Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12.21.12: Are We Going to Die?

Dear Jackie:

You asked this question on your Facebook page today. 'Are we all going to die in three weeks or what?'. The answer is 'not what you think' and 'yes'.

Some will transition from this world to the next. It is part of their Life Contract that was signed before birth--everyone has one, even you. There are several 'exit points' built into it, usually about five. At each one the higher self has an option to take it or stay 'alive' by choice. But by the last one, although there can be extensions of up to three months, that is it. The tourists in Thailand that died in the Tsunami would be an example. It was no accident that they were there on vacation at that time. It was their Time to cross over. So, if you are one of those people who have a life contract that is just about up, yes, you will die.  But you are going to be greeted by all of your relatives who have passed, and it shall be a joyful reunion, for there is Home and it is more 'normal' than Here.

What if I do not have a Soul Contract for my Life that is about to expire? What then-- you may ask?

Parts of you are going to die. Not all of you. And yes, you will have an option to stay with your body in a new three dimensional life, or in one that is a little different from now, but rather like more spirit-based, not quite angel, not quite human, something in between.

How is this?

The concern for Survival is going to be gone forever:
In Duality (life as we know it, that was cooked up by the Cabal, a group of about twelve men who decide when the wars are and who will win), we are constantly struggling for survival--money to pay the rent, for insurance, for energy, for food. When the banking system and big Oil-pharma are out of the hands of the Cabal's control, guess what? There will be abundance and prosperity. And health. You will have a Right to Exist--just like everything else in Nature. There is enough for everyone.

The Emotions-Mind/Worry endless loop will be interrupted by the Heart Center:
That is how the Cabal controls you. By giving Information that evokes the Emotions, powerful skills of manifestation THAT YOU ALREADY HAVE are hijacked into creating a reality that is not of your choice.  It is what they picture in the news. Not only will the fear of survival be gone, so will the fear of worry, the fear that keeps you up at night, the endless chatter shall be replaced with joy and delight just to be alive. You have a Right to feel Happiness and Pleasure.

The need to Control will quiet:
The third chakra--power, to do, to act, control, Will--is what keeps the lower two (red--survival and orange--emotions) in line. It is how we function in Duality. As Dr. Phil would ask, 'How is that working for you?'--look at epidemics of obesity, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, high blood pressure/kidneys/adrenals...diseases of the power center overworked. You will learn to love everyone for who they are, and cherish them. You have a right to Act based on honest information about others: with auras perceived telepathically, no one will be able to 'fool' anyone, ever.

Here is an example from my personal life.
I noticed guy, who noticed me. Months ago.
Today we talked. Both of us have a love of France (I know you hate it, but I love it Jackie)
We even both have good luck from the number 13.
He is a doctor. You would approve.

On the way home I started to think about him.
Right in the middle of some romantical fantasy, I stopped cold.
I just didn't want to play that game any more.
The one of player-conquest, the one of hard-to-get, make him work for it.
I realized I did not want to be in my body any more (long story short--this is a higher dimensional thing)
I shut down.

Then there was a nudge from my angels...they showed him doing something kind for me.
Just to make me smile.
They let me know that all the love and innocence I had when I was young
That Open Heart--it would be coming back for Everyone.
There is no possessiveness in an Open Heart.
Just joy for the sake of loving, and happiness...

Having to be dumped and get over it is just a lie of duality, of conditional love.
It will be different after Ascension.
But everything will be the same in the most important way of all,
the way of Love.
Love for family. Love for friends. Love for lovers.
It is good. It is healthy.
Isn't that what Reiki is all about? Universal Life Force Healing...
All over the globe.

No Jackie, we will not all die. Only parts of us. The parts were taken away from us already by the control of the Cabal. Now we are given them back, with freedom, love, and tenderness of spirit.


Reiki Doc


  1. I have heard mention of "the dark ones " in relation to the shift. Who / what are they?

    1. Hi Lisa, they are the powers-that-used-to-be. They are no more. Light has won. Their leadership has been cut off at the head. All the alternate timelines have condensed down to one. The shift is happening. That being said, some of their minions on earth, including the media, are 'going down swinging' and refusing to give up the fight. One can expect anything to happen in the next few weeks from them. Either way, it is of little consequence in the grand scheme of things. Light wins. End of story. I hope this answers your question. Namaste.

  2. Note to all: if you wish for Ascension to happen sooner, if your desire is for First Contact here and now, then do everything possible to eliminate thoughts of fear in yourself and others. The Dark gets their energy off of fear. There is no need to understand them. Take away their fuel, and a new Era is going to begin. Love them instead, for the Cabal has the spark of God still left in them; although they recognize it not. Send Light to their Guardian Angels. Even to the Guardian Angels of the WORST of the WORST. The Guardian Angels will know how to put it to best use. Namaste.

  3. Reiki Doc, this is a good primer certainly for those just waking up to the idea of ascension. Wanted to let you know also that your idea of sending love and light to the guardian angels of those who have turned away from the light is brilllllliant! it resonates with me so strongly! THANKS! alex

    1. You are welcome! I learned it from my teacher. Now you can pass it along to your students too. Namaste.