Thursday, December 6, 2012

To the Newbies

Welcome to the Light.
It is your home.

Many of you are just awakening to the changes that have been taking place around you. They have been going on for quite some time, in fact. They have been kept under the 'awareness' of the general population. It has been that way on purpose. It has not been the objective of the Light for you to be kept in the dark, and uninformed about the changes.

Your heart center responds when it is touched with Truth.

There is only one Truth, and it will stand. No matter what anyone else is telling you. More and more, as the ones where have been in power for the past thirteen millenia fight to hold on to the 'status quo'--that is, keeping you in fear and lacking in basics for survival unless you can pay for it--a struggle will be made for your attention. Your attention empowers their regime, as also does your ignorance of the situation. They like you kept uninformed.

Much as you try to struggle to inform your mind of what is happening, the mind has not the capability to comprehend that which the Heart can easily discern. It is made for this purpose, your Heart. It is a powerful generator of electricity, of love, and of Light. It is your flashlight in the storm that is about to take place. To your eyes, it will not be a typical storm--outside it can be bright and full of sunshine. but the energy will feel 'different' and you will 'sense' something is taking place.

For a very simple guide, there is this blog. Look to the 'search' function in the top right. Ask anything you like. The answer will be there for you. In addition you are welcome to ask you angel guides and deceased loved ones to assist you at any time--they 'talk' in symbols and dreams and 'chance occurrences' but they are as real as someone talking to you face to face. You know this is true. You will know it by your Heart Center.

You do not have to experience these changes alone.

Hold tight. Information will be shared on the TV when the time is right. Again, you will 'know in your heart' if what is being shown to you is true or not. Anything getting your emotions riled up or Fear is being broadcast from the current 'station' and not the one you seek. When in doubt, go in Nature, and the Truth will be made clear. Five to ten minute 'chunks' will add up and contribute to your well-being. You will 'sense' when things feel 'right' and it has been 'enough'.


Reiki Doc