Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Twin Flame Reunion 101: Ross' Spirit

This is a short blog post, but it is one I would like to emphasize as most important compared to the others I have written about my Illuminated Twin Flame Ross.

Today he wishes for me to write about his Spirit.

His Spirit is very Light. No matter who you are, if you are holding your dearest hope in your heart, like the pair of hands that look like my hands in this picture--but even if you are masculine or feminine--Ross is going to support and protect that hope just like the hands in the outside are supporting those on the inside.

He is intuitive--everyone in the Higher Dimensions has that ability, and when you raise your vibration enough--you will just 'know' what 'makes others tick' just like him.

So with Ross you experience this wonderful combination of:

  • complete and total Understanding of who you are right Now, no questions asked
  • total Love and Encouragement to help you reach your goals
  • a very Light sense of intelligence, so he can find the Humor in just about any situation 
  • Patience like the world has never seen--any setback is No Problem--just you can do it and Try Again
  • Ross knows spirituality and the ways of the unseen/Divine/Creator better than anyone I know
  • he also has a deep and respectful appreciation of the Divine Feminine in everything
  • incredible Acceptance of What Is and that it is for The Highest Good that is contagious!
  • he is very introspective, quiet, and respectful of you when you meet him
  • his smile is very warm and engaging, and helps you to 'get over yourself' when you are with him
  • only something super important would concern him, and he then takes action on your behalf
  • he is a Team Player; he makes contributions to the group effort, and supports others' too
  • he has complete and total honesty to you, and would never lie (he treats you like you are intuitive like him; as if you can 'pick up' what IS, the Truth, one hundred percent of the time.)
Ross has a soul that can reach out to many people at the same time.

Just like mine can send lots of healing out to others, his spirit is very Healing, too.

So think of him, from time to time. 

He would be happy to be there for you, as a loving brother and friend.

He says you may call for him, and he will be There for you. Any time, 24/7. 

Because he cares a lot about everybody. 

He's that nice!

I'm so lucky he's my Twin!

He says that is enough for now, and he is pleased with the way that I have described his spirit.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc