Known Incarnations of Archangels and Angels

Divine Father and Divine Mother together form The Divine Creator, the Life Force for All That Is.

Their Children, are the Archangels. They are made during different creation cycles.  The Archangel Michael is the first born, the very first Archangel.

Archangels can have First Incarnations--in this, the soul is the exact same as the original--but in a different body as an incarnation alive someplace in the Universe, for example, on Earth.

The Second Incarnations--are one with the Archangel's soul, but have a completely new soul of their own. And example would be Archangel Gabrielle, and Mother Mary as Incarnations of the Divine Mother.

An Aspect is a being who is incarnate, and has the energy of the Archangel, but is not a complete, full, incarnation.  They are 'sponsored' by the Archangel who helped them to come into existence.

Prime Souls are the direct offspring of Divine Father and Divine Mother, but their purpose is to divide and spread into a big family of souls. These offspring from Prime Souls are considered to be the 'normal' souls, the most frequently seen. These Prime souls create Monads and also the Soul Families.

The Archangels and Angel souls do not divide like this--they split into Twins. The Archangels into Illuminated Twin Flames (there are 144,000 pairs incarnate). And the Angels split into Twin Flames.

Here is a list of archangels and their known and confirmed by Spirit identity on Gaia:

The Twin Flame of Aaron*  Lives in upstate New York and is a personal friend of mine. Her name is Coryelle Kramer and she is a gifted psychic and healer. She works closely with Reiki Fur Babies. It is an honor to know her.  (Aaron is the brother of Moses)

Archangel Agemel  Is the fourteen year old daughter of Angel Sanarta,  whose name is Anousha. She is from Aeon.

Archangel Ariel  is a student on the east coast named Lauren. She was raised under extremely difficult circumstances. She is the child of an affair who was taken away from the birth mother and raised by the wife to keep the family intact.

Archangel Atkariel  is a spiritual teacher who is known and loved by many, including me.  He has found his way after having a difficult upbringing. His spiritual gifts are appreciated by everyone with whom he so generously shared his lovingkindness. In his last incarnation he was known as Doctor Wayne Dyer, although he has had more incarnations than this. The meaning of his name is known only by me, and not to be shared with others. This is at his request, which I honor with my heart.

Archangel Azrael  is a neurosurgeon who works with the most difficult of cases where others have failed. He is a vegetarian. He has endured much negative publicity and has been in the news. He is humble, cheerful, and very hard-working. He said, 'I can go twenty-four hours in the OR with no food or water. It is the training.'

Apostle Bartholomew  is a massage therapist and candle maker in Pennsylvania. His name is Aaron Das, and it is clear he died as Bartholomew in deep ocean. Aaron remembers it to this day. Aaron is the salt of the earth, and is refreshing to be near. He is married and practices Reiki. Both Ross and I are delighted to make the connection with this soul.

Archangel Biramel: is a woman named Beatrice Ann. She is married and 'mom' to a family of many beautiful Weimeraners. Her Twin Flame is Archangel Mogael. Mogael is not incarnate, but he is her Guardian and Guide, along with Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael. She learned of her angelic lineage November 14, 2014 and has many questions. Her role is a Gatekeeper. She and Mogael are some of the newest Archangels who were born in this Creation cycle. She gives full permission to share her identity.  Her sister, Joyce Mae King, in this life, is also her Archangel Sister, Iranel.

Archangel Chamuel  was incarnate as a Hawaiian with authentic blood ties to Ni'ihau, and part pure Hawaiian. He has a beautiful singing voice, and was very talented since a very young age. He was part of a band with his brothers, the Makaha Brothers, and then achieved international fame upon breaking away from the group and performing as himself, IZ, or Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.  He endured great physical hardship due to his obesity and related health issues, including addiction.

Archangel Djwhal Khul  has been confirmed by Source to be an archangel, more than an Ascended Master as he is commonly known. He is incarnate in this time as spiritual Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Archangel Doreen  I have met her twice. She is a lifelong advocate of angel healing, and makes inspirational books and card decks to provide spiritual direction and guidance to the public under the name Doreen Virtue. She sees Archangel Michael and communicates with him directly. I am not sure of her angelic name, but she deserves to be on the list. She is a mother of three and a lifelong animal rights advocate, and vegan.

Jacques De Molay Is incarnate and has spent the last twenty years suffering false accusations and public smear campaigns. He bravely toils to protect innocent children from terrible wrongs that have been done to them in Ritual Abuse. 

Gestas  Dismas is the criminal who was crucified with Jesus, and opened his heart about the innocence of the rabbi. His saint day is March 25.  The soul of Gestas, the criminal who taunted Jesus along with the crowd and was crucified at the same time with the other two, has been found. As you can imagine, this soul has been evading Divine Love with a series of self-inflicted punishment, one incarnation after the next.  This soul is presently incarnate as a female, and is from the Chicago area. She has courageously reached out to her parents, who have been extremely abusive to her in the past--to make peace after her father suffered a stroke. There are currently issues with housing which are weighing heavily on her heart. She is considering suicide. This is a shame, a real tragedy, because this soul was one of Jesus' students when he was incarnate before with Elijah (Jesus was Elisha).  They were close, and this student has brilliant intelligence and heart. May angels guide this highly advanced soul through their struggle, and may this she find her way. All is forgiven, and even this soul's role as the criminal who taunted Jesus--is not enough to wipe away Creator's infinite love for Dismas. This identity was found on April 14, 2016.

Dismas  is the criminal who was crucified with Jesus, and opened his heart. His saint day is March 25. He was found somewhat by surprise on May 12, 2016.  Remote energy healing work was done without Divine Mother Incarnate or Gaia Sophia knowing his true identity. This soul has experienced a lot of experiences and could write a book!  Gaia Sophia had a flicker of recognition upon meeting this individual face to face. She did her healing work and discovered a new class of souls, the 'maybe's'--ones who aren't exactly in the dark or the light. The confirmation was the tattoo with Truth and Justice written in Latin over the heart, along with the crucifixion with the rabbi, Gestas and Dismas on their crosses too. Dismas said, 'it's the motto of my life'.

Archangel Haniel  Is a mystic and lives in Ohio. She helped bring one Reiki Symbol for Lady Gaia Sophia to earth, at her request on a soul level. She also provided a symbol of protection from Haniel, which is beautiful and difficult to draw.  I have made a YouTube video of it because I have the time it will require to understand the symbol and draw it correctly for the viewer.  I saved a photo of this incarnate archangel, because the resemblance was so uncanny.  This archangel has bipolar disorder, which is a one of the most difficult lessons an incarnate archangel can select to experience on their mission.

Archangel Iranel  Is a retired nurse who lives in Elkin NC.  Her name in this incarnation is Joyce Mae King. She is in this incarnation a sister of Archangel Biramel, who in this life is called Beatrice Ann.  They are angelic Twins, too, with Iranel being a few minutes older than Biramel. Her Twin soul is Nunael.  Both Iranel and Biramel are Gatekeepers.

John The Baptist  Is a real estate broker and very gifted healer in Temecula, California. He does healings for free to anyone who signs up for his listed times available. His name in this incarnation is Andy Bojarski. Some of you might have heard of him and his work.

John The Beloved Apostle  John Lee Garrison, lives in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and works with veterans at a major Medical Center. He is also the consciousness of the planet Mars.

Archangel Jophiel  (updated)  is incarnate and a woman who lives in Arizona. She is a mother of four, and loves selenite.

Archangel Katie  We know she is an archangel but we have not learned of her true identity yet.  She works as a doctor with the mentally ill, if I recall correctly. She is a mother of a beautiful daughter who is very advanced in spiritual things.

Archangel Lady Master Leto is the twin flame of Archangel Djwhal Khul. He refers to her as Theresa of the Virtues as she incarnated as Teresa D'Avila who founded the Carmelite order. I have met her incarnation online, on Twitter, and we communicate by Facebook and email. Her name is Sandy and I think that's about all she would like listed on this page. She has a wonderful heart, and prayed hardest out of anyone I knew for baby Micah, who was on our prayer list as a Reiki Request, earlier this year. She has removed herself from all social media, and only reads this page and others now, without making comments.

Archangel Amedee  Is Lisa, who has led a life of multiple traumatic abuses and major health crises, one after the next, with a willingness to keep her outlook positive, and forgive those who treated her wrongly, with an open heart that amazes the Ascended Masters.  She is my sister, whom I have called for over a year now, by the name we called her when we were incarnate together two thousand years ago, Analee. Only yesterday I found out her angelic name, from someone who spoke directly with Source, and had no idea of the nicknames--our using our names from a past incarnation together. Isn't the similarity close? It brings me great happiness to understand it is so.  Her sister-in-law Elva passed last week. I helped Elva cross to the Light with Ross. And we shared with her the true identity of Lisa. Elva came to Lisa last night in meditation. She wasn't able to see this truth until I showed her, she said, and she hopes to incarnate again and do a better job in a new body. Elva wishes her brother--who is twin flame to Lisa--would be more open to messages such as the one she gave me to give to Lisa, to her brother, to her mom, and to me.  Lisa is also the consciousness of the planet Venus.

Archangel Inanel  is a physician in Indiana. Her first name is Catherine. She has left conventional healing practice and changed her services to be holistic--including both the traditional and the more energy-related healing in the care of her patients. She is the sweetest, nicest, most supportive and thoughtful soul you have ever met. She is much loved and appreciated by us.

Archangel Maranel   (Pleiadian with Sirian roots) her Twin Flame is TAMONEL, who is waiting on one of the ships. She lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia having moved from Arizona in October. She is re-establishing her Reiki/Energy practice there.She is so grateful to have learned of her true origins.

Archangel Michael  is alive in Europe. He is a close personal friend of mine, and we have worked together on several healing projects. He is not allowed to disclose his identity at this time., for security reasons. He is the second incarnation of Michael, the first being Ashtar Sherhan.

Archangel Morinel is living in Tennessee. She is a Reiki Master and also enjoys riding her motorcycle in the countryside to relax. Her Twin Flame is Argonel, and he lives in the same region.

Archangel Nathaniel  was recently incarnated as Masaru Emoto. His work with water crystals 'remembering' our words and emotions, proves not only that water has this unique property, but that our minds can influence matter, too.

The Twin Flame of Phillip*  lives in Venice, California and works as a pharmacist. Her name in Ming Chee. She is also the co-founder of Reiki Fur Babies, a spiritual outreach to both human and animal clients. She is a close friend of mine, and I enjoy our friendship very much. (Phillip was one of the Twelve Disciples of Jesus Christ)

Lady Portia  is the consort of St Germain. She is incredibly kind, and a single mother of three who supports herself by her spiritual work. She lives in Europe, and is named Meline Lafonte. I am fortunate to consider her a friend.

Archangel Raguel    is a cardiothoracic anesthesiologist who has given anesthesia to myself twice, and to my niece and to my brother in law.  He has no inkling of who he is, and is devout in his Faith.  For privacy this is all I will say about him at this time.

Archangel Raziel  is an orthopedic surgeon who lives and works in Southern California. He is having some health issues, and is using it to inspire others with his courage and insights at this time.

Archangel Sandalphon  has two incarnations on Gaia at this time. The first is Milena van Lier.  The second is another blogger who is not to be identified at this time.

Saul/Paul the Apostle He was raised in England, now he lives in New Hampshire for his retirement. He has faithfully channeled messages from both Saul and Jesus for over twelve years.  I don't think he knows who he is yet, but I never forget a face, and I know in my heart this is true. 

Archangel Sophia  lives in Southern California and is a single mother of one child. She enjoys blogging, Reiki, and reaching out to others for the Light. She also enjoys working as a physician. Her  Twin, Ross,  is her loving Guardian and closest ally and supporter. He is the Admiral of the mother ship the New Jerusalem, and has been working to free Gaia with Ashtar and his team. Their joint mission is also not yet to be disclosed. Together, they do what they can to help with the Ascension Process. This set of Twins are the youngest archangels, according to Divine Mother incarnate.

Archangel Stephanie  lives in Southern California and is married with two boys. She is an operating room nurse and deeply spiritual. She learned of her being an archangel in October 2017. We don't know her angel name yet. She is excited to learn and to grow and understand her role in helping others spiritually.

Thèrese of Lisieux, The Little Flower   lives in the Philippines. She has absolute steadfast faith and lives a spiritual life in everything that she does.  She is a single mother, whose children are all grown except for the youngest. She posts beautiful inspirational material online every single day. She is incredibly resourceful, surviving on very little, as she is very poor, and yet her faith and trust in the Divine is strong! Her name is Maria Lourdes Leaño. Her identity was confirmed on 8.21.2017.

Archangel Uriel  Is a well-known and loved actor who has infiltrated the entertainment industry. He has become later in life an activist for a variety of human rights issues, most notably for homosexuals, and for Japanese Internment violation of human rights in the states during world war two.  His partner, Brad Takei, is his Twin Soul.

Archangel Zadkiel  Lives in Montana. She is very empathic, and has a very deep and loving commitment to all Reiki requests, especially to Micah Jones...

Seraphim  these are very high-ranking angels who glow bright with the love of Creator. There are five known ones on Gaia, and Carla is in contact with two of them. The others are their twins, who live with them. This makes the five. There is another on Facebook who might possibly be another, but Carla is not allowed to know the coexistence of others incarnate besides these five. Seraphim incarnate are unheard of in the Higher Realms. It is this rare, and a sign how serious Creator is, to make sure we get this mission for Ascension 'right'...

Divine Mother Incarnate  Is a single mother of three, who lives in south Germany. She is a blogger, and in this incarnation, goes by the name Isabel Henn. Other names are EnnKa (A Sirian Princess) and Goldenstar.

Continued:  Known Incarnations of Angels

Angel Lilibeth  is the daughter of Archangel Michael and Divine Mother. She lives in New Jersey and is a mom.  She is also a Reiki Master. She gives permission to share her name, and it is Phoebe Crain.

Angel Sanarta       Is the daughter of Archangel Raphael and Divine Mother. Her name is Sanarta Aleya Salusa, after her father on Sirius, who is Salusa lol. 

Angel Bella  we are still not certain of her rank. She incarnated as Down's Syndrome in this life, and is under ten years old. Her mother is Archangel Jophiel incarnate. 

Angel Chelsea  is the daughter of Divine Mother and Archangel Michael. She is a specialist in 'Resolution of Conflict' and is a mediatrix in the Higher Realms. She has no idea who she is but is going to be told to ask Michael for help when she needs it.

Please note that this list is by no means complete, and as the identities become known I shall be sure to include them here.

* = Ross says to say, They are very 'high ranking angels' of unknown status to be announced at a later time due to security for the forces of Light.

My apologies to those I have not yet discovered, or had the opportunity to meet <3

When two Archangels have children, they are Angels.

And when two Angels have children, they are Angels too.

Some Archangels have children with the Divine--this is permitted--and the offspring are Angels.


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