Monday, December 31, 2012

A Message from Our Lady for January 1st, 2013

Sweet Children,

There is happiness around you on the road ahead. Some of you have challenges. Some of you are struggling. (she touches her heart with both hands and looks sad) This I understand. When the going gets toughest, you have to persist--have to persist! (shows her finger and thumb about an inch apart).This is the difference between a failure and success! It is this very inch when you cannot make it any more. It is when your mind and your body are telling you, 'I have had it! I am bound to quit! I have made a mistake in getting in to this! I am in far over my head!' (her voice gets soft and gentle) This is why you came to Gaia to suffer and wail in the beginning: to have the chance to doubt yourself and find the diamond that is within...the courage...and the faith that had to be fired like metal to gain strength.

Hold on my little children. The wonderous world is going to amaze you! And fill you with delight!

Everything happens for the best. I ask you to keep reminding yourself of this, writing it down on little cards where they will be easy to see and placing them about your home and your desk and your automobile...

(Note: MY favorite childhood show theme song just came on while the family was looking at a TIVO episode of Scooby Doo--the Banana Splits--these words in the captions on the song stand out--
Making up a mess of fun    making up a mess of fun    lots of fun for every one tra la la tra la la la... I am captivated by the coincidence and the memories that start welling up in me.--Reiki Doc)

I want you to recall the sheer joy of childhood. Even if you had a sub-optimal youth, I want you to recall the moments of pleasure and comfort that you experienced at this time.

Everything happens for the best! Onwards and Upwards! Everything is happening in the moment of sheer perfection and awesomeness!

That is enough for us now.
Our channeller has to go and take care of her family.
Namaste! Namaste!

Your Mother in the Sky,
The Goddess
Mother Mary
(whatever it is that you call me, do so lovingly. I am one and the same, and in no way wish to offend by calling myself The Virgin or anything that reminiscent of religion that is unpleasant to recollect for some of you that are reading this message. I embrace you with Love and Maternal Blessing for the Light no matter what. All of you are my little ones, it is not a religious connection in any way, but rather, a highly spiritual one.)


Reiki Doc

The Warrior Stance at Big Box Hospital

"Mom got this terrible pain at five in the morning. The urine wouldn't flow in the catheter. The nurse had to come flush it. There were blood clots! You need to come in!" my sister texted, frantically.

I was due to relieve her for she had spent forty-eight hours in the hospital with mom. I hurried in. As I parked the car, which is a rental because mine is in the shop, I felt the Presence of Spirit in the Parking Structure.

Of all people, in popped Montague Keen.

'Is that really you?' I asked, in my mind, incredulously. (I felt another Spirit, too, one of my Reiki guides there, too. Some have seen the face of that entity in a picture I posted--and will pin up top here).

Indeed it was. And Monty guided me to be like a warrior, taking everything in, not making judgements, not getting emotional, as I went into the  hospital that day.

Here are my 'notes':

  • Walking In: I walk like a doctor. I had my travel mug of coffee in hand, and strode toward the hospital. I saw someone in scrubs, walking in from the opposite direction. I 'sensed' they were checking me out. It had to be a surgeon, because the time was nine and that is when surgeons round. (Anesthesia comes in before seven a.m.) When he saw me head toward the visitor's sign in, the energy connection broke. He said good morning to the security people and got in the elevator.
  • Entering the Room: My sister was gone. Mother had a strange look on her face. After pleasantries, she confided that the horrible pain and pressure in her bladder were still there. She had called the nurse fifteen minutes ago, and got no answer. I realized there was obstruction by clot in the foley again. I called the nurse. No answer. I went up the chain of command and called the charge nurse. I said' This is Dr. so-and-so' and explained the situation. The charge nurse came at once. She flushed the foley incorrectly (disconnected and broke sterile rather than using the side port for this purpose). Mid-flush, she asked 'is there chemo in this?' as she was six week's pregnant. She then talked about the pregnancy. The nurse assigned to mom came in, apologizing for the delay, another patient was sicker. I saw fear on her face. Fear that she was going to get written up.
  • Averting the Medication Error: To catch up the nurse wanted to give all of the missed doses from eight a.m. and the ones due at ten a.m. at nine thirty. One of the meds due at ten is Prograf. I knew there was something special about it, that one must not eat for some time in order for it to be absorbed properly. I questioned her. She said it was okay. I explained, 'look, I get it that you want to put this delay behind you and make everything right. But mom has had a kidney transplant and the anti-rejection medications are important. If the kidney is rejected, she dies! I am just an anesthesiologist. Would you mind calling the transplant pharmacist? They told her Cell Cept at 8 a.m and 8 p.m. and Prograf at 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. for a reason. The nurse didn't want to.  I rephrased my point, 'I am extremely concerned about this drug. I am concerned that this drug is not supposed to mix with the others. It is like an i.v. where two drugs when mixed together with make a rock in the line (precipitate out).' She got on the phone. The inpatient pharmacist said, 'Do what she says to make her happy.' But I looked it up while they were on the phone: Prograf--two hours empty stomach before taking, one hour empty stomach after. What surprised me was my intuition was in high-gear, and kicking in, in defense, without being agressive. I could hear my soul talking to the nurse.
  • Watching Mom: There were some things going on, and as a daughter I took them in. As a physician too. In her eyes, there was no Light. In her actions and words, the energy of Fear. In her foley, blood, as only I have seen in post-surgical patients. (Anesthesiologists watch the urine output during surgery). It all started to come together, the weight loss, the loss of appetite, the blood, the high blood sugar, the defeat: something was terribly wrong. I noticed in myself a familiar heart-centered extra boost of compassion and kindness kicking in. I only get that with cancer patients, and those I know who are going to die. Then I asked my urologist friend what was up. Bladder cancer is a risk for post-transplant patients. The only other cause is infection, but there were no signs of that. I had my diagnosis in my heart.
  • Connecting to Spirit 'Data': A medium had told mom she would die in a year. She had taken this news as a sign she had done something wrong (her usual way of looking at things). Instead of taking the year to make it special, she worried about it all year, trying to 'prove it wrong'.  Mistakingly, I had known others with a 'death by' date given from this same person, and all had been alive way past the time-so I reassured her with that 'he's wrong' angle. But on 12.26 Dad had spoken to me as I was waking up--'I am coming to take mom'. And yesterday, I had seen flashes of him as a young man, around the time I was born, but closed myself off to it. Some neighbors came to visit, and I could tell that they loved mom and would be checking in on her when she came back home. (I live an hour away). They had an incredible energy, and follow all of the Ascension 'alternative news sources' (mom had shown me some computer print-outs they had shared). No matter what, I accepted. And further, I accept the responsibility as first-born and as the only doctor in the family. to take the lead in the workup and what happens down the road.
So here I am. I know. And yet it is not 'known' for sure. There is no cystoscopy yet. There is no biopsy. I have mentioned my concerns obliquely to my sisters and to my son, to help them. 

Monty is clapping now, slowly, to make a point. He wants me to write about 'acceptance'.
You see, I had been thinking that this was the first time since 1993 I had time off between Christmas and New Year's. While sharing this with her doctor outside the door, I literally hit my head (gently) on the wall as I said, 'This is my first vacation for winter break in twenty years and I am spending it inside the hospital!' On the way home, I realized, I had stayed up until midnight on Christmas 2008 to book Winter Break off in 2009, which I had to fight for, but it ended up being Dad's last year. I recall the photo of him wearing the 2009 glasses on the couch with mom, oxygen tubing in place...

I can see how our Higher Selves work together, to make plans for family passages like this, for the maximum benefit and minimal disruption of all persons involved.

Monty is putting his finger aside his nose and gently tapping it. I think that means I got the puzzle correct. And he also wants to say a special 'hello' to his wife Veronica (I think that is her name). As I was walking out of the hospital, I saw people--health care people--practicing dance moves under an overhang in the rain. I thought it was for a flash mob. It wasn't. They have to do the same moves and conserve energy for it is going to be for five miles. They are the nurses on either the nurse float or the tranplant float for the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Monty wants her to know he sent them to her--through me--so she can see them on the Parade on New Year's Day. 'Everything is Sunny and Bright in 2013, Veronica--from your adoring Monty'. He bows and steps back. 'That is my New Year's Gift to her.'


Reiki Doc

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Angels in the Old Folk's Home

As I was visiting with Grandmother at the dining table, and she was commenting on how beautiful the table setting was, I saw an angel bowing its head in the way angels do when they are moved by a kindness.

Seeing the angel made me recall that angels, once invited, can maintain a vortex of Light over an institution. I took the love energy that was spiraling with joy from my grandmother's and my delight to being together, and I bent it out and into the center of the dining room.

I concentrated on it for a few minutes. Then I felt the energy 'relax' as it was sign that the angels had 'taken over' the Vortex and I could 'let go'.

I looked and encircling the fifteen round tables, with the residents wearing their terry cloth bibs, slumping in their wheel chairs, and even being assisted by the servers to eat, were eighteen tall angels with even taller wings. They wore ivory-beige, had wings, and were as tall as the Christmas Tree in the large room. I noticed pillars of white light going through their heads and bodies into the earth and up to the sky. Each pillar was about ten inches in diameter.

One of them nodded at me, waved a brief hello of acknowledgement, and then they went away.

You might want to ask the angels to assist and be present whenever you are in a large institution. Many of them, such as airports and shopping malls, are built on sites that are actual Ley Lines of Gaia, ancient rivers of electromagnetic power that are her Life Source. They were built that way on purpose by people who are described in Cobra's Little Red Pill, the Dark Hats, Illuminati, and the Cabal.
Angels can release it, but only if you invite them by use of your Free Will.

To Gaia, these institutions on her Ley lines feels like a tourniquet that has been left on her arm for too long (like when they draw blood tests). Will you help release the energy ties that restrict the flow of Life Forces through Her?


Reiki Doc

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love-A To See You

"There is no fear in love, because perfect Love casts out Fear"

Two Visits:

The Convalescent Home: Grandmother

Grandmother is ninety years old, and has dementia. A survivor of abuse as a child, she recently suffered at the hands of a loved one and their partner, who had considered her an 'investment'. The details are not important, except for the purposes of a back story for this 'talk story', ya?

She is in her new home, one that is closer to the family. It is my first visit. She is lying in her bed, low to the floor, little cap on her head and two crocheted blankets on her. One was the expensive pink one I had bought. She smiled and kissed me, and I greeted her with delight.

She wanted to know if I had brought her anything. I pulled out a bag of M&M's and fed them to her one at a time. She smiled with pleasure at the chocolate. I had to make a big show out of eating them with her, as she will not eat if you do not eat a little too. 

In her broken English, she said, 'what do you-a know about-a this life? It can-a be short, long-a, you-a never know--who would have-a thought that I would be here-a like-a this?' She points up to the ceiling and says, 'Only God can decide when we live or we die'.

I saw her kiss the hand of the nurse that gave her medicine and a supplement shake to drink. (she had been badly malnourished and thin). 

She looked and me and said, 'We should be happy all the time!'

She also thought today was two miracles, one because I came to see her (she had been thinking about me) and the other because her table was so pretty with a table cloth at dinner. 

'I am-a so blessed! she said, as I said I had to go. 
'Mangia!' I told her, as clearly I was distracting her from her supper.

Telemetry, Big Box Hospital: my parent

There is drama. All three children are at the bedside. We watch the T.V. together. The i.v. had caused the hand to swell. Although the metabolic problems were corrected, a new problem has cropped up.

The sister who spent last night and is going to spend this night 'looks like she is in jail', my other sibling said.

It is true. In the hospital, with a loved one who is fearful of every little thing, even the way the tubing to the leg squeezers (to prevent blood clots) is arranged, it puts a person on edge. The hypervigilance of the parent, the constant need to reassure, to explain the same thing over and over again is emotionally draining.

'Hey doctor, I have a question for you?' my parent said. They wanted to know about the condition requiring a long-term drain. I explained it my best, in my most gentle and optomistic terms.
The parent grunts and says, 'That's what the specialist said.' All day long, there has been obsessing about the drain. How to manage it. Hoping against all hope for a way perhaps one person would say it was not needed after all.

There is a total disconnect between the ego and the clinical situation in this patient, who happens to be my parent. Three kids, all taking turns to keep our parent from being alone, for one week, making huge sacrifices of our time and energy all to keep our parent's fear in check.

I have seen this kind of mindset clinically. There is no way to calm fear in someone like this. Not without chemicals like Versed. It just doesn't work.

My doctor, whom I saw recently because of a cough that keeps getting worse, issued me a one-hour each day limit. My doctor is from the same Mediterranean background as me. His parents are even more like this than mine!

The moral of the story is:  there is no 'I' in Love. Grandmother is all heart. Parent is love taking third place after Fear and Ego. Parent is innocent, except for permitting this pattern in the first place; it has taken root and is lowering the quality of their life experience.

'There are two ways to look at life. The first is as if nothing is a miracle. The second is as if everything is a miracle.' - Albert Einstein

What habits would you like to cultivate in you? The first step is to be aware of them. In the dining room, there was a woman with echolalia. She would say the same thing over and over. 'I don't want any! I don't want any! I don't want any! I don't want any! and 'Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me!'
Sometimes we get echolalia in our head. They can be good thoughts. And they can be fearful thoughts. The examples are in the talk-stories shared above. We do not have to permit echolalia of the fearful thoughts. We have the strength to acknowledge them, and nip them in the bud, plucking them out like weeds, and concentrating on the beautiful loving thoughts we would like to have. This IS a miracle! That we have the power to select and 'edit' what is on our mind. That is the definition of Free Will and the ticket to Freedom for the Higher Dimensions.


Reiki Doc

How To See Higher Dimensions

How to see the fifth dimension? Don't use your eyes. Leave your logic back in the car. Take everything you have ever been taught, and set it on the shelf for a while. It is still there, and is not going anywhere, you can't lose it...nothing that you have ever known as truth is going to work.

Why? That is because the Higher Dimensions are new. It is like the blades of a fan set on High; they spin more fast than the eye can see. Yet your ears can hear them whirr. And your skin can feel the breeze.

It is not going to be described in the newspaper. And especially not on T.V. Not now while they are under the control of the illuminati-run media. That makes sense, does it now?

It is out the door, waiting to be discovered. It is in Nature already, loud and clear, and a beautiful sight to behold--if you use your Heart to 'see'.

You shall feel 'pockets' of fifth dimensionality throughout your interactions with others. One man saw a street person with no teeth suddenly clean up and have teeth in a 'flash' before his eyes while he was talking to him, and then 'pop back' to his current form.  That is because in the fifth dimension all of us are perfect and in perfect Health. The conversation skipped dimensions for a little while, that is it.

I feel an incredible warmth and love in my chest when I connect to Spirit. It is far different from anything I have ever experienced before the 12.21.12 Ascension. There is more 'kick' to it, more 'energetic substnace'. I really like it. I have also noticed less conflict with others in our interactions. All conflict is short-lived and easily resolved. That is nice.

So, I encourage you: the only way you are going to 'see' the Higher Dimensions is when your vibration can 'access' the Higher Realms.

If you want to know how to Raise your Vibration, there is a link to this blog--use the Search button.

I see signs of Ascension everywhere I look, in myself and others.

Look to the skies, and feel how the cloud formations make you feel in your heart center.

Then you will know. The eyes are not that useful in this situtation. Think of the blades of a fan going on the higher settings...

It is desired for as many people to 'wake up' as possible. It is not for the Lightworkers who are prepared and are chomping at the bit. Until everyone is able to awaken, try to detect pockets of the Higher Dimensions around you.

They are there. I guarantee it.

Who was there for you on Ascension Day? Who was not offline and experiencing the unknown by themself (like ninety percent of other online resources?). Who is with you for the long haul of the Ascension Process?  <3


Reiki Doc

Friday, December 28, 2012

Kanaka Sick

There was a patient, an old Hawaiian woman, who had been seeing her Doctor in Honolulu for some time with no success. No matter what he prescribed, she still had the same pain in her head and in her throat. Exasperated, he looked at her chart, looked at her and said,  'There is nothing more that I can do for you. You are Kanaka sick. Go and have Kanaka medicine for your illness.'

She was elated! Her Western physician was telling her it was OKAY to seek traditional, old Hawaiian healing! She went home right away, told her family, lay in bed, and waited for the Cousin, the kahuna to arrive.

He came, took his time, stopping to bathe and to dress in his pure white kahuna priests' robe. He sat cross legged on a mat in the center of the room, and commanded, 'Auntie, tell me your troubles.'

She poured out a story of how she had a quarrel with her only son  more than a month ago. She hadn't meant it, but in anger he left home. The evil which began with the quarrel had about driven her mad with pains in her head and the strangling sensation in her throat. Her headstrong son had gone to sea as a common sailor after their quarrel. Since he left in anger, the pains had grown worse and worse and with them had come a premonition that son would be drowned at sea and she would never be able to tell him how she regretted those hard words.

The whole sad story was told. Auntie cried, everyone in the room cried.

With the voice of authority, cousin finally said, 'Auntie, you have allowed a great evil to take hold. We will ask the gods to help. If they are willing, we will drive this evil from you.' Each person in the room was given a task. Papa must go to bring back five mullet fresh from the water. Another to bring fresh ti leaves, another taro, another...brandy, awa root, salt, an egg, seawater, and driftwood from the beach.

A meal was prepared and offered to the gods. There were small bundles made for each of the gods, and put into the pit oven to cook. The good was cleansed spiritually, and blessed by Cousin. Then the gods took the essence of the food, and the family, the food itself. But every morsel left after the meal was bundled up, Cousin told Auntie to go to sleep, and if the gods were pleased she would have a dream. He went with Papa and took the bundles of left over food, and buried them on different sacred parts of the island. Cousin then came back, and sat through the night on the mat, waiting for the first rays of the sun. Auntie woke up and shared with Cousin her dream--her son was safe on the big ship traveling around the world and was coming home at the end of the trip. Auntie cried with joy as she told of talking to her son. He was no longer angry. He, too, regretted the quarrel and wanted to wash it from his mind. Yes, the gods had taken away the evil which had possessed her. The pain was gone from her head and her throat.

Cousin agreed. They took Auntie to a clean beach with shallow water. They put a special lei on her, and helped her to swim. The lei was allowed to float away into the ocean, as an offering of thanks and as a symbol of her evil floating away. Auntie's treatment for her illness was part of a medical tradition that reached back into the ancient times of her ancestors.  (Story is copied from the book, Hawaiian Herbal Medicine -Kahuna la'au lapa'au) by June Gutmanis, Island Heritage Press, section 'Prologue')


My parent has an elderly mother over ninety years age, who suffers from dementia. Grandmother wanders and falls in the night. She had lost weight, markely under the care of a sibling to my parent. My parent had been the caregiver until health concerns had made that not possible, and care had gone to this sibling, who insisted everything be done their way, with no questions, and if there was a question, that was it, full responsibility for their mother would go back to my parent. Upon learning of the decline in health and weight, my parent insisted on Grandmother's admission to a local E.R. over the wishes of the caregiver.

My parent's sibling was upset, and there was a quarrel between the two. The sibling disowned my parent. Although Grandmother gained weight and began to thrive in the rest home, my parent got more and more sick. Diabetes and cardiac issues were behind a long decline, including a severe dental infection, that had set this formerly active parent back for eight weeks. Now in the hospital, I witnessed Kanaka medicine: the other sibling called my parent to apologize, and offer to drive the three hour drive to the hospital if the prognosis was poor for my parent. I saw joy spread across the face of my parent while the two were speaking on the phone. There was a release and healing before my eyes. My parent had been torn to have to choose between Grandmother and a sibling, who had been close. How can one choose between two people they love and have known all of their life?


Some things are a constant in the human condition, are they not?

In Auntie's case, the throat chakra and brow chakra were affected, with symptoms that were not responding to conventional medical care. The intervention of a kahuna family member, Cousin, was required to intercede to the gods on the behalf of Auntie, who received a complete cure.

In my parent's case, the solar plexus and heart chakras were affected, along with the red chakra (teeth represent financial worry, which is survival, the red chakra). The entire family has been at the bedside 24/7, taking turns. Our parent is enjoying the attention and nurturing at the hospital of their choice, the Big Box who has been a part of our lives for decades, and even assisted with the palliative care of the other parent.

I see the connections with the energy to the disease in both cases clearly. Does this show itself to you here with the stories shared? It is my hope that soon others will start to unite the cultural and traditional methods into mainstream medicine, so that the 'failed' patients can find their equivalent 'Kanaka medicine' cure that truly works for them. It doesn't have to be one paradigm or the other that is right. It must be the connection with the patient belief and the ability to activate their innate healing power that is within them. I have seen conventional medicine do miracles. But it's not for everybody. (if you have cancer, or any other major health concern, try to find a doctor who is willing to work with you on your optiona, and always be open and honest with them on every treatment you do.)

Everyone has a right to be free of disease and suffering. After all, this IS the twenty-first century!


Reiki Doc

P.S. Yes I have sent distance Reiki, given Reiki in person, notified family and friends to ask for prayer, and put my loved one on the Reiki Share list. I have also been the doctor and the caring child too.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reiki and the E.R.

An elderly loved one was admitted to the hospital recently.
As the doctor in the family, I was requested to come to the E.R. at once.
Sometimes, the 'Just for Today, I will do my work honestly' applies even on your day off.

I had to be a noodge. Do you know what a noodge is? A noodge is the person who stands up for the Truth, and annoys the heck out of people to get proper care for their loved one.

This family member had an eight-week history of malaise: not feeling well, not eating, needing help to walk. This was a change in the baseline activity level of a basically active senior.

The catch is that this loved one had a complex medical history, including diabetes brought on by steroid use in anti-rejection therapy for a solid-organ transplant.

Furthermore, this loved one, like my three other elderly loved ones who had passed on before, bought the motto of this 'big box healthcare organization' hook, line, and sinker. Somehow the five-dollar copay translates through as 'good care' to people who have lived through the Great Depression.

Blood sugar was over five hundred. The admitting internist wanted to send this loved one to the floor.

While I was in the E.R. for over six hours, and the hospital itself for eight, this is what I saw for treatment:

Glucose = off the charts. No diabetic ketoacidosis--yet.

Insulin ten units i.v.

Recheck in one hour. Glucose = four hundred and something.

No action. No insulin. Nada.

I ask about the plan of treatment with the E.R. nurse.

Delay while she calls the internist.

Ten units insulin i.v. PLUS eight units insulin subcutaneous.

No recheck as expected in an hour.

I ask again after two hours.

Recheck blood sugar. It is three hundred ninety.

The internist calls, and asks for me. This doctor says, 'I did test A and test B and test C and test D and test E and test F and...the results are A and B and C and D and E and F....'

I listen, acutely aware that this is a new doc, who is not yet able to synthesize a working diagnosis. This  physician is 'ruling out' everything on the differential (list of possible) diagnoses, but does not 'get it' that something seriously metabolic is going on. 

Here is the work up that should have been happening;
ABG (arterial blood gas)
Urine and serum osmolarity, and sodium (this was critically low)
Insulin drip
in addition to the EKG, UA, lytes, CBC, renal ultrasound, chest x-ray and CT scan ordered.
(isn't it ironic how at the airport they x-ray your total body on the way in the gates but not at the E.R.?)

Guess what?
I said to the nurse, 'I know in my heart that is it was this intern's parent in this E.R. instead of mine, this intern would have been ten times more mean than I am being now!'
And the nurse looked at me, and let down her guard immediately, for I had spoken a Truth.

The internist agreed to ICU admission 'to make me feel better'.
Then I got told by same internist, 'The ICU physician refuses the admit because your loved one does not meet ICU criteria'

Guess what? The telemetry nurse refused the admission. The sugar was not controlled and too high.

Guess what? My parent experienced chest pain (I can't breathe I have pressure, and anginal equivalent) twice in front of me. You don't give one and a half liters of normal saline wide open to anyone over seventy. At the first time, we stopped the fluids, and the symptoms resolved. When the fluids were restarted later, on a pump, we mentioned in the hall that the patient was having chest pain. (I had programmed the monitor to track continuous EKG tracing, one lead, in the E.R. as it was only showing pulse ox and blood pressure before. I watched the ST segments steep depression, and knew the diastolic blood pressure was only thirty. I saw the ischemia happen before my eyes, just like in the O.R. Only there was no paper in the printer on on monitor to print out automatically with the alarms what had been going on).

Then everyone ran in the room.

The nurse in white scrubs came in. The one that knew what was what. Probably the house supervisor.
He asked why the sugar was so high and uncontrolled. And why there were all these different places to go--telemetry, ICU, DOU (step down).

I said it was because I 'squeaked'.

He looked at me, eye to eye, back to the rest of the E.R., and said, under his breath in the gayest 'you go girl' voice ever--You Did Right, looking around the room to make sure none of the Big Box Employees would rat on him. Over his shoulder, was the E.R. nurse, nodding their head, in support..
Again, in his sotto voce, 'Your parent needs DOU level of care. Needs an insulin drip. You did the right thing by speaking up.'

The internist came in the room, as I was holding my parent's hand while the nurse drew blood for troponins, a marker of cardiac injury. Transplant patients, like breast cancer patients, only have one arm for blood pressure cuffs, i.v.'s and blood draws. The veins are terrible.

I felt the internist bump into my aura. It was about six feet radius around me. The internist stopped.
The internist saw and understood everything, without words. I saw an extremely thin doc, with very well-developed veins, a runner, possible ultra-athlete, a top-of-the-class book-smart doc, still wearing a retainer, who chose Big Box so They Could Have A Life. In essence, they chose a 9-5 career in medicine.

I asked, 'what do you want to do about fluids? The i.v. maintenance is on hold.'
The internist touched the tubing and the beeping pump, and said, 'it is going'.
I said, 'no, the tubing is not connected to the patient, and the pump is on pause.' holding the end of the tubing and pointing to the pump, 'we need a decision to either restart it or hold the fluids'.

The internist stammered, walked out of the room. The pump kept beeping every two minutes. My sister and I took turns hitting the silence button, until after about ten minutes, I just turned the pump off.

What is the moral of the story:
The dark side of medicine today is that there is a difference in the standard of care between your doctor's mom and your own.

Let me repeat: there is a work ethic for 'care of the patient' that suddenly 'changes' when it is not just 'the patient' and it is 'the family member of the health care worker'.

Big Box Healthcare is a Business. End of story. Efficiency at patient care leads to more profit for shareholders.

When, every patient is considered someone's 'Auntie' or 'Uncle', a real breakthrough in Healthcare is going to happen. This is MUCH needed in medicine today. Even the ugliest, stinkiest street person, is still 'Auntie' or 'Uncle', just as much as the blood related 'Auntie' and 'Uncle' to the nurse, physician, physician assistance, nurse anesthetist, critical care nurse, E.R. nurse, orderly, nursing assistant, x-ray tech, echo tech, phlebotomist, janitor, dietary worker...and Reiki is going to be a huge part of this process.

Do you agree?


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reiki for the Chronically Disorganized

This three dollar piece of plastic has caused untold damage and suffering to my home. It is a teardrop shaped shower handle. It is attached to a little brass 'stick' that allows for the shower to be turned on (up and down) and the water temperature to be set (warm on left, cold on right). It is from the seventies, when the house was built. They don't carry it at the 'helpful Hardware Man' local store near my house. They don't carry it at the 'Big Box' depot near my home. When one broke downstairs, my father looked all over town to get it. He found one in a plumbing supply store in his town.

Plumbers don't get you this when they come to the house. They fix drains and clogs and leaks. But not this.

To change the shower assembly would require tearing out a wall behind it, and thousands of dollars.

When the kids were babies, I had a maid service. I thought they were okay. Mom, who was watching the kids while I worked, said they 'smelled like a horse stable'. So I got another service. They had a cute car and a cute ad. The team was okay. Then the lead started to train others.

That's when I got the call into the heart room. Mom was in tears and saying it was raining through the ceiling of the kitchen and the garage.

The new maid trainee didn't understand the 'stick' and removed the entire shower valve from the wall while cleaning in the shower. It had caused thousands of dollars of damage in the time needed for the lead maid to find the water main of the house and shut it off.

I don't do maids.

I don't like the energy of someone else in my home. I don't like their breaking special items. I don't like 'hiding' things and 'tidying up' before they come. I don't like how they take a mop to my Australian Spotted Gum expensive solid hardwood flooring upstairs. I don't like how they flood my house.

So there you are, all for a three dollar piece of plastic that my plumber friend said was at the OTHER Big Box hardware store in the next town. (I had looked all over the internet and plumbing supply stores in my town, with no success! Dad had passed away and taken the name of the store with him. He had only bought the one, not a spare.)

I work full time.

I don't do maids.

I work full time.

I have a family.

I work full time.

Until yesterday, I suffered from CHAOS. This is a term that the FlyLady says, is: Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome. I also am a SHE: a Scattered Home Executive. She actually had a nervous breakdown over her messy house. She could not understand why as the woman it was her job to clean up after everyone else. Through powerful self-discovery, she learned 'routines' and is a world expert on clutter. I have followed her for years.

She has some powerful online resources and calendars with cozi for the entire family to be able to access. Just in case you want a little more ease in your life.

I also have followed this blogger for years: Jeri Dansky. She is a professional organizer. Here is a link to her blog: Sometimes I like her suggestions, sometimes I pass. Her posts are brief. But the latest one is a godsend. It is a link to an association for the Chronically Disorganized. Last year I took a course from the NICABM on Healing for Survivors of Trauma. It helped me both personally and professionally. This year, I signed up with the group Jeri recommends, so I can take courses. I want to get inside the head of the chronically disorganized. It runs in the family (this person's home is a disaster, approaching the level that would be on TV).  I think my CHAOS is situational (Parenting related--- I go by the motto: if it doesn't cry, it can wait. I also put major effort into this blog and this work of Energy Medicine. It is my joy and my life's calling.)

Consequently I suffer from toy overload.  I hate organizing paperwork, and I have a lot of it as a working physician. In my limited spare time, I like to have fun. I used to only clean when the kids were with their father on their weekends with him. But now, I like to rest and recharge on those weekends.

Counterintuitively, the FlyLady's program lets your house stay organized, and makes you plan time for fun. I didn't like having a notebook for my routines as she recommended when I read her book seven years ago. I think online is going to be far better. I am also excited to have signed up for online classes. I need the educational hours in the first place, and it fascinates me to learn why people go all the way to become hoarders. There is a whole spectrum of human behavior that I did not know. Anesthesiologists see just about every kind of person there is in life. Now I can understand and share informed/therapeutic lovingkindness to sufferers of this syndrome when I encounter them in my work; I will know how to best approach them to reassure them when it is time for their surgery. They think 'different' and probably have an excellent reason for being the way they are. They are 'perfect' in God's eyes, and I given them that. But know I can know, with medical interest, the inner workings of their mind.

Where is the Reiki in this? Where is the Higher Dimension?

I asked Archangel Nathaniel about two weeks ago for my pie-in-the-sky impossible dream: to live in a beautiful home that is safe, organized, clean, and healthy. (and environmentally responsible).
Archangel Nathaniel likes impossible tasks. Without my really noticing it, I figured out how to get the allergens out of my air (learned how to turn on the large air filter my sister gave me four years ago, and also bought more for each bedroom), saved money (by getting a correct size air filter for the furnace 20x25, I can skip on the expensive air duct replacements and just do a simple clean of the furnace), hosted my family for Christmas (only one area of baskets piled up in a spare room), and am on my way to educating myself about the syndrome of Chronic Disorganization.

My dream came true.

Welcome to the Higher Dimensions. Ask Archangel Nathaniel to help you. He likes Big Jobs!


Reiki Doc

Monday, December 24, 2012

Mary's Night

This is the first past life I have known in this life. Ever since the 1990's. I was with Mary when she had her child.

We were slaves at the time. But my husband 'knew' about all kinds of things that were metaphysical, political, and he was active. I was the popular chatterbox, but without child. He could have divorced me for my barren state. But he didn't. If you recall the character of Elsa's husband in Casablanca, you would understand the kind of man he was.

He knew about the birth, and wanted to see the child. Because I was a woman, I went in. I wasn't much older than Mary myself. I helped her. I distracted her. I was funny and I made her laugh.

Everything turned out all right. And soon after the delivery, I had to go.

But I was there. It wasn't easy for her. I think Mary should be given more credit for her contribution to our spiritual life than she has been given.

She wants me to share this with you today. I have been a visionary of her since March 1992. She is wonderful. Good night and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

My Nana's Gift

One of the things my nana and I enjoyed was exchanging gifts with a lighthouse theme.

This morning, as I was making toast, I noticed the small lighthouse she had bought me. It lights up and makes ocean noises when you walk by.

Even though she is in a new institution, and doesn't recognize me, even though she can't be with us for Christmas (she is a fall risk, from very advanced Alzheimer's), her foresight in her choice of the Lighthouse is with me now.

What a lovely symbol for finding one's way...and what comfort it gives me still.

Namaste, and Merry Christmas, Happy Yule, Happy everything.

Reiki Doc

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Multidimensional play

Yesterday I was sad. I felt trapped on Gaia. I recall one day in Sanitary Engineering Class, our teacher made an excellent point: you have toxic waste. Where are you going to put it? In the air? In the ocean? On land? I realized then and there we are on a closed system, everything is connected, and there is no way out. I had all this good energy from the 12/21/12 Portal. I was kind of 'done' with the status quo, and hoping for something 'more'. But I was back to my routine, and on another twenty-four hour OB Anesthesia shift where they can wake me up any time day or night and ask me to put in an epidural, do a c-section anesthetic, or intubate someone in the middle of the night who is in respiratory distress.

I decided to be proactive on my anticipated sleep debt, and took a nap.

As I was falling asleep, I sensed a presence that was Pleadean. A male. I was invited to go aboard ship (with my consciousness, my Mind, not my body like getting into a car). After making sure I could come back, I said yes.

I sat to his right at a white plastic panel. He said, 'You can go anywhere you like!' At first I thought of a tropical beach. Then I understood--ANY WHERE--and in front of me was a vast array of big red buttons in rows and columns. Each one would take me somewhere, to travel great distances. I was also reassured that everywhere now was occupied by 'friendlies' and no harmful choices could exist.

Will it take a long time? I wondered. The answer was NO and I was shown 'wormholes'. I pushed a button on the top near the right. In about thirty seconds, we were 'there'. We flew over the terrain and the city. I called it 'Venice' because it reminded me somewhat of that. It was a city on the water, but there were trees and hills off in the distance.  I saw some very Shrek-like dark olive skinned creatures who were very tall. I startled and I stared down at them. They were visitors to this planet, where everyone native to it looks like us. Somehow, we entered inside the planet, and it was like the lake district in Italy.

Next I knew we were swimming in the water. Well, sort of swimming. I had on my space suit, and so did my tour guide. I got irritated and said 'I want to feel water on my skin!'. Boom! I was in a swimsuit. Then a whale came, and I got to ride it deep underwater, all the while still being able to breathe. There was a city of light under the water, off in the distance, and we came back up.

Next I was dry and we were seated at a restaurant near the water. I ate Pasta Alfredo. I had wine. The food was delicious.

Back on board the craft, I pressed the bottom left red button. The ride was bumpy and took longer. We arrived at the land of plants. No animals existed on this planet. It was full of green ferns not like anything on Gaia, that were taller than our heads. The plants communicated by telepathy. What about the circle of life? Where are the bees to pollinate the seeds? I thought. There is no death except by will to go somewhere else, and a new one takes its place. They reproduce by asexual budding or spores, without seeds. We merged consciousness together. It was very Zen. I didn't want to leave, but I was told by my guide, it's time.

I was invited to try a higher dimension. I was taken to an Air planet. I was able to merge consciousness. There were no life forms, only free floating clouds of intelligence, that were pink and orange. I liked it.

Then soon I was back on ship. I asked my guide to take me to his favorite. The only thing I asked is for him to share what exactly it is that makes it special to him. I had to explain, he didn't at first understand my request. What is the point of going to your favorite if I don't get to experience your favorite thing about it? He agreed. Next I knew we were in a cavern filled with clear quartz crystals--the singing crystals. The music was celestial! And the crystals had intelligence. He enjoyed the healing, which is like a massage but deeper--into your atoms on a quantum level with sound and light. I got wary--I come from a contaminated planet, are you trying to clean me? No. He would have told me about it, if that was the case. So he was in another room, and I was in mine. I relaxed and interacted with the singing crystals. Apparently, the crystals like to 'learn' from our vibration, since everyone is different. They learn, much like a beginning Reiki practitioner 'learns' from feeling the energy of many clients to build up a 'vocabulary' for normal and abnormal energy patterns.

Then the phone rang. It was time to give a bolus. The whole thing took about twenty minutes. I felt refreshed, invigorated, and renewed with excitement. Could this possibly be the New Way of Life?


Reiki Doc

The Unicorn

Are there any Karuna Reiki Practitioners out there? If you are, then you will know what is meant by the term, 'A Karuna Day'. Karuna energy is multi-dimensional, and because people who practice healing with Karuna Reiki have energy from a higher dimension flowing through them, there are times when a 'glitch' is noticed in the three-dimensional reality. It can be a distortion of time (forgetting appointment, or even asking yourself, 'what IS time?'), a distortion of distance (walls bend, you pour and miss a glass), or other more typical Reiki 'cleanse' symptoms.

Yesterday I was having a Karuna day. It started in the stairwell as I was carrying my breakfast back to the call room from the cafeteria. I felt the presence of a Unicorn. With my third eye, I 'saw' it. This was a definite first.

I was delighted to meet it. At first I wanted to say, 'I would like to own you! And ride!' and imagined myself flying through the sky on it.

Then came the telepathy. I 'got it' that it is not 'cool' to 'own' any animal, especially a Unicorn. Also it let me know that it is Pegasus with the wings that can fly, not Unicorns.

I asked it a question back--does it hurt? (the horn--while giving birth to a new one)
I was shown a picture that the babies have no horns, and they grow in. It also let me know it was less 'dense' than I was, and as I looked I could see through it somewhat like a ghost, but only if I really concentrated. It was luminous and more colorful than I imagined, like over eighteen megapixels and a great digital screen showing it brighter than bright.

It looked me in the eye. There was consciousness and advanced intelligence in it. Much like when I have had a whale 'look me in the eye': there was a telepathic jolt. It was a beautiful brown eye with long eyelashes, like a camel but darker brown, almost black.

And then it went away.

In the New World we will have Unicorns and Dolphins to play with us. I think I got a sneak preview yesterday in the stairwell.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time To Rebuild

We have been like bettas in a beautiful tank 'Gaia'. We have been driven spiritually and by tradition to be at each others' throats, to defend our territory, and to make a beautiful display of the carnage.

It is done. It is finished. Now, on a Spiritual Level, we have Peace.

It will take some time for it to trickle down into our day-to-day society, to see the externals such as a change in what is reported in the news.  But in our heart-of-hearts, we know there is a difference. And according to Bella Capozzi, the animals, plants, and minerals, who were already on a different set of rules for Earth than we were, have now become the keepers of the grids.

It is time to let that one settle in: the animals, plants, and minerals are already the keepers of the grids.
There is an expectation for us to help care for them. Therefore, we shall become caretakers of the keepers of the grids.

Remember in 'Life is Beautiful' (La Vita et Bella) movie, where the father nobly told his son to hide and not come out until all the shooting stopped? Spiritually, we have all been like that boy, waiting for the good to win. And it has!

Before us is the rebuilding that we have left to do. Not just in our Spirit, but in our homes, our relationships, in our careers, in our society, in our way of doing buisiness...

By staying focused on spiritual principles with each decision we make, it shall be done. A new society shall be built.  One based on Love, Light, and Honesty. Take care of yourselves as we get this show on the road...


Reiki Doc

Friday, December 21, 2012

Guards and Mice

There are two images that struck me at this 12.21.12 time.

I saw a school crossing guard helping children cross the street, and as the guard held up the Stop sign high, made eye contact with the drivers, and used  the hands to gesture to the cars to not go, the children had little concept of the danger the guard was protecting them from. From their perspective, this is 'how we cross the street'. 

I think the same applies to our Galactic Family, our Angelic Guides, and our Ascended Masters. Because of their Guardianship over us, there is free will. Only we can cross the street on our own. But they have done everything in their power to help us to cross safely and to keep harm at bay.

The other image is a funny one--I have a wire cage with two mice in it. Ones that the snake won't eat. I came in to the room and had that 'somethings not right' moment. It took me a few seconds to figure it out: one of the mice was on top of the cage! It had squeezed out of a gap between the 'walls' of the cage, but because the cage itself was on a t.v. tray-like table that was very high up, the poor thing had nowhere to go.  I laughed, and fortunately had an old aquarium left over from Mama Rat. I picked the mouse up by the tail and moved the other mouse into their 'new home'. The old cage just wasn't enough to hold them any more!

That is the image I like to think of for us, Spiritually, in the next few days, weeks, months...we busted out! Now what? LOL

Take care and have a Happy Solstice!

Reiki Doc

Starship, Agartha, and Om

There is no photo to adequately describe what just happened.

I woke up and watched the timer count down to zero on the Portal 2102 website. I chose to spend this moment connected to my Cobra Family in Egypt at this time. I did the meditation as instructed.

Know that this whole 2012 thing is about Connection--we are One Spirit, like one Diamond and each of us is a beautiful facet to reflect Light.  Anything you read about this important day, if it is not about being together in Love and Light and Peace, is probably from the cabal. The illuminati like us separate, just like they worked to break up the Occupy movement. They knew that together there is strength. We outnumber them, 99 to 1.

Enough of the soap box!

I felt a definite connection to the higher beings above me. I felt Light travel through my body deep into the core of Gaia. It tingled, but in a different way from Reiki.

I saw their craft above me. I 'popped in' in my mind.  One of the beings aboard turned to me and said, 'for the people who scoff and don't believe--like the ones on the beach in Australia talking about 'where are the zombies'--send them love and appreciation for who they are. There is no scoffing that, and it will help them when they wake up.'

Next I was at the bottom of the blue column of light going into my head and all the way into Gaia. I was in Agartha. I met a very tall man, whose features were somewhat like a friend I know in Kona. His name was Myre. He took me on tour. I saw a sunrise. I saw dolphins and whales in the ocean, and they showed me a city of Light under the sea. I excused myself politely, because I was ready to stop the tour there and just stay, but I had to go. There was a blur of world wonders seen from Myre's ship. I can't remember them, except for a forest. I wanted to see that the animals who had been endangered on surface were healthy and surviving.

Next I came out to surface. I saw blue lights like a grid, all the while still feeling the tingling of the energy as it was passing through me to Gaia like before. I saw the pyramids, and the Light was brightest there.

Next I knew I was with Core (Om). But I was able to talk with it, like conversation. I started to get sappy and say thank you for making the illuminati go away--they were awful!--and I was guided to 'pull it together'. We turned and watched, and also with Om on my left, and my warrior Guide on my right, we blew three times. You know how a log is starting to light, and there is the blue flames and then it 'catches' and you see the fire all yellow and bright? That is what we saw with Gaia. All lit up.

Then I saw the Akhashic records for my soul. I was thinking, 'this is like an SRA, each reading lesson is designed to help with one object to learn!' but each 'lesson' was a 'lifetime'. I wondered what I was shown, which one was my favorite life? They showed me one where I lived in a countryside close to nature. It was a 'resting life' that the soul takes sometimes to assimilate learning gained from other more challenging lives. I was shown that from the outside perspective, one of the more 'intense learning' lives is 'best'.  And I saw clearly how this one I have now is one of those lives!

I asked, humbly, 'Did I do in this life what I am supposed to do?'
The answer was 'yes'.

Then I was offered a healing. Light filled my body. I asked about my sick child. Because I was the parent, and free will, I was allowed to pick them up in my arms, so we could enjoy the healing together.

Then it was time to go. There are going to be a lot of changes, not instant, but very fast indeed.

We are all encouraged to drink plenty of water and get lots of rest in the next few days.

In deep Love and Gratitude,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Just Right?

This week I realized at the doctor's office that all of the main docs rotating there demonstrate a spectrum of the healthcare field.

Chronic sinusitis is one of the 'failed' areas of traditional medicine, just like chronic back pain. Here are their takes on the treatment of one of my kids, who has been suffering with a sinus infection since early November.

"Papa Bear": This is the owner of the place. A very traditional allopathic physician. He took an x-ray of the sinuses, prescribed steroids, antibiotics, expectorant, and said to come back in ten days. The only 'catch' is that all of the medications were on formulary for the facilities' 'pharmacy', a closet in the back. At the end, he asks, 'what is your co-pay?' and offers to charge me that only on each of the meds. I have gone along with this in the past, out of convenience's sake. But I know that all the meds are generic and much cheaper than my co-pay. Last time, I asked, after he said, 'for a savings of sixty dollars!', and since I had to go to our pharmacy anyway for one of the meds I was given, 'would you mind if we just went to the pharmacy for all of them?'. He wrote the scripts. I took them to my pharmacy. And two of the three meds were less than half the price of a single copay.

"Mama Bear": A caring physician with a therapeutic sense of humor, he wrote for Ciprodex ear drops instead of antibiotics the visit before last. That is non-formulary, non-generic, and set me back one hundred and sixty dollars  due to my generic-only insurance policy (cipro is bad for growth plates when taken as a pill in children). It cured the ear infection, but not the underlying sinusitis behind it. This one is who wrote a different antibiotic for free over the phone when there was a reaction (rash) to one written by his partner, 'Baby Bear'.

"Baby Bear": the most human of them all. Very into New Age medicine. Has given a number of excellent resources for this blog. He had given a referral to a homeopath, but due to scheduling I never contacted them. Did not want to expose this patient to 'more x-rays', and had been treating sinus infections since November. The critical part missing in the therapy plan was the steroid

There is no 'Goldilocks' in this story. The answer is in the middle of all of these. They clearly represent the types of people that are out there:

Papa Bear:  taking care of number one while taking care of your loved one. Likely to go away after Ascension due to self-serving behavior. Does have skills that work, though.

Mama Bear: a good overall blend of Papa Bear and Baby Bear, has a somewhat less guarded heart in taking care of you, more compassionate.

Baby Bear: Puts the most of himself into his work--heart and soul. Is excited about the prospect of new medicine. Is the only one I trust enough to let know I am Reiki Doc. Perhaps if I had been more open about the two week's of work missed in taking care of my sick kid, about how stressed I am that every day post-call has been spent taking care of same kid, and how I referred myself out to my old allergist because I felt it wasn't getting resolution on the sinuses, we could have come up with a better plan together. I think objective endpoints to reassess would be a good way to go when working with a doc like Baby Bear.

Again, sinusitis is a tough one to treat. The problem is that the mucus membranes lining the sinuses don't absorb very much antibiotic, and antimicrobial therapy should last a minimum of three weeks' to allow for adequate penetration. Saline nasal rinses with a Neti pot are helpful, but only Dr. Neil has the right tonicity in the packet and the water fill line. Even with that, there is risk of terrible cross contamination from one use to the next, and for sure each family member should have their own Neti Pot. (I find soaking in one part vinegar to three parts water for an hour, or hydrogen peroxide rinse and dry, to adequately address this concern).

I thought we might discuss these three different 'approaches' to medicine today, so that you can see 'where your physician' is coming from. There is room for improvement in each type, that is why it is called the Practice of Medicine!  Who is going to be the first to incorporate Light Therapy and Sound Healing into their practices? The Baby Bears of the world, no doubt! And who can benefit from Reiki Training and opening up their intuitive ability in medicine? ALL THREE!


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12.21.12--Without the Veil

This is just a guess, an educated one, at the physics of what is to happen on Friday.

Let us imagine a layer like the ozone layer in the sky, that functions somewhat like how the ozone filters out UV light.  This one is a quarantine layer that keeps the Galactic Family out and the rest of us in, reincarnating after reincarnating. It is called 'The Veil'. If you have ever seen a photograph of Earth from Outer Space, the deep beauty is because that photo was taken outside the veil.

Part of what The Veil filters out is a high-energy quantum particle called the tachyon. I learned this from Cobra, and it was one of the first things the Pleadeans he contacted did was teach him how to make a device that lets tachyons in and can charge objects with it. I have  two of those items that I bought at the conference. Like you, at first, I thought they were hokey. But I can feel them, having worn them. They vibrate very high, like phenokite crystal. And they make me feel better.

The Veil is gone. It has been dismantled by the non-physical freedom fighters for the Light.

Every year, the pulse of Light (with it I suspect a great deal of tachyons), comes on December 21 with the alignment of Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the Galactic Central Sun, Alcyone (spelling?).

Only this time it is going to hit with no Veil to filter it. All that Love and Light is going to hit, and to feel wonderful. It is going to help heal humanity. Much like Reiki, I anticipate it will go where it is needed most, and not have any side effect. Whether you are 'in tune' to notice it, like the 12.12.12 portal, or not, there is benefit to you.

If you can, have some downtime that day. Be sure to drink lots of pure water, too.

If you notice anything, please be sure to share it either here in the comments or on Twitter or  Facebook.

Meline LaFont is going offline to be with her family. She is with Pleadean Dolphin Infos. So too are some others. I plan to stay in town, and be online for the event. I will share all notes of interest as they happen.

Blessings to you all, and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On Proof of Heaven--Reiki Doc Style

Dear Dr. Eben Alexander:

I read with interest your wonderful book on your Near Death Experience (NDE). I admire you for your courage and your strength to speak your truth in a field where one can be blasted for lack of scientific evidence for anything remotely 'quantum' and not yet detectible by current instruments.

I thank you for your eloquent spokesmanship on the behalf of Heaven. In this work I want you to know that you have my enthusiastic support.

As a Reiki Master who does anesthesia for a living, I can explain a few of the things that you experienced on your NDE:

1) The white and gold spinning column is a vortex: I liken these to the swirl in the tub as the water drains--the surface of the water being Heaven and the bottom end of the vortex being Earth.  I used to help open them in my psychic circle with the rest of the group to help souls cross to the Light. I was good at this, and many a soul would stop to thank me before they went up. I could tell they were Home because they got 'quiet' all of a sudden energetically. Many, in spirit, would take my hand and I would guide them to the Light, answering their questions about the process. I would say to look for any color, any Light, and to walk toward it. It would get brighter, more focused, and they would soon make out the faces of their loved ones who were waiting to welcome them. I would reassure them that once they crossed, they could always come back to visit. A trauma surgeon I once knew died suddenly and unexpectedly at her home. She came to me, in spirit after she had passed, and asked me directly, 'what's the deal?'. I said, 'you are without an energetic system--the chakras--and need to either find an energy source to parasite off of or to go to the Light where you will find energy there.' She understood, and she went. Later she came and thanked me. I can make a Vortex at will now, on my own. I placed one in the Doctor's Dining Room at my work, and several other places where Spirit has asked, two in Victoria, BC, one in Anaheim, and two in Big Island Hawaii.

2) The orb:  Spirit does make orbs. It isn't always like how we look. Digital photos pick them up. Be sure to look at your digital photos. Some of your loved ones might come back and visit you.

3) Why Dad didn't show up: He might have something to work out with you. My Aunt and my Grandmother came 'to stand for' my father in my first medium session with a professional medium. I too was puzzled and hurt. The next visit, he apologized to me for something that was weighing on his soul from this life. Give your Dad time, and I am sure her will come around. Sometimes they have 'time off' for something like vacation on the Other Side. My grandfather gets this, and my mom and I would have 'visits' and feel his 'presence' for about a week to ten days every year. That Betsy came for you is like what happened to me. No matter what, their love for you is always there to guide and comfort you no matter where you go.

4) The Core: That was the Galactic Central Sun, or Source, as we in psychic circles call it. Guess what? It is going to flash on Friday, December 21, 2012! It lines up with us every year, and it is right on schedule. This one is supposed to be something really special. Prepare yourself for something energetic, with an energy filled with Love that is beyond all understanding. I found your story of going 'up' helpful in case the Ascension experience is something like what you had in your NDE. (the telepathic communication goes with the territory--I have experienced something like that too)

5) Heaven and The Earth-Worm's Eye View: The Heaven you describe, the beautiful fields with joyful people who are simply, but brilliantly dressed, I have seen too. In mine, there is a waterfall that makes music in the distance. The Realm of the Earth-Worm's Eye View only I have seen during fever that led to night terrors as a child. I sensed that confinement, that lower dimensionality to it, and that throbbing pulse. Recently, at a conference in Laguna Beach, with about eighty people, we were told to 'make a sound' and open out throat chakra. The sound that we made together was the most beautiful sound I have heard in this life--there was an energy of Love to it like nothing of this world. I never wanted for it to end...

Once again, mahalos to you for taking a stand and speaking up about Science and Religion are One.
I greatly admire your work. You might also want to take some classes in energy work like Reiki. Now that you are 'open' it will help you be able to 'connect' at will to Higher Realms and also the Higher Realms will be able to better 'connect' with you. Your work is most important for this time.


Reiki Doc

P.S. all of your descriptions of Time were correct too. That is why prophecy like the Mayan Calendar and other such 'premonitions' are sometimes not exactly correct. There is distortion between the different vibrations of Realms.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What Happens When You Veg Out

You are a being of Light. Your Vibration is increasing much the way a child is always growing. There are 'growth spurts', you may notice, in dealing with children. They sprout up. Although the growth is a continuous process, it is not in the same amount every day.

Much of our spiritual growth in these times of change are assisted by the Higher Realms. Non-physical freedom fighters support us, for example, people who have averted death by a supernatural force yanking them out of the path to destruction and living to share their story is a tale that has been in Reader's Digest and Guideposts for decades.

When do we grow? When our mind is quiet. When we are doing something we enjoy. When we sleep. While we are watching our favorite movie. While reading a book. While stuck in traffic. While shopping aimlessly. In a word: downtime.

My sister was locked down at Fashion Island due to a shooter's presence yesterday. Everyone was so afraid they were running, and she thought perhaps there was a really good deal at the mall. But then she heard the shots. Thankfully, she is okay. But today, she says, 'I really want to stay in bed, but life goes on.' Her body and Spirit need some time to replenish themselves and upgrade following this shock to her entire physical and energetic system. She does not understand this, but it Is so.

My family is watching movies right at this moment. We have been under the weather. Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday we just stayed in the house. But as we rest (and blog!), we are absorbing far more energy from the Higher Realms than we could if we were otherwise occupied.

Be good to yourselves these next five days. Eat what you crave. Take it easy. If you are sensitive you might notice a slight tingling or buzzing in your body. This is a good sign that you are being 'upgraded' energetically. Think of it as a computer that has to have the latest 'update' in the system. It takes a short time and will offer you much better work in the future. Drink lots of water--be sure to put Reiki in it too!

Love and Light and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

The Conditioning of Christmas

This is my story. It does not apply to anyone else, but is to serve as an example of longitudinal growth in Spirit on the topic of the 'Holiday' that is 'Happy' in the 'politically correct' circles on Gaia.

At four, I found I got to wear a pretty dress and see a fat man in a red suit people told me was Santa. I felt his energy, it wasn't loving, and at once I knew there was a 'disconnect'. But I 'went along' to please my mother, make for a nice picture, and keep the veiled threat of 'no belief no presents' in check.

My Christmases until my first marriage were far from happy. We were poor. There was resentment on the part of my parents, who did not want to go into debt. But they did, each year. Although the gifts were minimal, they still had to work harder to pay off the debts until March. My sister, who is more assertive, spoke up for what she wants. She got it. I kept my mouth shut, only writing a list when asked. There was always horror to watch her open two gifts for every one of mine. How could such favoritism exist within a family? And everyone happily saying 'we love you both so much!'.

I got excited for Christmas each year anyways. At eight and at twelve I got a bike and that was pretty great. My Aunt gave me roller skates when I was six.

Soon I learned to watch the faces as others opened my gifts. I became a great shopper and gift-selector.

Around twelve the family started going to Mass. Well, both girls and mom. Dad didn't go.. Then the 'meaning' of Christmas' started to make everything 'more substantial'. I kept going to mass with friends, even when everyone else in the family did not. There was a deep pain of 'my family is missing out on something wonderful' and shame that burned when my family was not doing 'what was right'.

My first husband's family was more traditional. We went to church together, and we also gave and got really nice gifts. His favorite from me was a London Fog raincoat. Mine was my first stethoscope. Although the gifts were great, I couldn't understand the German influence of 'one great gift all year'. Italians, of which I am half, never stop giving...

After that, I decorated my own 'Charlie Brown Tree' and enjoyed Christmas by myself. Until the second marriage, where at the end Christmas became the biggest hurt of all, a true litmus test for the pinnacles of our dysfunction as a couple (he was bipolar, and suicidal back then).

Now what am I? A mother who is 'keeping her children happy'. I decorated the yard and house because we all enjoy it. But my heart? My heart of hearts? This is what it says:

  • Why celebrate like this only one day instead of all 365? Each DAY is a spiritual GIFT!
  • Why do I need to buy a present to show someone how much I love them? The bond = $$$ + gift just doesn't 'click' with me any more.
  • If I am 'focused' on one day two weeks from today, where is my mindfulness on this moment NOW?
  • I am thankful for the 'gift' of having to work so many holidays that I can see they are 'another day'
  • I am similarly 'thankful' for the divorce that split my home, and having to 'share' the children for a holiday, never being able to relax and enjoy a single one. How hollow and empty they are, which perhaps is what they always were.
  • The gift-giving, on a corporate level, is the last-minute tax receipt frenzy for deductions.
  • The Spirit of Giving is there--in radio giveaways and all--but is still condition these powerful Light-beings experiencing Poverty to look to an outside source for assistance instead of awakening their inherent ability to manifest their biggest dreams!
  • For some, this is a time of year to sample the Spiritual Life, and perhaps they will continue throughout the year. 
  • At Christmas Mass (as all masses, but more so), there are angels in the rafters above the altar worshipping God. I see them plain as day.
  • There ARE blessings at mass (or any religious event). For me, though, I think I want to just spend some time in Nature alone. Right in my back yard.
  • I give thanks and have tremendous appreciation for this school we have called Earth, for all the different levels of Spiritual Development, and at least for something like Christmas to enjoy, without the hype, but with the family and friends who are so dear to us.
  • As a single mom, who works full time, I never have time for sending Christmas cards. Know I have boxes of them, and Christmas stamps from 2007. I mean to. And every one you send touches my heart, and I am grateful.
  • Many of the singers of popular Christmas Carols are Monarch Slaves, BTW. That sure takes the fun out of it. If you want the list, go to the end of one of the links on Cobras' little red pill. One is playing now, and it gives me the creeps.
Love and Light and Holiday Cheer!

Reiki Doc

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Wish to Breathe

This is what I want to be able to do, when I Ascend. I want to be able to hold a cat and breathe. I wish to be able to breathe freely and not get sick. I want to stop taking medicines for asthma and allergy. I never grew out of it like everyone predicted. My lungs got progressively more severe...I embrace the thought of Ascension and the ability to walk in a human body of Divine Perfection.

All parts will grow back that were affected by surgery or accident. The parts that are still numb from incisions will come back. Digits that are missing shall return.

(I hope that all cosmetic modifications shall stay--Spirit says 'no one will ever know that you had ears that stick out or a carpenter's dream for a chest- : D'  )

What is it YOU wish to be able to do with your new body of Light?


Reiki Doc

A Remedy for Darkness: Open This

My dearest Lightworkers:

You have the ability to drive out the Dark. Simply by willing is and shining your Light on a situation as brightly as possible.

Some of my most closest moments with God have been in the face of insurmountable odds. It is well known by my family that when I am afraid, I sing. What is not known to anyone on this Earth, except right now with you, is why I sing.

I sing to reaffirm my connection to Source--whom I call 'God--and I sing to prove to the Darkness: although you are trying to destroy me and might turn me into human hamburger meat, God is going to WIN. GOD is GOING TO WIN!

In a word, I choose music therapy in my heart and soul that is instantaneous.

Guess what? Each and every time, the Darkness goes away!

Here are my favorite pieces of music to listen to. They are in my soul now, for I have listened to them quite often in this life. Feel free to call upon them when the time is right and Darkness calls for you.
It will help you unleash your Heavenly Power of Free Will and Fight the darkness with the only tool that will ever starve it to death and make it go away forever--Light--Love--Laughter....

Beethoven's Ode to Joy--he wrote it when he was deaf and never heard a single note:
this is ten THOUSAND voices singing--and there looks like there are maybe only three drops of german blood in them all! Isn't that a miracle how lovely they sound???

This is the Carmina Burana. When I hear it, I 'see' the actual battle being fought in Spirit for our Freedom. I tell my children 'this is what it sounds like when God wins'.

The Last? It is the national anthem of Hungary, The Moldau. The history of an entire people yearning to be free is in the song. Here it is, above.

Remember, the last pieces of molten Atlantis (the first one, the 'denser' utopia in the Pleades) that exploded are in Hungary--they are Moldavite. Know your crystals? They give me a 'buzz', Moldavite. I have always loved them passionately...for in Moldavite there is a connection to my soul...

Light wins! End of story! Enjoy the ride.


Reiki Doc

What to Expect in the Final Days

What is a Lightworker to do? Everything is getting SCARY out there!

I was in the Doctor's Lounge when the news hit about the massacre today.  What are we going to do about this? one doc said, the only LOGICAL thing to do is gun control!

Well here is what I did:

  1. The lady urologist who kept looking at the screen, literally getting UP from the computer and turning around every few seconds to watch the horror of the shooting: I said two important things--this is something to rile us up, and it is under control. These things are going to stop happening--and--I changed the subject to my tea I had bought at the Empress in Victoria. I was guided to do it. Guess what? It brought up a delightful memory for her. She spoke on about it for about ten minutes. She forgot the horror and was in the vibration of joy. I changed her channel.
  2. For the victims and the healing: I gave distance Reiki, the Transition symbol, and asked the angels to use this tragedy for the Highest Good.  On the way home tonight, almost nine hours later, they gave me the answer: YES.
  3. For my scrub tech Reiki Student who approached me in the hall: I gave solid information about the black ops, until he was 'full' and walked away.
  4. For the nurses in shock in the nurses lounge, talking about it in disbelief: I held my vibration high, and did not engage.
  5. For you: Read this link--

If the thought that the shooter was a 'lone wolf' resonates with you, that is okay. You have chosen to take Cobra's little blue pill. Stop reading here.

If the thought that perhaps there is a pattern to all of these 'incidents' and that the massive media attention with immediate presidential statement seems a little 'orchestrated', and the thought of finding out who is capable of planning something as cold and heartless as this resonates with you, now is the time to read Cobra's Little Red Pill:
be sure to read every link and sub-link that there is before you decide to 'buy into' it.  (it takes about four hours to read)

And if after reading the Little Red Pill you are still not so sure you believe it, check what David Wilcock had to say about the Olympics this summer:
There are also pictures on Kaulapele's blog 'can you spot the illuminati symbols?' from August 2012, too.

Here are some images I encountered in Sidney, BC that were very mithraic:

Take care, take it slowly, allow the information to assimilate as you can handle it. This intel is going to change your life, for the better.

(And if you know the Truth about Papa Rat--a prior blog post--that site is 'all clear', cleansed by yours truly, and a vortex of Light to this day. Enjoy, if you go there. And be sure to look for the hidden mithraic symbols! I find more each time I go!)

Love and Blessings,

Reiki Doc