Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote Your Pendulum!

One of my impromptu pendulum students at Uncle Roberts Halloween in Puna, Big Island

There is so much bullshit in the hype leading up to election, I just am sick of it.

Why not take your pendulum with you into the polling booth? It can cut through the crap and let you vote with confidence that the Highest Good shall be the outcome of your pendulum swing. That is what I did about three weeks ago when I voted by absentee ballot at home. Anesthesiologists are very busy, and unless we vote by mail, we can never guarantee a trip to the polls. (We are at work before the polling booths open, and do not always leave work until after they close.)

I can teach Pendulum Use in less than five minutes. Here we go:

1) A Pendulum is a way that Spirit can communicate with you, and not break the laws of free will.  The trick is to phrase everything as a Yes or No question.

2) Any heavy object on a chain can be used as a pendulum. A ring on a necklace chain, a pendant on the chain, or a formal pendulum that you buy at a metaphysical shop. My teacher had crystals on the end of a piece of fishing line for her pendulum 101 class. Anything will do.

3) Set the rules of the Pendulum. Hold it in your hand, over the palm of the other like in the photo above. Make sure Spirit is okay and the right Spirit (from the Light) is going to help you. Ask:

  • show me a Definite Yes (it will start to swing. Everyone's Yes is different. Mine is a circle)
  • show me a Definite No (it will start to swing different. Mine is a back and forth)
  • Is it okay for me to ask this question?
  • Is there any reason for me not to ask this question?
  • Are all answers going to be from the Light and for the Highest Good?
If Yes and No to the appropriate questions, proceed to next step.

4) Ask, ' Should I vote for Candidate A?' watch for the swing. 'Should I vote for Candidate B?'. The two options should match, as in Yes for A and No for B. This works even better for Measures, a simple Yes or No

5) Vote with the pendulum if the answer 'Resonates' with you as Truth. A Pendulum is simply a Divining Tool, like a Divining Rod. It will give guidance, but it is YOU who is in charge and using the information given from Spirit. As always, you have the final say: YOU have Free Will.

Happy Voting!


Reiki Doc