Friday, November 9, 2012

Jokhas Footwear and Mediumship in the O.R.

Together we were working on a 'celebrity patient'. The scrub tech, tall and thin from Kenya, asked the attending orthopedic surgeon if 'it makes a difference, or makes him nervous' to work on someone like this? 

Wisely put, the surgeon shared, 'If you treat every patient like your brother or mother, you are going to be fine.'

That is when the scrub tech spoke up about his new business, Jokhas Footwear. It is to help back home, where life is hard. (see video, above). The surgeon said, 'It kind of makes you think about things you never thought about before, doesn't it? We are so lucky and blessed to be from here and not from a third-world country, are we not?'

Around this time, as Reiki Doc, I honed in on their conversation with focus and clarity from Beyond. Every cell in my body was resonating: this is what Ascension looks like! This is our future!  And Orthopedic Surgeon in Private Practice (read--highest paid professional in the O.R.) is thinking about those less fortunate than him! And I could feel it, the opening of his heart!

This is the same person who can fire someone in less than one day, who is worldly and totally dedicated to his work. He is excellent, likes to fix fractures and could do it all day, without sleep or food, he loves what he does so much. This is our goal demographic--someone who can really help others--starting to Open in the Light!

A stronger resonance came through for the scrub tech: I saw him for what he is, a survivor of horrors, coming to America, starting a business not only for himself, but to help less fortunate others back at home. I saw him AND his Soul Purpose, brilliant, shining, and from God. I was humbled by it.

I used to think he was a party boy...who only looked out for  number one. I was mistaken.

The beginning of Ascension is when we have in our hearts revulsion at suffering of any kind, especially in the less fortunate.

Last night, I experienced the Higher Dimension while taking a shower. The Daddy Longlegs spider was on the corner, near the drain, hanging on for dear life. I stood back so the spray would not affect him and he could climb up himself. He couldn't. He was starting to tire. In the past I used to say, 'oh well, that is his fate'. Now I felt, 'he is fighting for his life right now in front of me!'.  Instinctively, I took my puffy sponge (soulange), and in one sweeping motion gave him a ride up onto the soap dish out of harm's way. He sat there, motionless, in total exhaustion. After washing my hair, I blew on him, and he 'woke up', scooting to the top corner of the shower stall. I had my sponge available for washing, and I did not take a life.

I do not think it was an accident I was in that O.R. with that scrub tech and that surgeon on that day. I think I was meant to share his story with you. Sometimes mediumship is 'claircognizance', and that is what I experienced with them. Loud and clear--'get the word out about this business and its significance'. By the way, Jokhas is swahili for the word 'gem'...


Reiki Doc