Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Message From Mother Mary April 2, 2014

My Beautiful Children,

Good morning!

It is a brand new day.

A whole new way of life is beginning to emerge. (She points way in the back, as if it is waiting patiently in line behind a bunch of other things, waiting for a moment to be at the head of the line.)

It is here. It is HAPPENING! All the wonder and the glory of New Life! Not just the teeny eggs and baby rabbits--no--this is the Real Deal:  Justice and Peace, Prosperity and Abundance, and Love and Happiness for every single person of humanity who is alive, walking on this earth, right this minute!

I know you are weary. I know you have heard a great many things, of promises that have had your hopes dashed because they never materialized...

(she kneels down and looks us in the eyes) I know and I appreciate this, and I want you to know if I was in your position, I would have been impatient with the whole thing as well.

(makes very expansive gesture over her head once she stands back up, like a sun salutation)
It is HERE! The time is NOW! And there is Sweet Happiness at once about to Overwhelm You!

Here is my advice for you, once the changes hit:

  • At first you start to recognize something is 'different' take a big DEEP breath.
  • I want you to tell yourself, "Something really GREAT is here! I have been waiting for this for much time, kind of like a pregnancy for when the child is due to arrive 'almost any day here'."
  • I want you to know and understand that there are many of us here to assist you and all of your friends and families also, not just 'you who read this on the internet'.
  • We will sweetly guide each and every one of you through the changes that are happening, and also more broadcast guidance will be available for you on the TV if you do not get enough guidance you desire directly from us; you may also yourself seek more information as you so wish online. The information that you seek will be everywhere when the time is right.
  • Everything will happen at the appropriate place and time, as is expected for the Highest Common Good.
  • If you can find it in your heart to assist others who are having a rough time accepting 'all that is happening', (she touches her chest with her right hand, gently) it would mean so much to those of us present in the Spiritual realms if you would  kindly help them out; your humanity, your own 'perspective' is very soothing to those who are facing their challenge that the 'spirit thing in life is no joke and I have been mistaken very much in a big way for all my beliefs in thinking it was just some big organized way to control the mass population'. In a way, these persons are half-correct. It is the other half, we being who we are and always have been, that is going to 'throw them' for a little bit at the start of the transition.
  • Please know that everything has been planned for some time, so very carefully, to allow the maximum adjustment with a minimum of disruption to the inhabitants of the Earth, of Surface Gaia (and also those who live below in a land called Agartha--who will introduce themselves at this time to all of their brothers and sisters on the earth.)
It is a very happy time, and we will do our very best to make it the most incredible and lasting experience of Love and Joy that has ever been seen, heard, felt, or experienced by all of you who are due for a wonderful surprise from all of us who love you, love you, love you with our whole hearts--whether you have believed in our existence or not--it does not matter. For everything will start fresh and new with this surprise and welcome we have so carefully been preparing for you for quite some time.

Enjoy the ride, my blessed sweet children!

I will go for now, but I shall not be away from you in my heart (touches her chest).

I powerfully LOVE you! Each and every one of you! Even those who might have made fun of me and Jesus once or are my incorrigible ones, my silly ones who tease, and I love you for your Spirit, your Spunk and your Light.

Okay everybody, welcome Home, our Homecoming Party is about to begin! It is almost any day now, here on our end, but if there are some minor delays in the homecoming, please do not let it disappoint you. 

I promise it shall be worth the wait.

Your Loving Mother, on behalf of your Loving Family of the Angels in Heaven,

Mother Mary

This message is the exclusive right of Reiki Doc who channelled it, and it is freely permitted to share just as long as all of Blessed Mother's message is shared in its entirety, and credit is given to me for having written it for others.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc