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Yoda 202: History of the Gaia, part 2

They made me look like them...

Quickly we are going to cover a lot of material. Stay with it, more intel is on the way...

Where we left off, was 'the Fall', the rise of the 'Empire' of entities cut off from the Light, and their desire to spread and 'take over' the multiverse. Not just our Universe. Everything.

Another 'experiment' was Atlantis. There are three:
  • Atlantis 1: In the Etheric planes. It is the beautiful home of the Pleadian Angels. The purpose was to discover and explore the dimensions of matter, consciousness, and the merging of the male and female polarities.  It was decided to density the planet to the physical plane. It failed. The planet exploded. A few fragments of it landed on earth. They are Moldavite.
  • Atlantis 2: The island in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a very advanced spiritual and scientific golden age. Nine hundred thousand years ago, dark forces from Orion came to this Atlantis. They taught Implantation Technology, a form of mind control. Implantation devices look like dentist chairs. Crystals are implanted in the body, like microchips. However, strong electromagnetic programming of them is the origin of Mind Programming. There are two main themes--the Separation between Man and God (consciousness and enlightenment are separated) and the Separation between the Male and Female Polarity. The latter came in two stages, the first, psychological separation, and the second, physical separation. (many Pleadians and Sirians incarnated to heal that separation) Sixteen thousand years ago, a task force for this liberation was created. It is called the Order of the Star. These are 144,000 beings who volunteered to merge the planet and the Light. In response, the Dark took Earth humanity hostage, and declared quarantine. No ET can land without their approval. This is why Atlantis fell. Many Lightworkers went into Agartha in hiding. Deep inside the earth, there is no Veil. There is no quarantine. This is how Agartha joined the Galactic Federation. They have been fighting for the Liberation of Planet Earth ever since.
  • Atlantis 3: This is Gaia after liberation. The writings of Bacon--who was an incarnation of St. Germain-- in the book New Atlantis describe this time of advanced technologies, ET contact, and cities of Light.
The Liberation Movement consists of beings from all over the galaxies; Pleadians, Sirians (who incarnated as: humans, dolphins--to spread joy, and whales--to consciously balance the grids and therefore the tectonic plates),  Andromedans, Arcturians and more. There also are the Ascended Masters who are beings who took on a cycle of Earth Incarnations and liberated themselves from the Veil:
  • Sananda: His soul, the Christ, incarnated as Krishna and achieved Enlightenment. This soul reincarnated as Jesus. Jesus had continuous psychic contact with Christ throughout his whole life, throughout all his works. Hence the teaching of the Christ-consciousness carrying Jesus, 'Jesus-Christ'. On a soul level, they are like brothers, and are working together to bring unconditional love to the planet. (as an aside, Jesus was Sirian, and was contacted by ET's a few times).
  • St. Germain: His purpose is to bring abundance and freedom to humanity. On one incarnation in France, he renewed the Mystery Schools, and began the Freemasons in Paris. At this time, he placed jewels and gold into a bank for 'later'--they have been gathering interest ever since. The value is ten trillion dollars. It has grown from his incarnation deposit as I have described, as well as his inspired-from-beyond deposits by others of large amounts of money that were blessed and collected by St. Germain (I suspect the Missionaries of Charity may have been involved in this. If you look on the internet, there is a post by a disgruntled former nun about where the donations were going). This gold is in the swiss banks and is blocked from distribution by the cabal-led banks and the Rothschilds.
  • Koot Hoomi: To bring healing to humanity, for the physical body and the energy body. He is behind new medicines, ones that are from nature. He is countering the Rockefellerian plan to have humanity be a class of working slaves that have to buy more and more pills to keep just barely alive. In fact, many cures exist right now, for diseases such as cancer and AIDS, but have been blocked by industry from being released. There is a lot of fortune to be made on the sick.
  • El Morya: He is working with world leaders, exerting his influence on people who have the potential to be of the Light who are in existing political systems. He uses telepathic impressions and ideas to communicate his message to them.
  • Ashtar: On earth twenty-five thousand years ago, the last to leave Quarantine. He promised Cobra personally he will come back to free humanity. His projects are ascended consciousness, training in telepathic communication, first contact, mass communications (he took over in 1977 and broadcast a message in the UK, as a 'test' of his technical capabilities. No one ever traced the source of the signal), development of the PC and Internet (the cabal can't control all of it), and the energy grid around the planets (to smooth out the tectonic plate movements and polar shifts)
  • Astara: The Twin Soul of Ashtar. She is known as Isis, Inama, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, Venus. Her purpose is to bring the Goddess Energy back to planet Earth. 
Here is a meditation on the Goddess you might enjoy:


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