Saturday, April 26, 2014

Reiki Doc Protocols For Using The Angelic Healing Codes

On April 25, 2014, channeler Marc Gamma was given ten numeric sequences or codes to be used for healing purposes from Archangel Raphael.

This was announced on this blog on April 26, 2014. Here is the link to the post which includes the link to the original article translated to English from German:

As a board-certified physician, who is currently practicing medicine, I wanted to try these out, and see how they 'felt' and 'worked' before coming up with a protocol.

Here is a link to the summary table, in an easy to read format, that is available now to you on the web. It is a 'work in progress' and will be updated to reflect any new codes that are given to us. (Please note there are FOUR pages to this document. The first page only has two lines. You have to scroll down to see the other three.)

I tested on my food last night, the neutralizing ones. The taste of the food improved, and with my Reiki hand I could detect an increase in the amount of Life Force Energy coming off the plate.

I also did a test with the alcohol neutralizing code. I made the code numbers with my index finger five times over a glass of sake, a small glass from my sake set. I drank the sake in one swift series of swallows. It tasted like sake. And I waited. Alcohol takes twenty minutes to be absorbed from the stomach. At ten minutes, there was only the very faintest sign of a 'buzz' or 'intoxication'--I was still clear headed. At twenty minutes, there was no change. At thirty minutes, there was no effect. I typically wake up with a dry mouth and a headache after taking alcohol. There was none. I also did not have the need to empty my bladder like with alcohol (ethanol blocks antidiuretic hormone--this is why the saying goes, 'you don't buy beer, you rent it' because it makes you have to use the bathroom)

Yesterday a friend had a dog fall down the stairs. This is Bobby, a thirteen year old small German spitz who missed one of the steps. He got a cut over his right eye that was bleeding. She made the codes with a Lemurian crystal over the dog's open cut on the eye. The bleeding stopped. The pain lessened. And today there is a barely perceptible crust where the wound had been.

Here is my protocol:

  1. Decide which purpose is the one you wish to intend for healing
  2. (for writing in air) Use index finger of dominant hand. At space between numbers, pause. 
  3. Repeat number sequence with pauses several times just to make sure all numbers are okay
  4. Ask your angels, guides and deceased loved ones to correct any mistakes you might make
  5. Let go and trust. As an added measure, add the energy of Love and Gratitude to everything too.
Numbers may be written on paper and taped to the item. They may be written directly on the packaging. I wrote them in the air, and sent the intention to my entire kitchen and pantry. I also have the one for all cellular damage written in pink permanent ink on my right arm, just because intuition guided me to do so. When it washes off it will not need to be written again.

Remember, this is very powerful. It is for real. It is here for you.

Since it is new, I would suggest watching very closely while using the codes, and seek medical attention at the same time so no time is lost. This is not a replacement for medical care. It is something to help us heal on an emergency basis. Keep access to the codes table handy.

I will update you of further developments.


Reiki Doc


  1. Hi'ya Doc,
    Thank you for doing this! It is very much appreciated.
    I don't know if it's an Apple vs Windows thing, or my antiquated PC - but only two rows of data appear when I get in to the iCloud; and the second row is incomplete.
    Please let me know if it's 'me'.
    Much Love&Light to you and Ross - for All you Are, and All you Do.

  2. Hi Sonsie Luna,
    It has several pages. Are you able to scroll down? There should be four pages in the document. xo

  3. No, I'm not.
    Wish I could capture the page so you could see it. :-((

  4. OOPS!!!
    Color me corrected! And ignorant in the ways of Apple. ;-)
    No scroll bar appeared on my screen; I never even considered pressing the
    page-down' key.

    For 'Healing Of Open Wounds' under 'Standard Of Care in 3D' it only says 'For', nothing more. Is this complete? Just wanting to clarify for my on 'mind'.


  5. Thanks for your practical examples, they are very useful. The original text did not have instructions how to use these codes.
    Still I´m wondering why you ask to repeat number series several times (point 3). The original text tells to write them only once if I understood correctly. (These code-numbers may also be applied to foodstuff which are not of confirmed origin nor trustworthy sources. They have to be written only once on the package/can in order to activate the entire re-programming.)
    Could you explain please.

    1. I added this because I am careful--just like the credit card number or password we enter when we shop online--we repeat it for accuracy. Also, in Reiki, all symbols are drawn three times when given. Only you can know what is right for you. There is no right or wrong for everybody--I only share what feels right to me ❤️ Mahalos!

    2. Ok, thank you! That´s a good point - everybody should think what´s right for him/her personally. I would love to translate this text into Finnish and publish it in my blog. Hope it´s ok for you?

    3. Yes, please translate and contain a link to the original article. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for the such an informative post, I was thinking if you have a number code for PCOD, please share with us

  7. trying to download the document, I get an error reading, saying "the document hasn't been synchronised, by the author, wait untill he does so :-( ???

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