Monday, November 26, 2012

Yoda 101

Remember the movie, Star Wars? Think back in time, as far back as possible, to the first time you ever experienced the film. Can you recall this? At that time, in the past, how did the movie make you feel?

What characters were you drawn to in the film?

Who did you want to win?

Whose side were you on?

I see a lot of people entranced with Darth Vader. I see kids dressed up like him and like storm troopers at Halloween.

Part of me wonders why their parents let them do this. I wonder, what is the attraction to the dark?

In a theater, as a child, I saw the film for the first time. It touched something deep inside of me. And I remembered something important, something hard to describe, something right from my heart. As the beginning words of the story scrolled down, I had this thought: is this a sign that everything is done with the battle and we won? Tears rolled down my face the whole time I watched the movie. I had the awareness that Star Wars was not like any movie I had ever seen. It was beyond entertainment. It was truth--the battle of Light and Dark, the battle of Love--'the Force'--and the absence of Love.  The Force--the Light--and its truth were all I wanted to win. With every cell in my body, I aligned with the Light. And I braced myself for whatever it would take for the Light to win.

What kind of child thinks this? 

Only a very old soul, with a memory that has been awakened.

Star Wars is true.

You can decide it for yourself, or not.

Intel on this from 'Yoda' says: the person who made Star Wars was not imagining it. He had a memory from the past, the truth, the Galactic Wars.  Eight million years ago, the Galactic Wars Began.
A group of celestial beings wanted to 'try something new', and using advanced technology, created a device to cut themselves off from Source. It worked.

That is all for today.


Reiki Doc