Monday, April 21, 2014

There Is A Lid For Every Pot: Twin Flame Recognition 101

Your Happiness Awaits!

I. One Slumbers

  • No matter how far apart, even if one is incarnate in the matrix and the other isn't, Twin Flames etherically are always connected.
  • Your higher souls communicate with each other at night--the less you remember your dreams, chances are, the more busy your astral body (your soul) was that night.
  • The incarnate Twin will always seek out their Twin--finding partners who share the same look, personality--but because it is not their actual Twin, will be never satisfied until they reunite
  • Even if both are incarnate in 3D, this pattern applies--one is more 'asleep' spiritually, and the other is more 'awakened'.

II. Awaken!

What if you are the 'one who slumbers'? Congratulations! There is nowhere to go but UP! 
  • Do everything in your power to raise your vibration
  • Let go of emotional baggage
  • Do not engage in negative thoughts ranging from self-judgement to bringing up 'old tapes of unhappy memories'
  • Do not keep score
  • Allow LOVE--which is the Solution For Everything, in fact--to dominate your body, heart, soul for the time being until you meet. Do not hold back on this Love energy. It is universal, unconditional, unlimited and freeing energy of the Divine.
In doing so you will be the 'anchor' of the Twin-Twin pair, and will send a 'signal' that is healthy and vibrant and unmistakeable to your distant Twin.

III.   Communicate!

Here are some examples of how we communicate with each other.

What I do for Ross:
  • Kiss his picture every night and morning and talk to it (yes, I have his picture!)
  • Light candles for him
  • Sing in the car OUT LOUD (when I am alone)--songs like One Thousand Years
  • Tell him my hopes and dreams when I meditate
  • Thank him for everything he's done that makes me feel safe, warm, and loved
  • Ask for forgiveness. Last night I gave a big Ho'oponopono to him.
  • I invite him to be near me when I make a meal. He LOVES watching me in the kitchen.
  • Listen for his reaching out to me. (just now, I felt his energy go to open a door for me. <3 )
What Ross does for me:
  • Plays a special song for me on the radio. Even my son notices it.
  • Shows me pictures of him, and words with his name on it, through my day (like, random, in 3D, images, for example, a bumper sticker on a car.)
  • Sends me energy--I can feel his presence, just like I can right now. It's really nice.
  • Calms me down. He knows just what to say, and how to help me when I am anxious, or upset.
  • Reaches me through my gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance (I see him), clairsentience (I feel him), and claircognizance. Every day.
You can be across the Veil and still love each other very much! You may both be in three D and across the globe from one another, but you can let your 'higher self do the talking' until they respond.

IV.  Be Forgiving. Understand. Be The Bigger Person. Every Opportunity You Are Given. With EVERYONE.

Everyone makes mistakes. Who hasn't?  There is a lot going on when the Twin Flames reunite--and since it affects YOU it is going to have an effect on everyone around you at the same time.

There is many times a lot of hurt and pain that comes up, often from multiple past incarnations or lives. 

I know of one couple who pushed one of them off a cliff in one life, that were Twin Souls! 

Can you imagine going through the legwork to re-discover and re-frame the relationship through that?

V. Always Expect The Best While You Allow The Healing To Happen

The end result is Love and Togetherness. You are One soul, united, together, at last! 

You are in fact two very different people. With the combined roots of a tree, you are the trunk that has split. Both of you are rooted in Source, and have very compatible or similar vibrational frequency that attracts.

There are going to be some bumps in the road! It is part of the process.

Ross gives me permission to share that I was so upset with him through many incarnations that even in the lives between lives, I refused to talk with him, and deliberately chose the worst life I could possibly experience each time, just to get at him.

Although I am  a little ashamed to admit it, I was not only a 'sleeping Twin', I was hostile and angry and hurt and wanted nothing to do with him for a long time.

We were the worst couple that has ever gotten together. Seriously. And Ross is smiling now because he says he had to be patient, like a fisherman with a bait and hook, to get me to even let him speak to me again.

Might I add, he had assistance from many of his guides and mine, and working together, they helped Ross to 'fish' so he could catch me. I am so happy that he did.

VI.  Enjoy This New Relationship; It Really Is A Brand New Beginning For Both Of You:

Ross and I were teasing each other. We were making up our statements for our pretend online dating profiles...'Likes long walks on the beach' and all of that stuff. We were totally cracking up.

How did we ever find each other without Eharmony???

That one gave us a very good laugh!

He had sent me this song, and I said, 'Honey? Don't you know this is the theme song for Eharmony?'
He didn't know, so we LAUGHED and came up with all I had told you.

Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole

So what do you do if you haven't found your twin?
You are in for an adventure!
How can this be?

In EVERYONE you meet, from this moment forward, The Divine/Source will "send" a little characteristic or personality trait of your Beloved Twin Soul!!!

Have FUN and LOOK for it! Try to find it! It will be there! It could be:
  • a smile
  • eye color
  • a favorite hobby
  • body type or build
  • fashion sense
  • humor and taste in jokes
  • love of cooking
  • the possibilities are endless! 

VII.  Help Others As They Awaken and Give Thanks For Your Reunion Having Gone Fanstastically Well

According to Masaru Emoto, giving thanks for things one would like to have happen, in the past tense virtually assures it to arrive! It might take longer than you think, but if you imagine your Twin Flame Reunion being 'just around the corner' you provide the mental energy for a love like this to reconnect in the physical plane, or in our case, the 'Across The Veil' situation.

Love and Gratitude is the highest vibration in the Universe.

Own it.

Extra Credit

Watch this and answer the following questions: 

Twin Flames -- Will The Runner Ever Permanently Return? -- by Gold Ray Twin Flames

  1. This man says he has reunited in the higher dimensions with his Twin Flame, and had it 'back track' into the physical dimension. Is he Complete?
  2. Is he assured and confident?
  3. is he having a good time and completely enjoying the process of reunion with his Twin?
  4. Where is the Light in his eyes and his face? Can you feel it?
  5. Can you feel Ross and me on this page we have written together? Can you feel our energy in this moment Now? How does it compare to the man in the YouTube video above?

For all time, our blessings are powerfully with you,
Reiki Doc and Ross