Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Suffering Crystal

she is like the one on the left, but cloudy inside, thin, and a little longer

A man at a workshop quickly pulled his double-pointed quartz crystal out of his right pocket, and put it back in. I noticed it, and thought in my best Mae West impression, "Is that a crystal in your pocket or are you happy to see me?", laughing at my own joke.

I didn't like the way he handled the crystal. I soon found out why. In a workshop, we had to rearrange the chairs, and he sat next to me. He took it out, again, and asked me what I thought about it. It felt dead. I have never felt such an unhappy crystal. I soon learned why.

"You are not holding it right. It makes electricity. Hold it at arm's length." he said.

I did. A small wave of energy came up my arm, reluctantly, half dead.

"What do you think? I think it is radioactive and has uranium in it. I am going to get a geiger counter and measure it." he went on, pleased with himself. I inwardly questioned his knowledge of metaphysics, and certainly his fund of scientific knowledge. Radioactivity is used in the OR and also in the chemistry lab for tagging things. You can't feel it. That is why you need dosimeters, shields, and time limits in special hoods (lab benches with a fan). Not electricity. Possibly a voltmeter would work instead--a piezoelectric crystal perhaps?

"Did you get this here today?" I asked.

"No I got it two years ago."

I took it, and held it between both hands. "Let me talk to it."

"No", he interrupted, "you are supposed to feel it. The guy that sold it to me said..."

I tuned him out. I sent Reiki to the spirit in the crystal. Crystals are alive. There is something intelligent in there, despite lack of biology. It was quiet. She felt trapped, and was clearly suffering by the energy of her owner. I let the crystal spirit know from my heart I felt for its plight, belonging to a boor who is using her beautiful double points as a parlor trick, as something he 'owns', and not as a beautiful tool of spiritual worth. Only for monetary worth because  of its rarity. She understood, and was thankful to be with someone compassionate for the few minutes I held her between my palms, like a sandwich.

Take care of your crystals. Let them know how much you appreciate them. They know. They have hearts, and minds, but no bodies like us. They are 'in there' and they want to help. It breaks my heart to see people like that not getting their crystals to their full potential. It is my hope that one day all creatures, even the inanimate ones, are given the respect and treatment deserved by all of Creation.


Reiki Doc