Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thanking Your Care Team: The Last Step In Healing

Yesterday when I came in to work, I was surprised to see a little package in my mail box in the Doctor's Lounge.

It was brown paper wrapped, and when I saw the name on the return address my heart skipped a beat!

It was the patient I had been wondering about for some time since I had done the most recent follow-up surgery--the anesthesia part--at this patient's request that I give care to them second time. Due to a mix up with the scheduling, it almost didn't happen. Fortunately the anesthesiologist assigned to the case acknowledged the patient's concern to have me for their care, and traded cases for the day with me.

So many feelings flooded over I recalled the very first time this patient was under my care.

You see, I met this patient when I was on call. In the ER, I saw them in full fetal position, sitting up on the bed, wracked with anxiety. This patient was asking 'can I just go out and smoke a cigarette?' and the family member was soothing them.

I knew in a matter of hours, this patient with a terrible condition inside the abdomen, would be seeing this and not asking for a cigarette any more. And feeling REALLY peaceful, as in out of this world filled with PEACE...

I had to get full consent and agreement to go with me to the O.R. This patient had very severe anxiety disorder, and was under the care of a physician for it, for many years. I quickly took cues from the family member, and also went back to the O.R., and brought with me all of the medications in my little box, all of my anesthesia drugs.

I titrated the anxiety medicine in until this patient slurred their words, slowly, gently, saying calming things, never letting them see the needle or the syringe touch the i.v., and giving Reiki with every bit of intention I could muster.  Still sitting up, we were able to go the the O.R., induce anesthesia sitting up, and proceed with the emergent,  life-saving surgery.

I also gave significant input to the surgeon during the procedure about avoiding any 'appliance' on the abdomen because of the anxiety that would be involved. Fortunately, the surgeon saw my point, agreed, changed the standard approach to the operation under the circumstances, and the patient did well.

So what was in my package?

Inside there was a little box, beautifully wrapped, with peach ribbon. I carefully opened it.

Here also was a card, that brought tears to my eyes--my colleagues were watching and one of them said, 'All of her patients always LOVE her!'

27 March 2014

Dear (me)--

With grace and mercy, you breathe for the panicked, the terrified, the lost. You allay the fear of the anxious, the friable. There is no measure for the capacity of your wisdom and empathy.

Engraved in my memory is the treasured gift of your smile and spontaneous hug - a timeless remembering of "safe".

I am truly blessed to have been in your loving care and to have known such a remarkable woman.

With heartfelt sincerity,

P.S. The amulet is neither new or old. I gift this to you with endless gratitude.  If I can ever be of help to someone of my own ilk, please let me know. 

The way I see it, every human being alive, and who has ever walked upon Gaia, has this written in permanent ink on their precious foot.

Most people don't understand that healing has everything to do with recognizing this simple fact:

  • To say that I am made in the image of God is to say that Love is the reason for my existence, for God is Love. --Thomas Merton.

Sometimes that label is hard to see--because of life choices and people's behavior at times--but if you look very closely, with the eyes of your heart, you will find it every single time.

And your life experience will uplift, both yourself and others in the process, of recognition of that sign of 'Love' written in indelible ink, on everyone...even if the foot is gone, the word remains on their heart...

Consciousness knows no limits.

Neither do you.

I was given the silver bracelet the patient wore--and loved-- with the words Peaceful Heart

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Will you, with your life,  give testimony to Love?

Testify To Love by Wynonna Judd