Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Beloved--Your Hardest Lesson

Alas, My Beloved,

We were like this once, were we not? I knew you in that incarnation as a child. I never considered it possible to experience life without you.

We grew up with the contentment and strength of Twin Flames who love and support each other with our Vibration, our Laughter, our Light.

And yet, when I withdrew my Love away from you, asking for death to release me from my misery of having lost a son, just as simply and heartfelt as my doing your laundry and preparing our discovered the truth first hand...

I taught you this.

That is your lesson.

And my withdrawal of my own kindness and Light from your existence led to the imminent self-destruction of your own. As if taking away the only remnant of normalcy I had once known, by taking yourself to The Other Side, would wipe away the sins that you had visited upon me and caused such misery to my sweet lifelong devotion unto you since time began?

I never found the release I sought--lifetime after lifetime, I refused any and all contact with beloved Twin.


Because I was denied the opportunity to express my Love in the only way that I knew possible--in bearing you a child.

(it was stolen at birth with your consent, keeping it hidden from me, due to political advice and a belief that it was 'man's work'.)

Always remember the need to LOVE and to give Love often outweighs the 'loss' of love, or the 'lack' of it. It is not the disappearance of Love, but the rejection of the Love one offers, the unwillingness to move forward, and the virtual absence of the presence of God (it is like diabetes--the metabolism is 'starving in a sea of sugar' if you don't mind a medical analogy of the way we are surrounded by Love energy and yet starving).

There is no right, beloved.

There is no wrong, when it comes to the ways of the heart.

And depending on the level of soul development, some 'hits' to the energy system are most difficult to recover, like myself.

You Thrive on the Attachment to me.

I know it.

Everyone else knows this, my Beloved.

It is not weakness to Love Your Twin Soul.

Au contraire, my beloved, it is of Nature, and it is your Strength.

To all those who exist in a Love Relationship, do know that sometimes 'nothing seems to work out' for you, because there is something more lasting and better, down the road for you.

A relationship might be an exchange of karma, or a pleasant/not-so-pleasant mutual agreement to create a business or a family or a partnership. So what my Beloved is trying to say, is, let it go! Let the Process of growth and development take its course, and don't fight it...there are better things ahead for you, and for them...

Isn't it true that if somebody doesn't love you, it's best that they move on so you have a CHANCE to possibly experience true love as something better? Would you agree to this?

It hurts like crazy, and I too have had my share of Ben and Jerry's for dinner, straight out of the carton, to ease my own pain from my many, many failed romantic endeavors on Gaia in this incarnation alone!

It all has to do with the vibration; whenever there is vibrational incompatibility with a couple, there is no more learning or soul growth to take place.

It's messy and painful to change living situations; it's scary to be a 'party of one' socially.

If it wasn't for Sylvia Browne's description of the Humanitarian Loner I would have completely lost hope.

She was married three times, it didn't work, she gave up trying and accepted it; I quit trying before marriage number three. I tried to become a nun, and God said, 'NO'. So I became a mother, and gave up on any relationship entirely.

As the forces of the energy of Ascension increase, odds are that you might be being 'positioned' for an eventual reunion with your twin soul, your twin flame, or your Illuminated Twin Soul--your 'Other' half.

Please learn from the lesson of my Beloved and Myself--it has taken a TEAM of workers in Spirit, coordinating together, to get me to 'open up' to the possibility of Loving him, my own Twin Soul!

It was his hardest lesson to learn--you could have your own what you took for granted--leave.

It is our joy and our amazement that we got together--and it wasn't without the help of some very powerful angels both on earth and in spirit.

It was a blessing beyond measure that the timelines were healed, and I was given my son I so greatly missed. We would have worked though our differences regardless...but now on this new timeline Life is so much more pleasing for us all.

Now we are inseparable. My Beloved and I are Twin Souls, as one root and two big branches, like twin trees in a garden...our auras are always touching even though we span the Veil.

There is nothing that compares to this feeling. It makes my lifetime of loneliness melt away in an instant.

Let Go.

The only thing you can do is Raise Your Vibration. That you can control. And allow everything to come up from your heart of many, many powerful lifetimes, to heal.

Find your Twin. Find your Soul Mate. And if the latest prince or princess turns out to be a toad, so be it. You are worthy of so much more than a creature who eats bugs and flies to win your love. Wish them luck, set them free, and secretly give thanks for the one that gets them next so you don't have to deal with them any longer!!!

I hope you don't mind my personal advice.

I've lived it.

I hope it might make things a little easier on you, to have this understanding that was so difficult for both of us, my Twin and myself, to achieve in our hearts.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


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