Friday, April 4, 2014

Sweet Beloved Of Mine? What Were You Thinking???

My Beloved?

Sometimes with our loved ones we find the need to help them make sure they are giving the impression to others that they want to give...we have to check.

Do you want to be Right? Or do you want to be Loved?

I just read this, and in my humble opinion, it sounds very much like you are wanting both at the same time from us right now, and no one on surface Gaia is going to LOVE anyone who is so out of touch with our present reality they have the nerve to say I am so busy taking care of Everyone that I may just let you be F-Ed over but who is Your Daddy so Love Me Anyways? (

God? Our parents on Earth do a fantastic job of getting this message across our whole Lives!!!

That hurts, God, a whole lot more than I am sure you intended.

Always remember the power imbalance in our relationship with you. We KNOW you are ready, willing, and able to rain on our parade in a big way and not give it a second thought. And for whatever reason, even if it's for the Highest Good, no one who has half a brain is going to simply shrug something deeply painful to their heart off. No One!

Bodies leave in this terrible joke of life that we call The Illusion. We love them. Our auras are connected by Etheric cords to each other, just like they are to You.

And because of this very Illusion, and the Veil that is Horrid, most of us aren't so certain about that Etheric connection to You!! It might be totally obvious on your end but we can't touch it or feel it or see it...and no where else I all of Creation is this the case, is it not??? This condition of our existence apart from you is excruciatingly painful.

Getting to your sunny days and rainy days example--who would rather live in the rainy climate and the snow in their life when they could live in San Diego that has the best weather possible????

We are NOT entitled. But we aren't dumb either.

Relationships go two ways.

I think it's time for you to stop  off on the way home tonight and bring somebody flowers... Just saying...because for every San Diego there are twenty seven equivalents of Seattle in the collective 'weather', and we are plenty hungry for some tropical beach and Mai tai's...

Show us you CARE. Show us your Heart...ask us how we feel...and we will come running with open arms to you!

In the end, Father, it's much more important to be Loved.

Love Is The Solution For Everything.

Aloha and Mahalos
Namaste , Peace,

Reiki Doc