Saturday, November 24, 2012

It is Time for Looking Within

It is time to look within at the magnificence of your Spirit. How many are looking outside of themselves to discover Truth? It is imagined, this Lack of Truth outside the Self.

If you are in Science, do you look to it for Peace? Is your trust in the development of Technology that, once repeatable positive test results are found on the benchtop, may be scaled up and brought to the masses, thereby 'saving the world'?

If you are in Metaphysics, do you look to it for Understanding? It is a very narrow walk to walk, for, like Science, it is possible to live an entire Lifetime focused on the Mind instead of the Heart. Spirituality, in some contexts, is restrictive to Thought and to Proper Development. For example, the strict Vows of Religious, including Celibacy as in a priest or a nun, where the Soul is developed out of step with the development of the body, according to an external plan that is provided by religion that is organized. For others, such as a Mother Teresa, these Vows are the Gateway to Enlightenment itself!

One thing is clear--both of these worlds can barely talk to each other. There is a mind set, a language that is specialized, and a complete subculture within itself. It is like this for many areas of existence, almost to the laughable stereotypes in High School of Jock, Brain, Popular, Dweeb, Burnout, Druggie, and Loser. Do these groups of students 'reach out' to one another as teenage students at school? No way! When a Jock helps a Nerd, it makes the news! Someone goes against stereotype! There is comfort inside a group, whatever one you are drawn to and immerse yourself in. This applies to the social roles of child, parent, lover, elder, and friend, as well. It is 'who you are' in the context of social structure.

This comfort is False. In lowering Focus from the Mind to the Heart, all of us are the same. And also find that Love is the Solution For Everything. We are born. We die. We laugh, we grow, we have family...there is interdependence on each other in order to experience this life. In order to keep alive on this planet. Although it might seem odd at first, when you stop to think about it, you can bless the Unseen Hand of Others who have made it possible for:

  • to drive on a road that is well-maintained and clearly marked
  • to buy food instead of having to grow it, or even prepare it
  • to wear clothing that is often made by people who work in intolerable conditions
  • to have entertainment and fun--so many diversions
  • to have all of our bodily wastes removed in sanitation, so there are no more chamber pots
  • to have warm and cold water at the twist of a faucet
  • to have assistance when illness strikes (both physical and energy healing)
  • to acquire books, tools, and training for your Life Work
  • to 'connect' on the Internet across Space and Time
The list goes on. There is some Truth to the philosophy 'Everything You Need To Know You Knew in Kindergarten'. That part of you, at that age, was mostly distinguished by your Heart. Your personality is important to the whole, as is your Life Spirit (your Spark of God that is indistinguishably YOU). Everyone has one, this Spark of Light. Although some, you may point out, do unspeakable horrors in this Lifetime, that is because the person or 'entity' in their mind is Separated from their Source. They do not know the consequence of their actions; their soul is damaged in this sense. They are going to be held completely accountable for their deeds, and managed with justice and/or rehabilitation on a Galactic Scale. Do not be concerned about them. Focus on YOU and your part you contribute to all of Creation. We are linked together. Your Heart makes a Difference to all the other Hearts in the world.

Jimmy Stewart, as George Bailey, in the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, is a wonderful example of how this interdependence works in action.

It is with the Heart, that we can connect our many areas of Interest together. We can overcome the 'stereotypes' of Existence, find a common connection, and discover that Spirituality and Science are One. In their own way, each is structured in the search for the betterment of Humanity, and the decrease of Suffering.


Reiki Doc