Saturday, November 3, 2012

On Those Who Reject Reiki

Reiki Nurse, Meredith Kendall, raised an excellent point yesterday: two of her Reiki students in her class she taught recently shared that reiki is against my religion and being Christian. They faced their fears and took the class any way. I forwarded this to my Facebook page, with some excellent responses. That is the subject for today. The people who are going to reject Reiki, how they will surprise you and it might hurt, and what can be done about it. I want to make this as humorous as possible, but the cases I present are real people that I have interacted with enough to come up with these stories for you.

'Uncle Martian':  this is my uncle who has been 'into' UFO's my whole life. He ragged on me for going to church, and asked me every time I saw him when I was going to quit. At the time, I thought I was morally 'right' and even tried to convince him. As I learned Reiki, and started to wake up about how the church controlled me and had free access to my wallet, I stopped going. I let Uncle know he was right. Uncle wants 'proof' of everything: ET's, psychic phenomena, and Reiki. He has in his mind perfect life where we ride in space all day and don't need to eat or go to the bathroom (I suspect he is from the Pleades and 'remembers' his former life). But there is a block. I gave Reiki. He didn't feel it. He has multiple health problems. He wanted 'instant cure'. So like Doubting Thomas, he rejects, and we do not talk about Reiki any more. We still love each other more than ever. I am his closest niece. He just can't understand.

Matt Nobama: One of my former chief residents. A Christian, we used to pray together at work. Very spiritual. Very literal. Very Republican. He, like my first friend J, are the only people I know who 'unfriend' people because they do not share their beliefs, or are 'out there' enough with their posts that rejection is a natural response to not wanting to see, spend time or accept anything that is different from their 'world'. I can see how limiting that is. Can you? How come they can't? Mind control can happen without your being aware of it. These people 'love' me. On the condition that I don't rock the boat. Remember, their discomfort at the discussion of Reiki, is about them, not you. If they had free will left, they might listen. Know mind-control for what it is, and gently drop the subject of reiki. Try your best to be a continuous source of reiki when you are with these day it will open their heart. 

Doctor Cane:  Took over the academic department like a Major Dark Entity, and brought his Minor Dark Entity with him from the Ivy League. A man of 'great visions' and 'expensive MBA', he cleaned house. All of the staff started to drink, he was so miserable to work for. People cried on the job, fear reigned, and the attendings plotted and schemed like the teams on Survivor. Who would be voted out? Me. I was one of six attendings notified of non-renewal of contract in one day. (Two with deep pockets went on to win wrongful termination lawsuits against University of California lawyers, a difficult legal challenge few have met. They wanted their name cleared.) Although one might think a person like this is bad for Reiki, when Dr. Cain 'slaughtered' me, Dr. Abel, it was the start of my path to becoming Reiki Doc. I knew our vibrations were incompatible, and the higher I raised mine, the worse it got! Know that Reiki and evil are like oil and water, they can't mix. God and Spirit will take care of you, in time. If you are rejected because of your Reiki Vibration, take heart: your future looks bright. With Ascension, all the Dr. Cains of the world are going to go away like a bad dream. (I still won't go to a conference he is speaking at. He frightens me. But I know in my heart I am in a better place now than my colleagues who 'survived on the island': pay cuts, workload increases, and perpetual fear. I stood up to the new director of quality at Yale's question and answer this week, and asked at the microphone in front of everybody, "Dr. Lagasse? What do you think about the places I have worked that have 'zero tolerance for human error?' Flabbergasted, he said, "That's insanity!" Then he paused, and shared, "It's the money. The Medicare money on SCIP data of antibiotic have to have someone like me get the data and talk to administration...there are reasons they don't understand that are at play." I rest my case.)

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged:  This one is the fake friend that talks about you behind your back. Stole my best friend Shermean the Zoroastrian mother who used to meditate every day. Dr. fake raised herself up by slamming everyone else. She had so little insight, that her bipolar, substance abuse, plastic surgery excess, and major health issues kept popping up, 'warning sign! Hello? Body to entity: stop living like this!" Went unheeded. This one will go away with Ascension. Turn her over to your Guardian Angels...Dr. fake and Shemean had the audacity to send flowers and a perpetual mass certificate after my father in hospice died from worry over my being let go from the department! Remember,  oil and water don't mix. When faced with people like this, Reiki Self First, and seek Like-minded people. Rise above.

Big Kahuna: World famous. Protective of his 'energy body'. Don't touch it or mess with it! I don't want to learn Reiki! I received a full rant after offering to teach him so he could heal himself. Kept having a sore foot. Basically,  Kahuna Probama A) does not like wealthy B) does not like haule (mainlanders) and C) wouldn't see an angel if it wore a tee shirt with an arrow pointing Up and the word ANGEL under the arrow. If you want anything from someone locked in to their 'liberal greatness' like this, run. They are so third dimensional, you will upset them, and they will shun you so violently it will freak you out. Remember the Matt Nobama and the mind control? It swings both ways...the other end of the sociopolitical spectrum too. Free Will allows people to 'accept' or 'reject' what they 'believe'. It has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with them. The fact of the matter is: I had 'been' in this person's 'energy' every day for six months, blessing them with angelic healing like I do for my own family. You want me to stop? Okay!  I did. And Kahuna Probama, you are going to feel its absence. As you wish! Reiki is not reiki if it is forced down someone's throat. Kick them 'upstairs', let go, and move on with grace and full confidence in your skill at your healing art. Take it, or leave it, but Reiki is and always shall be Love and Light.

The bottom line is: take care of yourself. Love your energy. Let your energy be love. Reiki is controversial only by those who do not understand. They are at their soul level, and you are at yours. The Reiki life cut through my mind programming of being Catholic like a warm knife through butter. No wonder why the bishops are against it! Mikao Usui was a Christian. He spent decades researching how Jesus healed the body. Reiki is what he found. I am 'Catholic' by upbringing, but not 'active' as in weekly masses and donations any more. I love my 'faith' and allowed it to encompass more of my vibration. Stay true to your heart, and know that you are loved. What you do is very important for the big picture.


Reiki Doc