Saturday, April 19, 2014


Today we are going to navigate between two modes of existence--the difference between life as we know it ('limited Consciousness') and Vastness ('full Consciousness')--and how we choose to act once the vastness becomes the way of being for everyone.

Look at the ocean in this picture.

Is it not reassuringly vast?

If you were one of the sailboats on the ocean in this picture, you could go anywhere you want, as far as you wish, with your little boat, as long as you had enough supplies, a good weather-detecting device, and a satellite radio to communicate to others, right?

And it's exhilarating to get that first taste of Freedom, isn't it?

You have been living in a box for lifetime upon lifetime, under the quarantine of The Veil here on surface's time to stretch and let go of all the shackles that had been holding you, and all of your creative abilities back...

So what do you do? You do whatever you feel so moved to do with your new-found powers.

You heal others. You manifest. You share excitedly with those who are close to you. You claim out loud what you want and how you have a right to go for it--breaking free from all tradition and teachings and anything else that ever held you back!!!

Now let us speak of limited Consciousness...

In the experience of Duality, or the 3D 'Experiment' we are:

  • faced with the need to balance three very strong drives--food, companionship, and sleep--for our very survival.
  • this isn't easy, and for most of us, we have 'signed up' to experience significant LACK in one of these areas in our Pre-Birth Contract for our own best personal growth as a Soul.
  • Time is limited in our experience of Life, and no one can halt the passing of time.
  • Duality manifests itself in opposites--light/dark, hot/cold, empty/full, sleepy/rested, lonely/fulfilled, life/death, win/lose, easy/difficult, smart/dumb--which do not exist like this anywhere else in a non-3D or 'Higher Dimensional' existence.
  • Many, many, many people are living with dreams that never came to pass, failed hopes, and wishes for things that never came true.
So if you take someone like this:

And they experience the dawning of Full Consciousness like this:

And they even find their Twin Flame...their Twin Soul....and experience all the exhilaration that has to bring...

How are they ever going to go back to THIS?

It's Take This Job And Shove It, right? With all of the needs being met by new financial systems, and only a four-hour work day, it's like, Don't Forget To Close The Door On Your Way Out!!!

At the martial arts studio for my son, they repeat the following after every class:
  • Respect your parents
  • Respect your teachers
  • Respect your schools
  • Respect Grand Master
  • Respect Master
  • Respect Teachings Being Taught

Structure and Organization exists in Heaven. It's more fair--it's different--but even I have been called on the carpet for 'stepping on toes'--some of my actions in the ether with the council was making my husband/Twin look really bad. I was going over his head without consulting him, because I didn't know who he was exactly, or his role in the Liberation Movement. 

It is quite possible to do a faux pas, and although all is forgiven, it is still a faux pas that is best not to be done again...(now I just go straight to my Husband like a good wife, and ask for what I want! : )   )

And even through Heaven is coming to Earth, it is good to think about possibly keeping that respect for others and what structure exists in your heart.

Here's why--see this guy? It's the happiest day of his life--he just graduated from Medical School!

As he stands, can he go work as a physician? Not exactly. Although the two letters, M.D. mean you finished medical school, that's about it. It is the internship and residency for the next three to ten years after that will provide the training that is needed to practice independently as an attending physician.

In a way, the patients are your teachers, along with your attendings, your fellow residents, and the entire hospital staff, right down to the janitors who clean the call room so you can sleep in it...

Therefore, it's THOSE interpersonal relationships in your present life who are your TEACHERS, just like at the hospital for the physician-in-training.

Your husbands, your wives, your parents, your sisters and brothers, your best friends, your children, your cousins, your neighbors, your colleagues and coworkers--even your enemies--are here in your life for a reason that was decided before you were ever born!!

So? Why not let's all just stop and enjoy a cup of tea with each other, together?

Notice if someone isn't having the best time of it, and simply reach out to them:

Enjoy rediscovering your Twin, while being respectful and considerate of everyone else around you, particularly those who are your partners in 3D--things will sort themselves out--give it patience...

All of those important to you will still have their connections to you INTACT...

If you are still waiting for your Twin, not to worry, they will FIND YOU and you will find them...

So enjoy your beauty for who you are (and also your handsomeness too!, if you are masculine).

Enjoy the warmth and treasure the sharing of something so important in the grand scheme of things as the Liberation of Gaia...and your being here to experience it...

Together, we are ONE.

With our best wishes to you and your Galactic Family and Earth Families as they Reunite, with so very much love and joy for all of you participating in this grand Awakening...

Reiki Doc and Ross

Aloha and Mahalos,

Blessings, Love, and Light.
Sat Nam.

P.S. you might want to read this. It has less pictures but the message is explained in a far more spiritually accurate way...congratulations on making it to this year of Light... <3