Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Why? Because I Like You."--A Study On The Closed Heart

How does the heart close?

This is important for everyone--more so for those who have open hearts and are concerned about a loved one whose heart is tightly shut.

Here are three examples of 'hearts' that I have recently observed--The Closed Heart*, The Bypassed Heart*, and the Open Heart that is filled with Love and Gratitude.

* = please note there is no judgement on the person or their heart, other than noting the energy pattern that is present. Closed hearts can open, and bypassed hearts can also find healthy energy flow. There is no limit on when the open heart is achieved, but once it opens, it prefers to stay open, and not close.

I Don't Like My Dogs And I Want To Get Rid Of Them:

A coworker was talking to three of us at the nurses' station. The conversation went like this:

Closed Heart: I don't like my two dogs. I want to get rid of them.
Nurse 1:  WHY?
Closed Heart: I don't get attached to animals. I grew up on a farm. We raised a cow that was named T-Bone.
Nurse 2: But why are you wanting to get rid of the dogs?
Closed Heart: one of them is my daughter's dog. She's lazy. The dog needs exercise. She thinks that buying food for it, feeding it, and picking up poop is taking care of it. The dog stays in the side yard. When he is in the back yard the poop is there and the kids play on the grass I don't want that. The other dog will go and poop on the side yard and can be allowed the bigger space, but not this one. Plus when I leave it in the yard it digs. My husband has spent a lot of money on the garden.

(Nurse 2 shows a picture of her mom's pomeranian, who has a tongue that's too big for it's mouth, and Nurse 1 shows a picture of her spaniel. Closed Heart shows the dog with a child--both seem happy).

Nurse 1: If you liked the dog you would walk it.
Closed Heart:  (doesn't notice that there are three open hearts in front of her, defends position)
My father taught me a lesson. When my car broke down, he made me sell my horse that meant everything in the world to me to pay for the repairs. I stopped loving animals like that ever since.
Reiki Doc: That is a form of abuse--taking away something that somebody really loves a lot.
Closed Heart: It was a LESSON! All lessons are painful! My father made me ride the horse into the auction. Only a few could ride it, and it has to be ridden to be sold at auction, so he made me do it.
But my daughter is LAZY and I need to teach her a lesson so I am going to get rid of the dog because I don't like it.
Nurse 1: I wouldn't have done that to my kid, make them sell their horse to pay for a car.
Reiki Doc: There could have been another way.
Closed Heart: he told me it was either my car or the horse, I had to choose one. (almost in tears)
Nurse 1: Exactly WHEN did this happen?
Closed Heart: When I was seventeen. It was like, seventeen years ago.
(Nurse 1, Nurse 2, and I exchange a knowing look)
Nurse 1: If it had just been a lesson you wouldn't have carried it around like this for so long.
Nurse 2: How long have you had it? The dog?
Closed Heart: It was a puppy and we got it in July.

Do you see the pattern of the closure of the heart?

Do you see the cycle repeating itself from Father to Daughter with the horse and now from Mother to Daughter with the dog?

In cases like this of vibrational mismatch, there is no amount of 'convincing' the nurses or I could do to open the heart of the Closed Heart. 

All we can do is speak our Truth (we love dogs) and plant the seeds (your father did not have your best interest at heart). And let go and trust the Process. When her heart is ready, it will Open. But only when she is ready to let go of the pain that is 'good' and she carries around.

If you ask me, things are going to get a lot better for the animals when they stop being money to someone. Ranchers, farmers, puppy mills, breeders, and dairy farmers all see animals as a source of income, a commodity, and not a living being with Consciousness that is filled with Light, just like us.

Expectations And Concerns Of The Hypervigilant

I think this one has been traumatized by a lot more than fish! I shared with the nurse who is taking care of the same patient with me. (It's a long story, but long story short--the patient does not eat fish.)

Sometimes hearts close not because of pain, but because of tremendous anxiety. The concerns are so pressing, that the mind is occupied, and the heart is unable to engage or acknowledge others on an energetic level when the heart is stressed.

It's like being in solitary confinement, energetically, because the swirling pattern of fear and anxiety is in an endless loop.

I couldn't break it.

Sometimes in cases like this, all you can do is 'hold the space'--that is, maintain your vibration.

This is one situation where the strongest vibration wins, and the fear at three in the morning won out over my sleepy Reiki heart. I was asked to change something that was working, and wasn't sure if overcorrection would be 'okay' in this person's 'world view'; in essence, I felt like I was being asked to do the impossible--scientifically--and I overreacted. Yes. my energy got out of balance. But it is back in balance now.

I am also counting the hours until I get off my shift. There is only one hour left...

With people whose heart center is 'bypassed' by anxiety and fear, the common goal is to be reasonable and be firm in the expectation that the other be reasonable with you in return.

You're not going to win a popularity contest.

Are You The Lady Who Put That Thing In My Back?

I want to thank you for it. It didn't really hurt when you put it in, and with the labor I was comfortable and able to push. I wanted to say this to you.

This is a beautiful example of an open heart. Not only did this one narrowly miss a c-section (I waited for one hour on the labor deck, and all of the surgical instruments were 'open' in anticipation of a possible 'crash'.)--she was filled with Love and Gratitude for everything, both what she knew (I put in her labor epidural) and for what she didn't but only sensed (we were standing by for her safety and that of her baby). Her heart spoke volumes in the tone of voice and energy she used as she thanked me.

And I gave her a spontaneous hug, in return, to let her know how she had touched my heart.

Be the light in other people's darkness. You don't have to say a thing, just be YOU and be Present with an open heart. 

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc