Friday, November 23, 2012

Ascension and Fog

Where I live, there is a marine layer that comes in as 'late night and early morning low clouds' to quote Dr. George Fishbeck, a beloved weatherman in the Southland.  As I drove home from work, for I just did a shift on L&D as my one of two 'holiday call requirements' for the year, the fog was THICK.

I love the fog. I adore the quiet, and how it makes you look at things differently when you are in your familiar surroundings. It makes you use vision less, defensive driving more, and makes your 'sharp witted' to get to where you have to go.

On the way home, there is a mountain. As I went up the road, and climbed, I broke through the fog. Everything was clear and bright. I could see the blanket of fog over the areas below. Aha! I thought, I have found the perfect example of Ascension! You go UP and EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE AND IS CLEAR!

Without knowing it, we have been living in a fog of sorts our whole lives. For thirteen millennia, to be exact. Our 'circuits' have been 'jammed' on the psychic ability that is our birthright.  It has made us 'sharp witted' and able to grow spiritually on our soul paths by leaps and bounds.

But the road before us rises. And soon we shall be above the fog.

Remember, higher vibration to us is like a propeller going fast. You know the blades are there, but you can't see them. An electric fan is like this too. The blades are there. They spin. As they go faster and faster it gets to a point where they 'seem' to disappear. That is why you can't see your loved ones who have passed, and why they can't talk to you. They are there, but their vibration is not compatible with your current one. You can raise yours. There is a post about that. But for today we discuss fogcutting and Ascension in a way that is visual and makes sense to most everyone who has experienced fog.


Reiki Doc