Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Decoration of Light

There is a rise in two important health tragedies with the holiday season. With knowledge, you  can avoid them.

Number 1:  Closed-head traumatic brain injury from a fall from the ladder or the roof while hanging the lights on the house.  If you do not climb a ladder every day in your work, do not attempt to do so while decorating for the holidays. Use a long stick, like a fruit picker, to reach up. Hire someone else. Or decorate where you can reach. Anything taller than a step-ladder that is used in the kitchen will increase risk of serious adverse outcome in the event of a fall.

Number 2:  Heart attack severity and lethality is higher during the holiday time of year. Emotions run high, and family disagreements increase the oxygen demand on an already ailing heart. People also tend to 'push themselves' to do more instead of their usual activity level. Because of this, many tend to experience angina, which can be anything from chest pain or pressure that radiates to the arm or jaw, or symptoms of shortness of breath without exertion, or even a sensation of indigestion. Many elderly do not wish to 'ruin the holiday' when experiencing these symptoms during a get-together with family and friends, so they hide their discomfort. The myocardial infarctions present later in the disease process and may cause more harm, even death. If someone is not looking good, ask them if they are okay, and if their words do not match your intuition, please act on the intuition as there is not much time to waste.

Otherwise, have a happy and healthy holiday season, enjoy the togetherness this time of year brings. Be safe, and make happy memories.


Reiki Doc