Sunday, April 27, 2014

Truth, Lies, and The Human Heart

My Beloved,

You knew I thought of you as the Boogyman with a handsome face and a smile that takes everyone I love away.

You fixed it. It was a temporary solution. I have had so much fun and freedom with this temporary fix I almost forgot what the temporary part was about.

Your message from yesterday and today, because I LOVE YOU unconditionally, and that will never go away, helps me read between the are creating something so wonderful, that when we complain and fight Life, it hurts you deeply.

Life DOES split us in two. We go to bed hungry. We are sick. We die. We are horribly abused and raped. Although we have indomitable spirit, sometimes it is easier to take life lying down. Or cursing you.

It's not fun God. Take it from me--all those years on call in the O.R. and lack of sleep--on top of everything else--single mom, the way he left me, health concerns, family drama...let's just say 'Life Is Like A Telenovela' on TV, and some of us, well, we don't like TV.

But we like you! 

You tell us we have control--over our reactions--but don't have control over anything else.

Think about it. 

What are we?

CREATOR GODS, are we not?

We like to Create. Not to be Created for. 

We signed up.

That's why we grumble.

But now this is all in the open, I think it's fair enough that people will do as you recommend. 

What other choice is there? Seriously. There is only one way out, and that's it.

At least if you want to 'score the most points' while you are living here. Some people just say, 'it's not worth it' and do the very best they can to screw up their lives. I had incarnation after incarnation of that. At least I stopped my self-destruction...

You're cute. And very handsome. And kind. No one would ever think less of you.

You like to say 'paddle your canoe' to us, right?

Well, sometime people go on the water, and they Throw Up. They need to take a little dramamine or a scopolamine patch just to be able to enjoy it.  Nobody likes throw up. Not the person who throws up. Not the people who watch or hear it. Not the person who has to clean it up. But we do that. It's part of life. 

For some people the experience of Life is like one big throw up. After a while you get the dry heaves! And maybe even bile comes up.

What you are saying, is, 'it's worth it'.

I won't argue you that.

But I'll hold their hand and help them and get crackers and ginger ale so they can get back on their feet.  

I've been here too long to just talk to them. 

Nobody listens when you just talk. 

They listen when you do something to help their suffering.

Just like you did with me to show me that you're not the boogey man. You let me have my sister and friend for just a little longer. 

That was really nice of you.

This morning I had the strangest dream. I was inside the VA where I used to work. I was with my parents. Both of them. Dad has been gone five years now...but it seemed normal they were there.

We were there for Dad. And for some reason I was driving dad's old blue VW beetle. Inside the VA!

Then I saw my back!!!

I don't have tattoos. I am afraid of two things--number one--the pain of the needle. I am a big baby and won't lie still only to be stuck. Too many allergy tests as a kid. The scratch ones and the needle ones were horrifying. They even brought my favorite uncle and I still screamed so loud you could hear it all through the halls. The second thing is I would get bored with the design, and grow to hate it. As I grow, I change. And having a tattoo just makes me realize how much I've changed, because I would grow sick of it.

But in the mirror, I saw my back, and it was like this...

From the front, you couldn't see the tattoos at all. But from the back--between my shoulder blades there was Spiderman. Of all things! SPIDERMAN??? I have no connection to him whatsoever.

And then below that was something I couldn't really see, but was Celtic. And to my surprise, below and to the right, wrapping around my flank, was the house from the Addams Family. Complete with the fence and the gate and the yard. It was beautifully rendered, with shading, and was really nice work. I actually liked it!

I didn't understand how it got there without my knowing it. That freaked me out. Was I drunk? Did my friends put me up to it? How did I get those tattoos?

So I asked Dad if he was ready to ride in the car home, He said yes, and I drove mom and dad home--through the halls of the VA first--and then outside.

This is a dream, isn't it?

Yet Spirit tells us, again and again, that LIFE is the dream, and DREAM is what's Real. Actually, technically, only Love is real.

But if you look at the news, even the alternative news, there is some MAJOR shaking up going on out there. The people you used to trust, you can't. And that makes you dazed and confused, at best. And makes you disillusioned and ready to give up at worst.

They want it.

I'm not going to beat around the bush--and say Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--you know who they are--Orsini and all those way high Illuminati, most of them from Spain--who rule the world through the media and the major industries.

They are messing with us. With our health. With our food. With our MINDS.

Screw it.

Just go on an live a good life.

God says he's in charge and its all good.

I say, don't take the news to heart any more than you would a crazy dream like I had--driving through the halls of a hospital with a Volkswagon?

That's Cray Cray and you know it.

So when you read about buses crashing--who knows? It could all be orchestrated to make your blood pressure go up. It could be like Hearst himself--when he got caught--'yellow journalism'--when he created the Spanish American War.

If they did it once, they can do it again.

So take everything with a grain of salt.

Let the last stuff play out, and use your connection to Source and your Heart Center to figure out what  is YOUR truth.

Not the Illuminati's.

And live it.

The more you buy into YOUR life experience, the less energy goes into their 'matrix' and you will starve it.

I throw the newspaper away every day, never having read it.

I buy it to line my bird cage and help keep the delivery lady employed.

So now you have it.

I gotta go get ready for work.

With so very much Love,

Reiki Doc