Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Message From Our Lady: Easter Sunday 2014

Good Morning My Beloved Children!

Another day begins. I have a message for you this Easter.

All is well.

All is well in the Spirit Realms.

We are preparing with much abundance and prosperity for the arrival of Nova Gaia (New Earth) and all of her inhabitants to life as we know it in the stars.

It may come to you slowly, without your even realizing it, like the styles that cut the hems of the skirts that are worn on earth from knee length to mini and then perhaps again let them grow longer to maxi.

Just with the style, it is: no matter how many people tell you what it is that is in fashion, no  matter how many people dictate it with fashion shows and the covers of fashion magazines, it isn't until people really start wearing it, that 'what is the trend' actually begins.

So here were are!

I am loving You, all of my sweet children, even the ones who don't know about me yet, and you are all of you together carrying on as best you can despite the circumstances of the Ascension -- which for the many is very imminent.

How does one act in the face of all this anxiety and possible disruption and change in the way of 'life as it has been experienced by all of us for our entire lifetimes?'

With the heart. (touches her chest where her heart it).

You heart has everything inside that you need to understand about the Ascension Process. The whole experience is rather 'driven by the heart'. As your vibration increases, you will find yourself consulting just as much with your heart as your mind, and possibly more so. This is what constitutes 'Right Action' in all of your opportunities to act. In a short time, it shall become an attitude of preference.

For you to exist with the stars, this manner of behavior and personal 'code of ethics' is the only way for one to be both compatible and comfortable with Higher Dimensions of Life. Yes, they are indeed possible! and all of them exist (she gestures to a ladder that goes up high high high to dizzying heights up as far as I can see). You are only on the bottom few rungs, and yet, like children you shall grow and master many of them! Just like you would go from a toddler 'bike' that has in fact no pedals, to a tricycle, perhaps one that is low to the ground and plastic like a 'Big Wheel', perhaps a more 'classic' one...then one to the more proper 'bicycle' shape but made in miniature and with training you understand you see that there are mountain bikes, and cruisers, and bikes for olympic 'racers from the stars'!

There is everything a person could want to learn and experience, and just like people who ride on two wheels, and possibly three, or for two riders in tandem, there are many many ways to go out and 'ride a bike', or Ascend, if you will be so kind as to allow me the metaphor of bicycles and Ascension as far as it will go...

There is no falling on this 'bicycle' of Ascension; there is no 'accident' too, no broken arm or leg or scrape...nothing of that kind in the Ascension phenomena.

Just as on earth, with the riding of the bikes--(she shows me a unicycle! I laugh.)--there are endless possibilities (now she shows me a clown riding a bike that could fit in his pocket)--in which to Ascend and make the best of it and enjoy the ride and possibly 'get where you want to go'.

(she is very pleased with her analogy, and is smiling very beautifully right now, so I can see all of her teeth).

This is the task I wish to ask you make for me today: while all of you are celebrating, and some of you quite possibly may not, just for today, why not think about where you would like to go on this adventure with your 'bike'? And what kind of 'bicycle' would you enjoy to travel with most as you arrive to the higher dimensions (which are vibrations, energy, that has a higher frequency of Light)?

All of you, with your bodies, are changing so subtly it is very much like watching water turn to ice (that is for a visual) or ice melt (that is for another visual) or water boil (that has the part about water--still being the same molecule--changing it's phase and going UP!).

All of these processes take time and are very imperceptible to the human eye who watches it, and yet, to chemists and cooks and all of us alike, who hasn't watched it for some part enough to know that it exists?

Just for today, there are many challenges that shall present themselves to us. Most in spirit, some with the emotional body, some affect the mental body, some perhaps are dealt with in the Astral plane...

For whatever 'challenge' shall present itself to you, look at it as a gift! I invite you to smile and even laugh about it!

For it is you who have your 'Secret Weapon' inside! 

It is the Heart that beats in your chest! And inside it exists all wisdom and courage and power of overcome ALL that comes to it.

Even the crucifixion of my Son was not enough to silence and destroy His Noble Heart!!!!!

So with that, I bid you adieu,
I take my leave for just a little while.
For this lesson has a great deal of information for you.
I invite you to keep it for review from time to time as your path goes UP!

your Mother of Light and Poetry of the Heavens,

Mother Mary

(This message is channelled by Reiki Doc. All rights and priviledges remain. It is okay, permission is given, to share this message in its entirety with credit given to she that writes this.)

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc