Saturday, December 29, 2012

How To See Higher Dimensions

How to see the fifth dimension? Don't use your eyes. Leave your logic back in the car. Take everything you have ever been taught, and set it on the shelf for a while. It is still there, and is not going anywhere, you can't lose it...nothing that you have ever known as truth is going to work.

Why? That is because the Higher Dimensions are new. It is like the blades of a fan set on High; they spin more fast than the eye can see. Yet your ears can hear them whirr. And your skin can feel the breeze.

It is not going to be described in the newspaper. And especially not on T.V. Not now while they are under the control of the illuminati-run media. That makes sense, does it now?

It is out the door, waiting to be discovered. It is in Nature already, loud and clear, and a beautiful sight to behold--if you use your Heart to 'see'.

You shall feel 'pockets' of fifth dimensionality throughout your interactions with others. One man saw a street person with no teeth suddenly clean up and have teeth in a 'flash' before his eyes while he was talking to him, and then 'pop back' to his current form.  That is because in the fifth dimension all of us are perfect and in perfect Health. The conversation skipped dimensions for a little while, that is it.

I feel an incredible warmth and love in my chest when I connect to Spirit. It is far different from anything I have ever experienced before the 12.21.12 Ascension. There is more 'kick' to it, more 'energetic substnace'. I really like it. I have also noticed less conflict with others in our interactions. All conflict is short-lived and easily resolved. That is nice.

So, I encourage you: the only way you are going to 'see' the Higher Dimensions is when your vibration can 'access' the Higher Realms.

If you want to know how to Raise your Vibration, there is a link to this blog--use the Search button.

I see signs of Ascension everywhere I look, in myself and others.

Look to the skies, and feel how the cloud formations make you feel in your heart center.

Then you will know. The eyes are not that useful in this situtation. Think of the blades of a fan going on the higher settings...

It is desired for as many people to 'wake up' as possible. It is not for the Lightworkers who are prepared and are chomping at the bit. Until everyone is able to awaken, try to detect pockets of the Higher Dimensions around you.

They are there. I guarantee it.

Who was there for you on Ascension Day? Who was not offline and experiencing the unknown by themself (like ninety percent of other online resources?). Who is with you for the long haul of the Ascension Process?  <3


Reiki Doc


  1. Thank you Doctor . You statement " If you want to know how to Raise your Vibration, there is a link to this blog--use the Search button." did not lead me anywhere. I agree keeping our vibes raised is out foremost career.

    1. Here is one:

    2. here is another link:

    3. here is another--trust your dreams!--

    4. here is a forty day program specifically designed to raise your vibration:

    5. This one focuses on raising the vibration by having a healthy heart center:

    6. These are angelic vibrations, focus on one at a time, until you master it, starting with practicing these steps:
      Forgiveness--to yourself and others
      Release hatred--let any of it you have go
      Release anger--don't 'explode', just move on past it
      Release sadness
      Create happiness and joy
      Divine knowledge --learn something metaphysical that's new
      Reflect on the circle of life and it's cycles
      God--the spark in You and God that is around you.

    7. What to do when your Vibration and that of those in your immediate family don't match:

    8. What can you do to raise your vibration? Real sunshine for a bit. Salt water, either ocean or tub. Prayer. Meditation. Energy work. Nature. Animals. Exercise. Eating food choices that are good for you. Making love. Laughter. Doing something you enjoy.

      How do you lower your vibration? By associating with jealousy, anger and hate. The choice is yours. Try not to get carried away with sports enough to head in that direction.

      This is from the post Love, Anger and Hate, How Sports Fits in to Spirituality

    9. I hope this answers your question.