Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Wave are You?

The Plight of Polar Bears is one project you may be 'assigned' on.

There are many parts to this Ascension experience. There are Lightworkers, and there are new Lightworkers, who are recently 'waking up'. If you are one of them, rejoice! It is YOUR time!

Let me lay the foundation for what has been happening, as far as I know it.

  • In the 1990's Gaia cried for help. It might have been before. Her call was answered.  I recall in the nineties,  I was in medical school. I used to cry a great deal--it was painful--because here I was on Earth where there was no Love like I was used to. I did not remember where I was from, but deep in my bones, I knew it was 'different' and that I wanted to go 'Home'. There were a lot of us who were 'waking up' back then. Those before us and those of that time were the 'Trail blazers', or the Data Gatherers, if you will. (The Early ones, at this time, are now, 'done' so to speak. Sylvia Browne is an excellent example of a Trail Blazer.)
  • The next group were the ones who were 'waking me up all the way'. My teachers. My heroes. The people who let us know we were not 'crazy', but 'intuitive'. These are the big bloggers, the big names, and the Lightworkers that we have come to know. (These ones are getting 'done' right around now. The 'higher guidance' may be changing 'assignments' for them. Their 'news' is going to be 'mainstream' soon.) 
  • A lot of the people who are making a living in 'woo woo' are in for a surprise: everyone is going to be 'waking up' and their services are not 'needed' like they were before the Veil was taken down. Everyone will be their own 'medium', so to speak. And the professional psychics will find new ways to support themselves. No worries! Our Galactic Family has this planned...
  • My 'wave' is on Fire! I think we are 'Ground Crew'. Now is the time. I have energy, I have skill, I have an audience. Guess what my 'platform' is? Empowering YOU. Online. For free. I am 'passing the torch' to you, and 'pushing you out of the nest' because you have had the ability to FLY all along, and now is the time for you. You are the ones to bring this down to the masses. I will let you pick the name for your 'wave' yourselves, but I know you have one!
  • Who are the Indigo Children? They were a little bit between the 'wake me up' and the 'me'. They showed the General Population 'Something Was Not Right'. Their collective voice raised the consciousness levels enough to get everyone's attention. Think 'Occupy Movement', yes?
  • Who are the Crystal Children? I suspect I am a rogue one, but I know indeed that my progeny, and many born around that time, are uniquely gifted individuals in the Light. I SEE them being born every day when I am on Labor and Delivery. They are VERY OLD SOULS who came here to help us with the Transition into 5D. They could not come until the Indigos and the rest of us paved the way for them. The lower vibrations here on Gaia would have been too much for them.
How do I know this? Obama won. I had known the outcome of this for months. Woo-woo predictions, and inner awareness. Am I political? No way! Am I Spiritual? Yes. I say, Obama is not what you think. He is 'woo woo' Admiral. Watch him do his 'thing' now that Gaia's new grids are all online. It will be phenomenal to watch. All of the Universes (there are more than ours) are watching US as we make this transition: both Planet and ALL THE CREATURES ON IT are 'leveling up' to a higher dimension. At the same time! This has never before happened. Before, when the planet 'Ascended', everything on it would die! Like a 'reset' button on the computer. Together we are attempting the unimaginable!

What does this mean to you? All Hands On Deck! Get in touch with your Higher Awakening. Your Higher Purpose has probably been taking up your nights while you are asleep (how many of you have stopped dreaming, ya?? Where else do you think you go when you sleep, huh? ; )   )

Get ready for it to start coming to you in your day. While you meditate. Possibly while you drive. It might help to keep a little journal with you, and take notes as you 'take notice' of things' throughout your day. I did. The entire 1990's. Journal in my pocket. Journal by my bed. Journal for 'special messages'. I have trunks of them, all filled out! Many times a 'message' won't make 'sense' until about six months later.  Drink lots of water. Stay in Touch with Nature. And get plenty of rest.

I am so excited for you. I can tell that you are 'waking up', and even more importantly, 'cross linking' together with the Twitter, Facebook page, and blog. Things are not what they seem. You will be made aware of all of this at the proper place and time. Until then, I say, 'Heads Up!' and limber up. The time to go onstage right now is for you. I will be in the wings cheering you on!


Reiki Doc