch upon one last point--on her way to work yesterday Carla was starting to ask me about 'our future' and 'what to expect'.

Gentlemen, you know in your relationships where things are going once the ladies start to approach you on these terms. They are starting to open their heart, and to consider commitment and all the blessings close life bonds with you will bring forth, such as possible children. She will want to make sure it is safe before she opens her heart completely to you and commits. 

She isn't trying to 'catch you' or 'pin you down' or 'clip your wings'.

Not at all.

She is trying to make sure anything for her family in the future is going to be well-cared for and appreciated by you. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Founders Of Doctors With Reiki