Friday, April 25, 2014

Archangel Raphael's Healing Codes From The Time Of Atlantis

These have nothing to do with the stickers on your fruit at the store! ; )

Your vibrations as a collective consciousness have increased to the level that was at the time of Atlantis. Yes, we really are in a dimension as all life on earth, together, that is getting closer and closer to 5D.

This was enough to activate these codes--which bring us one step closer to healing of the physical body, and also bringing health to the food supply on earth.

They come to us through Marc Gamma (as translated by Contra Mary into English), from Archangel Raphael, the Great Healer of all, himself.

Print out a copy of this link and keep it for reference:

With Reiki, I have seen cuts, burns and bruises I have had happen to myself and those I love, heal instantly with direct application of Reiki to the injury.

These are a little different.

These codes are like Reiki symbols--you write them in the air over the thing you want to improve--health-wise or for nutrition.

Think of it like a combination between Reiki symbols and affirmations by Louise Hay, but on steroids--super strong and totally effective--according to Archangel Raphael--but I haven't tried them yet.

At this beginning phase, I recommend seeking standard medical care AND using the symbols for injuries/illnesses.

And feel free to use them on your food.

These are the real deal--I'm going to be trying them out same as you. Let's see how to make them work best! Together!!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc