Friday, November 30, 2012

On Low Vibrations: Paying Due Respects

We all need to eat for survival

The most important thing I have to share with you today about Ascension is about the respect of the vanquished, the ones who have lost the battle of the Light and Higher Consciousness.

Light, to the lowest vibrational entity, is like fingernails scraped on a blackboard discomfort--on steroids.

Ascension, which is joy and sustenance to me, might not mean the same to those of the lower vibrations. Someone reached out to me on my blog, and made a point that for some, this is a time of pain, depression, and possibly ending it all. Energetically, this makes sense: for those who thrive on the lower vibrations, the Higher Energies that are coming with each successive Portal is like a fish gasping outside of the tank. It is not good. It is suffering.

What we have here is a decision that has been started by Gaia, for help, from the invasion of the negative entities (incarnate and disincarnate) that have taken humanity hostage. The Higher Selves of humanity have pleaded multiple times to be freed from the quarantine of the Veil. What has been going on in Duality has been an 'experiment gone out of control' in a sense. It is a game that stopped being fun or even educational a long time ago. And for the majority, the Higher Vibrations, although needing some time for adjustment and assimilation, are more 'natural' a state than Duality has been itself.

Ever since Reiki 1, I have been taking steps to raise my vibration. Before going to my first psychic development class, I was at rock bottom, on a soul level, an ugly duckling who just could not take it any more not having any place to 'fit in' energetically. Night life was icky, I didn't enjoy partying, and just life itself was an energy drain. With each organic meal, with each negative thought 'plucked' out at the start, with meditation, with more and more service to the Reiki community, I have found my swans! Today I feel more alive than ever before, with a bounce in my step, and a confidence I never knew I could have. The challenges are not so overwhelming. It is my time.

For the illuminati, their minions, the ones who really 'had it going on' in Duality, its end through Ascension is uncomfortable for them. For those who watch T.V. and ingest the daily 'fear porn' on the news, and do what they have been told to do, these times are frightening. A time will come where no one will tell you what to do. Only your intuition and inner 'resonance' will be your guide. As the tempo quickens, the lower vibrations will get progressively more frantic and desperate. Their survival is threatened. So have compassion for those around you who are not 'in the same boat' as Lightworkers at this time.

Each individual chose their soul contracts for this time for soul progress. For high vibration, or for low. Respect it. You do not know why each made their choices, therefore trust in God to be the judge instead of you. Judgement is of a lower vibration, and the more you avoid such negative sentiments, your vibration will increase, and Ascension will happen quicker. Let it go. Let it go what they did, and move on. Forgive, for they know not what they do. They can't--they are in a different vibration and can't 'see' the same as you.

If you are hurting, and your whole world is falling apart around you as Ascension draws closer in time, never give up. Know that a loving place has been reserved for you, a place where your vibration will be more compatible. And in a three-dimensional existence, without the unfair 'shell-game of Duality' at play, you will be completely supported, with warmth, love, nurturing and compassion, and given the ideal surroundings in which you can grow. At your own pace, at your own comfort level. 

After all, every entity has Eternity to work on it! Those of the Light, and the not-so-bright lower Vibrations. All of us are children of God, children of the Galactic Higher Source, and all of us are brothers and sisters that deserve the respect and admiration for being the wonderful work of Creation that we are.


Reiki Doc