Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bless This Stress

"We want you to LOVE where you live, so 'like' us on Facebook' the sign said in the lobby while I waited for the board room to open. 

I puzzled over the connection between corporate advertising for my homeowner's association and my news feed on Facebook and my happiness?

The door opened. The line was slow to enter because there was a sign-in sheet. The homeowners and the landscape company came in single file. 

The four board members, and the community manager, were seated at the table with huge piles of paperwork and reports in front of them.

On the table was a box of cookies from The Corner Bakery, and little dessert-sized paper plates.

The cookies were for them, not for us.

Last night was an eye-opener for me, as a home owner. This entity has taken $330 from me every month, for over a decade. Yet, they have the ability to take over my house if I stop making payments. A friend of mine got a good deal on a vacation condo in Kapolei when their association dues jumped up from $150 a month to $450 a month. The people on fixed income couldn't afford to make the payments, and as a result, ended up selling their properties...

Love And Gratitude:
These people represent the community in their free time. They have business skills, and this was clearly evident. I felt appreciation and admiration for their service to our community, and for their gifts. (I even felt like in a way, the Council--the one I meet in 5D from time to time--with my mediumship--wanted me to see this is how they work. They are beings with other lives who use their skills in service just like this. I see four council members, plus SaLuSa, at the meeting room, when I go with my consciousness when I am in meditation and there is reason for them to talk to me.)

Outdated 3D Perceptions:
It started with the pool cleaning for the decks and the bathrooms. The cleaning company had raised its fees one hundred dollars for each. This hadn't been done last year. One board member, the one who raised the 'it happened to me so it's not fair to allow the homeowner to skip their late fees, etc.' and 'it wouldn't be fair to everybody' issue time and again, literally, said THIS: we can go over budget on this, use the operating expenses, let's get it done.

She was serving here self-interest! She wanted to use the pool, and she wanted it clean! She didn't mind the expense! ( it was almost two thousand dollars; the homeowner requests were for perhaps, one hundred dollars)

Things here were 'go for cheapest bidder' (in Sicilian folk lore, the saying goes, 'If you buy it cheap you pay for it twice; if you buy quality you pay for it one time only--because it doesn't break.')...

...'we need to table this' for just about everything.....'we need to walk by and SEE it before we know what is going on'...

There was never any respect to the homeowner, no sense of flexibility. There was distrust (well, we need pictures of the inside of the pipe for the clean out to see if there are roots because anybody can say there are roots.)

A homeowner has been trying to get grass in her back yard for ten years, with no success. There's little light due to the trees. She is so frustrated she brought old emails and photos, and asked if they would just please put astroturf up to cover the dirt...I could tell she had been to many meetings, with no success. It made me sad.

Assessment Of The Situation:
There are a lot of Councils in the Higher Dimensions. They work together, and although some members get 'out voted', for the most part, they make decisions that are in the best interest of those they serve.

Right now, on earth, our community council is a poor copy of what goes on in Higher D.

Furthermore, the concept of acceptable behavior in the business community promotes the value of money over the individual, and the 'me versus you--don't take it personally--it's only business' mentality that is not compatible with the Higher Realms.

It is for this reason, I ask for Love Bombs of Healing to be sent to the Corporate organizations, to small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and big businesses, whenever you are in meditation or healing time.

Love travels distance.

Love is never wasted.

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

As the Light pervades the 'status quo', all shadows--that is, unacceptable behavior that is hidden, be it for greed, power, or worse--will come to the surface to be healed.

Let us raise the Consciousness of humanity by really coming together with our hearts and minds, harnessing the power of our sovereign souls, to let Source know, we really truly know and want things to change...for the better.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross

P.S. Ross says, 'I give this blessing and am in full alignment with all that she has written. We in the Higher Realms, including Agartha, shall match you in your efforts. This is like a Fundraiser For The Light--for every thought, feeling, and sentiment you shall send 'up' for this request, your Ascended Masters and Evolved Spirits are going to 'match' your energy in efforts of our own.

Together we are unbeatable!

Let's win this one, for the Highest Good, for the Light, and for the Consciousness to increase to New Earth's frequency of that which exists in Heaven.

Together, let us usher in and welcome with open arms, the peace, love, and joyous celebration of Heaven's arrival on Gaia.

Just for today, will you allow your intention to make this a reality for all of humankind?

I appreciate your concern, and if you feel so motivated to add more to this effort of raising the vibration of the planet, go ahead. There is no limit to the success that is possible when we join together with our hearts!

Let us move forward, into the Light, in unity and justice for those who are currently oppressed by The System, beginning in this beautiful Now moment, as One Heart and One Soul. Let our focus be on Peace and Harmony forever, no matter what.

Mahalo nui loa.