Friday, November 23, 2012

Ascension. Symptoms and You

perhaps one day there will be a sign for 'Ascension' like this?

Over the past year in the Energy Healing community, there has been much discussion about the physical ailments that go with increasing Vibration. Vibration refers to the energetic state of an entity, or living creature upon the earth. The reason some people can talk to the dead through mediumship is that their vibration is close enough for someone who has made the Transition and is of a higher vibration to lower theirs and communicate through thought as Clairaudience. Clairsentience. Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, etc. The oncoming dates in December, the 12 and the 21, are thought by some as the dates Gaia--this entire planet--all of the animals, and almost all of the people on Her are going to jump up in Vibration together in something that is called Ascension.

In the bible, when Jesus went back to Heaven after the Resurrection, He 'Ascended'. When Mary, who did not die, but rose up to Heaven like her Son did that, it was called 'The Assumption'. It was 'Assumed' that she did not 'Ascend' by her own power but rather it was Jesus who helped her to rise up to Heaven.

As Reiki practitioners, we have experienced Attunement, the process I. Which a Reiki Master opens our energetic system to allow the Universal Light to flow through us and permit the healing of ourselves and our patients,clients, family members, friends, and pets. Cancer patients in pain feel a deep calm, peace, often falling asleep in a time in their lives where there otherwise can be pain and suffering. If you ever want to get an interesting group discussion going, ask your Reiki students about their 'cleanse'. A 'cleanse' is the clearing out of old energetic debris and patterns to make room for the Universal Light. I describe it as clearing the pipes from the gunk that lines it, or getting the air vents and ducts cleared of the dust and crud that collects in them over time. Cleanse symptoms can be physical (malaise, sleepiness, fuzzy thinking, cold-like symptoms, minor aches and pains), emotional (something you thought was resolved in the past coming up again, sadness, crying), and spiritual( questions about your belief system and relation with the church).

Although Ascension is a personal experience, since so many of us are going to go through it at the same time range (From what I understand, it is not all at once for everybody), why not be an Ascension Buddy to those who are in the Ascension process and have no idea what is happening to them? Information I have researched points to the Heart and its degree of openness as the deciding factor, not the amount of time spent in Spiritual preparation. Since Reiki can be a great help to others in the Transition from this life to the Other Side, might it not be useful to help others who are just 'waking up' to adjust?

For example, a loved one may complain to you about feeling tingling all over, being abnormally tired and sleepy, and having headaches when they are not a headache person--headaches are rare for them.
What you can do is recognize the symptoms of Ascension, making sure to double-check that there are no obvious signs of disease as well. Send them to a doctor if they are not well. But if it seems like Ascension to you, you can reassure them and share that you too have experienced something similar. The decision to educate on Ascension is up to you; I would myself answer honestly any questions asked of me as simply as possible. Things that can help are drinking lots of water, eating root vegetables, soaking in salt water, being in nature, spending time with animals, gardening, writing a journal, or reading things of a spiritual nature. Taking classes and being with those of a like mind are helpful for the more 'open' minded individuals as well.

Look out for your brothers and sisters. Reach out and let your caring spirit comfort them. There is no need to explain unless the person is ready to understand. Be cautious, as too much information can be overwhelming for them. People's belief systems are deeply personal to them. It is important to keep this in mind when reaching out to help others at this time.

If you would like to check a YouTube channel that exists on Ascension Symptoms, check out Ascension Pioneers with Polonia Simchak. She speaks English but is from Europe I think. It is fun and you may enjoy her work. Another excellent resource is Evita Ochel, on her YouTube Channel and website


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  1. Don't you think that at this late stage, people should be bouncing with health, happiness and joy.

    But no, racked with pain, ringing in ears, fatigue, feelings of isolation. Sounds very similar to targeted individuals symtoms and they have never heard of ascension. Rather they believe they are being targeted by government with psychotronic microwave weapons, and it is driving some to suicide.

    Explain that one.

    1. Dear Sadee, you bring up an excellent point. There were times in the past where there had been research with very low frequency wave technology that was bombarded at the people. There was technology to make married couples misunderstand each other, technology to make people apathetic, and technology to make them sleepy. There was an active group researching mind control and science with the Nazis in WW2, and they never stopped. Some of them came to the US in Operation Paperclip. It is my understanding that due to the intervention of our Galactic Family, these technologies as well as nuclear war have been stopped. HAARP weather technology, too. Hurricane Sandy was real, part of Gaia transitioning to a Higher Dimension.

      Unfortunately, as Gaia prepares herself for her Ascension (with all of us on it), there are going to be some energy adjustments to experience on the earth plane. What you can do is to accept them as real, not imagination, and find relief by any of the following: swim or bathe in salt water, drink lots of water, ground (barefoot on earth), spend time in Nature, and rest when you are tired. I feel for your complaints and discouragement, and I send you love and compassion from my heart.

      As Gaia's energies increase, for some, they will experience more and more discomfort. Know that the time is short before she completes her changes, and the final destination for you, if you are experiencing these less-than-desired sensations will be a situation that is going to be more naturally agreeable for you.