Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Unicorn

Are there any Karuna Reiki Practitioners out there? If you are, then you will know what is meant by the term, 'A Karuna Day'. Karuna energy is multi-dimensional, and because people who practice healing with Karuna Reiki have energy from a higher dimension flowing through them, there are times when a 'glitch' is noticed in the three-dimensional reality. It can be a distortion of time (forgetting appointment, or even asking yourself, 'what IS time?'), a distortion of distance (walls bend, you pour and miss a glass), or other more typical Reiki 'cleanse' symptoms.

Yesterday I was having a Karuna day. It started in the stairwell as I was carrying my breakfast back to the call room from the cafeteria. I felt the presence of a Unicorn. With my third eye, I 'saw' it. This was a definite first.

I was delighted to meet it. At first I wanted to say, 'I would like to own you! And ride!' and imagined myself flying through the sky on it.

Then came the telepathy. I 'got it' that it is not 'cool' to 'own' any animal, especially a Unicorn. Also it let me know that it is Pegasus with the wings that can fly, not Unicorns.

I asked it a question back--does it hurt? (the horn--while giving birth to a new one)
I was shown a picture that the babies have no horns, and they grow in. It also let me know it was less 'dense' than I was, and as I looked I could see through it somewhat like a ghost, but only if I really concentrated. It was luminous and more colorful than I imagined, like over eighteen megapixels and a great digital screen showing it brighter than bright.

It looked me in the eye. There was consciousness and advanced intelligence in it. Much like when I have had a whale 'look me in the eye': there was a telepathic jolt. It was a beautiful brown eye with long eyelashes, like a camel but darker brown, almost black.

And then it went away.

In the New World we will have Unicorns and Dolphins to play with us. I think I got a sneak preview yesterday in the stairwell.


Reiki Doc