Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Beloved? Thank You For Always Watching Me

Good Morning my Beloved!

I wish you a glorious and wonderful new day!

Yesterday there were two things I did, that I didn't share with anyone--I looked after the kids at the wedding, and was extra kind and thoughtful to them (the groom's kids and their cousins who played so nicely with my son)--and I met a new baby.

Claire is five weeks old, and the fourth child in her family. Chelsea is her mother, and Heather was holding her at the time. She was GORGEOUS and I was beaming from my heart a lot of 'welcome to Gaia!' Love and Gratitude as I noticed her perfect face, her little hands, and I touched her precious foot...

Claire looked at me. She showed me her incredible blue eyes--only to be matched by those of Blessed Mother--and she raised her eyebrows at me.

You saw!

How did you know? With all the many, many things that you have on your consciousness--how did you watch me?

How on all of earth and Heaven, did you find this soul here, me,  humble to the core, to bring you joy as a partner and friend? Even though we are technically 'together' as Twin Flames, how did you find that Love in your heart to give mine a moment's consideration? Never mind a lifetime, or several of them in fact?

Your Grace and your Heart always continue to amaze me.

Thank you for writing what you saw:
(here is the wedding notes I wrote down last night:

It is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever mentioned about me, anywhere, in all time and space.

My Light shines because I have found all the obstacles and things holding me back are Illusion.

I let go of all attachments to anything that is not Light.

It feels WONDERFUL to 'breathe' again in gladness. It IS like coming out of a pool, all refreshed.

YOU are my angel, my delight, my guide, my counsel, my best friend I ever could hope for!

Thank you for always loving me, and protecting me, from where you are.

Here is a song for you:

Life Is Beautiful by Keb' Mo'

I love you with my breath, my hope, my heart, and soul.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc