Tuesday, November 27, 2012

E.T. Etiquette 101

I thought title would get your attention! LOL.

At the conference, there were discussions about advanced technologies and other related subjects. First contact and Disclosure, which if you are new to these concepts,  are simply the first diplomatic meeting and the first formal acknowledgement of 'what has been going on under the radar'. After The Event (intel posted periodically on this blog, but not continuously, due to its sensitive nature), all of the physical evidence that has been hidden about the 'we are not alone' concept will be shared immediately with the public. Documents, autopsy specimens, reverse engineered craft, and genuine spacecraft. It is going to be clearly obvious that 'something hidden has been going on' for some time. The book Area 51 is also an excellent resource on this subject.

Having grown up with UFO-friendly family (read blog post about my Uncle--search it), I raised my hand in the audience and asked, 'If for some chance I were to actually meet and extraterrestrial, I would like to make a good impression. Would you please share with me basics of the culture so I would avoid a faux pas?'

The answer? Be yourself, exactly as you are, and have a genuine desire to meet them.

You see, in anesthesia, we are trained to be ready for anything that might go wrong in the course of an anesthetic. In our mind, as we are meeting you, we are developing a plan for your anesthesia. The final plan will look like this: Plan A, first contingency Plan B, second contingency Plan C, and so forth. That way, during the crucial thirty seconds of airway management at the beginning of the case, if something doesn't work we flow seamlessly to the next Plan. We have many things available based on the likelihood during the maintenance and emergence phases too. Being prepared for a possible face-to-face with a Star Brother or Sister, and knowing who they are, might be overwhelming. I wanted to be ready in advance. Now you are 'in-the-know' on that one too!

Speaking of 'in-the-know', I did a short search on mind control and deprogramming. If you made the choice to take Cobra's Little Red Pill, you will know that there are experts out there, with science that was started in World War 2, on how to control the masses. Some of it is mind control in general, through advertising slogans and hype. It is an art. And the most serious form of it is something called the Monarch system.

I was curious how you could break programming, since there is a systematic method to changing the way someone thinks, like 'brainwashing'. Guess what? Deprogramming is passe--the violent kidnap techniques didn't work. According to an expert from Biola, natural attrition from a cult has a higher rate of success than the kidnap and intense 'deprogramming' systems. To me, this makes sense, because many of the techniques used to 'break you' in the first place are applied again in the 'deprogramming process'. All desire to 'wake up' must be self-initiated.

How to facilitate that? Well, if you are concerned about a loved one, encourage them to

  • watch less T.V. 
  • read less of the newspaper
  • be careful of other forms of mass media
  • go into Nature. It only takes two hours in Nature to reverse a direct attack by negative non-physical entities (or Archons).  There is no better source than Nature to return you to your natural psychological state
  • pluck out fear thoughts as they arise
  • remember you have a right to love and be loved, a right to be, a right to feel, a right to act, a right to speak, a right to see Truth, and a right to be your own autonomous being on the planet.
  • give thanks always

Reiki Doc