Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Joy of Co-Creation: Puna-Style

At four-thirty this morning when I left my friend's house in Pahoa, I had no sense of how much healing I had achieved with spirit in the last twelve hours, nor a clue how much more opening I had yet to experience on my way back to the opposite end of the island where my class began at eight. This article is about the pleasure of letting Spirit take the lead in the dance of life.

Have you ever ballroom danced? That was our past time during breaks between lectures at medical school. All of us would enjoy to practice, and on week nights we would go out to local clubs and take free salsa lessons, or ballroom, downtown on Sixth Street in San Diego. Ladies, isn't it hard when you are stuck with a man that can not take the lead? Gentlemen, isn't it horrible when a woman won't let you lead her on the dance floor? In dance, there is a proper tension between the couple, in the arms, that permits movement as a unit on the dance floor. It is with subtle clues the man 'guides' his partner for their mutual enjoyment on the dance floor. It is with great pleasure I discovered the following the past day:

'I want to heal, to my deepest level' was the intention I set for this trip.  For the Universe, this is like asking the question, "Do you want to dance with me?"

This is what happened when I let the Universe co-create with me of my own free will:

My friend in Pahoa got upset with me for not telling her about my trip. We took Reiki 1 and 2 together before she moved to Big Island. She invited me to come visit.

I deliberated. The drive from Kona to almost Hilo is as long as some flights from Los Angeles to New York! I would pay for gas, and my hotel room, to go couch surf? Why not sit in a chaise lounge and read? After all, this was a business trip.

I used my pendulum, GO.

On the drive, with radio off, I realized this was my 'mommy moon'--the oldest was seven, and clearly more independent. Who am I now, and what do I want in the future besides this healing? Well for now, I needed to pee and I wanted a scoop of coconut ice cream...

Not much later, at Punalu'u there was a Bakery that had a Rest Stop AND ice cream! I stopped. And got refreshed.Nice.

By the time I arrived, everyone was getting ready for Halloween, and gone to go Trick or Treating. Alone, I heard the koki frogs, ignored the garage band across the street, and gave a big sigh. It had been four hours on the road!

When they came back, it was a joy to see the kids. "Where is your kids?" I am on business, they are home. "Oh." Their dad did not like to go out, but my friend is all about people and fun. We went to Uncle Roberts, at End of Road.

"The real Kingdom of Hawaii is still here!" Proclaimed the sign. Hawaiian music blared in this no-man's land. Everyone was in costume! There were not one butTwo Elvises! An Auntie Zombie...a bee..two dragon headed cooks making Japanese veggie pancakes I had for dinner. There was fresh pressed sugar cane juice--can I touch your crystal? I asked the vendor. She shared how important cane was to native Hawaiians. I spoke how the sugar cane at Po'onua o Honaunau and I talked just the other day about this. I showed a sage vendor and her daughter how to use a pendulum! I laughed. And I danced for two hours! Someone flashed me a smile with glowing vampire teeth, just enough to make me laugh. I knew I would meet someone that night, and that was it. I haven't had anyone ask for my number since clubbing days that got me to be a mom! I was glad, for he was cute, and nice. Who knows? I am so glad I went.

There was an old man with dreadlocks to the floor. A healer. Whether he knew it or not, he raised those hands and POW KABLAM! Psychic energy flowed out of them. The ghost of Puna thanked me for admiring his table set up in memory of him. One year close to my age, he died onstage, while playing Hawaiian music.

I slept on the couch, content, and extremely thankful for the short time I had with my friend. We talked, about important things. Her business, Miracle Botanicals, has some really good products. As the former 'Princess Nose' of a consumer products company in Pleasanton, she has the best. I sniffed it.

In the car, inthe dark, I thought, 'I need gas'
Boom! One open station.
'I need food, coffee'
Bingo. Seven spam musubi and 'espresso'. You should have seen the construction workers'smiles at me as they bought their breakfast too. They knew I had a good time last night...rumpled clothes, smudged makeup, bed head...
'I need directions to saddle road'
Quickie Mart. Directions. And a bathroom!

Saddle Road won my heart. Sheer delight! Sunrise over Haleakala? Try being Reiki Doc open, energetically, watching the sun rise while directly lined up with Kilauea , Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, and Haleakala! It don't get better than dat!

I made it on time back to my time for class. My energy and heart are so full of joy! Having a friend where you are welcome in Puna? Priceless!andletting Spirit take the lead to co-create? I am swooning, as only a smooth dance partner can make me swoon! Yesterday rocked!

Try letting The Universe take the lead in co-creation with you. You'll never regret it.


Reiki Doc